(Date Posted: 18/04/2007 5:20 AM)

" Hello,  I have made a point of saying that on my personal site I will be telling the truth about things but
in life this was not something I always did at all, in fact I learnt to tell "Whoppers" whilst maintaining
direct eye contact with whoever I happened to be deceiving at the time.

By example saying that I had nothing to do with the " Andrew Morton " book and denying I became
Oliver Hoare's obsessive ' phone stalker. I had my own self - interests to protect at all costs which
necessitated me lying as part of the course, this doesn't of course excuse it but affords an explanation
for my feeling the need to do so. Other times of course as by example during the " War of the Wales " as
it was described by the media, our sole objective meaning my husband and I as we were still married
when the battle began, was to score points off eachother using whatever means necessary which
involved using our staff too of course.

Well known that of the two of us I was the most organised and methodical and of course having the
added advantage that even as an ex - royal I proving to be more popular than him, even in death my
remaining so as well as the fact I sold papers to a far greater extent and was also much more
professional at manipulation than he would ever be.

An example being my making sure that I met Jonathan Dimbleby who of course interviewed Charles
when he spoke of his adultery publicly and ensuring the night he did so that I was sure to grab the
headlines from him which in "That Dress " as it is known to this day, I did so ! My objective being to
confuse the man, Dimbleby so that perhaps he couldn't trust in the impression he'd had of me before
our meeting and it paid off, it worked!

I also have to say I rather enjoyed these subtle games of subterfuge that over time I became quite
expert at which is why it shocked various people when they discovered just how they had
underestimated me! Charles himself getting into all kinds of problems admitting not only his being
unfaithful publicly but that he intended continuing his devoted friendship with Mrs. Camilla Parker -
Bowles, ( Now his wife andH.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall ) even after his confession. Her husband Andrew
having been content to allow for his wifes infidelity,( theirs being an open marriage suiting both of
them, ) whilst discretion was maintained but after it's becoming public knowledge with no real option
open to him, deciding to divorce her.

As I have said I admired the honesty of Charles and it of course meant that we could take off the masks
we'd worn and live the reality and not the fairy tale which was personally something of a tremendous
relief to us both and I would later of course speak of my adultery with James Hewitt on " Panorama "
consequently resulting in our divorce! I had an axe to grind of course after all I had married my
husband loving him whilst he had married me in the line of duty loving someone else making him
emotionally unsupportive of me and unable to return affection to me in quite the same way which I'd
given it to him naturally and this had the effect of making me ill, that and the fact that after William's
birth I suffered as many women do from post - natal depression but my realisation of things did little to
assist me in getting better quickly though with a job to do as well as being a new young mother,the
necessity to be seen to be doing so was paramount and by the time of our first tour together to Australia
with William upon my insistence joining us, my acting abilities were well and truly tested though with
no Oscar for me following my public performance!

Quite the opposite in fact, only any slip - ups I made noticed and duly commented upon, something I
gradually became accustomed to naturally!Yet having produced a son and heir and of course later even
a spare being quite unable to secure for myself, my husbands love and devotion which was devastating
for me, it hurt and there's no greater and more powerful revenge than the wrath of a woman scorned
which I most certainly was and intent on proving in every way! I was always a very determined person
and made sure that I made the right connections so with powerful figures as by example Hilary Clinton
in America and found we shared a lot in common both of us striving to meet and conquer the challenges
presented to us from life in the public eye which as anyone facing it will readily tell you is not easy at all.
I said in life " The higher they place you ( meaning the Media of course ) the bigger the drop " and for
this reason I thought seriously of settling in America where I received a more friendly press than in my
own country and where of course Lucia ( Lucia Flecha de Lima ) lived who was someone very important
to me and whom I missed tremendously when her husbands work called for her to live in Washington
D.C. We continuously' phoned eachother and quite rare for me I have to say, Lucia was someone whom
I consulted advice from but advice that I'd listen to and then act upon!

I was accused of being paranoid, mentally unstable, needless to point out rumours fuelled by my
enemies and particularly my ex -husbands side so the St. James Palace offices who had a duty in
promoting him whilst doing their utmost in destroying me, any credibility I had and something in which
they were quite proficient in doing in various ways, again jealousy provoking this as I proved to have
the people on my side whether officially royal or not.

I had reason for my suspicions of certain characters particularly, great distrust of them as whatever I
did however discreetly was often later leaked to the newspapers so I was spied upon and knew it,
trusting people became a real nightmare for me actually! My revenge being the " Panorama " interview
which was aimed at getting back at my enemies and during it I again misunderstood as questioning my
husband's ability to rule... I made mention of the fact that knowing the character I believed the role
would bring severe limitations to him but remember he had the mistress in the shadows and at the time
my not having any conception of events leading to the possibility of his marrying her, it seeming highly
improbable at the time and as King with a mistress, knew he'd be all the more frowned upon especially
being married to me and particularly so his being the father of William and Harry.

What kind of example would this be seen to be setting them as a responsible adult quite apart from the
added responsibility of his being beholden to his kingdom and its peoples! As it is following their
subsequent marriage, public interest in the royals is not as intense and given quite the same focus as it
once was and they certainly not proving to be headliners in the way we had been, in fact I have on my
site questioned the future of the Monarchy following the death of " Her Majesty " who in my opinion is
the last of the regal monarchs!

The respect she commands, he even as King cannot hope to receive, the damage is done and will
continually haunt him and particularly as even now almost ten years after my death, the up - coming
concert organised by my boys for my birthday will certainly promote the fact that I have proven to be
unforgettable world - wide!

That's of course even before I speak again publicly which I am sure will prove to be extremely
interesting! Within even my own immediate family my interview with Martin Bashir caused me
problems, staff members resigned but a rift with my eldest son William being the most unfortunate of
all, he didn't speak to me for days but publicly it was a tremendous success for me and I was wise
enough to know it was the people I needed on my side.

Our subsequent divorce was not something initially wanted or welcomed by me and losing my H.R.H.
title less so but of course in matters like this it will always remain my word against theirs, I'm aware of
that naturally but I remain very glad that particularly in the last year of my life Charles and I had
remained friends making emotional waters that much calmer for our children who of course were the
innocent victims who had suffered greatly from everything which is always the case when a marriage
fails. This fact illustrated by the close rapport seen to be shared today by Charles, Wills and Harry and
again something I remain so grateful for as all have suffered greatly as a result of the events taking
place in Paris in 1997 and have needed eachother for moral support and comfort and to conclude this
particular message from me, I am being honest when I question whether their apparent closeness with
eachother would have been so prolific had I not died and part of me doubts it actually as I was a very
possessive mother and my boys came first, before everyone and everything which therefore would
have included their father.

Thank you for listening to me,