Some of Diana's earliest channeled messages in chronological order, explaining much about her
reasons for being back and on the Internet.

Early Chronological Precis-- Part 1

(Date Posted:14/06/2005 04:56:40)

"The most terrible thing about death is the most obvious one. It is all so final and often leaves unfinished business
behind it, something certainly so in my case. Everyone knows that there were people even in my own family that I was
not talking to at the time and had argued with others and it's too late to say I'm sorry! This is the point I wish to make
now, none of us ever knows if in the life we live today, we will see tomorrow and I am not saying this to be depressing
but to point out just how important harmony is and particularly with those we love.

Naturally it is human nature to argue but if you can before saying something that you might later regret having
done...stop and count to ten! Try to be nice to people even if you do not feel inclined to be, if everyone was a little
more tolerant and understanding of each other, the world would be a far better place and that's a fact. Compromise
and acceptance are not often easy things to adapt to but embracing them genuinely in your life will be of tremendous
personal benefit to you as well as others and so not altogether a bad thing to think of doing!"

(Date Posted:21/06/2005 22:29:54)

" I am quite amazed at the level of interest still in me all over the world and flattered by it, it is quite humbling. When I
started my role in public life I never imagined it would always be at times overwhelming and in my marriage certainly
difficult, but not something in my control. I only ever tried to do my best and I know this did not always make me
popular in certain areas but I knew that I was needed and so I was there! In time the truth will out about everything
but at the moment, it is still too soon to be told. There are important people to consider as it will be shocking for them.

I want now to say thank you to all who supported me throughout the years and to say that it was the knowledge that I
was loved and admired that kept me strong in the darkest times. Having felt misunderstood for so long and been made
to feel useless, in the end I found myself and knew that I had an important role to play that did not need the title
H.R.H. Princess of Wales to complete. When I died, there was work still for me to do, my agenda, albeit in my head
was full and I knew that my path ahead would be difficult but I was not daunted by this. It was a challenge to me and
one I welcomed and in my private life, at last happy with someone who respected my work and encouraged me with it
which was so important to me, I had the time and space to think things out."

(Date Posted:21/06/2005 23:30:49)

" I hope you will forgive me for speaking out about certain issues that need addressing and not judge me too harshly
for doing so. It was very hard for me to trust, I had experienced betrayal in many ways stemming from my childhood
and this continued throughout my adult life. I'd grown accustomed to it but this does not mean it didn't hurt because it

When I married I was aware that my life was going to change but I was not prepared for the turns it took. I was young
and naive and believed that I would be supported through everything, instead of which I found little support and
myself constantly in the firing line for this, that or the other, not easy to cope with for a nineteen year old! I was given
little encouragement personally but told to do what was expected and not complain. I learnt fast in a sink or swim
situation to swim but personally the effects were devastating which caused me to be ill.

All was not as it seemed but there was a job to do, a duty to perform. It was of tremendous comfort to me that I was
liked and welcomed everywhere I went, though initially daunting to face such adulation and it was this consistent
reaction that helped me to cope even though it did little to encourage my popularity in other areas but it was not
something I could be blamed for.

William and Harry always a great source of joy and comfort to me and now to their father, my marriage was not
without it's good points. After my divorce I was even more determined to battle on and by this time had the
knowledge that I was supported by the people and knowledge is power and I was determined to use it and I did so in a
number of areas with successful results, something I'm proud of and grateful to all those who helped me.

In my private life I made a number of mistakes but in Dodi I found a companion who understood and respected me
and someone who could and did relate with me on many levels, not least of all my work which he always encouraged
me to pursue and this was important to me. As to the future, we had discussed this at great length and there were
decisions to be taken but there were important people to consider before making them.

As to the accident(?) in Paris...Perhaps I should have safe-guarded my own personal security a little better than I did!
August 31st 1997 will have serious repercussions, more so than were at first thought realised, the handling of the
"Paris Accident" (?) was not as professional as it might have been which is why so many questions are being asked and
will continue to be until they are answered, the truth will out! Two qualities that have to be earned are respect and
loyalty and are given as a result of actions taken by the person in receipt of them. Public popularity is not something
determined by regal birth or fame, it is the result of being someone with whom the public feel a natural empathy and
albeit in some small way can relate to that individual at one level or another, not an easy achievement for someone
accustomed to acting a role according to tradition and a tradition far removed from the average man on the streets
understanding of life!"

(Date Posted:22/06/2005 00:25:49)

"Living in a bubble confined by protocol and tradition was hard for me. I was naturally a free-spirit and it caused me
great problems. I always was made to feel an outsider within the firm as I called it, my ideas too radical, my character
too headstrong, I was seen as a problem, I would not put up and shut up!

I was aware of my husbands infidelity but could do nothing to stop it and came into constant battle every time I tried.
The system is a lot more complex than the average man on the street realises and as I learnt to my cost.! In the weeks
prior to my death I'd decided to step out of the public arena. I do not mean not to continue with my work naturally but
to free my diary of what I considered to be unnecessary functions which served no useful purpose other than promote
my celebrity and be a news provider for the media.

"Diana, Princess of Wales" having been a creation fuelled by them, I was happier being " Diana", the woman to be
taken seriously. I had begun this in publicly binning, albeit in support of charity, the dresses of the "Royal Era" and
dressed differently to show I'd changed. Emotionally happy at last, I planned to have more time for the boys and to
nurture the relationship between Dodi and I without such media interest and press intrusion that had in the past been
damaging to my then husband and I. With Dodi things would be very different. My celebrity had in many ways
protected me and so I'd relished in it but now he was here to protect me in a different and much more real way, it's
purpose served I was ready for new beginnings, beginnings that ultimately were denied me."

(Date Posted:22/06/2005 07:52:28)

"For those of you who wonder why I tell my story on the net, the answer is simple, I wanted the truth told but did not
want Andrew to be accused of being a money-spinner and exploiting me in publication of my book, here it reaches a
large audience freely and hopefully even people who through association with me personally will know it to be true. It
is something I would have wanted to do in life but would have thought twice about doing not wishing to invite a bad
press as I had done with revelations about the "Andrew Morton" book being exposed. I feel a tremendous sense of
relief that it is being read and understood and have been as honest as I can and make no apologies if parts of it offend,
truth hurts!

I was always misunderstood and no matter what I did this remained so in some people's eyes, accused of being a "loose
cannon" whilst highlighting a world-wide problem..landmines being a perfect example of this but I was not daunted by
it and got more involved in issues of controversy. I said I was not a political animal, I was an humanitarian, I cared
about people and particularly those who were rejected in society for one reason or another. I wanted to help them and
they responded to this which made me all the more determined to do so and I had a voice that was listened to and
which I used to draw attention to their plight be it land mines, Aids and HIV, the homeless, battered wives etc and
gained a great personal satisfaction and self-esteem in feeling valued by them. Naturally I was a problem and what do
you do with a problem? You get rid of it eventually one way or another!"

(Date Posted:22/06/2005 17:16:00)

" I hope that in reading my book you the reader gets to know me, the real me and not the weak, mentally imbalanced,
insecure, out of control victim that by certain areas I was labelled as being. It's chapters tell a far different story and
make it real. The "myths" replaced by facts as experienced and lived by me. It is my hope that it will give everyone the
knowledge, the wisdom, the realisation, the insight that out of adversity comes courage and strength!

I was a Cancerian and we can be pretty crabby at times in the literal sense and I was no exception. An anthropologist
will tell you a crab moves sideways in order to confuse it's enemy when about to attack and in many ways this is what I
did, the unexpected !Sometimes this strategy worked for me and at others it certainly did not but I enjoyed keeping
people guessing. During my time as an official royal I had learnt to protect my own interests at all costs even if this
meant a denial of something I was accused of, it sometimes proved necessary to do but this does not mean that I felt
comfortable with it personally.

I lost friends through this betrayal of them which invariably would become public adding fuel to the fire but freezing
people out became my way of dealing with situations that I sensed would mean trouble for me and a publicity I did not
want, much less need, already being a news item in whatever I did and often to ridiculous extremes that I never fully

Already by example having been labelled a basket case, it would not have been helpful for me to have been found to
be acknowledging any kind of an association with astrologers, psychics etc especially whilst married though they
actually helped me understand my marital problems as well as giving me a sense of personal direction which I acted
upon and as everyone now knows I consulted with them until my death. Beliefs are a very personal thing but given
mine, isn't it natural that given the opportunity to do so I would channel through one to tell my story !"

(Date Posted:22/06/2005 20:29:11)

"Belief is as I have said a personal thing and everyone's will be quite different but this does not mean that one persons
belief is any greater than another's. Agreeing to disagree is sometimes the most sensible option but nobody has the
right to judge one another's opinion in the same way that people worship different faiths but this does not mean that
one is inferior to the other. If man was less judgemental, his world would be a far better place. By nature man is greedy
and this greed shows itself in many disguises including knowledge and as I learnt and so speak with authority on this,
knowledge is power and in the wrong hands more often than not proves devastating.

Man is destroying his own environment little by little and will ultimately pay for the consequences of this, something
already happening at a frightening speed, September 11th ( 911 ) being a prime example of this greed for power spoken
of resulting in destruction and the sacrifice of lives, those loved ones left behind to suffer the after effects, children
losing parents and the emotional trauma caused by this.I and people like me came into this world to promote
humanitarianism! It was my pathway and I witnessed horrific scenes of death and destruction first hand whilst
involved in the anti-land mines campaign, a bare handshake by me to a sufferer helped prove that A.I.D.S. and H.I.V.
sufferers had been ostracised by society through mans ignorance and judgement.

I was meant to marry into royalty to dismantle its institution and help bring it into the 21st century by being me,
someone who wrongly had been presumed to put up and shut up about things that I felt unacceptable and who instead
drew attention to them, something easy for me to do being the focus of media attention anyway. I had what has been
called the common touch making me more acceptable to the people than other royals who do not have my hands on
approach and they related to me knowing I'd suffered in similar ways to them and had done so openly.

I came from a broken home,suffered from an eating disorder,I'd been suicidal and depressed, my husband had been
unfaithful, I was divorced and had been betrayed by lovers and I was a single parent but they recognised a survivor
and in turn having suffered; I was able to help them in their suffering and was drawn to the causes I supported to do
so. I was not academically intelligent but I had a natural and keen intuition as well as charisma and warmth which led
me to being a people-person and was unbiased and unprejudiced, something that was seen and appreciated by the
people I met and qualities recognised in me by those I didn't and I died young and so the legend of "Diana" was born
and I will remain a figure in history destined to be remembered."

(Date Posted:23/06/2005 00:35:55)

" As a mother, my first priority and concern was for my children, allbeit in a different way now and from a distance it
remains so and I feel very uncomfortable that some people believe that the boys are not true blood-brothers. This is
extremely hurtful for "Harry" as well as being disrespectful to me and quite absurd! "William" is of course my image
made flesh which no doubt in no small way has contributed to his popularity but his character is far more like his
father. "Harry" has the "Spencer" colouring and like mother, like son is the one to make waves which of course he's

I may have lost a lot of respect for the firm but I would not be responsible for personally bringing such a disgrace to it
and it saddens me to know that there are those who believe I might! When a marriage is falling apart it's often the case
that the couple will give it one more try and more often than not in trying for a child in the hope that this will help to
cement the bond...and in more cases than not, it's a mistake that the child later suffers from though thankfully this was
not the case with "Harry." It is a stigma that he could well do without so hopefully one day it ends. The legacy from my
marriage with "Prince Charles" has been two fit, healthy and handsome sons, what more could a mother wish for!"

(Date Posted:27/06/2005 12:49:24)

I am glad that my story seems to be popular and even to the more sceptical, something that has to be listened to and
considered if not believed in but I am also aware that many of you sense it to have been written by me and are
therefore aware that death as you on earth understand it leads to a new dimension of life, a more evolved one
naturally. From the way it is written it can be seen that the script is mine, my essence remains the same.

For those of you who find this confusing, I will try my best to explain it as simply as I can. All of us are energy and
vibrate at different levels which is why we take instant likes and dislikes to certain people, much like an electrical
circuit fusing orhaving a short- circuit.In circumstances and situations where we have liked someone and then
disliked them and vice-versa it's much like experiencing a sudden power-cut, resolving our differences is like
renewing the power surgeand if not doing so the electrical current binding us remains cut, the energy gone! This is
why certain loved ones allow themselves to be communicated with and others don't but this does not mean that the
connection is lost as often we are made aware loved ones are still with us by signs given by them, a particular smell of
the loved ones favourite flower being suddenly smelt by those left behind as an example of this.

We are all energy and react on impulse in life in everything we do but are not aware of our vibrations which are
personal and differ with everyone but now I am very aware of my own personal vibration and also the differing
vibrations of the boys which are transmitted to me by their thought patterns, I know instinctively when either of them
or both as will be the case on my birthday anniversary by example; is thinking of me and react to it giving them a
subconcious feeling of well-being and comfort in return, a sense of my personal vibration!

Test it for yourself, think of a loved one and then sense the loved one being in direct communication with you or
watch for the sign they give you that you have been heard by might even be that you turn on the stereo and
their favourite song is playing. Coincidence, perhaps? No such thing, that's man's explanation for the unexplainable,
he lives after all in an all too logical, material world to consider another explanation.

Music is a mix of sound and vibration, it is perhaps one of the greatest mediums in the world as it reaches us and
touches us and in an odd way unites us all, whatever our race, colour or creed. Listening to music from a foreign place,
we get the feeling of the country it originates from, a sense of its individual culture immediately as it is unique ! What
we receive subconciously is the vibration of that country; explaining why it is often so apparent to us that inspite of
the music or even the language sung that the artist or musician performing itis not always native to that country, not
always authentic! A song that resonates an uplifting vibration and is quite magical is "My Sweet Lord" by George
Harrison, listen to it as it is featured on my site and see what an inexplicable and tremendous uplifting feeling it gives
you and in the words of the Beach Boys hit song, I send all of you now "Good Vibrations"!      ...Diana