Date Posted:  04/10/08                                Diana On The Economic Crisis.

"  Hello Everyone,
I have been requested by Rose to comment upon, express an opinion, the current economic
climate which is affecting everyone to some degree or another. I was not and I am not a
political figure so therefore this being a personal opinion expressed, nothing more, nothing less
and with no hidden agendas!

Well, what's basically happening is the fundamental destruction of a capitalist society which
has meant the rich getting richer and more greedy whilst those on the other side of the scale
suffering more as a consequence of this and now things are being brought into line so a more
communistic, socialistic system being enforced.

The decline has of course been happening for a long time but now is becoming alarmingly
apparent to everyone and those who have invested in becoming shareholders or getting a
mortgage on credit most feeling the pinch which might not seem at all fair but balance will be
duly restored once the worst of the changes have happened, at this time in its primary stages
and set to continue I would imagine for another 6 months or so but easing all the time. The
current crisis point is necessary to bring things into perspective and stop people in their tracks
which it most certainly is doing.
In the future people will have to work for what they have so by example those fit enough to
work not be able to rely upon a government to support them unemployed. In the U.K., by
example, due to the rate of inflation and cost of living there and most particularly of course in
London, the capital city itself, it has often proved more cost effective for a person to remain
unemployed receiving all the benefits available to them, than to work for a living with the
result that the rate of unemployment figures has duly increased naturally. Someone needs to
pay for them and this therefore has been something to be greatly subsidised by those employed
albeit through their taxes taken from their wage packets each month. Coupled with this of
course being the fact that foreigners have been welcomed into the country often unskilled, ill
educated and provided for by the government so by the British work force itself, at one time in
a quite ridiculous manner which meant the rate of immigrants increasing annually and many
of them illegally with the result of a population boom which proved itself in being non cost
productive. The laws governing foreigners entering the U.K. are now not as relaxed as they
once were so lessons have been learnt in this respect which is a positive thing of course.

Money needs to be spent on education for the young, the adults of tomorrow to a far greater
extent and likewise there needs to be provisions made for those who have retired but who have
paid into the system throughout their working lives. Overtime ought to be banned in
companies, it ought not to be an option at all and in this way more jobs are systematically
needed to be created and the payment, often double - time, for overtime abolished. Less
working hours for each individual so meaning less personal stress for them and less likelihood
of heart attacks or becoming just psychologically burnt out resulting in often medical
assistance so therefore not proving itself in being cost effective and again meaning a need for
more jobs to be created so resulting ultimately in less people unemployed. Unemployment
lending people to experience a sense of low personal self - esteem, a feeling of being useless as
opposed to useful and in a less dramatic mindset lazy! This has then resulted in their
compensating this by indulging in drinking and in some cases drug taking because they are
faced with the fact the future seems to offer them so little, there is no ambition or drive, no
motivation to succeed in such an unbalanced environment. This then often culminating in
they're feeling bored, without hope and consequently reacting to these mental states by   
resorting to violence, accounting for the rise of this certainly within the youth population of
the U.K. with the consequential devastating results and why I most encourage a years
compulsory military service being implemented or alternatively for those who are pacifists to
work within the social services departments which will be educational for them relating to
people of varying age differences and thereby learning the meaning of universal respect for the
elderly, the infirm and those less fortunate than themselves for one reason or another.

How can it be justifiably correct that, by example, a professional football player not only
affords three houses and dozens of cars he doesn't use but subsidises his already ridiculous
income by promoting men's colognes bearing his signature whilst on the other end of the scale
someone wonders how they're going to be able to feed their baby to keep him or her alive The
amount of money celebrities earn needs to be something seriously looked at all over the world
and changed. Do Royalty and Heads of State all over the world  need more than one palace to
reside in, do they actually need even one? Remembering that whether in residence or not staff
remain employed in them and they have to be heated etc so hardly something seriously
proving itself being cost effective. The changes happening meaning that hopefully the days of
the richer becoming richer at the poorer man's expense will gradually come to a close and
ultimately therefore the scales become justifiably more balanced which can only be a positive
thing but these fundamental changes will take time happening naturally but the unstoppable
process has begun and is something therefore that ought to be welcomed by people as opposed
to being something feared by them. Change is always something viewed initially anyway with
trepidation but it represents progression in this instance so is ultimately something absolutely
necessary for man's evolving and that of the society in which he lives.

February 1st 2009
There seems to be some confusion with regards to my channeling through Andrew as I have
been since September 7th 1997. He is not my re - incarnation, clearly not, we are individuals
and very much so. His diction, vocabulary usage, cadence of speech etc far different to mine !

Andrew is Andrew, I am Diana, but he is my " Voice Channel " and the only one in your world
which will be proven over time. Other Mediums receive messages from me naturally, including
Rose Campbell who hears from my Higher - Self.   This being something explained at Diana
Speaks Out reached by the link:    

It is an extremely interesting site to look at to gain an invaluable knowledge of the workings
Spirit as so too are numerous websites reached at Art's site where this letter was first directed
which is:

The Diana channeled through Andrew is the most easily recognisable essence so the Diana that
people will relate to which is important for global acceptance of this miracle happening,
something which has been ordained to happen so that my humanitarian work that was
interrupted by events happening in Paris in 1997 can continue albeit through Andrew...and
why a man?

Well in keeping with being me in life, I could always be counted upon to do the unexpected
with a strategy to confuse the enemy and so in this instance I've certainly done that! In life I
said of myself "She Won't Go Quietly" and this being the title of my book channeled to Andrew
and read by me at my site for anyone interested. Remember two things...
Don't judge a book by its cover and read between the lines."

With best wishes and love to you all from,
                                                     Diana xx

May 3, 2009

" Hello Everyone!

I have it on very good authority that my return is something being deliberately blocked from
happening. Now there could of course be only two main reasons why this would be so, it is
either disbelieved or believed as being a reality. The first reason therefore an entirely negative
one and in turn an example of man’s being so quick to rush to judgement in things so doing so
prematurely, the “S.S. Titanic” a clear example of his ignorance displayed by him and with
devastating consequences. The famous passenger liner judged by him to be unsinkable, sinking
with a loss of life of course on her maiden voyage.

It naturally easy to immediately dismiss my returning as a hoax, some kind of sick joke or even
the ideology of a mad man and particularly of course when I have returned fused perfectly
with the masculine energy of Andrew Russell Davis. The judgement being one cast without
examination or exploration and this is what leads me to know that it is something more than
probably believed in or at the very least serious consideration being given to the idea that it
might be the reality igniting fear perhaps and this therefore being the reason for the blockage !
This being so, my return has already achieved a positive result!

Were it something not believed in then I would imagine it would have been something people
would have looked into deliberately and methodically to prove false and to consequently then
publicly ridicule and dismiss Andrew and taint his reputation as being a nut - job but as I say
those he has contacted so meaning the media, the royals and people who knew me personally
in life have remained conversely silent.

I draw attention once again to the fact that in Year 2000 Andrew wrote to William and told him
about the fact I channel through him and I myself in that letter included one to my eldest son.
In reading that and comparing it with Andrew’s the difference would have been obvious to
him. Rose and others who have heard me speak through him have all remarked how different
even our energies are which they would be of course naturally unless he was faking it, in which
case only his personal energy would be apparent.

Andrew has the reply from William’s personal secretary at the time which says how touched he
was by it … would he be touched by someone daring to write to him pretending to be his
adoring Mummy and would indeed his secretary considering the volume of personal mail he
receives have been moved to pass it on to him knowing herself first hand the sensitivity
associated with me by him?

To date neither of my boys have even hinted at someone maliciously feigning to be their
Mother yet if people care to remember William sprang to my defence immediately following
the publication of the book "Shadows of a Princess" by my former personal secretary Patrick
Jephson and it was this instance that provoked my writing to William to thank him personally
for doing so, he therefore will recall receiving my letter to him naturally.

Similarly people in the media as I say have been approached by Andrew and by Rose on our
behalf to meet with silence from them, not even an acknowledgement of their contact which
says it all. They would rather pretend no such contact took place because of course in replying
they are also playing into the fact it might be real and that particularly for the British press
would prove highly controversial as I might impart information to them of a highly sensitive
nature albeit I am sure confirming things they already know but red tape prevents them from
exposing publicly.

I have said before they are a controlled body and will therefore be extremely wary of anything
which might lead to litigious circumstances. I think much more likely the case that they have
been advised to steer well clear of any involvement at all. Now this of course doesn’t help much
with gaining people’s recognition that I am back so again an intentional ploy on their part I
would imagine to systematically block me but I have always said that the truth will out about
things after the death of Her Majesty and it has been people’s conjecture that I have meant by
this statement the fact not the fiction of the events happening in Paris, though I have never
said so actually! Always a pretty shrewd character in life, able to play my cards close to my
chest when I wanted to or alternatively knew it was something necessary for me to do for
whatever reason, things haven’t changed, I’m still me after all!

It was a fact that in life I was greatly underestimated by people including of course the royals
themselves as they learnt and I’d advise people not to underestimate me now as I am a woman
with a mission and determined that it be one that is ultimately proven to be successful. In life I
involved myself with projects and causes leading to tremendous results well known to
everyone and why I am indeed remembered by many, far more preferable from being so due to
my having looked so stunning in a Catherine Walker gown at some function or another or
sporting a new hairstyle to gain the front headlines … though I did that too of course as the
media never failed to remark upon!

My mission now of course being to prove the reality of life after death and what possible better
way to do that then to return energetically albeit through a male, in keeping with someone who
in life could always be expected to do the unexpected earning herself the title of being a “Loose
Cannon”. I never gave up on things and didn’t allow fear by example to daunt me in something,
anything I had serious a involvement with which is why I shook hands with A.I.D.S and H.I.V.
patients and lepers, walked in a land mine field twice … the first time something went wrong
with the filming of it so, I suggested my doing it again to gasps from the film crew and Red
Cross helpers witness to it.

Cowardice was something that could never be attached to me which is why returning to the
point of my message to you all, Andrew hasn’t been allowed to adopt this trait either. He
channels me so needs therefore to be as up - front and out there as I was. Someone feigning all
of this would by now have given up the ghost so to speak but he hasn’t, to the contrary infact
he personally is all over the web proclaiming the fact and before people rush to casting
premature judgements, not a penny earned by him for doing so except from a film company
who flew him into London, his personal expenses paid to assist them in a project which has yet
to be publicised and is guaranteed to shock and surprise when it does so.

Therefore it can be said as I say with authority that people do believe and I personally question
how by example the media that have been contacted will explain their attitudes towards his and
Rose’s contacting them in its regard when the reality of my channeling through him is
something made globally apparent to everyone? After all were it not something fated to happen
successfully and indeed perhaps after the death of the current Monarch, none of this would be
happening in the first place, that’s obvious enough? In the light of my statement regarding the
current Monarch,  it might be I have answered the question as to why to date this eventuality
having not yet happened, my work continuing has been blocked though unlike the first time
around of course not stopped totally which is why Andrew and others who connect with me are
still around to see that it does continue albeit in a different way of course but a no less
powerful one naturally.

I have also said that it is the real Diana returning and not the persona largely media based and
created but here I think upon reflection I have done myself a great dis - service and I wish to
amend this now if I may...

The real Diana was not the persona but attributes of her were apparent within her and vice -
versa so whilst being human with all the faults and virtues that come with that so being the
same for everyone, I also had a very real Spiritual side which inspired me to involve myself in
my charity work by example and it was because it was seen to be a genuine involvement that it
was successful, had it been something I was just doing to gain a headline or two this would not
have been the case.

My heart was in my work and it is for this reason that I make my return, that it has been
something granted, dare I say it blessed and ordained for me to do and why therefore against all
the odds it will happen at the appropriate time. I though need your personal help and
assistance now in making this happen so I am appealing to you all now to assist me if you will
as one person can easily be dismissed but a crowd far less easy to be ignored.
If people listening to these pod casts, hearing me speak the chapters of my book, reading my
channeled messages sense it is me, please contact the media and tell them so.

A small action like this could have a tremendous bearing on everything in a very positive way
and so for this reason alone something surely begging great consideration in doing and what is
the worst that could happen? Your email like Andrew’s and Rose’s being ignored by them ! The
volume of correspondence in the same vein will greatly determine the likelihood of this not
happening  so please if you want to help me in albeit some small way then give consideration to
telling the world via the media …" She didn’t Go Quietly … Diana’s Back ! "

Thank you for listening to me, with love from Diana.