Nov. 8, 2013

"Hello Everyone

            Here are the final messages on this my personal site.

             I wish to thank Andrew/Christian for his vocal channeling of my earthbound essence and to
Rose, who after Boris / Luca, created and has worked so diligently building my newer personal
site Diana Speaks being as I intended my personal site on the net. I am enormously grateful to
them both for their devotion, dedication and loyalty to me.

              It is signified being mine by using my initials in its name and my personal monogram in its
header and is unique in it's content with my own personal input. My personal site is one I intended it
being; an encyclopedia of knowledge, a perfect reference about me Diana, Princess of Wales, with
people and events and circumstances of the greatest significance to me and my personal feelings and
opinions about things expressed by me!

               Naturally the mystery of the event happening in Paris on August 31st 1997 is documented
and examined in great detail as well as of course a site which includes unique After - Life Interviews
with me speaking to Rose Campbell about all manner of things, albeit through my personal Voice
Channel Andrew Russell - Davis who has channeled me to friends of mine in life! They amazed to
recognise me but happy to know that I proved what I said about myself in life "She Won't Go

                The title also of my personalised book featured on my site and not one published and being
read chapter by chapter by me and also of course the book "Diana & I" which tells of Andrew's
connection with me beginning on September 7th 1997.

                  For all those who have believed, trusted in and supported Andrew, Rose and myself-- I
thank you all enormously from the bottom of my heart. It is my hope that on the net my personal
site is one that continues to prove popular and I to do my bit to prove the reality of life after death so
as a way- shower proving therefore my work continues as a messenger!"

With love from.

                Diana xx

"Hello William and Harry,

                                My personal site is one dedicated to you both naturally and has been Mummy's way
of proving to you I'm still around as indeed Andrew wrote to you William about in 2000 so five years
before the original Diana Speaks site was on the net. Andrew was replied to so I know you were made
aware of Andrew's channeling me. We have come a long way since then with the creation of this site
and links to others and most notably of course the one housing all the After Life Interviews but for
all the progress that has been made on the one hand, equally nothing has resulted as I would have
most hoped for it to have done with you or Harry finding a means to connect with me .. for the
future where there's a Wills; there's a way.  I couldn't resist that one!

                                I see no sense therefore in maintaining something that is not serving its objective
ultimately and instead keeping other people involved in it from other projects which might lead to
more productive results for them with that involvement from them; as well as robbing them to a
great extent from living their own lives without as I say there being a seen purpose in doing so.

                                I cannot make you do your homework and research on Andrew, carry out some
detective work as I  would expect you to do naturally, but let me conclude saying I hope one day you
do and so find a means to connect with him; perhaps involving someone you know and more
importantly is trusted by you both in having  your personal interests at heart, as the reward for you
both will be enormous as you will find Mummy is still very much around: I don't do dead boys!"

      With lots and lots of love to you both always and hugs and kisses galore!