"Hello Everyone,

 One of the more personally joyous moments of the year
being April 29th which saw my eldest son William marry
the woman he loves "Catherine Middleton" who as I said on
my site, including in my book channeled to Andrew in
2005, was the perfect lady for him. May I wish the new
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a long and happy
marriage. Harry, I feel, is seriously putting his military
career first and with the pressures of this sensible therefore
to concentrate on this as opposed to forming any serious
relationship with anyone; though I still feel he and Chelsy
might at some later date reunite as I do see her as being a
perfect compliment to him as I have always said.
2011 has indeed been a very powerful year and one which
politically has seen momentous changes all over the world
since two war mongers were successfully dealt with in the
Middle East. It has been a year of a multitude of
corruptions and deceits being publicly exposed, secrets
revealed and this is a process which must, and so will,
continue throughout the coming year 2012 so the next year
will not be an easy one as a global cleansing process
continues. In the U.K. were seen to be riots of epic
proportion as an illustration of people's dissatisfaction with
the current economic climate experienced in the U.K. and
throughout Europe at this present time. Similarly in the
U.S.A. many people are just about surviving economically
and it is a very real struggle taking place.

  Ironically though every year hosted in the U.K. is an
extravaganza where all the proceeds go to financially assist
in funding charities supporting underprivileged children,
mentally and physically handicapped children as well as
terminally ill children and is called appropriately enough
"Children in Need" . This year it raised its highest ever
achievement of £26,000,000 and people are still pledging
money to help so this a tremendous result and thank you to
everyone who selflessly contributed to helping with the
very real needs of these children who will benefit
enormously from your personal generosity.

          I will end my Christmas Message this year on this
positive note as it illustrates most prominently that even in
the toughest of times and the most dire of circumstances
and situations human nature remains caring and
compassionate and this being something that merits
acknowledging and deserves celebrating !

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year. "

                                               With love from,
                                                                     Diana xx