Warmest Holiday Wishes to All!

“Hello Everyone,

      Initially I felt that my Christmas Message this year would be the video posted [See below]  to my site with its
explicit message prominently illustrated and why indeed " Diana Speaks"...as she won't go quietly, as I said also in
life. On reflection however I realise people will be expecting me to say something else which hopefully will prove to
be meaningful and enlightening so let me begin by saying, and without meaning to be negative but for a gaining of a
greater understanding, that it is important and necessary for us all to realise life offers us no guarantees excepting
that we will after earthly life gain new life in the afterlife. I am here as proof of that.

     Everyone is being really tested in a number of phenomenal ways now as part of necessary human evolution and
being tests these are naturally not easy. What exams ever are?  However life is the only university where we serve
each other simultaneously as both teacher and student, we quite literally teach and learn from one another and
invaluable lessons are being afforded to us to learn from. The real question is are we truly taking complete advantage
of the circumstances which are presenting themselves to us consistently in a number of strategic areas and really
learning from them?

      The world is in a very unhealthy state and this a fact which cannot be denied and I can immediately detect
immediate reasons for this being so and these I will illustrate now, remembering it is my own personal opinion and so
therefore will not be one universally shared by all and this honouring people's individuality which is personally theirs
and must be respected as being so and not judged or condemned unless of course their actions and attitudes hurt and
damage others. Though we are only human so will all be guilty of doing so at some time in our lives, none of us Angels
or Saints!

       Albeit through Christian now I am fortunate enough to walk on earth and see things using his eyes so I do know
what I am saying when I make these personal observations but I also have personal memories to reflect upon as well.
At this time particularly things are extremely tough for most people though not everyone because of course there
are those who are controlling and bearing much responsibility for a lot of what is happening.  I am not going to enter
the political arena but naturally the "Illuminati" is a very real concept and no secret as can be seen illustrated openly
on the net and there is the desire for a "One World Government" which will be another means of ensuring a world of
"Sheep people" so intending to deliberately deny people their own personal  free - will.  I can speak with authority
when I tell you now that this intention will fail. Do people remember the flu - scare, the epidemic that it was
promoted by the media as going to become? Odd then that it has disappeared and is no longer a headline. For one
reason and one reason alone people did not, as wanted, buy into that fear. Often there is nothing to fear but fear itself
which is something worth remembering and likewise what you fear you are more than likely to attract to yourselves
so if and when you can resolve to not give in to your fears life will become immediately a lot more positive for you, I
am not promising miracles but a uplifting feeling will replace a down - beat one.

       What has altered in society that has been instrumental in changing people's perspective of things? You will all I
am quite sure have your own reasons for its happening but let's take music as an example. Let's think of the
aggressiveness that is very apparent in a lot of the music listened to today, many songs are personally
confrontational in their lyrics and in the manner they are presented, performed and these factors do influence those
listening to them. Music is a very powerful medium!

          Call me old fashioned but can it be imagined that kids today would listen to songs like by example " Tie a yellow
ribbon around the old oak tree " sung by Dawn and get a buzz from it?   I use this song as an example but if you want
to do so go to the You Tube and listen to songs of the 70's and 80's. Listen to the musical sentiment expressed in
them, and albeit there are the exceptions to the rule,  generally they will seem much lighter and this is why bands
from those eras like ABBA prove enduring. Whenever "Dancing Queen", by example, is played at a club as an "Oldie
but Goodie " people get up on the floor to dance! For the young a novel experience whilst for others of us, so in my
and Christian's age group, a boogie back in time! Yes, music can move the human, be that for better or worse.

         Next let me address television and advertising and now I am going to no doubt sound somewhat prudish but a
direct inference to nudity and sex is so often used as a means to promote a product. Bath products often featuring
ads with a handsome man in the shower or woman in the bath, with bubbles strategically placed to preserve her
dignity naturally, but never the less with this happening society is becoming much more openly promiscuous with
their moralistic values not encouraged to being maintained. Likewise television programmes being a lot less censored
than ever before...my boys would tell you there were certain programmes their Mummy banned them from seeing,
just as Christian's parents did the same with him. Formerly family values were likewise more respected generally
than now; parents were respected and by example allowed to spank their child and not be liable to be prosecuted for
assault for doing so as now can happen. I certainly spanked Wills and Harry when they deserved it as Christian also
got a wallop for misbehaviour and don't anyone see this as my condoning domestic violence and abuse, naturally
not! However things indulged in moderation are not usually harmful, though these days it seems to be the trend to
take things to the extreme.

        Christian yesterday heard from a friend of his that her daughter's school friend, aged just thirteen, turned up at
school drunk and had to be sent home; so where were her parents or someone responsible for her? This is a perfect
illustration of what I mean when I say that we as parents, friends and partners can make a difference in the manner in
which we conduct ourselves and honour our personal obligations and duties to those we are with and so to some
degree anyway are responsible for. The extent of which being something determined by the strength and purpose of
the significant alliance given to us to be involved in.

       We must also remember people come in and out of our lives at random and intrinsically to teach and learn from
us and vice versa so when the lessons needing to be learnt and taught are finished they will invariably leave the
classroom making room for new teachers and pupils to enter and a reason why some people stay in our lives longer
than others, dependent upon how many lessons and teachings will prove mutually beneficial in our
relationship/friendship with them.  Christian recently being told by someone he knew that this person learnt by
entertaining him that he realised what he didn't need in his life and in a bizarre way this is positive as it is unlikely he
will be united with anyone he is so directly incompatible with again. So this can only prove beneficial therefore to
both of their lives as in this instance clearly Christian successful in teaching a lesson this person was meant to learn
from him, as he being the one to reject Christian and not vice versa and were it not a lesson assigned to Christian to
teach, he would feel some sadness perhaps or regret about it's happening but to the contrary, he has instead without
bitterness or recrimination adopted a much more philosophical attitude accepting and respecting this persons
ultimate decision to reject him. Letting go of people isn't always quite so easy naturally and God knows I know that
one so speak to you all now from direct and personal experience as having been an adoring and hands - on Mummy.
However as my boys tell openly that they do they talk about me, they remember me, they keep me alive in their
hearts, in their minds knowing I am still very much with them and always will be as a Mother's love for her children
never dies!

       Please take note of some things that I have drawn personal attention to, busy yourselves finding out more about
the real truth and don't instead buy into the illusion as it is hoped you will do by the nameless and faceless behind the
curtains. The You Tube site an amazing source of information and much of it uncensored so well worth consulting
for this reason alone but also preferable perhaps to a further indulgence in harmful addictions such as taking drugs,
drinking into oblivion and damaging someone else by means of physical or mental violence. This is Christmas  and so
the season of goodwill and peace for everyone as opposed to it's being an excuse for a commercial exploitation of
enterprise and commerce which is something that again needs addressing as it increases annually to our detriment
financially in many cases which results in the New Year already being tainted before its arrival. The greatest gifts are
free ... Love, Compassion and a warm hug all being so much more meaningful than a bottle of perfume or man's
cologne.  Less is more ... think about it ... little things mean a lot !"

                                                             Wishing you all love and light in 2011!

                                                                                              With love from,
                                                                                                                      Diana xx

" Hello Everyone!

    This video speaks so loudly and so clearly that I thought it extremely appropriate and hopefully it will serve to
inspire people to stop and consider, and I mean to seriously consider, the fact that Rose and Christian would not
have been inspired and guided to involve themselves in a work, so meaning the "Diana Work" in this instance,
doomed to failure. Rather a waste of both time and energy for them being unpaid for their dedication and loyalty!

    I was someone who ensured I only involved myself with projects that I sensed my intervention would help
determine successful results for so this work being no different,  not something therefore I would be playing such a
prominent part in happening; albeit presently admittedly due to it's being a highly sensitive issue...behind the scenes
as it were...but trust me having been made deliberately aware of this site and it's controversial content many people
in the know in strategic areas have reason to believe as incredible as it might be that she kept her word and she didn't
go quietly. Quite to the contrary in fact as I pledge to you now " I'm Alive ! "

                                                                              " Happy Christmas and love and light in the New Year 2011 ! "