September 9th   Daily Express Headline


New Army letter reveals nothing was done about claim for 2 years.

Army chiefs have admitted for the first time that they did nothing for almost two years after being alerted to allegations
that the SAS “arranged” the couple’s deaths.

In a letter, a high-ranking Army officer makes the startling admission that “no specific action” was taken over
suggestions that members of the elite special forces ­regiment were involved in the deaths.

Allegations relating to the murder plot were made public in July after the court-martial of SAS sniper Danny
Nightingale. They were contained in a letter written by the mother-in-law of ­Soldier N – Nightingale’s former friend and
housemate who gave evidence against him.

The seven-page note was handed to Scotland Yard and officers are “assessing” the alleged involvement of the SAS in
the couple’s deaths.

But it is understood Dodi’s father, former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, is extremely concerned that the
Metropolitan Police have already decided the Paris car crash that killed Diana, his son and chauffeur Henri Paul was
an accident.

One source commented: “The Yard carried out a long investigation into the crash and decided it was accidental. The
major worry is that the Yard will find it very difficult to examine these new allegations objectively and will come to the
same conclusion as before.”

Soldier N – whose identity cannot be revealed – allegedly told his wife several times that the SAS were involved in the
crash in the Pont de l’Alma underpass in August 1997.

He apparently claimed Mr Paul lost control of the Mercedes when he was blinded by a fierce flash of light and that
members of the regiment on a motorbike were responsible. The couple’s car smashed into the 13th pillar of the tunnel
killing Diana, 36, Dodi, 42 and Mr Paul, 41. Only the bodyguard survived.

Two Scotland Yard detectives questioned Soldier N’s wife at length last month and she is understood to have told
them she firmly believes he was telling the truth.

Mr Al Fayed has not commented on the allegations. But Dodi’s family have always maintained that Diana and Dodi
were murdered by the British establishment.

Claims attributed to Soldier N about the alleged SAS involvement in the crash were first brought to the Army’s notice
when his mother-in-law wrote to the head of the regiment in September 2011.

She also claimed Soldier N mistreated his wife and threatened to “make her disappear”.

A high-ranking Army officer has now admitted that only the claims of domestic violence were investigated and that
nothing was done to probe the allegations that Diana and her lover were ­murdered.

The admission was made in a letter dated August 15 in which Lt Col PH Hagues of the Adjutant General’s Corps
(Royal Military Police) ­confirmed that inquiries were made into “domestic issues”.

He said: “It is my understanding that no specific action was taken in relation to the suggestion that ­Soldier N or others
were complicit in the ­matters surrounding the death of Princess Diana.”

SAS top brass have ordered an urgent inquiry into how the regiment became entangled in the allegations.

Scotland Yard said it was still assessing the allegations.

A spokesman said: “The Metropolitan Police Service is currently ­scoping recent information regarding the deaths of
Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. The scoping exercise is not completed.”

Crucial Questions remaining unanswered!

Witnesses describe seeing a “blinding flash” shortly before their Mercedes smashed into the 13th pillar of the Pont de
L’Alma underpass.

Did that flash come from the chasing pack of paparazzi or from an assassin using a intense beam of light to blind the

Who were the two riders on a powerful black motorbike that some people claim caused the crash?

Did the pillion passenger who jumped off to peer at the wreckage make a “mission accomplished” sign to his associate
or has a witness misunderstood the gesture?

Was the driver of the mysterious white Fiat Uno colluding with the riders of the black motorbike as it roared into the
tunnel after the Mercedes?

The Fiat clipped the side of Diana and Dodi’s limo allowing the motorbike to get into position in front.

Chauffeur Henri Paul was allegedly as “drunk as a pig” when he took the wheel of the Mercedes but how much had he
really had to drink?

Were blood samples switched to make out he was intoxicated?

Who were the two riders on a powerful black motorbike that some people claim caused the crash?
Family and friends insist Mr Paul was not a big drinker – just a few bottles of beer and the odd Ricard aperitif. If he had
been a heavy drinker over a long period of time, a post mortem would have confirmed it but there was no damage to
his liver?.

Why did it take so long to get Diana to hospital?

Diana died from internal bleeding nearly four hours after the crash. Heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard, who knew her
well, is convinced she could have been saved if she had been rushed to A&E.

His view is supported by a doctor who was passing at the time of the crash. He said: “This woman had a chance.”

Why was Diana’s body embalmed?

She and Dodi were lovers and he may already have proposed to her. If Diana was a few weeks pregnant, the
embalming process would have hidden this.


Headline front page:

30 soldiers serving at time of crash grilled about 'murder' - (Exclusive, by John Twomey)

SAS soldiers serving in the crack regiment when Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed died have been quizzed over claims
that the couple were assassinated.

Around 30 veteran soldiers, who were in the SAS in1997 and are still with the regiment, have been interviewed in an
extraordinary internal probe.

It also emerged that the head of UK Special Forces has expressed regret to Prince Charles for any distress that the
furore has caused the Royal Family and in particular Princes William and Harry. A source said: 'There has been a
private communication between the SAS and the Prince of Wales over this matter.'

It is beleived to be the first time that any senior Army officer has been forced to write to the Royal Family apologising
for the actions of his men. The SAS top brass launched the investigation after the elite regiment was hit by sensational
claims of complicity in the deaths of Diana and Dodi.

Senior officers are demanding to know when the allegations first emerged and if anything was ever done to establish
whether there was any truth in the claims.

It has also emerged that concerns about the claims are now being discussed within the Government.

A senior Government source last night told the Daily Express: 'Two weeks ago you would not have believed that Diana
was murdered, let alone that the SAS were behind it

'But the claims just won't go away and you reach the point where there is no smoke without fire.

'There are now people in Government wondering whether there was a rogue element in the SAS or a special unit of ex-
members who played some part in her death.'

The Daily Express revealed yesterday how a high-ranking Army officer has now admitted that 'no specific ation' was
taken by the Royal Military Polie when first alerted to the claims in September 2011....... Scotland Yad says it is still
assessing the allegations attributed to Solder N but has not launched an investigation.

A spokesman said: 'We  are currently looking at recent information regarding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi

'The exercise is not completed.'


Sunday Express   15th September 2013 says ..


Some people might well recall Diana channeling to me how a motorcycle sped past the car and in front of it the pillion
passenger shone a blinding white light directly through the windscreen to Henri Paul blinding him. In the paper is an
artists impression of this happening and being the direct cause of the incident!

Some people have scorned and scoffed at me making such claims as to channeling Diana, Princess of Wales and
ridiculed my knowledge of it having been murder in Paris in 1997 which truth be told upset me deeply though I am
pretty thick skinned.

The article says that British spies would have recorded the last moments of Diana and Dodi Fayed's lives by bugging
their mobile ' phones. How very interesting no mobile 'phones were reported found on Diana, Dodi or Henri Paul so we
were supposed to believe they were all incommunicado which Diana channeled to me was quite ridiculous as she
needed one to remain in contact with her boys, Henri Paul as deputy head of security at the Ritz hotel in Paris
necessitated one for him to do his job and Dodi a businessman, what executive does not have one? Now this admitted,
clearly they were retrieved but this was something never before publicly disclosed, no mobiles listed amongst their
personal effects gathered after the incident.

This report says that a KEY security industry source who served in the military has told the Sunday Express that G.C.H.
Q. remotely switched on recorder modes right up until the couple took their last journey in the Mercedes Benz. If made
public the recordings would throw light on the sensational claims made by former S.A.S. 'Soldier N' of the elite
regiments direct involvement in the assassinations.

A man-made 'lightening bolt' was used by an S.A.S. group nick named the Lamping Unit to kill Princess Diana it is
claimed. The elite Army detachment was able to kill by shining high density beams called 'dazzler lasers' into the eyes
of targets. These either cause road accidents or disorientate victims so they could be killed another way. The electro -
optical device works in the same way a driver's night vision is overwhelmed by bright headlights. On the continent so in
France headlights are shaded yellow not white and quite so blinding as in the U.K.

Normally the licence to kill .. (something Diana has also said in relation to the incident to me being it was very 007
James Bond style) has to be authorised by the Foreign Secretary under a Class Seven Authorisation as confirmed by
Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of M.I.6. who testified on oath at the inquest but fresh military sources say in
this case it came from deeper in the intelligence establishment.

It has also emerged that film footage of Diana's last hours was kept secret but confirmed the existence of C.C.TV.
records and many belonging to private companies who used France's strict privacy laws to avoid having to hand them
over to the police. This suiting lots of powerful people especially those wanting to dismiss the crash as being a "simple
road traffic accident". It also being claimed that C.C.TV. cameras around the Pont de L' Alma tunnel were tampered
with. Commander of the Paris Information and Control Centre ultimately responsible for the Alma tunnel cameras
saying that in trying to see recorded footage of events had proved impossible and another section must have been
using and manipulating the camera and not released it. It had remained under remote control on another sections
control panel and it has come to light the Mercedes Benz itself was stolen in Paris months earlier and found with very
specific electronic parts missing from it.

Another driver in the tunnel in Paris in 1997 Francois Levistre described seeing in his rear - view mirror  a "Major
White Flash" which illuminated the car moments before the fatal crash. He claimed a motorycle pulled up to the car
and directed a light into the vehicle before it crashed. He told the official inquest in 2007 that it was like night turning
into day adding " I just wondered what happened because the light was like you were caught in a police radar". He
said the light came into his car though was directed at the car behind him. He told how he saw the car behind him
going from left to right to left again and the car had no lights, everything switched off.

Francois Levistre's evidence was disregarded as insignificant at the inquest and subsequent inquiry into the
Princess's death! However added to new information and current developments plus the testimony of former M.I.6.
agent Richard Tomlinson ( detailed in full on Diana's site ) evidence gaining credibility daily! He confirming M.I.6. like
fictional agent James Bond have a licence to kill on behalf of Her Majesty's Secret Service!

Andrew's comment:

All the information here regarding the Paris incident is documented in greater and more precise detail on Diana's site
and coupled with information channeled from Diana, Princess of  Wales directly to me proving "Fact is often stranger
than fiction"

Diana's comment:

" Hello Everyone,

                I'm just glad that Andrew is being proven not being the nut-job he has been written off by some people as being
and that, as I channeled to him years ago, the truth about everything would be told. I also said it would not be me
channeling it publicly through him--the truth would be exposed and I would be channeling confirmation of it, far safer
for him this way naturally!"



"Diana" .. The New Film Biopic crashes at the box office

The film, starring Naomi Watts as Diana, Princess of Wales, details the last years of the tragic royal's life before she
died in a car crash in Paris, France in 1997 was met with a lukewarm reception from critics, and when it opened last
month September 13th in London. The movie took just £623,051 in its opening week and barely scraped into the top
five at the box office. Within a week, it had slipped to number nine,  the film did not endear itself to movie fans.The
reviews of the film were devastating!

A promotional poster depicting Naomi Watts as the late royal, was posted at Pont de l'Alma, near the entrance to the
tunnel in Paris where Diana died in 1997, and just a few feet away from the Flame of Liberty statue, which has become
an unofficial memorial to Diana.

Its location prompted outrage in the media and online, with Rosa Monckton, a friend of the tragic princess, expressing
her disgust at the movie and the location of the poster in a rant to The Daily Mail.

She said, "I really don't have any words to describe how I feel about this cynical and shameless attempt to publicise a
film that should never have been made. To have made a film so speculative and as this is disgusting enough, but to
then advertise it on the spot at which she died is despicable.

"I cannot imagine that any company could stoop so low. It is a terrible intrusion into her memory, not to mention the
lives of her sons, whose feelings are often forgotten in these stories. I would expect them to take it down right away."

The controversy has prompted bosses at J.C. Decaux, the advertising agency which placed the posters, to remove the
ads at the request of executives at the film's French distributor, Le Pacte, on Monday 30th September 2013

Diana's comment

"Am I shocked the film has bombed and no not at all. People have moved on with their lives, this fact obvious enough by
the lack of public interest in the S.A.S. man's revelations, these would have sparked outrage and a public outcry a few
years ago but now seen as being just another expose of corruption and cover - up so something people are getting
accustomed to hearing about as it is something going on everywhere as indeed it always has but now what is different is
the fact that it is no longer something that remains hidden ultimately!

The film also depicts my relationship with Hasnat Khan and not with Dodi Fayed so will not be of such public interest
anyway as it was a relationship over with for both of us as one not able to ultimately lead anywhere positive and
constructive! In regards to it's being promoted close to the tunnel in Paris; I am not at all surprised this cheap shot at
publicity angered people as there exists still a common sense of decency which is somewhat refreshing to know in a
society that so often these days lacks any sense of honour and respect!

Mr. Watson's claims I can believe are real having received similar warnings myself when I trod in a political minefield
and risked upsetting the status quo!"




The heart surgeon Hasnat Khan whose relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales prior to her final relationship with
Dodi Fayed has spoken out about the the film depicting their relationship saying it is a "Betrayal" of the couples lost

Hasnat admits he is still coming to terms with the death of Diana 16 years on and sharing a secret affair with her for
two years ending just weeks before her death in 1997. Hasnat telling how they met by chance in 1995 and ironically on
August 31st 1995 as Diana raced to the Royal Brompton Hospital to be there for her good friend healer Oonagh
Toffolo as she called Diana when her husband was rushed there to the cardiac area of the hospital where Dr. Khan
was workng. They were both smitten and were soon 'Inseparable' and he says he senses Diana is with him now
guiding him as he works with needy children and still finds it so hard coming to terms with Diana being dead.He
regularly performs heart surgery on impoverished youngsters at a hospital in Ethiopia  Hasnat is taking a break from
his usual N.H.S. work at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital in Essex; a cardiothoracic surgeon there; he is
currently involved with fellow colleagues from the hospital  in leading a life saving surgical mission; setting up a
surgery in the Cardiac Centre in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia working for the charity 'Chain of Hope'.

He is trying to get on with life in spite of the barrage of recent publicity regarding the newly released biopic panned by
the critics and bombing at the box office in its first week! He says he was never personally contacted about the film
project and his anger towards the films producers is palpable. Hanat says that the film depicts his family as
disapprovong of his relationship with Diana as in fact they were very close with and warmed to Diana saying that his
parents and grandmother's attitude was that the decision abut their relationship was theirs to make. He says the film is
inaccurate and one based on assumption adding only he and his family and closest friends know what really went on
in his relationship with Diana. Hasnat is single again having an arranged marriage in 2006 ending in divorce after 18

Hasnat saying the relationship with Diana ended following a meeting with her in South London's 'Battersea Park'
weeks before she died and she having met someone else after a holiday with Mohamed al-Fayed and his family; she
was "Not her normal self." Only when he heard news broadcasts did he learn of her relationship with Mohamed's
eldest son, Dodi.

Hasnat sickened that the money made from the movie could be better spent assisting medical missions and suggests
to make ammends for making the film that the producers and directors could donate money to the charity he supports.

He says  " Sometimes when I do a job like this, I do have these very strong feelings that Diana is still with me somehow.
Not in a religious or Spiritual sense but in the way you feel when you've known someone really well in your life and
instinctively know how they'd react in a given situation. The past few weeks have been tough and I know Diana would
be saying; to stay focused and keep getting on with your life and help those children and be happy!"

Hasnat saying he knows that Diana would be proud of the sort of work he and his colleagues are doing in Ethiopia,
she was a great humanitarian and that's how she should always be remembered. Diana's charity work came from the
inside, the bottom of her heart. No one teaches people to care like she did. Diana didn't need publicity in that way, she
would have gone to fashion shows and galas and had a much bigger stage, I do not mind being known as Diana's ex-
partner because history cannot be changed!  People want salacious details I will never give as how I want to be known
is as a good surgeon working in a team to get on with the job of saving lives!

Diana's  comment

"Is it a wonder I called him Mr. Wonderful expressing such meaningful sentiments as he has done. Hasnat was and is
very special to me and I am so relieved that Andrew has no interest in the Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts and
Naveen Andrews as Hasnat and I!

I am inclined to feel pretty much the same as Hasnat does; that the film is a betrayal of something special and personal;
so I suppose grateful actually that so much of it is purely based as Hasnat says on assumption, so the reality remains
private as it should!"


Nov. 26, 2013


       In doing my homework here is proof of the the fact there was no future for Hasnat and I so the accusation that I
entertained my relationship with Emad El-Din Mohamed  Abdel Moneim Fayed or better known as Dodi to incur
Hasnat's jealousy makes no sense at all!
        In 1996 in an interview with Daily Express here is what Hasnat's father, Dr. Rashid Khan,  said with regards to my
being a bridal prospect for his son."


"Hasnat is not going to marry Diana. We are looking for a bride for him and she must belong to a respectable family
and should be rich belonging to the upper middle class preferably and to our relations or tribe which is 'Pathan'. If we
do not find her within our tribe, we can try outside it but preferably she should be at least a Pakistani and Muslim girl."

In 2005 Hasnat married Hadia Sher a descendent of Afghan Royalty and the daughter of a friend of the Khan family.
The marriage survived 18 months.
The Special Air Service (SAS) is the
British Army's most renowned special
forces unit. From the moment several
black-clad figures appeared on the
balconies of the Iranian Embassy in
London in 1980, the Special Air
Service became 'celebrities' both at
home and oversees. Their motto, 'Who
Dares Wins', has become part of
British popular culture.
"Insensitivity in Paris, Diana film promoted within sight of the tunnel and
since has been removed following public outcry!"