8  / 07  2007

" Hello,
Looking at things from a "Spiritual Perspective" which is something that needs to be done naturally, I like everyone
had their destiny mapped out for them and when your time's up that's it and so it was my written destiny to die as
the result of the Paris incident and likewise of course Dodi's and Henri - Paul's but not Trevor Rees - Jones who
survived which is an indication of this; had we all perished the philosophy spoken of proving to be something more
questionable perhaps!

So and still at the moment looking at things in this dimension so not an earthly one, why? I have spoken of the fact
that I as a royal and unofficial royal involved myself directly in issues which other royals don't so albeit it political
ones or sensitive ones. The latter the prime example of course being "A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. " as when I showed my
interest in this area it was something I was strongly advised against doing by those in the royal house.

In the 80's the prejudice against sufferers of the illnesses was quite incredible. Advertising campaigns even on the
television labelling them to be "VICTIMS" which only served to increase the very real human fear and consequent
prejudices against them being heightened, gaining strength in people's minds. The television, the media generally
actually a powerful tool of wide scale indoctrination for people naturally known as being the means to reach them
which is why of course people are told what it is decided they ought to know about things, a brief outline if you like
but rarely if ever actually the complete story until perhaps months later when it trickles through and by which time
isn't something seemingly of such importance as something else will by then have grasped the readers and watchers
attention ... and why I have said it really is a mistake to believe everything you read.

The establishment having a long arm and so influencing most areas in one manner or another but responsible for
deciding what can be told, publicised and likewise of course what can't! This however is nothing new of course so
not such a revelation but I merely am offering confirmation of the fact. To give an example, the fact that my being
caught out visiting Hasnat Khan in his private quarters at the "Brompton Hospital" and my being able to bargain
with photographers allowing them to publish their photos of me on the condition that it be publicised I was making
late night " Florence Nightingale " vigils to visit patients there. In this way ensuring they got exclusives to be paid
for and my personal reputation was protected and this kind of thing goes on all the time so as I say is just an
example of the facts. I will leave you to imagine though the scale of things it can as easily influence in similar

In my personal involvement with " A.I.D.S." sufferers I drew the focus of attention to the fact that touching them
was not a problem at all as the disease could only be contracted by intimate contact or as in the case of the result of
drug abuse only having shared an infected needle, it being an illness affecting the blood. Up until the time I
personally shook a patients hand openly for the cameras the publics perception of the illnesses in their ignorance
having been touch could mean instant infection and death and as I say the media perpetuating people's fears as of
course a cure being found for the disease much like for cancer means for someone or certainly for some company
perhaps extensive financial loss! A lot of money is spent annually on research but alternatively much money is
gained financially by the various fundings paid into promoting the continuation of that same research. Corrupt...of

Much like the land mines, made and supplied by both the British and U.S. governments and generating a powerful
boost to the economy of both nations as well as proving equally lucrative in other areas including being personally
beneficial to both the Bush and Bin Laden families as well as albeit by proxy to the U.K. Royals themselves...here on
my site is a precis about this and going into more detail which is to be read for those interested in the "Forum Area",
horrific as it might be to realise knowing this and intent on exposing it publicly in person, why of course I was
termed by a British Establishment member a "Loose - Cannon! "

I was sticking my nose into things that I ought not to in certain people's opinions and being an unofficial royal
afforded the opportunity to do so of course which officially royal I couldn't as they are not seen and must not be
seen as being politically motivated or bias at all! As everyone knows my intervention in this issue, so bringing the
world's attention to something that to a large extent had remained hidden and secret so out of the public eye led to
the international banning of them the same year as my death! I was powerful, people listened to me, I was aware of
this fact and used it to both my personal advantage, survival against all odds initially anyway as well as to the
advantage of those most personally affected themselves so in this case the land mine victims as similarly I'd been
witnessed doing for " A.I.D.S." and "H.I.V." sufferers, those without a public voice, through me they had one and I
was happy to speak out in their defence naturally!

This then " Spiritually " being good enough reason for my return, to be a voice or as some people infer to be a "Light
in the darkness", a ray of hope in an ocean of despair which as other precis indicate is pretty much what the world is
becoming. Andrew tonight actually was speaking with a friend in London who is not religious but who herself has
been reminded of the bibles scriptures which apparently state that as the world comes to an end there will be
extensive flooding before tremendous fire which will be signify its ultimate destruction. Neither Andrew or I
reading the scriptures can comment on this with any justification but what can be said is that increasingly the
weather is behaving in an unusual way. The individual seasons gradually losing identity with one another!

I have very recently spoken of the senseless violence on the increase in the U.K. as well as of course all over the
world and the horror that it's the youth of todays society perpetuating it's happening encouraged by the
lucrativeness of drugs. Legalising drugs therefore might unfortunately prove itself being the only solution.
Available to hand the need of them I'd imagine ultimately being something decreased except of course to the
dependent addicts, certainly it is because they are illegal that the call for them is greater as human nature is such
"People want what they haven't got or can't easily get " though I equally appreciate this being something demanding
great debate in finding a solution to but something that hasn't been done already clearly needs doing and soon as the
situation is increasingly becoming more and more out of hand!

I have to say I find it rather odd that drink which often results in car accidents killing innocent people is encouraged
by the lengthening of pub hours in the U.K. but again economically something beneficial certainly to the publicans
themselves of course but drinking equally promoting violence in some individuals so this then something seemingly
being condoned as being acceptable resulting in crime being on the increase. How very odd!

It seems more and more apparent people have quite literally lost the plot as it were with the consequential
devastating results! The world quite literally it seems set on self - destruct and peoples attitudes of tremendous
assistance to this happening which is even more disturbing to realise! Help is necessary if there is to be ultimate
survival at all! Wars always being the result of man's greed and hunger for power and position and as I say some in
control now preferring and personally choosing themselves exercising their own free - will to be seen as war -
mongers as opposed to peace - makers so not setting the best examples themselves to be followed. "