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" Hello, I am horrified that this new book is seeing its way to bookshelves, meaning "Charles, The Man Who Will Be
King" which infers as a previous one" Diana on the Edge" insinuated that I was mentally ill, somewhat deranged ! Worse
this one penned by someone who refers to himself as one of my ex -husband's best friends, no doubt explaining why he
and I mixed in very different circles socially and I would hope that if this claim is true that their friendship dies a death
with immediacy and Howard Hodgson's lies are exposed publicly and he disappears without trace with no financial
profit as clearly this venture is solely done to line his pockets with little or no consideration given that accusations like
this will hurt and harm and specifically, as always, my boys...as if they haven't and don't suffer enough!

William said something very telling on their recent interview, he and his brother Harry plan on giving me the best
"Birthday Present" ever which is of course the concert they have organised to remember me by this year, that in itself
should show people that my boys are very much my boys and I am never forgotten by them.   " Thank you, Mummy
loves you and misses you so much ! "

Privately, I'd actually imagine, certain family members pretty non-plussed by their determination to honour me this
way as it has been seen, portraits of me removed from public places by example, that much effort has been made to try
to erase my memory but attempts have failed and will continue to do so and especially of course with my boys directly
being involved in a very hands on way in making sure that my memory lives on in such a spectacular fashion! Thank you
William and Harry for all the reasons I am sure you can imagine my thanking you. I am so sorry that characters like Mr.
Hodgson serve only to inflict pain and suffering but of course ultimately to most damage themselves as will hopefully be
seen! !

I am not now going to defend myself against his accusations as this would perhaps therefore determine that I had
something I wanted kept hidden, I don't...not at all! I have begun on my site to tell the truth about the real me. I have
said to people, so meaning those who didn't know me naturally, that I had a wicked and sometimes violent temper.  So
also has my ex - husband, he not being the placid character openly displayed though of course age and maturity mellows
everyone and he has less reason to fly off the handle as it were now being with the woman he loves.

I would like to know though who these doctors whom Mr.. Hodgson claims spoke with him about me are, as if this is so
they clearly don't respect a doctor's promise to his patients of confidentiality and ought therefore to be struck off ! So
do I mean saying this that some of what they have told him might be true...to know that I'd have to read the book of
course which naturally I can do through Andrew's eyes but I wouldn't think this will happen since for obvious reasons he
is not allowed to read any books about me whilst I am with him as this then might influence him , his opinions and
thereby affect and colour information told to him by me as well as of course being reading material based largely I
would imagine on conjecture so consequently packed full of salacious details as I certainly was not deranged!

Well except, perhaps, in going along with everything initially but  I was nineteen and somewhat green and naive so
believing in fairy tales myself! It will be very interesting to see just how popular this book is, we all saw what happened
to Mr. Burrell's latest.  I have of course mentioned in a channelled message that I thought the venture would fail before
it did!  I believe he last seen making a fast exit out of the U.K. for sanctuary abroad. It is one thing to write about
someone when they are alive and quite another to write about someone unable to personally defend themselves, an
action on the part of the author displaying cowardice  actually but of course once Andrew is publicly recognised as my
voice - channel I will have much to say to many people but particularly to certain individuals who have felt themselves
justified to insult him and offend me!

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING message given 03 / 09 / 2006 and documented as to that date in this channelled
Area but I thought it appropriate it be repeated here to make a point and it was my response to the recent book by Paul
Burrell which ultimately flopped in book sales !"

"So much for loyalty.  Greed is  of course always a great temptation! The truth will out about everything but I have
already said on my site that Paul Burrell was not well disposed to Dodi and consequently was not taken into my
confidence in this regard...also of course being employed by and working in the royal environment I felt it best to keep
certain things from him as otherwise he'd have found himself in a pretty precarious position! Dodi and I were in fact
considering moving to California, Dodi having the house in Malibu and this had been mentioned by me to Paul because
he was good at the job  ..."Butler"...and I thought anyway friend...which whilst alive he was to me and in fact during
really hard times often helped me to keep my sanity!

Also though remember Dodi had staff including his own personal butler / valet Rene Delorm, so was Paul's position
safe were we to unite as a couple ? Would I have wanted someone with royal connections in our employ ?

The ring in question was bought by Dodi in Paris the day we died actually, well hours before, earlier that afternoon
and having been chosen by us in Monte Carlo where they didn't have one of my ring size, we flew to Paris specifically
to collect one they had there for me...drastic measures to take for the sake of friendship! Dodi had not proposed to me
in so many words but I was well aware that the intention was there and in fact the ring I tried on in the Ritz and then of
course we returned to his apartment to change for dinner...original plans to eat in my favourite restaurant " Chez
Benoit" but this had to be altered due to the paparazzi presence to take us back to the Ritz...but Dodi as everyone now
knows went against his father's advice in insisting we later return to the apartment where he'd left the ring and I'm
sure the only reason that he'd be so insistent that we leave the Ritz knowing the pack were gathered outside and safer
to stay there was....

I certainly would not have called Paul Burrell to tell him about the ring, much less the significance of it...before my
boys! I'm sorry they would be the first to be told and engagement precedes marriage and Wills and I had actually had
words with each other as he was upset at my exposure in the Media with Dodi and of course was being influenced by
those immediately around him and needed me therefore to explain things to him face to face which is why I was
looking forward to going home .  Mummy had found love and they who'd heard my joy on the telephone, as had
friends too; needed me there with them to sort out any worries that they personally had about this.

You must remember the three of us were exceptionally close, we'd had to be during much of the hellish marriage with
their father when he and I didn't behave civilly towards each other at all behind closed doors and they'd witnessed
this, and as known now, William often was on hand with the tissues for me!

So they needed reassurance from me that I really was happy but that I would not rush things and that they'd remain
the centre of my world as of course there would naturally be the fear that they might take second place as absurd as
that may seem but their father and I had emotionally damaged them as well as of course ourselves in our marriage; so
their fears of a rejection from me were under the circumstances understandable and I appreciated that and knew I had
to do my bit to assure them they'd come first always!

Paul Burrell would not have been privy to such sensitive information before them! Indeed whilst enjoying myself with
my boyfriend would I have inclination to call someone in my employ about anything at all of a personal nature...not at
all no! Hopefully I have to say this nonsense will be exposed publicly as it is criminal actually to infer things that he
knows nothing about as well as naturally his disloyalty being of a personal disappointment to me!"

(Date Posted:01/02/2007 10:24:51)

" In the year 2001 Andrew was more "Spiritually"awakened though he did not realise it ! He was going through a pretty
rough time actually but an all important learning zone which everyone goes through at various times in their lives in
order to evolve and grow. Andrew was inspired to write a diary but one of poetry and speaking with Rose who has
become somewhat of a Mentor for him which is something I encourage naturally and thank her for doing here, Rose
wisely pointed out to Andrew that many of these poems very much mirrrored my life and as to how I most probably felt
about things ... why as I say Rose is a perfect Mentor for him but judge for yourselves as here is one of those poems
which I have to say will eventually be published and serve as marvellous inspirational writings of healing for people for
all too obvious reasons. This one relating to missing a partner and not knowing if the parting being experienced will
prove temporary or permanent?"   Diana

The Lesson

Time now to start a new, to everything take a fresh point of view.
To not condition the future by the past, to bid "Adieu " to yesterday at long last.
Think about tomorrow but concentrate on today,
Don't allow thoughts of doom and gloom to get in the way.
Say farewell to depression, resolve to cry no more tears!
You're strong, you'll get through, you've survived all these years !
Salute love and believe to be loved and to love is your right.
Think of the one you love with positive feeling every day, every night.
Believe that they hear and feel you even if you're apart,
Trust as they are in yours, you're in their heart too.
Accept that for now you learn your lessons alone.
Wait for the ring of the telephone.
When it comes everything will be clear
The vision of lasting love you dreamt of will be in your life, it will appear albeit "out of the blue"
You'll have no reason to question or to doubt that dreams come true!
Until such time keep faith and trust that all will be well;
Can you believe this ? Time will tell !
If given such a gift, cherish the joy it brings to you
Always and ever remain tried, tested and true!
Think on all this now and wear a genuine smile
Life is the lesson, experience the teacher, this is your last trial.
You're to be of inspiration and so must have suffered true pain
You lead by example as it's from you others in their dark times will in you their own confidence gain.

Andrew Russell - Davis / Moderator January 5th 2001

(Rose's note:  Do compare this poem with those written by Diana herself. Since I know both the personality of Diana and
Andrew I recognize the hand of Diana in this even though at the time Andrew thought he alone was writing it. It is the
way of a spiritual channel;  there is often that which is of both the channeled and channeler in that while it is the hand of
the channeler that may write the words it is often given to them by those whom they channel. Notice too that Andrew
wrote it in third person...very telling, I believe!   So yes, Andrew wrote this piece in his hand but I so clearly hear Diana
speaking as well!

This concludes the Channeled message section. It is by far not the entire extent of messages given to Andrew but were
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