Hello everyone,

For 2014 here is my Christmas message and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

                                     With love from
                                                    Diana xx.

The past year of 2013 saw the birth of my first grandson, adorable howler baby George, and I am so thrilled for my
eldest son William and his lovely wife Catherine at their becoming a family which means the world to them both.  2013
has  been a revealing year,  one of numerous exposures of corruption and deceit globally which do not therefore need
further attention drawn to them by me, people being all too aware of them. It is my wish that the coming year of 2014 is
one of inspiration and hope, but for this to be so necessitates people's active participation in bringing this about,
happening for the benefit of both self and others and the world we live in.

We are by sheer nature more often than not our own worst enemy, and consequently adept in inviting troubles upon
ourselves, ultimately paying for this fact in one way or another by our propensity to not facing our fears, being true to
ourselves and speaking our truths, with all too often an inclination to cast blame, incriminate, to persecute and
victimise others for our own shortcomings, weaknesses and prejudices! It is so important to be true to ourselves as
only then can we truly be true to others, the rewards of which will be tremendous!

It is the individual's own personal choice to think positively or negatively, of course, but the former method of thinking
will certainly lessen the casualty factor in comparison with the latter train of thought, being one being wilfully and
purposely entertained by us. Far easier to be bad than good, evil than pure, to accept temptation than to resist it, as it
exists everywhere in numerous forms and disguises and is all too eager to making us its victim. Take charge of your life
so increasing your personal power in a dynamic way. Be kind to yourself!

We are given the responsibility, the choice to decipher for ourselves what is good for us and what is not, what works for
us as individuals and what doesn't, and it is up to us individually therefore to consider our options very carefully in
order to arrive at making the right choices for ourselves; as well as for others who might find themselves compromised
or otherwise affected by them if we are, by example, parents, guardians or carers and therefore responsible for others
as well as ourselves. In which case it is up to us to recognise what consequences we might invite upon ourselves and
them in making the wrong choices!

Resolve to release any restrictions you have confined yourself by and be yourself! Face the music and dance, it takes
two to Tango and there exists a Higher and Lower Self in you and the Higher Self's whispers are so often ignored,
drowned out by the Lower Self's full voice, but in finding peace of mind and a stillness within, it is then that the whispers
will speak loudest of all and their messages be heard clearly by ears open, ready and prepared to listen to them, and
remember in everything in life the truth is that practice makes perfect and if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try
again!  Embrace the winner, the hero in you and cherish this gift of self recognition!

No matter what is going on, never give up. Develop the heart as too much energy is spent developing the mind. Be
compassionate, not just to your family and friends but to everyone. Remember those who you consider your enemy
serve a profound purpose so contemplate perhaps what you are supposed to learn from them and likewise what it is you
are meant to teach them as nothing in life happens by chance, everything happens for a reason! I will now personalise
this if I may in saying what lesson did HRH the Duchess of Cornwall teach me and indeed prove to be real? The answer
being quite simply this, that against all the odds, in spite of any opposition past and present, that true love will always
conquer all!

Work for peace in your heart and in the world, never give up no matter what is happening, no matter what is going on
around you, never give up! Live and grow in the Light and be a beacon to others to follow your example.

Make it a New Year resolution for you to have good reason to love, honour and respect yourself in 2014, trust, believe
and have confidence in yourself in 2014 and to be proud of yourself and not to allow any failures or disappointments
that you might incur during the next twelve months to deflect from your successful achievements attained by you in
                               * * *
                    MERRY CHRISTMAS

you are one of a kind, a rarity, and
a treasure.  

Treat yourself with kindness.  No one can replace