Date Posted:   16 / 04 / 2007

I  wonder if people have not considered regarding Paris the fact that at Place de La Concorde we were as now known
besieged by motorcyclists so easily by the sheer positioning of them,  a deliberate intent behind it of course
unknown to us, having been forcing Henri - Paul to take the route taken and one leading away from Dodi's
apartment. This explaining the set - up being so methodically and professionally organised as the motorcyclist
would have been able to guage our speed, communicate this to accomplices nearer the tunnel as time could
therefore be accurately estimated for our arrival at it, determining when to cut the tunnels lighting and reposition
cameras to face tunnels walls as opposed to the road.

The car we hit in position, the motorcyclist with blinding white light in position and likewise bogus emergency crew
members, not hard to falsify uniforms if needs must ... Dodi's neck broken perhaps by an operative disguised as a
fireman reaching into the car to help ? Who would see him do this being a professional assassin, all over in a second
and then reporting Dodi as being dead to genuine firemen colleagues.

Similarly bogus ambulance man injecting me with drugs to hasten cardiac arrest and ambulance stopping enroute to
make sure deed was done ... after all I was D.O.A. at the hospital !

Who in a busy A.& E. department and especially with such a high profile patient admitted and the ambulance having
already been so delayed; a search party was about to be organised to see if it had crashed, is going to be concerned
on checking the credentials of the ambulance crew bringing that patient in ... who indeed ! All a bit 007 James Bond
... remember the title of one of those films ... " On Her Majesty's Secret Service " ... Just a few ideas for people to
think about as the scenes play themselves out ! "

Also please note the ambulance at one point stood stationary about 100 yards from the hospitals main entrance!
How bizarre no radio contact was made to the hospital informing them of this, so that a search party for that same
ambulance was being considered which had this information been relayed to them, it wouldn't have proved
necessary to organise!

Date Posted: October 8th 2005

"I am so tired of all these various conspiracy theories that are constantly thought up and imagined, so fed up with it,
I'm now going to tell the truth and able to do so safely and relatively securely knowing that by the majority as
coming from the source it indeed is, me in " Spirit " it is unlikely to be taken seriously or believed in anyway until it
of course is proven to be the case and then here on my site it will be documented evidence of the fact, written
before the official findings albeit revised as they will have to be are released publicly! So I will start by saying, I was
the target and Dodi the victim!

I had been warned off my relationship with Dodi as it was considered something that was a liability to the
establishment of the country as even unofficially royal, I remained the mother of one of it's future kings and back
up King in the event of something happening making it impossible for him to ascend his rightful throne. It was not a
relationship viewed with anymore welcome in the royal house itself as was being voiced privately by Prince Philip
and was something that placed Her Majesty in an extremely awkward situation. Advised against renewing the Royal
Warrants for the Harrods store owned by Dodi's father Mohamed, this was something that similarly as removing
my title from me, would have meant loss of status and great embarrassment to him but would have been reason
enough for his to be still refused British Nationality and a passport even if my relationship with his son Dodi

In this event I faced the prospect of exile from the country in disgrace similar to that experienced by Edward who
had abdicated his throne for the love of American divorcee Wallis Simpson and lived in France, indeed ironically in
the house that Dodi and I visited our last weekend alive in Paris but worse Her Majesty having the jurisdiction over
my boys and the power to forbid them from any association with me which I very much aware of was naturally
something that caused me tremendous concern! I have to say though, had this decision been one officially made by
her, it would not have been a personal one knowing the closeness of their bond with me but again something that
unofficially she herself would have had little say in determining.

It was all so unfair after all it having been my husband who had entertained a mistress and even before our marriage
telling me he didn't love me! Yet even divorced from him my being expected to live my life behaving in a manner
considered acceptable by those responsible for betraying me in so many ways, which in their view was not
something I was seen to be doing in entertaining my relationship with Dodi.  The fact being that Dodi was Muslim
and therefore any children we'd had would be directly connected to the British Royal Family, something that could
have severe political implications which was not something desirable as well as the fact that Mohamed himself, an
unpopular figure with them as well as the establishment would then be related to them in a powerful way. I'd spoken
all about this to the Fayed's on the first holiday we spent together, so we were all of us aware of the difficulties ahead
but as we showed more determined than ever to fight them illustrated by my taking a second and more intimate
holiday with Dodi. Naturally making me an even more unpopular figure but by this time.

I knew where I stood with that family and that nothing I did impressed them or altered how they felt about me as
Princess Margaret had said of me at a private function, " We're glad to be rid of Diana " and of course all the staff of
St. James Palace busy doing all they could to publicly discredit me in any way from insinuating I was medically
unstable, even insane, to advising I be stripped of my royal patronage, to questioning my responsibility as a mother
and to even spying on me in my very personal and private life and making sure their findings were publicised i.e. "
Squidgy Tapes" etc, etc ....... as I say doing all they could and said to be done in the interests of the Monarchy and
albeit National Security of the country which is why Dodi and I were indeed trailed by British Secret Intelligence in
the summer of 1997, the spying on me becoming more intense as it was seen that our relationship looked like it was
deepening into something more serious than a summer - fling as perhaps had been something initially thought by

They knew me enough to know that had this been the case, I would not be behaving publicly in the way I was and so
were indeed worried!  The Prince of Wales I do not believe to have been directly involved in this himself though
naturally he too would have been made aware of everything, kept informed about it all but actually had himself
very little power, if indeed any at all to prevent it's happening and would not have been unduly concerned about it
as not being something at that time anyway directly affecting or threatening our children and he and I being
divorced were appreciative and naturally understanding of our leading private lives.

He was after all that same year doing his bit in bringing his then mistress out of the shadows into the public light
albeit naturally cautiously so and at the time against great opposition making it an uncomfortable position for him
to find himself in and particularly as the media seem fixed on promoting the romance between Dodi and myself. Our
relationship posed a problem of great magnitude and one that needed therefore to be watched and scrutinised
intensely which both Dodi and I were aware it was being but even we did not realise just how much danger we were
putting ourselves in, not the full extent of it anyway or indeed perhaps we'd have thought twice about making it
something quite so apparent. Well naturally, I as a mother now on reflection, most certainly would have done

I have also spoken about how my involvement with political issues albeit on an humanitarian level was not
welcomed warmly by those not most personally affected by them but again how aware of this I was, it was not
something which would deter me from direct and personal involvement in something I considered as being
important and valuable work that I could be of benefit to with that involvement which made me determined to
continue with it in spite of all opposition however powerful and threatening!

I had learnt through all my personal trials to be a survivor and so it gave me tremendous pleasure having survived,
to use the knowledge I'd gained from them to help others survive and that being the reason that it was to the causes
of those less fortunate than myself in whatever way, that I personally felt most drawn to being of help and
assistance in knowing from my own experience of suffering just how valuable it was for them to know ...... that
someone honestly did care about what happened to them in a very real way and showed this by action and not by
words alone and people recognising this I am convinced is why tremendous results were achieved in these areas,
helped naturally by the medias focus and attention upon them.

Never the less though alive I was a problem, someone who of their own accord was not going to disappear as was
most certainly wished by some but as I'd made publicly clear with my statement " She won't go quietly " in 1995,
wasn't going to happen and therefore alternative measures had to be taken however dramatically and that being
something I leave up to your imagination, not that I would imagine it being something you will have to think too
hard about!”

Date Posted: October 4th 2005

" Whether people like it or approve of it or not and even my own mother did not, Dodi was my chosen male
companion with whom I engaged in a serious relationship, the future of which only time would tell but we'd spent
sufficient time with each other both in France as well as the U.K. to know there was certainly potential for it's
development and neither of us in too much of a hurry to rush things, as I have said previously both being divorced,
naturally cautious in this area. We shared so much in common from the sublime to the ridiculous, both having
horrendous childhoods to sharing the same musical tastes but of course there was a tremendous physical attraction,
we were both of us touchy feely people as our body language showed to all who saw us together. I did want a
daughter and had never made a secret of this fact to anyone, so when I say we were not in too much of a hurry, I did
want to be at an age to enjoy watching a child grow and actively able to participate in that but before people jump to
conclusions ... No I was not carrying Dodi or anyone else’s child when I died and think it a terrible thing for people
to say knowing how naturally something like this would have affected my boys and therefore not something
considered by me, certainly not without their approval anyway and the likelihood of my being an unmarried
mother being something as absurd as my ex husband and I reuniting, it wouldn't happen!

As I have said, my already being seen as a problem on the political arena, my involvement with Dodi only made
things worse and this in no small way due to his father Mohammed being despised by the establishment culminating
in his continual refusal from them to be granted British Citizenship and a British passport, sheer malice on their part
and my being unpopular with them naturally we gravitated towards one another though as it's been written on my
site, I had known Mohammed before meeting Dodi, except once briefly when he'd of all things beaten my husband
then at polo and I'd presented him with the winning trophy. An example of just how odd destiny is, how ironic life
can be and of all the people I could become emotionally entangled with, it had to be the son of establishments
enemy No.1!  Prince Philip making his opinions about Dodi well known in society circles. Had we married of course
and had a child, he or she would be sister or brother to the boys, a Muslim in the royal family and through his son's
marriage, Mohammed related being grandfather to our child and step grandfather to William and Harry.

The boys having enjoyed such a wonderful holiday with Mohammed and his wife Heini that same summer of 1997,
not something I'm sure they'd have particularly minded as proven by their acceptance of their father's wife and
their unified support of his happiness. A problem though of great magnitude elsewhere with all the political
implications an alliance like ours would invite. I have said on my site already that my realising this, I might have
encouraged things, at least initially but things then progressed quite naturally and as for my engaging in a
relationship with Dodi to spite Hasnat, all I say to that is ask Hasnat his opinion on this as he and I albeit discreetly
maintained distant contact knowing that we had no future as anything more than friends. I initially finding this
harder to accept but respecting his mother's opinion that he marry a Muslim of his same cast in keeping with his
families traditional values and my being British therefore an impossibility for me to fulfil that role, something
admittedly of tremendous sadness and disappointment to me but something neither he or I could alter. As it is
written on my site, he was in attendance albeit discreetly so at my funeral having received his request to attend it in
the same post as his birthday card from me! Mohammed was very supportive of my work and he and I had
discussed building hospices around the world to provide help and support to those in need and this was something
extremely important to me naturally but again would have given him personally more clout in regards to his
personal issues with the establishment as unofficial or not, I still through my boys had strong connections with the
royals and continued refusal to honour his requests have been of extreme embarrassment to them as well as quite
possibly the cause for great contention within the Muslim community in the country with the government, leading
undoubtedly to political problems of great magnitude and other repercussions causing substantial unrest in the
kingdom generally!
As I have said I personally had immense power, people popularity all over the world and I used this to be effective
in what I wanted and was determined to achieve, now proven by the fact that albeit after my death but in the same
year, the International Ban on landmines that with others I'd strived to achieve was granted and as someone, Lord
Deeds told me personally, by my personal involvement in the cause and the media attention I'd brought to it, the
issue had progressed substantially forwards in a way that until then had not been possible for it to do. I myself now
so thankful to the media for their focus and attention on this issue, in their exposure of it to the world from which to
a large extent it had been something kept hidden, being of substantial help to me and all involved in the
achievement of this tremendous result. Personally for me a humbling experience and one in which I gained so much
and became stronger and more skilled in my dealing with people and learnt from witnessing it first hand what
suffering and facing death really meant and benefiting from seeing those surviving albeit terribly disfigured
physically, determinations and resolve to remain strong and with hope in an horrendous environment from which
they had no means of escape! Seeing us as instruments of their salvation!

Still alive it would have been this invaluable experience that I saw both in Angola and Bosnia that would have
determined my future which would have been to become more constructively involved in issues of humanitarian
and so too albeit political interest and I had thoughts of this being an involvement in the current and ongoing unrest
in Palestine and the Middle East, I saw myself increasingly as a kind of "Peace - Maker " and because I was seen to
be non -prejudiced or judgemental of anyone and respected as such, a powerful one with plenty of work for me to
do, work that personally gave me back so much, all the encouragement I needed anyway to continue with it
wherever it took me! It of course due to the events in Paris wasn't to be, I'd stepped on powerful toes and it was
seen by my actions that I had no intentions of giving up the cause, whatever that cause might be and Dodi
emotionally there for me and so providing me with all the love, care and attention I needed personally and which
had always been something I'd found lacking in my relationships in one way or another I was preparing myself for a
future so different from my past and one that would be lived by me outside of the United Kingdom and the sad
memories it held for me.

Naturally my boys remaining my reason for any connection with it at all, them and its people who showed me so
much admiration, encouragement, love and respect and whom therefore I knew would understand and support me
eventually anyway after the shock of the announcement, in my decision to move somewhere where the press
generally were less personally intrusive and hostile and privacy laws that much tighter as Dodi and I favoured living
a private life out of the lime -light when my work was not involved in bringing me once again to the focus of the
world's attention as naturally we knew and accepted it would. We also appreciated that any child we might have had
would benefit from this privacy making us equally determined to ensure it in every possible way as being a
responsibility of ours to do as parents of that child."
Thank you for listening to me.