No smoke without fire they say and so this video I would say smacks of truth albeit diplomatically
marked as speculation. It would explain William's having been chosen to represent Her Majesty; so the Monarchy in
Australia. The commentary regarding the Prince of Wales and his wife equally telling, the knives clearly out for
them within the Establishment walls explaining why perhaps Her Majesty has chosen not to abdicate in his favour;
disppointment for him on the one hand but a relief shared I am sure with Camilla on the other!
                       I saying a long time ago I saw them becoming a pretty reclusive couple as indeed seems to be happening
but hopefully anyway when Her Majesty passes, the role of Monarch dies with her as it being primarily one born of
tradition, a tradition that in todays society is pretty archaic and is costly to the tax payer to maintain and serving
what purpose actually. I wouldn't imagine the role of King being something William particularly would welcome
given personal choice as shown by the fact both he and Harry choose not to use their official H.R.H. titles!"
                        Watch is video and judge for yourselves !

                                             With love from,
                                                              Diana xx



Hello Everyone,

                                       My first Official Royal Tour following my marriage was with the Prince of Wales to Australia
and New Zealand. William at my insistence aged 9 months came with us, Mummy was not going to be separated
from her baby. It is lovely to see him making a return journey and I am quite sure will be extremely popular in
both places as indeed he was then. I remember at every interview we gave, there were always questions about him
which was lovely. Quite the Star then !

                                        I certainly do not hope though that he illustrates  disrespect to his lady who waits for him and
who clearly shows him unconditional love, loyalty and devotion as if so this will be something immediately picked
up on by the Media, greatly upset her as well as damage his reputation in his being seen to be following in his
Father's footsteps!  I would imagine William fully realising this actually. A snide comment of encouragement to
do so by James Whitaker therefore something ignored!

                                        I stand by the message of another video featured here on my site inciting that William is being
groomed as  "Shadow King". Unfortunately for Charles this clearly seems to be the case as his marriage to Camilla
has done untold damage to the Monarchy as a large percentage of people will never accept her as his consort so
even less so as his Queen; something he has said he intends on her becoming upon his coronation.

                                          If the Monarchial system is to survive at all, it is very apparent that this is something now
deemed being predominantly dependent upon the transfusion of new, young life - blood into it!  Whether or not
ultimately this strategy succeeds is yet to be seen but as clearly depicted in this video William is still very much
like Harry, one of Diana's boys, something it might be in the interest of those organising such ploys would do well
to remember!

                                            Both my boys have witnessed first hand and indeed been affected by a system that is prone
to consider upholding tradition and protocol more than personally considering those being depended upon to do
so and neither of my boys will I'd imagine anyway be inclined to abide by the rules and regulations imposed upon
others born in previous eras ! Times have indeed changed and my influence upon my boys remains even now an
ever present factor in assisting them in determining their respective futures which as I say have yet to be seen!"

                                         With love from,
                                                           Diana xx

A Letter to Diana, and her response, concerning William's trip to Australia.)

Hello Diana,

As to the future of the Monarchy, well you know your boys better than anyone. If you
say William does not really want to be Monarch, then that may be so. However he will
come under tremendous pressure to do so, and it seems this is happening already.

Quite obviously Charles is not seen as a suitable Monarch by the Establishment mainly
because of the very open break-up with his marriage to you, and the fact that he has
now married the third person in that marriage. No way will Queen Camilla be acceptable
to either the British public, the Church of which Charles would be head, or the rest
of the Establishment. I'm quite sure they've decided that William is to be groomed as
the next Monarch when the Queen dies or abdicates.

But even if William were to decline the Crown, the Establishment would have plenty of
other candidates in line - Harry and then a whole list of those others in succession.

I'd love to see either an end to the Monarchy altogether (because I see it as an
outdated, archaic, undemocratic, ostentatious institution which represents Britain's
imperialist past), or an 'elected Monarch' which would be unique, unprecedented and
unlikely to happen (it would, in fact, be a republic in all but name). Alternatively
I'd be prepared to accept preservation of a mini-kingdom or Principality just in the
immediate Windsor area (in easy reach of London) mainly for the tourists.
However would Charles, William or anyone else be prepared to accept this much
diminished role just for the tourists? A sort of glorified Disneyland or Monaco?

It seems as though William is accepting his royal duties, but of course this could
change. If it became clear that the Establishment, with involvement of certain members
of the royal family, murdered his mother. In these circumstances he could well decide
the role of Monarch was not for him, and the British public would also turn against
the Monarchy.

So a lot depends on whether the truth about Paris comes out after the present Queen
dies. Remember there's a year or a bit longer from accession to the Throne until a
coronation, so plenty of time for the truth to come out, for William to renounce the
Throne or for the British public and even the Establishment to decide the Monarchy is
too tainted to survive.

One thing is sure, a divorcee and his ex-mistress sitting on the throne would not make
the Monarchy any stronger and would probably also mean disestablishment of the
Church of England, which would be no bad thing.  The murder of Diana, if it came to
light, would be the final straw which broke the Monarchy's back. It has a whole
history of murders and intrigue, but this latest one is just too recent and the
'People's Princess' just too popular for the Monarchy to survive the news that she was
murdered by the Establishment with the encouragement of certain royal family members.

If the truth about Paris does not come out, then I'm afraid I see some sort of
Monarchy continuing, though imagine it will be much less formal than the present one.
As it is an undemocratic institution, it is very hard to get rid of it. There is no
Constitutional way of doing so, other than a political party holding a referendum on
the existing unwritten British Constitution and the great majority of the British
public voting to abolish the present one and set up a republic.

Best wishes,


" Hello Everyone,

                                Above you see the response to my Current Message regarding William's being groomed, it seems
apparent anyway, as a "Shadow King" from Tony an ardent supporter of mine and a non - royalist. Tony makes a
number of valid points in his response to which I'd like to offer these replies.

                                  I have always said that the truth about things will come out after the death of the current
Monarch, it has been people's conjecture to assume I am only speaking about Paris; I have never said so!

                                    I have also said William has no great personal desire to be King,, so to have his future
mapped out for him; who would actually and especially by others who pull the strings of their glove puppets?
As for Harry stepping in if William refuses the position, I would not imagine this happening at all; he being even
more free - spirited than William. I have always agreed with an opinion others have expressed of my younger son
being the one more Spencer than Windsor in character! Something I encourage him maintaining though sensibly
learning from his Mother hopefully anyway to not allow his rebelliousness to be seen as becoming too extreme as
this might prove hazardous to his health and one accident (?) happening quite enough!

                                     I am quite sure his Father sensibly encourages him to keep an edge on things in this respect for
which I'm most grateful and something which as volatile as Harry can be is something he responds to recognising
it's being in his best interest to do! Both brothers also exert incredible influence upon one another; they are quite
literally each other's best friend and protector.  I would imagine this resulting from their both having lost Mummy
and living through the personal repercussions of this as well as consequential events happening after it together; so
being able to relate to one another on every level in a positive and productive way of great benefit to them both.
Any decision either makes, so especially those of a serious nature, I would imagine is made after consultation with
one another.

                                        As Tony says were my boys to discover with evidential proof presented and supporting the fact
that the event happening in Paris that affected their personal lives tremendously, in numerous ways and remains
something unforgettable for both of them naturally, was something more sinister than a simple road traffic accident
this would indeed consequently alter everything, including of course their perception of the system that at the
moment anyway they each individually stand to represent. Revelations like this would indeed affect everyone's
perceptions of the Monarchy in monumental ways and its continuance at all being something extremely unlikely
happening therefore as the person taking on the role of doing so immediately becoming publicly despised!

                                         In my most recent Christmas Message I speak of corruptions in numerous areas becoming
exposed which is already happening simply because the time is appropriate now for them to do so.  My death
remaining a particularly sensitive topic which is why I, albeit channeled through Andrew now, have been and am still
being ignored by all contacted and communicated with but, and here's my point:  not questioned, not insulted
(except on Diana Memorial Sites on the net ... how ironic is that ! ) and not approached by anyone; so meaning even
journalists who are investigative by nature but are personally choosing perhaps or have been instructed to
alternatively steer well clear ( much more likely though since this is a story after all). Otherwise I'd have thought
Andrew would have been perfect flesh for the Media sharks to feed on desperate to disprove and expose as scandal
sells! Andrew becoming, in the event of this happening, the most reviled and hated person on the planet; given as to
how loved and missed I am by my boys still as well as of course how popular I remain with people all over the world;
so not something he or anyone is likely to set themselves up to becoming! "

                                   With love from,
                                                    Diana xx
Diana and Charles in Australia, Diana's first
official tour, in 1983.
William in Australia in 2010.