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" Hello,
The time is now drawing close when I will be recognised, I will be heard to be back, there will be few who will be able
to dispute the fact though of course some for reasons all too obvious will endeavour to try. Let me say that this
already known has therefore been prepared for and of course I do mean in a manner which cannot be intercepted. I
am no longer of the earth and so with such a momentous task ahead of him Andrew is already afforded the greatest
protection necessary in order that this endeavour in which he is to play such a vital role is one which cannot be

It is not in seeking revenge that I make my return, it is not to spite my enemies but to promote justice as opposed to
judgement which is something that already has in so many ways been cast upon me not least of all of course by way
of the written word without thought or consideration given to those who are personally most affected by the power
of the poisoned pen!

One would have thought by my loss they'd be seen to have suffered enough already but this has over the years
clearly been shown to have not been the case and I am proud of the manner in which they, so meaning of course my
boys, have conducted themselves privately as well as of course publicly in the light of this and I thank their father
for being of tremendous emotional support to them since their lives dramatically altered in August 1997.

Charles and I as everyone knows experienced trials and tribulations that others find themselves doing in similar
circumstances but not usually in the public eye making things all the more difficult for us both and indeed our
children naturally but I am so glad that he and I had ultimately reached an amicable and friendly acceptance and
understanding of each other and of our differences and had accommodated them making the emotional waters
flowing between us that much calmer and consequently resulting in a more healthy environment surrounding our
innocent victims,William and Harry.

I appreciate people might be wondering why the necessity for my return and I have decided therefore to present an
explanation for this. In my life I was very involved with my work which opened many doors for me in a variety of
areas with tremendous and powerful results gained by my intervention with them, this being largely due of course
to who I was and indeed had been. With or without the official title I was always "Me" and involved myself with my
work body and soul and gained a personal satisfaction from doing so as well as I realise providing those without a
voice with a public speaker and this I intend to continue in doing as after all "Diana Speaks".

I am aware that initially things might be difficult though the scepticism that could have been over - whelming is
naturally somewhat tempered already by the existence of my personal site on the net as seen clearly by the reaction
of those who support it and of course some who do knew me personally in life and would be the first therefore to
have unmasked an impostor which hasn't happened as they recognise my energy within Andrew.

It is part of the design that I speak now through a man making the reality of everything that much more amazing
though of course there are others who also connect with my energy albeit in a different way but who therefore
naturally support Andrew and the work that is ahead of him and for this I am most grateful to you all.

There is no one in the public eye at this time who is as involved on a world scale in bringing to people's focus and
attention matters that need highlighting and the reason for this being that it remains my job to do and one suddenly
and violently interrupted by events taking place in Paris in 1997 I am therefore looking forward to continuing with
it naturally and the manner in which this is done will unfold as it is meant to in due course as planned.

It ought to be realised I would have thought already that the momentum of this work is something determined by a
greater power that is intent upon its satisfactory completion in order to determine mankind's survival. It will be
noted I am sure that my Channelled Messages have somewhat changed in their content and indeed delivery and this
being intentional so that the beginning of a greater understanding and comprehension of them can be met as well as
a recognition by their content that primary issues are to be highlighted, issues which affect everyone at one level or
another and therefore call for people's immediate focus and attention. I am not yet ready, not yet prepared to detail
everything, it is not the time or indeed the place to do so but those with intuition, with an inner awareness are I am
sure understanding of things I am speaking about and likewise therefore ready to assist me in their achievement by
whatever means necessary. I have said it before and in conclusion I reiterate it now albeit in a different way, so
meaning by way of my being heard through Andrew,the work continues unchanged and this I promise from my
heart! "       Thank you for listening to me,  


Date Posted:30/10/2006 21:50:26)

"Hello, I have a request which I hope is honoured by at least some of you if not disappointingly all and that is to
close your eyes and open your minds as you listen to me speaking, so I mean listen to my book and latter pod casts
as now my energy more firmly seated within Andrew, our connection and indeed fusion all the more apparent to the
listener ! Why ? A question you might immediately ask and the answer being to " Wake you up ! "

Have people not yet fully realised that through Andrew I live again, in other words I am quite literally Spiritually re
- incarnated albeit within a male incarnation. That isn't to say Andrew is me, of course not, well not all of the time
naturally or he might suddenly entertain cross -dressing which he will not be doing! He is still very much Andrew
but when I channel through him, the differences between us are tremendous and immediately apparent which is
why listening to my channelling through him you will see and hear this for yourselves hopefully anyway and need
no further convincing of the fact from me.

There are others who receive messages, communications from me naturally, Rose Campbell being just one whose
name you'll recognise but none of them in this unique way that needs recognition in order to prove being acceptable
and that I fully realise will take time to happen. It's frightening, the avenues of the unknown are always and I have
to say sensibly ones approached with trepidation, a human reaction and a natural one so something not discouraged
at all, you being still human so honouring it this way and we here in the Spiritual Realms respecting of that fact. It is
far easier to disbelieve than it is to believe because belief necessitates " Faith " and there is the difference. " Faith "
implying an inner discipline to accept something even if not being presented with evidential proof of it as being real
and true, unquestionably so and without debate.

Some people have already witnessed me through Andrew, felt my energy through him so albeit people who
personally knew me and which of course can only be my energy as alive it is what we all are, energy and individual
as we resonate at different energy levels making for our uniqueness as people. In death we retain our energetic level
so that we can communicate and be recognised by those we are communicating with, I have also said that I
instinctively know which of my boys is thinking of me at whatever time because their energy is personal to them so
easily recognisable by me!

I have spoken already about why it is important for me to return and affects a number of strategic areas in a quite
formidable way actually which is why I must return at the appropriate time and not before as there cannot be any
mistakes made. For this to happen therefore, everything needs extreme preparation for it to then run as smoothly
as possible and as quickly because of course when the work starts, it does so rapidly as something of it's importance
would be expected to do.

The groundwork is now being laid in a number of ways which include Andrew having to leave Sweden as this
country has served its purpose for him and his presence is needed elsewhere, somewhere actually the environment
itself will welcome him and allow for the development of everything in ways that Sweden by its sheer nature
instantly blocks. Ask any native Swede who has settled outside of Scandinavia and they will tell you I am sure
exactly what I mean. It is far too insular a place to allow for the free flow of Spirit to make any substantial and
indeed meaningful impression, head way at all, so this is itself sufficient reason for Andrew's being moved on to
healthier pastures where the seeds planted by us can and indeed will bear fruit.

A naturally gregarious people - person, Sweden robs him of his personality so consequently is unhealthy mentally,
emotionally and even physically for him and that we realised before he did! I mention the fact of his sudden home
move to impress upon people the value of this work. It is naturally so, here in Spirit, human emotion is not taken
into consideration at all as that is a human conditioning and viewed consequently as being a weakness because
emotions so often colour and bias personal opinions, validations, feelings, instincts which therefore cannot be
determined a positive thing. I do not expect people still living necessarily to accept this, it is merely an observation
made by me personally and consequently spoken about by me to you now though I would imagine it makes perfect
sense to a good many of you...more enlightened as of course living on the earth - plane are many angels or light -
workers as others often choose to call them under the guise of being human in the incarnation of their present
existence to do their work as inconspicuously as possible but at one with each other when paths cross and often an
unspoken recognition immediately established!... " Light attracts light! " / " Like attracts like! "

Using an example here and one spoken of by her in fact, I told Rose about Andrew eight years before their paths
crossed thanks to her sudden discovery of my site and recognising instantly my spiritual signature, the energy of it
or the feel of it , sensing the realisation of everything immediately and acting upon this by contacting him. As yet
they have still not met physically but are already spiritually bonded which is of course of far greater significance
and value to both and something profound in itself that has been clearly illustrated to them as well as of course a
purpose of my site having been met by it's significance, in connecting them with each other as part of the plan
implemented by me

Likewise I made it very apparent to Rose that it would necessitate my return so there is a witness to the fact of it's
not being Andrew's wild imagination or delusions of grandeur, not at all ... I'm not sure actually many would as
willingly accept on their shoulders the responsibility of it all much less welcome it but Andrew has for which I am so
personally grateful. Initially and he won't mind my telling you this but he being human grew somewhat angry, bitter
and resentful towards us here in the Spiritual realms as although Sweden has to a large extent meant enforced
isolation for him, a retreat into his ivory tower of seclusion, (much as K.P. served to be for me when the boys were
not around ) for the sake of the work...no distractions from that, he had never the less intentions of settling there
certainly for a while anyway and personally was not prepared for this necessary disruption so recently made
apparent to him, 3 days ago to be precise...consequently much as I did in 1993 when I retired from public life due to
amongst other things incessant media attention at a time that I needed to get myself together, my life sorted out, he
also took himself out of the game.

He told us clearly he was not a puppet and will not be toyed with! This has been heard by us and actually was greatly
disturbing to me as when I began to channel through him in 1997 I did not make provisions for the fact that he
might ever do so and consequently there is no one else to assist me in my work in quite the same way...needless to
say I am so personally relieved that like me he has resolved to resume his role and undaunted by any future
challenges that might present themselves to him but he made this decision personally himself and something I had
no influence or personal control over.

To conclude, for believers,let me just say that Jesus Christ was crucified and in human incarnation had to
experience the natural fears of this, the anger and frustration perhaps that it was something he faced happening and
was powerless himself to alter, much less to stop and the realisation that it was for Spirit and the good of mankind
that his life was to be given, so too with that profound knowledge the recognition and acceptance of the fact that his
father in heaven could do nothing to prevent it's from happening either. Why this analogy, what am I saying ?... well
things of this nature invariably differ in meaning to everyone but it can be seen that Andrew chosen by me
consequently clearly displays unquestionable faith and belief in me as well as the work naturally in his being willing
to sacrifice so much for the sake of it's achieving its purpose successfully and that realisation clearly apparent and
quite something! "

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Our message from the " Royalist  ".... Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! Reason: Despite repeated
requests not to has continued to leave messages from 'Diana', therefore offending members on this board."

(Note:   The board being the"DIANA FORUM".   That's right I am banned from a Forum dedicated to me . Work
that one out!  ~~Diana)

" Hello,
I feel the need to draw attention to the fact that people on various sites dedicated to my memory are consistently
insulting and abusing Andrew and so too of course if they did but realise it is me! I have responded to them with a
message which I have decided to post here for you all to read as I believe that there is much insight in it which will
become even more apparent in the not too distant future. I do appreciate some people have a hard time imagining,
getting their head around, the fact that I am indeed speaking through him in spite of practical evidence of this being
given.  I of course inciting him to call the "Daily Express" to warn of the London bombings there which he did, to be
insulted and abused by the journalist and editor; consequently four days later, 52 people lost their lives as a result
of the bombings taking place! Still people seem so intent to sit in judgement of someone and in Andrew's case,
someone they have never met, never spoken to and don't know the first thing about.  I would dearly love to know
by what and indeed whose authority they think that they have the right to do so? What indeed was the saying,
"Judge not lest..."

It is of course one thing to express freedom of speech and I don't expect people to be sheep, entitled naturally to
their own personal opinions and beliefs about things, but is there a need to insult and ridicule him themselves and to
incite, provoke and encourage others to do so even to the extent of inviting Moderators to step in and incur a ban
on him, so too ironically therefore on me, on memorial sites dedicated to me because they don't think as he does as
has been done on by example,the "Royalist?  I have not lost the plot so I am not aiming this message at anyone here
and particularly not at my personal sites members recognising all too well that you are indeed a lot more open -
minded and non - judgemental of others or of course you'd not find yourselves being attracted to and interested in
it at all or indeed curious about anything I might have to say.

I do feel it's important though to let the content in question be seen and known, so here it is:

""I lead from the heart...someone's got to go out there and love people..." I wonder how many of you now who
feel it's your right to ridicule and put me down on the one hand cried real tears and honoured my memory with
flowers, I'd hazard a guess, more than half of you! I fully appreciate and realise that it is difficult as I have already
said for most of you therefore to credit the fact I am indeed speaking but as Andrew has made very apparent I
have vocally channelled through him to Penny Thornton and Andrew Morton and written to my eldest son
William. All of whom know it's me .. so where therefore is the justification for you who didn't know me to question
the opinions of those who did and by what right do you have to indeed do so?

Andrew is not telling anyone you must believe that it's me, there is no gun against your head or threat to you in
any way if you don't, he is merely on the net doing as he has been asked to do by me which is to prepare people for
something pretty amazing, I have been chosen to return for reasons spoken about by me on my site. I said in 2005
on my site that I would make sure that little by little more evidence would appear that would prove foul play
involvement in Paris, this is exactly what has happened and by the latest report is continuing to do so and I
promise you and you may quote me so take notice of the date of this message .. MURDER will be proven FACT!

I will leave you to imagine the repercussions that will follow this exposure when it is made but let's just say that
the royals will be sitting targets excepting hopefully Wills and Harry as the Muslims will respect I am sure that
their mother loved a Muslim but they will want revenge naturally as Dodi was the victim, I was the target!  I
wouldn't be saying such things just for the sake of it would I for what point exactly ?

I'm dead so nobody can harm me can they ? Think long and hard a moment, would Andrew, would indeed anyone
choose this kind of work, responsibility, look at how he is being laughed at and insulted and he's not a masochist,
he did not choose it either, he had no say in my choosing him for it...he could have refused of course but he has
blind faith , he has the courage of his conviction, he has the strength of will to carry on regardless undaunted by it
as I did in my involvement with the land mines even receiving anonymous threatening ' phone calls warning me

Even now I know this message is unlikely to be believed either, why should it be but it is written so it stands as
proof for the future and that is reason enough for it's being given.  I do hope some people anyway stop and think
and also that those so inclined to insult, deny, put down...first as I did regarding things that I needed to speak
publicly about...do their homework so that there is backbone to your argument, so that constructive criticism
might be voiced which is much more acceptable as well as beneficial naturally and more simply so you know
what you're talking about and what it is you are saying and want to say. To do this of course means you opening
your minds to visiting and reading one or two of the channelled messages from me at my site.

If you don't then you are really not justified to express any kind of an opinion because you will only be expressing
one influenced by others and one that therefore lacks any real substance and continuity and serves no useful
purpose at all but to incite provocation naturally from those who perhaps have done their homework. The reason
I was a threat was because I wasn't content to be given from someone else a basic run down on the problems
regards land mines, I found out about them for myself, asking questions, reading documentations and then so too
of course witnessed everything in Angola and Bosnia physically being there, so became quite an authority on the
subject which was very important for me personally to do and I learnt some pretty amazing things that I never
had the opportunity to expose publicly as I'd intended to do, Paris saw to that!"