Early Chronological Precis-- Part 3

(Date Posted:10/10/2005 15:01:17)

" In the United Kingdom there is what's known as the " Official Secrets Act " and this is something that forbids any
in-depth discussion of what could be seen as controversial issues, an example of which naturally being foul - play
involvement in the events in Paris. This also therefore dictates what can and what cannot be publicised in regards to
things of this nature. I was also forbidden as part of the royal divorce settlement to discuss my marriage as I had been
seen to make mention of in my infamous interview which ultimately resulted in it's ending in divorce.

Here on my site and being physically dead, I am at liberty to speak about these things and more, something I am
taking advantage of and which naturally I am doing albeit through Andrew which is why my site is one of such
validation and importance on the net. It provides evidence of certain things which are not generally known in the
public domain and my purpose in doing so is to make them apparent, things that will become public knowledge
eventually and will therefore be proven to be real and not the crazed imaginings of a lunatic as has been so wrongly
suggested by people on the net.

This is very unfair and so ignorant of people to do and particularly people on sites that revere me and my memory,
which strangely enough includes site moderators themselves who seem so quick to judge and feeling for whatever
reason that they have the authority to do so. I warned in one of my messages of a bomb about to explode in the U.K
and Andrew contacted a newspaper in regards to this, his being advised by the journalist, he spoke to at that tabloid to
seek the professional help of a psychiatrist, speaking to an Editor introducing himself as the newspapers resident one.
A few days later the bomb attacks in London with a loss of life took place....and as I reiterate, such ignorance which
led to people's deaths so quite frightening!  

Had he been believed or taken seriously those people would still in all probability be alive, something worthy of great
consideration! Andrew has since contacted the media to make them aware of my site and typically has been met with
resistance resulting in his correspondence having been ignored by them....most probably the men in white coats on
standby to drag him away at any moment! It is tragic that this view is the one that, at the moment anyway, seems to be
taken by those who with influence could utilise it in such a powerful, productive and useful way but sadly human
nature being to question, disbelieve, and even worse discredit something that cannot be proven logically to be
possible.  Here I am speaking of the subject of " Life after death ".

I fully realise that it is something that is pretty amazing but there are plenty of people around who do believe in it's
reality and with reason to do so having experienced proof of it for themselves in all kinds of ways but never the less
within the ratio of things, a minority group and no doubt by the majority considered to be in need of psychiatric help!
On my site I have spoken a lot about my life and gone into detail about things that others have barely mentioned and
hopefully in such a manner to make sense of things that until now anyway have been shrouded in mystery and of
course I have much more to say which I will be doing when the moment is appropriate for me to do so. I must
naturally exercise a sensible degree of caution in all that I do speak about even now.

The sites purpose though having been established as somewhere that people interested in doing so can visit and the
truth about things consult and that in itself makes it a worthwhile thing for me to have been inspired to create and
something that in the future will be seen to play its part in the achievement of a tremendous result far greater than
something possibly imagined at this time...but it is a mistake, and being human understandably so and particularly for
the uninitiated, to underestimate the powers of " Spirit "for whom all things are indeed possible!"

(Date Posted:05/11/2005 19:12:13)

" My death sparked controversy all over the world and the circumstances of it continue to do so and will do until the
truth is told which still to date hasn't been! Never the less it achieved it's purpose and got rid of a problem, me! Were I
still alive I would be making sure that I was in the headlines, drawing the focus of world attention upon issues that to
my mind are being wrongfully neglected at the expense of innocent human lives, senseless killings which are serving
no useful purpose at all. Do I mean by this that death ever serves a useful purpose....well in some instances yes it
does,mine as an example of this!

The evil that men do follows them, something I quoted  in life and a statement equally appropriate now! The problems
in the Middle East are likely to continue but I would have made sure that the plight of those given to suffer from it was
given vital exposure, particularly the women and children who everyday lose their lives as well as those that live in
constant fear that they and their loved ones will be killed. It would naturally have been seen as a political strategy
though my intentions personally would have remained humanitarian ones and in such a cause there is no room for
diplomacy. How successful my quest might have proved is any one's guess but I would have been seen to doing my bit
to help in any way that I could and quite likely to have proved acceptable as it was well known and would be made
clear by me that my reasons for assisting were non - political ones. I am very angry that I was prevented from
continuing in my work which gave me personally so much to focus on and the opportunity to do something
worthwhile in the world. Attending a gala function hardly comparing and the kind of event that I had tired of,
belonging to my past as an official royal and I more determined as time went on would cease more and more to be of
any significant importance for me.

My celebrity I would use for matters that needed a spokesperson for and someone who could not be accused of being
controversial in doing so having, as I say, no personal political leanings myself.  Something I could not afford to do;
though I have to say that with regards to the Land Mines Issue the government in power at the time seemed to show
more concern than its predecessor. I had made powerful and valuable contacts which I knew would benefit me in my
work for various causes with practical as well as theoretical assistance in my determination to be a voice for those
affected most by them. There are so many problems in the world. I also had thoughts to involve myself in the
horrendous reality of child prostitution and with emphasis particularly in Latin America, innocent lives in albeit a
different kind of way but no less a powerful one destroyed in one way or another. Who I was allowed me to be
someone who was taken notice of and listened to and here the media played a very valuable and significant role in
keeping me the centre of world news and my face on the front pages of the tabloids.

This is something I would have made sure continued and in the light of the reasons for it welcomed. As much as I
personally detested their intrusion into my personal life, something everyone knows and I made no secret of, I
realised that to be successful in my work this would be a sacrifice I would have to make and it's one I would have done.
I was though naturally also aware that being with Dodi that he would have provided me with a personal security that
latterly had been lacking so again something that was significant, that and the fact that he and Mohammed encouraged
me in my work and intended to be instrumental with it in whichever ways were necessary which naturally was
something appreciated by me and an illustration of their love for me which included a natural respect and admiration
which personally for me were things of great importance and which had not been found by me within my marriage and
my association with the royal house!

I cannot stress enough how invaluable my work was for me and so too the people and the support of you all over the
world. I had needed to feel valued and worthy and this was something that you all made me feel and which encouraged
me to continue with it against high odds, aware that it was not making me popular in certain areas but undaunted by
this, determined to continue with it. The " Duchess of Cornwall " being continuously, and I have to say somewhat
unfairly, compared to me having a totally different agenda. Her role being to support her husband, a loving and
devoted husband, someone I never knew and in this she is being successful. The opinions of me by those in the royal
house were not as important to me as those of you; the people as it was you who gave me the support and
encouragement that with them I'd found lacking and similarly she has needed and received albeit officially anyway
their acknowledgement and support in her role and is not therefore in need of being embraced to quite the same
extent by the people though of course it will benefit her personal morale to be liked if not loved!

By no means a stupid woman, I am quite sure aware of the fact that this is something that will not be immediately
forthcoming no matter how much promotion is given to her. It will be a gradual process but already she is being seen
to have gained greater acceptance than at one time could have ever been imagined, this illustrated by her being
officially welcomed at "The White House " as wife of the " Prince of Wales " recently in the U.S.A. by the President
and First Lady. There is still a faction who would ideally prefer him to step aside and allow our eldest son " Prince
William " to take his place as King but I am so grateful that this is something that will not happen as it is a role that "
William " himself does not relish undertaking knowing full well the restrictions it will immediately place upon him; as
well as the effect it will have in all areas of his life. He enjoys a degree of freedom now that will be curtailed the
moment he wears the crown if this ever happens which as I have said and reiterate now is something that future events
following certain revelations made public will greatly determine happening or not!

(Date Posted:21/06/2006 18:34:41)

" Have people not yet realised that William does read the papers so is very aware of the conspiracy theories about the
accident (?) in Paris which killed me, his mother, and any  fool knows himself things are just not making any sense at

Let us consider for one moment if it had  been the accident that certain factions still seem set on having people
believe, would then there be the controversial factors made apparent enough to necessitate the investigation
currently taking place...of course not!

As I have said the truth will be exposed but already William is perhaps showing by non -attendance at the traditional
ceremony of "Trooping the Colour"that he is actually pretty non - plussed by the Monarchy system and the
establishment and who can blame him? This perhaps a way of his showing this publicly, he after all is my son and
therefore will have a degree of rebelliousness in him inherited from me and of course as everyone knows in life he and
I had a particularly close bond!

William, as I say, is no fool and I am sure is in his way investigating things himself in this regard and I have said a while
ago now, last year in fact, on my site that I do not see him being King...would either he or Harry wish to represent
something that they are losing more and more faith and confidence in along with the people as a consequence of all
that is happening as well as all that happened in Paris in August 1997!

I have said that the truth will out and that nothing will prevent this from happening and I do mean nothing, able to
influence things myself in this direction in a powerful way and not be harmed by it personally and the truth as I have
also said is going to be shocking to people even those who realise and suspect that to date the truth is not yet out there
but of course it is one thing to rely on assumption, some might even say vivid imagination, but quite another when
what is imagined or is indeed assumed to be the real truth is proven fact and that of course will indeed alter everything
and have a direct effect upon the Monarchy and establishment as well as other political areas in other parts of the
world which is why the timing for this has to be correct and appropriate so that it has the desired effect that it must!"

(Date Posted:02/08/2006 07:58:52)

" Hello, I will not at this time determine what happened in Paris, August 31st 1997.  Is there need to do so actually as
things are happening which are making it quite apparent that there is a lot more involved than what at first was hoped
to be believed, a road traffic accident?  The point being that I was not the only person to lose my life as a result of it
and someone else who did was "Dodi" and he was Muslim. I have always channelled, so this isn't anything new...that I
was the target and " Dodi" the victim.  In the event of it being proven that a drunken driver was not responsible for the
incident and something far more sinister was...then hopefully what I am about to say will plant a seed in people's

We "British", and naturally I include myself, here are a pretty proud lot.  Patriotism, though over time perhaps not
quite as prevalent these days as in years passed, never the less is adhered to strongly by many and not always in a
positive manner and this could well prove to be extremely negative in the future and the root cause of problems that
could very easily escalate into something very ugly and uncontrollable with powerfully devastating results!

Todays society is largely based upon the corrupt foundation stones of violence, greed, anger and jealousy and
naturally drugs are a product in constant usage providing the user with an escape clause from the problems they are
refusing to face and instead choosing to retreat or hide away from in their disturbing and damaging addiction, much as
an alcoholic assumes the alcohol they are consuming will provide for them the escapism they are searching for from
the bottom of a bottle! It doesn't of course, it only succeeds in exasperating the initial problems felt by them and
increasing them, consequently adding to their personal plight!

As I have said, and particularly so in the urban areas of London as well as in other capital cities of the world, violence
is out there on the streets and it will not take much provocation for things to worsen and well known that there is deep
unrest between the Muslims and the British and American peoples particularly, all the more need to check out the
scenarios unfolding and become aware of the probable seriousness of them!

The ideal concept needs to be one of an awareness of the problems and the ability to rise above them and maintain the
status quo as much as possible but that of course is easier said than done! Never the less a powerful challenge
seriously worth working towards achieving and resulting in the world becoming a more harmonious and humane place
to live in with its inhabitants non - judgemental and prejudice of each other and instead proud to openly acknowledge
and albeit embrace the value of humanitarian thinking and ideals and practice them in unity! "

(Date Posted:12/08/2006 06:20:32)

" Our first teachers are our parents or those people who bring us up, how they behave towards each other and towards
us influences how we will behave in our adulthood. If as in my case there is disruption and rejection, Mummy and
Daddy constantly bickering and Mummy having left home when I was young and impressionable and later facing
emotional rejection from my husband, naturally for me distrusting people was the result which was something that
made any relationship, even friendships, difficult for me to sustain.

I was extremely sensitive to the fact that perhaps allowing someone to get too close to me, I'd risk losing them which is
why I used to reject before facing the pain of rejection. The one to suffer most from this would be me but it was
something I grew accustomed to doing and so over time became easier and easier to do. In my relationships as well as
friendships I made impossible demands on people, demands that invariably couldn't be met leaving me feeling let
down and abandoned when in my eyes they'd failed to do so and I'd rejected them. Coupled with this would be the guilt
feelings of having been the one who'd rejected them for as ridiculous a reason as say,they not having agreed with
something I'd said in conversation with them. People found it hard to know where they stood with me as one day I'd
be all over them like a rash and the next freeze them out fearing that in knowing me too well they might prove disloyal
to me and betray me in some way or another and of course in some cases this is exactly what did happen!

Being one day embraced by the media and the next criticised for something or other did little to stabilise me but only
compounded my wariness to trust and believe in anyone, especially on an emotional level when I always felt the most
vulnerable and so consequently the area that most affected me. In the environment that I'd married into I was
misunderstood and seen as a problem but no help given me, not knowing what help was needed having not dealt with
someone like me before! I appeared in public to be an "open book" but actually I was a very private and even
secretive person and at times depressive and insecure as well as having a degree of self-hatred that I battled against
until the last year of my life when I actually began to believe more in myself.  Then is became the "Diana" on camera
was the same person off camera which is something those around me and closest to me noticed and why I had the
confidence that my relationship with Dodi would last where others before him had failed, because I'd changed!

(Date Posted:14/08/2006 02:53:05)

" Hello , Andrew is  a "Voice - Channel"medium whom I chose to activate, if you like, in 1997 but I did say a long time
ago that my site would be one where the truth about things would be told and that as such it would prove itself in being
something of valuable importance in the future and it will naturally. In life I rarely said things I didn't mean and
especially on matters of great concern to me albeit my often being misunderstood, mis - interpreted and even ignored
....well perhaps not as I always made the headlines whether I wanted to or not...but it is important that things are
known and the time is fast coming when they will be and then there will be a closure that is actually long overdue as
the longer it persists the more emotionally upsetting it is for certain people, family and friends particularly, and of
course my boys naturally. Thus I am doing all I can to influence this happening which is why exposures of things
affecting the royals particularly are readily making news now and will continue to do so. Its all happening in
preparation for the main event if you like.!

There will be those who still question matters of this nature of course, and here I am meaning the fact that I do have a
voice still, but evidence is proof enough of the fact and by example if you look at the channeled message preceding
this one you will see clearly exactly what I mean. In it I talk about the need for world peace and particularly regards
the Middle East and the West and days before the "Red Alert " in London happening after the bomb - scares there and
here I can also conveniently draw attention to the fact that I gave warnings about the London bombings here on my
site ( The original site where these especially selected collection of channeled messages are taken from ) and even
encouraged Andrew to do something constructive in this regard which was to ring a tabloid and tell them...the result
being he was ignored, insulted actually, and consequently just four days later 52 people lost their lives!

As I have intimated though in life I was often dismissed by those whom I'd foolishly counted on to support me, in
which case the ignorant attitude shown to Andrew by the journalist he spoke to not so surprising, of course knowledge
though of that will be of no comfort at all to those who lost people in those bombings! The precis currently being
posted in the " Forum Area " ( Factual Precis area of this current site)  are being done so deliberately, provocation for
people generally to stop and think about things and of course the truth will verify much of what is written in them but
again the truth will not be as shocking as perhaps is feared and imagined as the majority anyway have realised that
things are not making any sense at all.  As I said on my (original) site in previous precis ..I would ensure that little by
little more and more would be exposed which is precisely what's happening because of course I can do so and without
a personal fear of being harmed, being dead has its advantages after all!

That sounds flippant but there is a valid point to it especially concerning something as momentous as this is all
proving itself to be. Things will change inevitably as a result of everything known but things need to change so again
this is not negative, not at all, the opposite in fact ! I am now making sure that Andrew is known so that at the
appropriate time he will by the majority anyway, certainly those people important to me, be believed in, trusted and
the fact I channel through him validated.  We are after all in the " New Age " now where things of this nature ought not
to be quite so alien, witches not burnt at the stake anymore, well in a civilised society anyway...and on this subject; I
do need to say that the problems of the world are simply horrifying to me and I am seriously worried that things are
dangerously spinning out of control and there is a desperate need for matters to be taken in hand before it's too late!

Hopefully when Andrew is recognised there will be far less a hesitancy to believe in " Mediumship " and other " New
Age Concepts " which are extremely powerful and very real! The ignorance about them to a large extent extinguished
and replaced by a healthy comprehension of them by some and a willingness to learn and appreciate an understanding
of them by others, this will indeed be progress! I am not meaning here that people become witches and wizards and
invest in black cats and broomsticks, not at all but that people have a much more open and broad - minded attitude to

Something I said about myself in life and it is quoted on my site being that I saw myself as a messenger which of course
is why now I am able to speak here on my site and give messages albeit in a slightly different way, by way of a personal
channeling, but no less a powerful one! I am so appreciative of those members who regularly write to me albeit
through Andrew because this shows me that you are of the "New Age" when things like this are not unusual and
ridiculed but of course people often supplant fear with humour so I do appreciate that for some people this is a bit
spooky and do not judge them therefore, accepting that everyone is unique in their individuality and ought not to be
criticised for honouring that uniqueness, which is after all personal to them!

I would hope though that people, and particularly those in positions of power give, credence to the fact that they
might not always be right and so be open to others points of view and understandings, and not to labour a point too
harshly but in order to clearly illustrate exactly what I mean,  the journalist Andrew spoke with did not believe him or
the message being given but in hindsight had he sought a colleagues advice who might have done so,the unfolding
scenario in London might well have been averted and 52 peoples lives saved as a result of that, so something to give
serious consideration to.