"The Evil that men do lives after them"
   Quote from  William Shakespeare and used by
      Princess Diana in her Land Mines speech given in 1997.

A Leading Barrister Claims Diana's Death Was Not An Accident

Thursday September 3,2009
By Richard Palmer, Royal Correspondent  

PRINCESS Diana’s death was not an accident and she was right to fear for
her safety, a leading barrister claimed yesterday.

Eminent QC Michael Mansfield insisted that Diana’s belief that she was
under state surveillance was “entirely justified” – and that her fears for a
loss of liberty came true as Britain sleepwalked into a “Big Brother” reality.

The barrister said the princess had a “credible and understandable basis” for
her worry that she was being spied on because of the threat she posed to the
Royal Family and the Establishment, particularly when she campaigned
against landmines.

He also claimed there remained many unanswered questions over the
events leading to her death.

Mr Mansfield said: “It was utterly reasonable for the Princess to suppose that Big Brother was looking over her
shoulder, that her telephone communications were being tapped and her movements were being tracked.

“Diana’s fears for her safety and her preoccupation with surveillance were thoroughly canvassed, and in my view
were found to be entirely justified.”

Mr Mansfield outlined his concerns about Diana’s death and the loss of civil liberties in his autobiography, extracts
of which were published yesterday.

The 67-year-old lawyer, who represented Harrods tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed at the inquest into the deaths of his
son Dodi and the princess, said there was now CCTV on every corner, cameras tracking cars, satellites tracing
mobile phones, credit and debit card records showing people’s movements and databases recording medical details
and welfare benefits.

In effect, he argued, we are all living Diana’s nightmare.

Diana often complained she was being monitored but the authorities never took her seriously, even after the release
of the “Squidgygate” tapes of her talking to her friend James Gilbey.

“Unfortunately, her predictions came to pass – and span the very period of our history that was the focus of George
Orwell’s attentions,” Mr Mansfield said, referring to the novel 1984.

The liberal lawyer, who has worked on dozens of high profile cases, condemned Government plans for a centralised
database monitoring every call and email.

He said: “That these surreal proposals should even be contemplated shows how far beyond Orwell’s worst fears we
have travelled.”

In his book, Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer, published on Monday by Bloomsbury at £20, Mr Mansfield insisted that
the inquest into the 1997 deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed in a Paris underpass, which along with a police
investigation cost £10million, had broken new ground.

He said: “I found it difficult simply to accept that what happened in Paris was ‘just one of those tragic things’.

“Of course it might have been, but then that’s what ‘they’ always hope we will think. In effect we are all living Diana's
nightmare !"

“Judging whether a hidden hand is at work is always difficult, but I prefer a healthy and inquisitive assessment of
the authorised version, and for me it was mere serendipity to be approached a year after the crash and asked to
represent Mohamed Al Fayed for the purposes of an inquest.

“I have always believed that whatever had caused the crash, it was not an accident. And, as it transpired, that belief
was shared by the jury at the inquest.”

He described how the jury blamed the crash on the drunk driver of Diana and Dodi’s Mercedes, Henri Paul, who
also died, and also on unidentified drivers in following vehicles – but not the paparazzi. He said: “On April 7 2008
the jury did not decide it was a tragic accident but returned a verdict of unlawful killing by the drivers of both the
Mercedes and the following vehicles.

“The ‘following vehicles’ element in the verdict was an aspect that very few commentators picked up on, or
bothered with, and mostly its implications were not understood.

“In so far as anyone took any notice, they thought it was merely a reference to the chasing pack of paparazzi. It
wasn’t: there were other vehicles clearly present but never traced and not driven by members of the paparazzi.”

He told how witnesses described seeing a motorcyclist directly behind the Mercedes just before it crashed, a dark
car in front of the Mercedes blocking it in and a white Fiat Uno which caught the car a glancing blow but has never
been traced.

His book highlights other issues never “resolved by evidence, or reflected in the verdict”. They include the fate of a
box of missing personal papers belonging to Diana, the mystery driver of the white Fiat, what Henri Paul was doing
during an unaccounted-for three hours before the crash and how he came to have large sums of money paid into
several of his bank accounts in the three months before the crash.

Mr Mansfield also highlighted official sensitivity over Diana’s desire to work as an ambassador for Tony Blair’s
government, campaigning against the international trade in landmines.


(Note:  The above article was seen on the internet but then disappeared the same day.  When trying to re-access it
later this is the message received--- "ARTICLE MISSING  The article you are looking for does not exist. It may
have been deleted."     WHY? WHO KILLED IT? WHO WOULD WANT THAT?

Here are Diana's words  to me about that little "co-inky-dink":  

" Hello ... This article is no longer available to be seen on the net Daily Express on line and similarly "Have Your
Say" where the public are invited to make comments on line was made unavailable for this article but clearly proof
a cover - up is in motion in its non - exsistance online the same day it was initially printed there ! "
                   With love from,
                                          Diana xx      

Obviously someone wanted to shut this story down as much as they could as fast as they could!  ~~ Rose)

"This QC has thrown pebbles into a river we thought quiet, and it's ripples will
reach far shores. "
                                                                                                                                                          Quote from a friend of Diana


Diana's remarks concerning the above article:

" Hello Everyone,
    I do hope that many of you anyway have seen the article printed here on my site about the Q.C. who has said that
he does not believe the events happening to have been an accident and not because this is a revelation, as I have
witnessed anyway, it being the viewpoint of many people all over the world. Andrew with connections in England,
Sweden, Denmark, the U.S.A. Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal,
Malta, Gran Canaria, Brazil and Canada  is able therefore to estimate that the official verdict is a cover - up of

     Now some people are under the opinion this being due to my dating an Arab; well of course this was added fuel
but this Q.C' suggests as I have done of course here on my site; it's being greatly due to the fact that I was treading
on powerful political toes speaking out about the landmine issue. People bumped off most usually have political
connections J.F.K. and his son JFK Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Benazir Bhutto, Gandhi and Indira
Gandhi.... amongst others...far too many to mention.

    A month more or less after making my public speech about my involvement in the issue in the U.S.A. I was dead
... and how ironic is that?   I was, of course, in the eyes of the British Establishment a "Loose - Cannon".  It seems
that if Internet information is correct, as I am someone who always does their homework, Nicholas Soames M.P. (
who made the comment and likewise after seeing me on the Panorama Interview when on a talk show following it
announced I was talking "Psychobabble", so very much inciting I'd lost the plot)  is a member of the Illuminati and a
friend of my then husband. Thus he knew all about Camilla and indeed I am sure provided a safe - house for their
secret ( Publicly not from the Royal House or me of course ! ) liaisons. If  he is an Illuminati member (?) this then
something making complete sense to me !

     Similarly Rosa Monckton, with whom I spent a week cruising the Greek islands before rejoining Dodi for what
would turn out being our last holiday together,  has a brother who is a member of M.I.6.  Naturally married to a
Media man, Dominic Lawson, (and he being of the Jewish denomination)  Dodi was never flavour of the month with
either of them. However she had proved to be a good,  personal friend to me and I was of course Godmother to their
daughter Domenica, who I adored !

 This given as some background knowledge for those of you unaware of it but my point being, this article featured
in yesterdays Daily Express and in fact its front headline has disappeared from the Daily Express on line and did so
the day it initially appeared there.  What is even more odd is that the section "Have Your Say" where people can
make their own comments about articles, was made unavailable for this one ... I can only suppose the words Murder
and Assassination might prove boring to reading for the editors when repeated endlessly ! As I say the article itself
did not really highlight anything that hasn't been reported before or the verdict of many people worldwide but
therefore to erase it surely not the most sensible of actions to therefore do but from a strategic point of view, one I
applaud having been done naturally; as the Media are assisting me now; perhaps in gratitude for my proving to be so
useful to them continuously throughout the Diana Years ! "

                            Thank you for listening to me,
                                                                  Diana xx

Another curious disappearance of things related to Diana. Posted on Diana's original site:
20th September 2007

The entire French dossier into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales has disappeared, it has been revealed !
Authorities in Paris are set to launch an investigation after the highly-sensitive 6,000-page report vanished in
mysterious circumstances. The files contain every shred of evidence compiled over 18 months during a ?.4million
inquiry. Its loss will fuel conspiracy theories that French investigators found information showing Diana's death
was more than an accident. Many believe the Princess was murdered by secret service assassins who forced her
vehicle to crash. Harrods tycoon Mohamed al -Fayed, whose son Dodi was also killed in the crash, is convinced
Diana was murdered in an Establishment plot. It is feared the disappearance of the dossier could prevent an official
inquiry from ever establishing the truth about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The French documents went missing just weeks before the inquest into Diana's death is due to open in London. The
file, which stands more than three feet tall, was stored in the basement archives of the Palais de Justice in the
French capital. The building is one of the most secure in Paris. It is fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance
equipment and guarded by armed police officers. Staff and visitors have to go through a series of rigorous security
checks before entering or leaving. A British lawyer working on the case said: "It is scarcely believable that such
crucial evidence could be lost just weeks before the inquest. This could create enormous problems for us."The
dossier included 200 witness statements, files of photographs, detailed test results and other vital evidence
gathered in one of the longest and most expensive investigations in French legal history.A team of 30 senior police
officers worked on the case to gather the evidence for the inquiry headed by French magistrate Judge Herve
Stephan. But it is not the first time the Diana dossier has apparently been tampered with. Last May photographs of
the princess and Dodi taken at the crash scene - which were part of the official report - were found to be missing.
The legal source added: "To mislay one or two photographs is bad enough but can be explained away. It would be
ridiculous, however, to suggest that a 6,000-page dossier containing all the evidence in such a high-profile case has
been lost."

The disappearance also casts doubts over whether all the evidence gathered by the French authorities was handed
to the official investigative team. It was this initial investigation that concluded Diana died in an accident. Last night
it was not clear how long the dossier - found to be missing by French lawyer Jean-Louis Pelletier - had been missing.  
Mr. Pelletier is representing French paparazzo Fabrice Chassery - one of the photographers allegedly pursuing Dodi
and Diana when their chauffeur-driven Mercedes careered into a concrete pillar in a Paris tunnel."I went to the
court building to examine the files but I was told that they were not there."I know files go missing occasionally but,
bearing in mind the size and importance of this particular one, it is extraordinary," he said."I went to every
different part of the building, thinking perhaps it had been moved from the High court archives to the Criminal
court or the Appeal court, but no one could find it."He added: "A search on the computer to try to locate it also
revealed nothing. I am amazed that something like this could simply vanish."

Mr Pelletier said he discovered that a photograph he was looking for had gone missing when he asked to view the
file earlier this year. He said: "It was odd. One week the photo was there and the next it was gone. It was a photo
taken by my client Mr Chassery and at the time I believed it had been stolen but now it is much worse. The entire
dossier has gone missing."Mr Pelletier explained how he needed to see the dossier because his client had been
facing manslaughter charges over the tragedy. He was later cleared but is now facing a private prosecution from Mr
a - Fayed. Copies of the dossier still exist. One was sent to the chief investigator Lord Stevens (responsible for the
now infamous "Paget Report") while another was handed to Lord Justice Scott Baker, the coroner who will preside
over Diana's inquest next month. Scotland Yard detectives have at least one copy - but the files are not complete
and evidence could be ruled as inadmissible in a court hearing if original documents are not presented.
Embarrassed French officials could face the prospect of asking the British to give back a copy of their own dossier.

The legal source warned: "Photocopies simply aren't good enough - we need the original documents."A spokesman
for the Palais de Justice said last night: "Several requests have been made by those connected to the Diana crash
investigation to view the dossier. We are endeavouring to re-locate it."Judge Stephan and his colleague, Judge
Marie-Christine Devidal, found that French chauffeur Henri -Paul, who also died in the crash, was mainly to blame
for the shocking tragedy in the Pont de L'Alma underpass in August 1997.Since then fresh evidence has cast major
doubts over the findings, following claims that the authorities were involved in a comprehensive cover-up. The
startling discovery that such crucial primary evidence cannot now be accounted for is bound to further increase

Comment... Granted, items in custody sometimes go missing, but this is such a high profile case that one would
think extra special care would be given to all evidence. Also, only the original document should be used in court.
Anyone could have tampered with the copies. It is easy to make changes via the computer ... only answers to all the
questions will stop the conspiracy theories. Too many strange and unexplained things have happened !