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ORIGINAL  POST  3rd July 2005

" The establishment had done all it could to discredit me at every turn, wanting to be a "People's Ambassador" for
the country though thought of as a good idea and worthy of consideration by the "Prime Minister" was ultimately
rejected. I was called a "loose-cannon" when highlighting a worldwide problem, the result of which was successful
and land mines banned but this did not make me popular in certain powerful areas, sticking my nose in where it
wasn't wanted, something I was good at! I had a voice and being seen as non-political, one that was listened to, one
that was heard and I was not daunted to speak out about issues I strongly believed in and did so making me a
problem! The most convenient blame to attach to me though being one with no obvious establishment connection.I
was involved with an Arab, it was the absolutely perfect camouflage to set other actions in motion and albeit
innocently I was of great assistance to them in this area!

In "Paris" Dodi and I had been trailed by the paparazzi all day even whilst viewing the house that we were
considering as a possible home for us and at his apartment had decided to eat out at my favourite restaurant in town
but due to their presence this had to be changed as we knew that they'd ruin the meal for us and so we again
returned to the "Ritz" and an intrusive and unwelcomed photo-call eventually escaping into the hotel foyer.
Foolishly thinking things would be comparatively quieter there, we went to eat in the hotels main restaurant but all
eyes of the other diners on us as we entered, we left deciding  to eat upstairs in the suite. Outside the hotel the pack
had gathered, we having been made to feel like hunted animals, not pleasant at all, making a public nuisance of
themselves and clearly not going to go away,  threatening the security of the hotel. I was flying home to the boys in
the morning with lots to tell them so was anxious about the situation outside but Dodi wanting us to return to his
apartment for our last night in the city. I did not want to go and his father also had advised us to stay put and safe
but Dodi insistent, plans were made for our departure, the atmosphere tense, I would say bordering on panic.
Henri-Paul called in on his night off to drive us because of his expertise and knowledge of the capital which we knew
was necessary in the event of our being followed by the pack eager to pounce on us. At this point I will say that I as
basically a non-drinker being therefore extra sensitive to alcohol would have smelt it on a driver and not got into a
car, much less be driven anywhere by a drunk one and Dodi and I as well as bodyguards paid for our safety have
noticed him unsteady on his feet had this been the case, which it wasn't! Very easy to plant an agent in with the
paparazzi, in the night in black leathers and helmets don't all motorcyclists look the same?

Dodi and I got into the car and in the rush did not put seat belts on, strange for me as usually whether passenger or
driver, it was the first thing I did but my mind was elsewhere, focused on getting to the apartment as safely and
quickly as possible as well as the excitement of seeing the boys again next day. In the car there was tension, Dodi
clearly agitated as I was and we were followed by a motorcyclist  in spite of decoy cars in front of the hotel,
obviously someone had been tipped off we'd be leaving via the back entrance. I remember a car hitting the back of
us as we entered the tunnel causing us to swerve violently and then overtaking us and further on sudden
brake-lights and Henri-Paul seeing that if he didn't brake, we'd go straight into the back of the braking car,  
slammed our cars brakes on and then a motorcyclist, I presume the one we'd lost on the way sped past us but
shining the most intense bright white light into the back of the car and then the front directly at Henri-Paul which of
course momentarily must have blinded him. I had faced enough cameras to realise this wasn't an ordinary
flashbulb! So as well as our car swerving, its brakes jammed on causing us to skid, our driver was blinded and so not
in control...we were going to crash and did! My final thought, a simple one "They had got me!"

"Who will take notice of a car and motorcyclist speeding out of a tunnel, mission accomplished, whilst a crash is
happening inside it?"

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Did I bring about my own demise ?

Original Post 20th AUGUST  2006

" I did more than help in bringing about my own downfall albeit this does not excuse in anyway those ultimately
being responsible for it!  As Andrew is very aware of  being the case by people he has connected with who
personally knew me in life...I was often referred to as the "Princess of  Whinge", albeit very unkindly so and doing
nothing to endear me to these individuals, people who I was financially beneficial to but who clearly had no
conception or real appreciation of how I personally felt about things, not themselves after all being in the same
position as I found myself, more often than not, an uncomfortable one. I actually having much to whinge about in
spite of how things might have appeared to be to uninformed people!

I feared for my life and this is something that came to light in the media when the private letter I wrote to Paul
Burrell expressing these fears was exposed, I still do not feel that he betrayed me as others most certainly have
done. Paul wanted truths to be known and he had the knowledge given by me directly in person to expose things
that only he could have known. It suits some people now, mentioning no names of course to presume that he did so
for his own benefit and actually has exaggerated things he was made aware of and in this nothing could be further
from the truth which you can now choose to believe or not. I had few people I could confide in whom I trusted and
certainly in the environment in which I was trapped but he was someone in whom I put that trust, a certain amount
of it anyway though of course still being very cautious not wishing to place him in a precarious position which
wouldn't have been fair and I did and still continue to appreciate his remaining silent and loyal to me regarding
some things, proving to me that I was right to trust him. I know at this juncture people will be thinking that his
feelings then about Dodi and I not being a serious relationship with any future potential must also be accurate and
to this I will say that not even Dodi or I knew how things would develop between us in the future.

A future as it turned out  we were denied knowing but also that this was one of the things I chose not to confide in
with Paul too much about,  knowing it was a source of great contention in the environment I lived and the one he
was employed in, safer therefore  in my not doing so, walls have ears and there were plenty of snoops around I can
tell you!  I was aware of my being a problem to both the establishment and in this I mean those with strong political
connections and leanings as well as to those in the royal house, not necessarily the royals themselves though them
too but people generally, so I had made powerful enemies in both camps. I was too honest about things for my own
good as I am being now but again sensibly exercising a degree of caution with how much I say and what I say. I have
said already on my site numerous times that the truth about everything will "Out " as indeed it  will do at the
appropriate time and nothing can stop that from happening and I do mean, nothing!

I found myself surrounded by people with hidden agendas even those whom I'd believed to have been friends and
I'd learnt to play things close to my chest  when needs must and keep enemies especially close, so I am not  going to
say whom I suspected and why but I can say now that I was not wrong in my assumptions of these people, to some
of whom I deliberately gave false information about certain things, being as deceptive to them as they were being to
me and gradually as I say these issues will come to light and be a tremendous source of embarrassment to them
naturally when they do. After all my telling Simone Simmons I slept with J.F.K.Jnr  lead to a brief moment of glory
for her in publication of an unpopular book certainly with the majority of people who resented yet another betrayal
by someone I'd believed to have been a friend, before her disappearing without trace, just to prove a point! I am
still aware however that perhaps I told some of them too much and of course then it was too late to change things, a
misuse of intelligence on my part!

It was a frightening time for me which is why I chose to spend as much time as I could out of the country which
made my personal involvement with my charity work of so much personal value to me, a means of escape, giving  
me a sense of, well certainly the feeling of a greater personal security though of course the establishments arm is a
long one and nowhere was I guaranteed complete safety but in knowing this I personally exercised caution in how I
spoke publicly. I'd learnt to be more sensible in this area since by example my having been too honest about things
on " Panorama " culminating in all  the repercussions already covered on my site. Never the less I still was accused
of being a loose - cannon by a certain member of the establishment who was strongly opposed to the influence and
power I had in my own right and clearly failing to appreciate my genuine interest in the issues that had become my
greatest focus of attention. I after all certainly did not need the publicity given them by my involvement with them,
I had that whatever I did even if  I flirted with a new hairstyle, guaranteed a front headline or at least to share one,
quite absurd! However,  as I said in life, I was a product  that sat on a shelf and sold well...this being the case even
now as proof of the fact! It has recently been exposed that I was warned off my involvement with the land mines
issue, making me naturally even more determined to be of a supporting role in that involvement but it was not
something making me popular outside this arena, however welcomed I was within it by those I was working with in
the Red Cross and those who were affected directly by the land mines themselves and whom we were trying to help
and therefore giving cause for me to say I had good reason to fear for my life just as they equally had witnessed and
continued to witness all the horrific evidence necessary for them to fear for theirs!

I was also involved with Dodi and this was a problem and especially so when it became clear and was reported as
such anyway that it was a relationship developing seriously because naturally it was something that could have had
very serious repercussions in a number of strategic areas and affected a great many things, things that perhaps in
depth even I had not considered as seriously as I ought  to have done given the circumstances. I might have been
divorced wife of the "Prince of  Wales" but I remained mother of a future King though personally naturally I would
have wanted to do nothing to in any way harm him. Having been emotionally repressed and restricted from
enjoying an emotionally happy personal life be this by those I'd involved myself with personally deciding not to
pursue their relationship with me or my deciding against doing so with them, for whatever reason, I was at last
finding and enjoying this happiness with Dodi, his father not being misguided at all in his assumption that things
could have developed seriously between us. There was indeed great potential for this to have happened given the
fact I had already decided to leave the country any way so as not to be a cause of further embarrassment to the
monarchy and albeit a problem to the establishment as I had been and of course to escape the consistent media
attention, something I was growing more and more tired of, being the focus of a cameras lens continuously,  time
and time again in the country whether I wanted to be or not!

I  was ready for my life to expand and for me to close the door firmly on the past, something a lot easier for me to
do living outside the country where in one way or another it was something I was continuously reminded of and
made apparent to me in all manner of ways and something I'd grown to resent, a victim of my own celebrity as many
people in the media spotlight discover themselves being albeit too late to alter things as perhaps they'd like to. I
would always have a strong connection with that past due to being mother of  William and  Harry so would never
fully escape an association with it but at a distance it would have proved something far easier for me to cope with,  
being with them on neutral ground as it were but naturally this allowance would have been greatly dependent on "
Her Majesty " who by law would have the right to refuse me access to them though naturally and particularly with
intervention by my 'ex' would hardly have been something considered seriously by her but again one in which she
might have been faced by internal pressures to make against me and therefore something in which as is so often the
case in her decisions in fact, she actually would have had  little personal say in, officially never the less an issue that
would have needed her approval. A  matter of great consideration by me and why I had not made the move already,
they being far to young to lose their mother had this decision have been the one influenced to have been taken by
her, a decision I would have found myself in no position to influence or change and of course my boys being my
boys, something I'd not risk happening for any of our sakes but I knew that older they'd freely be able to decide for
themselves what they wanted and confident naturally,  that it would remain being a continuation of  the close
emotionally loving and supportive bond the three of us delighted in sharing!

Naturally wherever I went in the world I would have continued to honour if I might use a title here being the  
"Peoples Princess" as I was fully aware of how much I was loved and admired which touched me deeply and
therefore saw it as a personal obligation, a duty to do so but not one that I resented, not at all. I was also fully aware
that  I'd be emotionally supported in continuing my work which was always so important to me as I witnessed the
fact first hand I was making a difference and that was something I was tremendously grateful for, to be doing
something good, something worthwhile, to be helping and in turn I myself personally being made to feel valued in
what I was doing by all those I was involved working with!  

   Thank you for listening to me,