~~ Diana's Gift ~~

"As people are aware I have of course evolved from my earth - bound being and it is the "Diana"
now who imparts this message to you all in deepest gratitude for supporting and encouraging the
miracle you are about to witness in your lives happening ... Thank you with all my love! "

For those of you interested I want to help you to enhance your lives in quite a magnificent way
and an easy one that you can yourself practice and feel the results from, tremendous results
instantly.  Every thought you have, every feeling has a vibration and is therefore an energy so if
you focus on negative ones for whatever reason, feeling sad, angry or for whatever reason
generally blue, you will naturally attract to yourself and around you negativity even negative
people, like attracts like remember so stop it now and focus on honouring yourself and your own
well being!

Do not concentrate on what's missing in your life but replace the thought with something along
the lines of “I intend to embrace this _____ happening for me in my life" and watch as events
happen, signs occur that prove to you that your thought pattern is attracting whatever it is to

I stress here that you cannot influence another’s thoughts, that's free will on their part to think
as they will but naturally you can positively inspire your own. If you by example focus on your
partner’s faults instead focus on what it is you love about them, what attracts you to them, and
then watch the vibrations around you both alter. This I promise you is a serious and very real
concept so notice it please!

You are never alone, man is not an island but periods of isolation are necessary for everyone for
soul’s growth so spend this time with focus on yourself and the direction your life is taking! You
can change something if you see where mistakes have been made and things are going wrong but
you need to be aware of them naturally first and this you will see all the more clearly in a quiet
time with your own thoughts and no diversions from them so do not curse at time spent alone,
see it as being a necessary time for you to experience to gain powerful and very real knowledge
and wisdom about yourself!

Use quiet time productively and then you will be given opportunities to show all you have learnt.
If there is something you want and need, live life now, even in your mind as I cannot stress to
you enough how powerful the human mind is, as if whatever is missing is not missing at all, you
will then attract it to you but don't take my word for it but test it out for yourself and see the
magic work for you in your life!"   " Good Luck! "


                                                            D I A N A,  P R I N C E S S  OF  W A L E S  1961 - 1997


27 /08 / 2006 ... Channeled Message of value                                

               Manipulating the Media

"I have made a point of saying that on my site I will speak the truth about everything and so it is time for me now to
speak about my relationship with the media which was a "Cat n' Mouse Game" actually. I became quite a good spin -
doctor in promoting myself with them which was something I had to do as it was important for me to learn the art of
manipulation, rather that than continuously be manipulated by them and their victim though invariably with
certain articles printed and particularly now when I am no longer physically anyway around to defend myself
against them this precisely is what's happening of course but I think it can be seen, indeed is something becoming
more and more apparent and particularly here on my personal site that even now I don't miss a trick! That was of
course a lot of the problem, people underestimated me in all kinds of ways and no less so the media themselves who
more often than not had to bargain with me about certain issues.

Deliberately I encouraged a friendship with journalists and editors so that I could be kept personally aware of the
way things were and they were invaluable contacts and extremely helpful to me, it became known that "Richard
Kay" and I were friends and that's as far as our relationship went before suggested by someone otherwise. I also
invited journalists and editors to meet with me privately and at one meeting with Wills in attendance as I wanted
him to see for himself how the media machine operated and for him to meet some of the people anyway who might
eventually prove themselves to be as useful to him as they were proving themselves to be to me because of course
and particularly after the divorce I needed very much media support in promoting myself which I have to say they
proved extremely instrumental in doing.

It has been suggested I was a manipulator and I was but better I thought to be controlling the image I wanted
projected of me than allowing that image to be created by other people. Being in the control of it obviously I could
then be seen to be illustrating that image as opposed to trying to act a role of another’s imagination and creation and
therefore the result being something a lot more credible and believable obviously !  Do I mean by this that my "
doing good deeds" as it were was just a ploy to gain media attention and put me in the spotlight and overshadow the
royals, well not entirely in the sense that even as an official royal I was always people orientated and welcomed
quite naturally a relaxed and informal connection with them and most especially those in less fortunate
circumstances as well as the sick and the dying and encouraged this, they actually were extremely supportive of me
at a time when they were not aware just how valuable and important and indeed somewhat comforting their
personal support of me was ... very difficult times for me albeit behind the scenes and even the extent of which at
that time anyway not being something the media themselves had full knowledge of .. So meaning during the
marriage though of course gradually the cracks in it became more and more obvious and were headline news long
before the eventual official separation and later divorce. That happening to a large extent because the actress in me
had tired of her lines and play acting.  

Privately of course it had long been a different story so meaning within the family and friends who knew the reality
of everything which is why of course I was encouraged to consult Andrew Morton and to tell my story in secret
naturally, threatened actually by them who saw how ill I was becoming and who let me know they were worried and
if I didn't tell it as it was they would, so pretty much a case of my having no personal choice in the matter actually!
After the divorce I had to ensure that I promoted myself more as I was now pretty much centre stage and certainly
star - attraction and particularly when it became apparent to everyone just who my ex husband had chosen over
me, it was a complete mystery by so many as to why including I have to say his own father who let this be known
publicly but never the less I was pretty much out on a limb and needed therefore to do something constructive and
positive with if you like my celebrity.

People were left wondering what I was going to do. To disappear would not have been fair to the public who had
already made it so apparent to me that I was loved and so began my re - invention as termed by the media, I was
always me but being single allowed me to shine in my own right a lot more predominantly and I knew something was
expected from me which is why I involved myself in helping other people in a very real way and promoting certain
causes that were of very great importance to me. The media following my every movement were marvellous in
assisting me in this as I knew they would be as proven when I'd set - up to be photographed alone outside the Taj
Mahal to show the world that I was alone in my marriage but of course promoting me publicly meant also that in
their opinion anyway they had the right to intrude in my personal life which they did equally so and which was not
always pleasant.

I spoke of bargaining powers being used earlier and by example they caught me leaving the hospital where my
boyfriend of the time Hasnat Khan was working and I'd been on a late night visit to him and I agreed with them that
they could write about my late night visits to the hospital with the twist that it was to see patients there and not him
which of course gave them the story they wanted and at the same time protected my privacy and indeed his which
was important to him professionally, neither of us wanting patients of his interviewed for the latest scoop, in the
précis about him it being noted he is a very private person and so to this day retained a loyalty to me and never
spoken publicly about our relationship which is something very honourable of him to do and greatly appreciated by

The media also were used by me when I wanted "Out" of certain situations as by example with Will Carling who
arriving for a private meeting with me found the press waiting for him instead which naturally gave them a story
resulting in his wife consulting solicitors and needless to say he and I had not had a relationship except perhaps in
his wild imagination and I'd called them having tired of his personal attention to me and he not having realised this.
It is well known by people who knew me that I was always someone who spoke directly and bluntly about things so
it's not as if I had not tried to tell him numerous times but he wasn't listening to me!

In the summer of 1997 when I was aware that my ex husband was desperately trying to promote his then mistress
now wife of course and bring her out of the shadows I deliberately again called upon the media to assist me in
making sure that this didn't happen and so numerous photographs of Dodi and I having fun in the sun were taken
including the famous " Kiss " photograph which left little doubt in people's minds that this was a very real and
passionate romance. I'd found love and wanted to share in this fact with the world who had witnessed the
heartbreak and betrayals that I'd experienced before finding it with him!

I have already said that my entertaining my relationship with Dodi was not done deliberately to make Hasnat
jealous as some people are choosing to say, not at all as our relationship had ended, our realising it having no
chance of survival against such high odds, his religion and his family's non - acceptance of me as a suitable wife for
him. It is now still a matter of conjecture as to whether the relationship with Dodi would have survived as some
people are quoting my saying that it was just a summer romance ... well it was early days for both of us admittedly
but I'd spent three holidays with him, introduced him to the boys, they having initially holidayed with us in fact, so
not someone therefore whose company I did not enjoy and what reason would there be for me to suddenly call it off
when he was so encouraging to me and accepting of my work which he realised was so important to me and I'd
personally encouraged us to be caught on camera intimately with each other so hardly the actions of someone who
might then encourage upon herself a negative publicity as by example illustrating herself to be in the words of my
ex husbands father, a harlot ?

I personally would think this to be highly unlikely as it would provide very powerful ammunition to be used against
me by my enemies in both camps, the royals themselves and of course the establishment and that I wouldn't have
done as it would naturally have affected my boys opinions of me but as I say that was the problem I was so often
misunderstood, misrepresented and underestimated and here on my personal site take the opportunity therefore to
set the record straight about a number of issues in ways only I can and hopefully they to be believed in by those
taking notice of my site and the need and purpose for it! "