(Date Posted:02/04/2006 17:13:17)

A Message from Diana #1

" Hello,

Well the first thing I have to say is that the assumption that the royals are a puppet system is absolutely correct.

Naturally people are dying everywhere in the world due to man's ignorance and greed. I was termed a "loose
cannon" exposing the real horrors of this reality in Angola and naturally was a problem to both the U.S and U.K.
governments who were themselves benefiting financially from the warfare there as the two nations manufacturing
and supplying the mines themselves! They then having to helplessly watch them internationally banned as opposed
to otherwise being exposed as war -mongers which it would have been my intention to do.

Dodi was of course just another Muslim but he was associated with me, " Queen of Hearts", remember and so will be
seen as the sacrificed representative of his religion because his name is known worldwide and my murder when
proved will horrify people, not of course that it's not been suspected already but the proof of it will naturally
provoke anger and there will be repercussions to follow, serious repercussions! Can anybody honestly say that the
royals will be safe, they have lost respect now but they will be hated and that's fact!

The ones to escape the peoples wrath, Muslims in retribution for Dodi and others for me, will be my boys naturally
as I was in love with a Muslim and happy as people saw, something Dodi and I made sure of on that last summer
together but William who has never wanted to be King but accepted it as part of the course will hardly stand to
represent a system that destroyed his mother, one he so adored and who loved him so much, that's of course if the
Monarchy survived at all, which in these events I have to say is doubtful.

These Muslim extremists die for the honour and pleasure of "Allah" so for them to sacrifice themselves this way is
seen by them as an honour and our deaths will be avenged as that is human nature naturally! So to make a point
William would not be sorry to escape wearing the crown which will perhaps be a mother's final legacy to her son, to
save him from a fate he dreads, the sort of thing a loving mother would do!

I am not allowed to give everything out on a plate, it will interrupt Karma for want of a better word, but I make sure
I give albeit subtle hints...well alright sometimes not so subtle...but in life I prided myself having humanitarian
interests at heart even involved in extreme political issues and this is my way of proving that my work continues
unchanged and my interest in humanity being no less so now than it ever was and that giving me personally enough
reason to continue with it which is something I would have done albeit in a different way naturally were I still alive!"

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A Message from Diana #2


I'd like to make a comment if I may about the future not being known or it would be today! Well of course this is in
one aspect true and the future is already something pre-determined which is why it is something that I personally
do not have the authority to interfere in but...people do consult mediums/psychics to have a glimpse of their
futures whilst living in the present which is why of course there is the enormous fascination in this sphere of interest
and then can often themselves alter this future that is told to them by exercising their own free will but as I have
said, the powers-that-be already knowing that they will do so and so that future that until they found out about at
the time was theirs anyway!

It's like a chess game and no matter how professional a player you might be " Spirit" will check - mate you every
time.  People most often consult mediums when they are confused about something and so they play a very
important part in unravelling this confusion which therefore is tremendously beneficial to the individual
concerned.  Naturally it's an area where there are those who are truly enlightened and equally those who are not
and similarly whilst one can be extremely helpful to person A, person B might not find the same degree of
satisfaction with them and that's all to do with the fusion of personal energies which are transferred from client to
consultant so a personal thing which is impossible to determine before their energies fuse.

Dodi and I visited Psychic / Medium Rita Rogers before Paris and Dodi warned about driving in a tunnel there but I
was not mentioned so therefore he naturally did not feel danger with us leaving the hotel by car together. At no time
was he in a vehicle there alone!

Andrew met me at a time my marriage was dead in the early 90's, we didn't speak but at the time, his other guide "
Cheng" giving him messages that all was not well for me but disregarding them as it was not known in the public
domain this to be true so we are speaking about 1991/92 and Andrew himself now wishes he'd told me and has asked
"Cheng" why not? The answer being that had we spoken, I'd have known naturally his not being possible to know
this and would have listened to him intently and albeit consequently the destiny of history have been changed.  I
even possibly alive now but then lessons learnt by me in my life and by others in my death would not have been

So he and I were meant to connect, I nearly ran him down driving my own car, a symbol in itself neither of us  
realised at the time, and meeting at the time these messages about me were being given to him as a sign of they're
being real but again he being only human not realising so.

We therefore are given hints about our futures in the present time if we choose to be but it is our fate, if you like, to
consult about them, so this in itself part of that future that we determine for ourselves in the present moment that is
already known to be that future...confused? I am not totally surprised, here in " Spirit ", time itself which said to be
non - existent is not true but is rather a jigsaw of the past, present and future in a way that is far too complicated for
me to explain to you in the present time but which I will try my best to do in a future time once this time has indeed
become the past which when you read this message which  for me anyway will indeed be the case and after you have
read it will similarly be so for you too, but for others yet to read it, a part of their determined futures! That's that
sorted out, for the now anyway!"

(Date Posted:11/04/2006 15:28:56)

A Message from Diana #3

" Believe it or not I feel incredibly sorry for Charles who knows that  it will become increasingly apparent that his
choice of future wife is not a popular or welcomed one in the firm and out of it which is and will continue to be of
tremendous tension for him and indeed has a direct influence on his future as being "King" of the country and yet
William has no desire to wear the crown! The support that he had hoped for has not been forthcoming and the boys
themselves are for obvious reasons not in favour of Papa's decision and would have preferred for it not to have
been made official as up until now the couple have lived together anyway which has been difficult enough for them
to accept under the circumstances of which everyone is aware. I support the fact that Charles is for once not bowing
to the establishment but putting his personal needs before duty and obligation but...well, this might have  been
better done much earlier but then of course there would not have been a "Diana, Princess of Wales" and there
needed to be for reasons now well established, the land mines and A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. issues publicised and
acknowledged on a world scale as an example of what I'm talking about as well as other causes which were also
brought to the people's attention during my life.

" Charles taking the crown?  I actually feel that the marriage over, the couple will remain quite elusive and become
from circumstances beyond their control, reclusive! I do not see them ever being fully acceptable to the public in
the manner that is necessary for a reigning monarch and his consort...an unpopular "King" will be an unhappy one
and a lot of damage has been done to the institution of the monarchy that it will be very hard to recover from. Her
Majesty will retain the position of Monarch for as long as she is able to and then I would imagine there will need to
be a tremendous re - think! I would doubt either of the boys will choose to be representative of the monarchy in the
future, therefore  tremendous, powerful changes ahead!  

My charity work would have continued unchanged though perhaps moderated to facilitate the circumstances I
found myself in which would have been dependent on a number of issues but most importantly with first priority
being given to the consideration of my boys. How they felt? It had after all become as well as something of
tremendous importance to me personally, a marvellous diversion for me from having my focus being on my failed
marriage and subsequent disastrous relationships which everyone is very aware of! I had been able to give them all
my attention and particularly having already just maintained six that I personally felt particularly drawn to and
which kept my diary full but allowed me personal time with the boys and also to enjoy a private life...of sorts! Of
course whatever I did made headlines so this was something I never was allowed to fully enjoy for one reason or
another, reasons I understood but at times were hard to bear! I was in no desperate need for marriage though
ultimately I would have settled down with someone and in time no doubt taken the plunge but I would make sure
that I'd tested the waters first and as I say only with someone who had the boy's personal approval, they being after
all the main men in my life always! William, particularly sensitive and having witnessed Mummy's tears, would need
to know I was not going to be hurt again.

As to the kind of man that would be? First priority that he loved me and I'd not have reason to doubt it, that he and
the boys would get along and that he would provide me with the emotional and practical security that I needed and
had always found lacking in some way. On a more superficial note, in an income bracket that would make it
impossible for the media to suggest his having hidden agendas in being with me and one that allowed for the good
life to be enjoyed every moment in our time together! Now I wonder who such a man might be? Ideally,  as
everyone is aware, I wanted another child, a daughter, so he would have to be a willing father as my sign of "Cancer"
being the maternal one. Who? Not hard to guess, the clue being..."Tell me Yes!" ( Note: Dis - Moi - Oui ... being the
name of the "Repossi" collection which Diana and Dodi chose the ring from in the jewellers in Monaco.In Paris Dodi
on 30th August 1997 collecting the one modelled to fit her ring finger size )

At the end of my life, I was with a man who loved me and whom I loved. Someone who didn't care who I'd been,
wasn't daunted by the opinions of those witnessing our love affair as incidentally we intended everyone to do! We
were after all happy and wanted everyone to know it. For those who doubt this? Look at our body language with
each other which says everything and is something natural and not something controllable! There will of course be
those who question things about "Dodi" and I and considering how short a time we'd known each other, quite a
natural thing to do, but we had plans that were going to shock people of course but first needed the approval of the
two most important people in my life before being decided upon...something which of course never happened!

Why do I remain so loved and remembered even now is easy to answer ... I was real and I mean by this that I
experienced things that others have and do but did so openly which was appreciated. I spoke of my eating disorder,
exposed my suicide attempts, had a very public divorce, advertised my love for my boys and revealed my affairs!
There was nothing hidden which of course made me more "Normal" than other royals who hide behind a
respectable facade most of the time about everything! Consequently I was easier to relate to being "Real!"

Thank you for listening to me. Diana.