15th September 2013

"My darling Harry,

Another year older; another year bolder seems to be rather fitting
for you. I am enormously proud of all that you have achieved and
indeed will continue to achieve and no less so of course than
continuing with my work which is such a joy for me to witness
happening! Oh yes Mum's watching and very proud!

Harry you are so very special which is why so many people are
drawn to you for your good looks as well as scintillating personality,
one that encompasses the joker, the sentimentalist, the rebel,
the dare-devil and the humanitarian!

I wish you all the love in the world my darling which is why this
card is so simple but has such a very clear message;
you are always in Mummy's heart as I know I am in yours.

             I love you and miss you so very, very much"

                  With love and millions of kisses and hugs galore,

                                                                        Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx


"Hello Everyone,

    Todays headline in this newspaper certainly is one that certainly pulls no pnches. Before I detail its content I will draw
peoples attention to facts, not fantasies, in regards to synchronicities -- or quinky - dinks as Rose likes to call
them. As everyone knows nothing happens by chance, everything always for a reason. There is no such thing as
coincidence, this being mans way of explanation of the logically indeterminable or indeed unexplainable.    
    So it was always said that Andrew needed to be fit and healthy for the work in which he is to be so very much involved
in to be viably possible to begin which of course finally after the best part of the last three years he now is. Immediately
then the new headlines regarding the events in Paris in 1997 have been constant and unlikely to stop until the truth with
empirical proof is presented to justify it not having been a road traffic accident.

    S.A.S. being also the insignia of Sweden's International Airline and of course where Andrew was living in Scandanavia
when I channeled my book to him and therefore the original Diana Speaks site was created on the suggestion of  Penny
Thornton my friend and one time personal astrologer to showcase it. Also where from Andrew contacted ironically the
Daily Express to warn them following a message from me of the London bombings, something that was ignored of course
having not come from as the Media would see him as being, a credible source. Not so incredible therefore that following
them happening 52 innocent people lost their lives in them!

   The Media are only allowed to print and let be known publicly so much, rarely if ever the full story so clearly this
headline is one written because there is sufficient credible evidence to support it, so no fear of legislation becoming
involved in any capacity by making such blatant claims, this in itself being very telling.

   On a purely personal level I am so glad the truth is seeping through as he has lost personal friendships as well as having
been ridiculed and insulted on the net as a "Nut job!" in his candidness about being my Voice Channel extending to my
being banned from writing to Diana Tribute sites on the net so work that one out. If people had done there homework
they would see as Penny bothered to do and discovered; there was no way Andrew would have known certain
information about me and my life did he not channel me as he never mixed in my social circuit and we met but only
engaged in eye to eye contact but eyes being the mirror of the soul this is all that we needed to do to connect. Neither of
us realising then just how powerful our connection was to become a few years later though again a signpost was given at
our meeting; I nearly ran him down in my car! Though in London not Paris but Paris has always been Andrew's favourite
city and London his least favourite of all those he has visited being a traveller.

    This headline tells of the fact that 'Soldier N.' the whistleblower about the incident of August 31st 1997 is to be
interviewed by detectives from Scotland Yard as his claims have been utterly convincing. He telling that Henri Paul our
chauffeur that night was deliberately blinded by a strobe light moments before he lost control of the car. These claims
made in a letter written in 2011 by 'Soldier N's' ex mother-in-law, one passed to detectives in July 2013 following the
court martial of a member of the S.A.S. and friend of 'Soldier N' and since then both women have been interviewed at a
secret location.  A spokesman for Scotland Yard saying officially that information is still being assessed. Initially 'Soldier
N' being called a "Loose - Cannon" in the hope I suppose of discarding his testimony of the truth but the efforts to do so
and gag him have failed as one too many people have testified to his sanity and credibility as a being a source of

     For those of broader mind, Spirit knows the eventuality of things, the outcome if you like, but cannot interfere in
human free will so they see the broader picture but not the small screen so I have always said the truth about things will
be exposed but at the most appropriate time, so energetically when the time is right; not therefore a time illustrated by
the date on a calendar or hours of a clock but ultimately justice will prevail and a side thought being some of those
involved will be parents themselves just as I was and will albeit not by death of course but never the less lose the
everyday connection they at the moment have with their children and it will be their children who suffer the most
naturally which isn't fair but isn't it often said life isn't!"

                     With love from,
                                         Diana xx


"Hello Everyone,

      Todays headline in the Daily Express and also covered in the Daily Mail is not about me but about the new film 'Diana
The Movie' which is supposedly based upon the relationship shared between heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and myself. I
read with interest what Hasnat himself has had to say about this and quote that here ..

"He did not need to see the film to say that he thoroughly disapproved of it. It is based upon gossip and Diana's friends
talking about a relationship that they didn't know much about. This includes some of my relatives who didn't know much
about it either. It is based upon hypothesis and gossip!"

          Personally I feel that says it all, Hasnat is a private person and I have spoken about this fact and our relationship
with Rose Campbell in an after - life interview but in respect of him not detailing it in great depth because a relationship is
private and is between the two people in it; outsiders only get to hear about what either party want them to know for
whatever reason. As Hasnat has done in a personal interview; I have also said that we came to realise albeit with great
sadness or disappointment, certainly for me anyway that ours was a relationship that could not go anywhere but we
remained friends even when I was involved with Dodi making a mockery of my therefore dating him to arouse jealousy
in Hasnat! It being Hasnat who woke me up to the reality of the dream, he was a medical man and I was a public figure, a
celebrity for want of a better word, and therefore our two worlds very different ones and worlds that could not in the
long term anyway co-exist with one another.

             I also note that in this months Vanity Fair magazine Lady Pamela Hicks
is interviewed and speaks scathingly of me. Lady Hicks is the daughter of Earl
Mountbatten and a cousin of H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh and a former lady-in-waiting
to Her Majesty so therefore not something I am shocked she has done but saying
(and I am paraphrasing) that whilst I had enormous charisma, was beautiful and
very good at empathy with the general crowd that I had no feeling at all for my
husband and his family, that I was really spiteful and unkind to him and destroyed
him and now he's blossomed again.   

        Charles marrying me and not the woman he loved but keeping her in the wings whilst we acted out our roles centre
stage as excellent team players not something mentioned of course and as I said in Panorama it takes two people to make
and break a marriage so I would except 50% of the responsibility for its happening but regarding the accusation of
destroying him; I would personally have to say the initial casualty was me actually realising that as he told me and
proved; he wasn't gong to be the first Prince of Wales without a mistress!

         At the end of my life Charles and I were friends and devoted parents to our sons William and Harry which is why he
was insistent on flying to Paris to bring me home to my boys and not something done out of duty but out of respect for
their mother and his former wife. As Andrew himself found out recently during his hospital stay, many people within the
royal house even ex staff still have their knives sharpened to stab me at any opportunity; so whist life changes some
things, clearly not everything!"

                       With love from,

                                            Diana xx


Daily Express Headline  September 7th 2013


S.A.S. soldiers say she was a victim of a plot but insist 'We didn't do it'

Hi there

       The question of Diana's mysterious death in Paris 16 years ago looms large as it has done in the media since it
happened though most recently with a greater interest in determining the cause of the events happening in Paris on
August 31st 1997 and who implemented them happening?

         For those of us who have followed the event so including the findings of the official inquiry and its verdict but
unbias so without British Establishment connections always a questionable one! A member of the site has informed me
that speaking openly to trusted people, certain members of the secret services have always believed Diana was
murdered and I have said policemen I have spoken with have voiced similar opinions to me. In fairness there are some
who have believed in the official verdict and who therefore support it. These people including Andrew Morton the writer
of the controversial book Diana herself gave candid personal input to 'Diana .. Her True Story' who told me this himself
when we met privately a few years ago.

           Todays headline story is telling that it has been confirmed S.A.S. members are convinced Diana so Dodi and
Henri Paul too were all murdered in France, the event was definitely not accidental. However they are sceptical that
certain members of their own elite regiment were involved in the assassinations!

             In no way dismissing reports of there having been an extensive cover-up operation as a conspiracy theory as
there exist too many unanswered questions. A source has said speaking for them that "So many factors had to come
into play at the right place and time, planning a military operation needs training and practice every step of the mission
and even then things can go wrong. Look at the factors of Diana's death, for that to be passed off as an accident just
doesn't ring true!"

                So therefore todays headline says nothing that I certainly did not know already but never the less old news
is new news in the media and is making headlines and that is powerful. In truth it does seem many people have moved
on in the sense that the public outcry from such claims and revelations being made is not as great as they would most
certainly have been exposed a few years ago but I am glad to see that publicly it is being shown that many in positions
of authority have not bought into the Paris Accident crap!

                 I find it interesting that the Prince of Wales and the two Princes William and Harry have remained silent as
they are aware of things being revealed, as said recently detectives have spoken to Prince Charles about them
personally; encouraging therefore no statement from them along the lines of we fully accept the findings of the official
verdict of the inquiry which if released would be a powerful one. Clearly the fact this has not been done would suggest
they too have questions needing answers which would be right under the circumstances currently being reported and
not soley in the United Kingdom press.

                    I am surprised that these headlines are not mentioned on the television news or as yet anyway being
debated about on serious news programmes as were they I would certainly stick my neck out and say my bit about
things but there again safer not if Diana herself were then to name, names by example and be as candid as she was
about things during her Panorama Interview of 1995. Things said and then examined as they would be and found to be
true would prove quite dangerous I guess so for this reason something not happening .. as yet anyway! In regards to a
new inquiry being opened though Scotland Yard seem adamant in denying this happening, I would think that it is
probable that it will need to happen but difficult to find an unbias, easily bought and corrupted judicial system to be
trusted to do so honestly! A personal friend of mine is a solicitor / barrister and had told me that judges are often the
biggest crooks of all as they know how to cheat the system and my own father who was a senior member of the British
Establishment; 'The Parliamentary Counsel' based in Whitehall, London  always said he could commit the perfect
murder and get away with it for similar reasons; dead now himself he never did!

                          Personally I have been assured that the truth about everything will be revealed at the appropriate
time and I have faith in this fact and have no alternative bit to sit and wait until that time comes and fact not fiction is
told but do therefore think that the banned film by Keith Allen might yet be released and a lot more interesting to watch
than a biopic of Diana's relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan which even he has said himself is based on
hearsay! Those who know me must realise the enormous frustration it is for me to see information trickle through which
years ago was documented on the Diana website but deriving from a non credible source; a nobody therefore ignored
which is why the media who used to be approached by me took a similar viewpoint but I am glad that newspapers and
T.V. news progrmmes both here and in the U.S.A. were contacted as the name Andrew Russell - Davis will hopefully
one day soon not mean a "Nutjob with delusions of grandeur that he channels Diana, Princess of Wales" and that will
be an amazing revelation to expose as a headliner!

                              Thanks to everyone who has believed and trusted in the work that it has been my assignment
to do and personally supported me in it, I really am so grateful to you as you have never questioned or doubted my
credibility once given proof of the fact in a unique way that could not be successfully corrupted. I am especially thankful
to Prince William; the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry who aware of me and of Diana's personal site have not
ever spoken out against me or had the site itself closed down!

Andrew Russell - Davis ... September 7th 2013

January 17, 2014

Prince Harry has left his job as an Army Air Corp helicopter pilot to spearhead an ambitious attempt to bring the
Warrior Games - the injured servicemen's "Olympics" - to London.

Harry, 29, will run the bid from his new offices in Buckingham Palace and wants to host America's Warrior Games at the
Olympic Stadium. It is understood he has the blessing of The Queen and his grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh, a
former Royal navy officer, for the Paralympic-style games.

It still has to be cleared by Downing Street.

Harry hopes his profile will help expand the impressive international Olympic-style competition for wounded servicemen
and women - from the UK, the Commonwealth and America.

One senior source told The Evening Standard: "Prince Harry is passionate about this project. He believes it will be an
amazing event that will bring the focus of attention on the problems facing those injured on the frontline and will serve
to inspire servicemen and women and the wider public.

"The Prince believes the spectacle of ex-military athletes competing against each other would attract huge crowds too.
It is his vision. He hopes too it will be televised to reach a maximum audience."

Kensington Palace is expected to later today officially announced the prince who has twice served on the frontline in
Afghanistan has quit his job as an Army Air Corps Apache helicopter pilot.

Prince Harry attended the last Warrior Games in Aspen, Colorado when he visited the US in May last year.

He took part in a torch-lighting ceremony at the opening of the games on the third day of his US tour.

Almost 300 injured servicemen and women from the UK and US competed in last year's games.

Ahead of the ceremony the prince participated in a practice match with some of the athletes.

The Prince's focus on bringing the Warrior Games to Britain will take up a huge amount of his time and comes amid
rumours that Harry's relationship with girlfriend Cressida Bonas has cooled.

It is understood the prince - who did not spend Christmas or New Year with his on/off girlfriend - is still very close to
Cressida even though he wants to focus on work for the next year.

One source close to the couple told The London Evening Standard: "It is fair to say he will have a lot on his plate. This
will be his focus going forward.

Cressida and Harry are still friends, they get on really well. Although talk of a possible wedding this year is wide of the
mark they are happy with the relationship as it is at the moment."

This venture is the next stage in Harry's impressive military career that has seen him win the respect of his peers in the
Armed Forces.

In February 2008, Prince Harry completed more than two months service with the British Army in Helmand province,
Afghanistan, as a 'Forward Air Controller' for NATO forces.

On 13th April 2008, Prince Harry was promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant.

In January 2009, he began a two-and-a-half year training course to become a fully operational, full-time Army Air Corps
helicopter pilot.

He remains an officer in the Household Cavalry during the training period.  Prince Harry's principal residences are at
Clarence House in London and Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

A new Household Office was set up at St James's Palace, London, for Prince Harry and for his brother, Prince William,
in January 2009 to reflect their growing public lives.

The Prince is currently Patron of a number of charities and organisations (including Sentebale) and he holds two
honorary military appointments (in the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force).

The Prince focuses much of his charitable activity around the Princes' Charities Forum, a grouping of organisations
with which he and his brother have close links and which assists in promoting ideas and joint initiatives to the benefit of
all the members.

His decision to throw himself into this project came after he became the first member of the royal family to reach the
South Pole in an epic trek for the charity Walking With The Wounded.

The prince, patron of the organisation, was part of a British group racing against teams from the Commonwealth and
USA. Among them are severely injured ex-servicemen.

Organisers decided to suspend the trek's competitive element because of bad weather conditions. The teams have
endured 50mph winds and temperatures as low as minus 45C as they cover nine to 12 miles a day.

Before reaching the Pole, a jubilant Prince Harry sent a message saying: "Everybody is really excited. We just can't
wait to get to the end."

When we put the story to Kensington Palace they told the London Evening Standard that  "detailed feasibility work" is
currently Is being undertaken on behalf of the Royal Foundation and the MOD on concepts and funding for the UK to
host the inaugural International Warrior Games later this year.

A spokesman told us: "A final recommendation will be made at the end of January. Prince Harry was hugely impressed
by the Warrior Games, which he visited in the United States in May last year. He said then he would be keen to see it
brought to the UK and would do what he could to help."

An official announcement said: "Prince Harry has completed his attachment to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps and will now
take up a Staff Officer role in HQ London District.

The Prince will take the position of SO3 (Defence Engagement). His responsibilities will include helping to co-ordinate
significant projects and commemorative events involving the Army in London. Prince Harry will retain the rank of
Captain and be based from Horse Guards, in Central London.

Prince Harry spent three and a half years in training and operational service with the Apache Force during his
attachment to the Army Air Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue, who commanded Prince Harry in the Army Air Corps said: "Captain Wales has
reached the pinnacle of flying excellence as an Apache pilot, particularly in Afghanistan and, in the process, has
proved to be a real inspiration to the many Army Air Corps officers and soldiers who have come to know him so well."

"Hello Everyone

          I think that this is wonderful news breaking, naturally relieved that Harry will not be in the front line again as the
natural reaction of a mother though enormously proud of him naturally for all he has accomplished on his own merit.

          He does though have the genuine appreciation of his comrades because he has been seen to have been an active
military serviceman himself so therefore can relate to them as they likewise can to him and it is commendable the work
and dedication he has personally given to injured service men and women who have genuinely inspired him.

           In Aspen he was so thrilled to be invited to attend the 'Warrior Games' there and is fully intent on extending the
games to involving injured service men and women in the U.K. but so too from the nations of the Commonwealth and in
turn this kind of recognised event will inspire and encourage all people with physical disabilities to have a greater belief
in themselves and what they can achieve so act as an enormous inspiration for them! This in itself being sufficient
enough reason for it to gain all the assistance that is necessary to make this project a viable and successful one!

           Well done Harry, you are such a very special man and I am so overjoyed and personally touched that you and
William are so naturally drawn to charity work and to working with people with disabilities and not out of a sense of duty
but with a natural and heartfelt desire to do so. My greatest legacy could be no better than you both, still known to many
as Diana's Boys! I love you both so very much, you are remarkable men I am so proud to be Mummy to!"

                       With love from,

                                           Diana xx

March 6th 2014

Prince Harry has launched a sporting championship for injured members of the armed forces.

The Paralympic-style Invictus Games will see servicemen and women take part in sports like wheelchair basketball,
indoor rowing and sitting volleyball.

The prince said the competition would recognise the sacrifice made by those who fought for their country.

He has been working to bring the event to the UK after seeing something similar in the US - the Warrior Games.

"I have witnessed first hand how the power of sport can positively impact the lives of wounded, injured and sick
servicemen and women in their journey of recovery," Prince Harry said.


"The Invictus Games will focus on what they can achieve post-injury and celebrate their fighting spirit through an
inclusive sporting competition that recognises the sacrifice they have made."

The prince said he believed the competition would have a "long-lasting impact" on the well-being of those who have
"served their nations so bravely".

Harry officially launched the 'Invictus Games' at the former Olympic Park's Cooper Box arena - where events including
handball, modern pentathlon and fencing took place during the 2012 Games - in Stratford, east London.

"Hello Everyone

                    Wonderful news breaking that Harry true to his promise, keeping his word has succeeded in his objective to
launch the games involving military men and women physically disabled whilst in service. An idea he had since
witnessing the 'Warrior Games' in the U.S.A. during his visit there in 2013.

                        Harry admits that his position has assisted greatly in getting the project launched so quickly but something
so inspirational I am sure his using his privilege is acceptable and indeed welcomed! Harry like me is someone who when
he says he wants something done, gets it done and has done his bit to see something dear to his heart materialises.

                          Many congratulations to Harry,  he is truly a very caring and compassionate man who proves actions speak
louder than words. I am enormously proud of him naturally, creating something that will serve to be of such immense
value, not least of all healing to everyone taking an active role, who will gain confidence and belief in themselves through
their active participation in the games and being seen as being sports champions!"

                              With love from,

                                                     Diana xx