Updates on Diana's family:

Harry and Landmine Campaign
By Paul Harrison, Royal Correspondent

Prince Harry is "irritated" by the reluctance of some countries to assist financially with clearing landmines in countries
like Angola, one of his charities has revealed.

The Prince is following in the footsteps of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, by taking up the cause of
clearing landmines from African countries scarred by years of conflict.

HALO Trust chief executive Guy Willoughby told Sky News that Harry has been frustrated by the lack of progress on
the issue in some areas.

He said: "The Prince has got quite a bee in his bonnet about it, and that's good.

"He is irritated that the countries which supplied these landmines are not actually putting in any funds to clear them,
25 years on."

Harry travelled to Angola last week to see mine clearance projects run by The HALO Trust. The 28-year old is Patron
of the Trust's 25th Anniversary Appeal. Prince Harry on HALO Trust trip to Angola Harry visited the most heavily
mined town in Africa during his trip. During the visit, the Prince met de-mining teams and toured minefields in the
Angolan town of Cuito Cuanavale, the most heavily mined town in Africa.

"People love having Prince Harry here because he's so engaged and because he's technically minded. He just gets
it, from what the de-miners are trying to do, to the latest technology", added Mr Willougby.

Diana, Princess of Wales, made a controversial visit to Angola in support of The HALO Trust in the months before
she died in 1997.  She called for an international ban on landmines and was accused of being a "loose cannon",
meddling in politics.

Asked whether the Prince will court similar criticism should he take on the countries who he believes are falling short
of their obligations, Mr Willoughby said: "I don't know. Whether by nailing his colours to the mast he court the same
criticism as his mother did, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Since 1988 The HALO Trust has found and destroyed  more than 1.4 million landmines and more than 11 million
items of large calibre ordnance, including 195,000 cluster bombs,

Mr Willoughby said: "The commitment shown by Prince Harry plays an invaluable role in helping us to raise
awareness of HALO's work and mission.

"Wars may be over but many people are still unable to resume their normal lives, facing the threat of death or injury
by landmines every day."

Prince William is leaving the armed forces after more than seven years of full-time military service.

William carried out his last shift on Tuesday and is now working towards expanding his core charitable interests,
particularly the conservation of endangered species.

The Duke of Cambridge will continue to carry out royal engagements, but is not expected to increase his number of
public duties.

The second in line to the throne is in a "transitional" year, sources have said, and is considering options for his
"public service".

An announcement will be made about his decision within the next 12 months.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford said Flight Lieutenant Wales had been an integral part of the RAF's search and
rescue force as a Sea King pilot based in Anglesey.

"Throughout his tour, his airmanship, often in the most demanding of conditions, has contributed directly to saving
lives in the mountains of North Wales and from the ravages of the Irish Sea," Sir Andrew said.

"He has earned the respect of all who have worked with him as a highly professional and competent pilot."

Kensington Palace said in a statement: "His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge is to leave operational service in
the armed forces.

"He completes his tour with the Royal Air Force search and rescue force at RAF Valley, Anglesey, after more than
seven-and-a-half years of full-time military service.

"He will continue to support the work of the Queen and the Royal Family through a programme of official
engagements, both at home and overseas, with the Duchess of Cambridge.

"The Duke will work closely over the next 12 months with the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge and Prince Harry.

"He will expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect of endangered species.

"The Duke will continue to work with his charities on issues relating to children and young people, veterans and
serving members of the armed forces.

"The Duke is currently considering a number of options for public service, a further announcement on which will
follow in due course.

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George are expected to move into their official residence at
Kensington Palace within the next few weeks."

Prince George of Cambridge's Christening

Some senior members of the Royal Family have not been invited to Prince George’s christening this month because
his parents want it to be an ‘intimate, family affair’, the Daily Mail has learned.

Prince William’s aunts, Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, have been left off the guest list, the Mail was
told last night.

Although Buckingham Palace refused to comment, it seems George’s great-uncles, Prince Andrew and Prince
Edward, are also not attending the hugely anticipated event on October 23rd.
William and Catherine have already chosen to break with recent royal tradition and have their son christened at the
Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, because it is smaller and ‘more personal’ than Buckingham Palace.

Now the Mail has learned that only the couple’s closest family and friends will be attending. The full guest list will not
be confirmed by Kensington Palace until nearer the day, but it is likely to include great-grandparents the Queen and
Prince Philip, and grandparents Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as uncle Prince Harry.
Catherine’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, sister Pippa and brother James are also due to attend. Details of
the six chosen godparents are also yet to be released, but names in the frame include William’s longest-serving
adviser Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, best friend Thomas van Straubenzee and ex-royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

Instead of joining the celebrations, the Countess of Wessex, who is married to Prince Edward, will now undertake a
day of engagements in the West Country, while Princess Anne is going ahead with an official visit to Canada. When
asked whether either had been invited in the first place, a palace source said: ‘All I can say is that the christening will
be an intimate affair.’

Kensington Palace refused to comment last night, saying: ‘We will announce the full guest list in due course when we
are ready to do so but a royal source added: ‘The christening will be a small, intimate and personal family affair.’ The
couple’s decision to use the Chapel Royal as a venue surprised many when it as announced earlier this month.

Prince William, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne were all baptised in the Music Room at
Buckingham Palace. The Queen was christened in the palace’s private chapel but the Duke and Duchess have long
made clear they aren’t sticklers for royal convention.

William ripped up the suggested guest list for his wedding because he ‘hardly knew anyone on it’ and the couple
decided to release a family snapshot of Prince George taken by Catherine’s father Michael instead of a formal
portrait following his birth on July 22nd.

It is understood that William and Catherine favoured the Holbein-decorated Chapel Royal because it is, in the words
of one royal aide, ‘a small, very personal venue’. The couple have a deep emotional attachment to St James’s
Palace, where, until recently, their household was based.

In 1997, the body of William’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales lay before the chapel altar so her family and friends
could pay their respects in private, before her funeral in Westminster Abbey.  In April 2011 Catherine chose the
chapel to be confirmed into the Church of England before her marriage to Prince William.

A Palace source last night confirmed it would be a ‘fairly small and intimate affair’.InInline image 1Inline image 2
contrast William’s christening in August 1982 was attended by more than 60 guests. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York
who was serving in the Falklands War, and Princess Margaret, who was holidaying in Italy, were the only senior
royals not in attendance.

Kensington Palace refused to comment

It is announced that Prince George Alexander Louis will be baptised on October 23rd at the Chapel Royal, St. James
Palace, this same chapel is where the late Diana, Princess of Wales coffin was a day prior to her funeral at Westminster
Abbey. The baptism ceremony will be a private, family occasion and conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and
it is thought amongst his Godparents will be Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister Pippa and William,
the Duke of Cambridge's younger brother Prince Harry.

Diana's comment:

" I am not at all surprised by the choice of the chapel as I have also said it is where I was resting privately before my
public funeral so for this reason would I imagine be somewhere William would choose as Mummy's energy is there!

 The H.R.H. Princess Royal and I, as people know, were never close and she not interested when William was born,
why would he want her to be present at his son's christening and why would she want to be? Similarly I was not close to
Charles's younger brothers or they to me. I can appreciate therefore they'd not be invited and as for the choice
of Godparents, it would be I would imagine natural that Harry and Pippa be chosen.

  I do think Tiggy would be an apt choice as she was there for my boys and I was jealous of their close rapport with her
and I really behaved despicably towards her for which I now am very sorry albeit too late of course but I hope she
forgives me!"

                                      Diana, Princess of Wales

On August 31st, 2013, the anniversary of Diana's death:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to spend the day with Diana's sister Lady Sarah Mc Corquodale and her
family and so she meeting six week old baby George. William keeps in touch with his mother's family but he and
Catherine are particularly close to Sarah who dated William's father Prince Charles before his mother Diana did and
acted as an infromal lady-in-waiting to Diana her younger sister. Kensington Palace declined to comment on whether
they'd visited Earl Spencer's shrine to his sister Diana at Althorp, the Spencer family seat in Northamptonshire.

Diana’s comment

“In my life I described myself as being a ‘Messenger’ so rather fitting I would indeed make such a tape and of course
would I not be inclined to impart messages as I am doing? As after all having an interest in and amongst my closest
friends people involved in esoteric areas in life; finding a means to communicate from the after – life would I’d have
thought have been something expected for me to do!”

Diana, Princess of Wales



Princess Diana made a secret tape for Prince William, her eldest son's future wife fearing that she would be murdered.
Diana worried she would not live to see her grandchildren. The sensational claims of the tape coming from a U.S.
source following information from one of Diana's closest personal friends and this revelation follows the recent claims
that Diana was murdered in Paris directly involving the S.A.S. who were given the hit job in August 1997 in the French
capital city.

The tape makes clear Diana had chilling premonitions about her death aware that she had made powerful and
dangerous enemies and this tape will add credence to the claims of her assassination. Although Diana never met
Catherine on the tapes Diana revealing she saw William's wife as being a beautiful, smart and independent woman.
Catherine graduated at St. Andrews University, Scotland and when the couple separated before he proposed to her,
Catherine was seen as an uptown girl dancing the nights away at clubs and looking as stunning as ever as opposed to
nursing her broken heart with a box of tissues. William soon realised that he was going to lose his soulmate and was
soon by her side again and ironically seen together again on the evening of the 'Concert for Diana' organised by he and
brother Harry in memory of their mother ten years after the incident in Paris that took her from them.

Diana saying they'd have become fast friends and she'd have to be someone pretty special or she'd not be his wife but
when dating when Catherine had been told "You're lucky to be going out with William" had responded "He's lucky to be
going out with me!" This Capricorn lady is perfect for him and clear to see and now especially they're being blessed
with Baby George has been so positively instrumental in healing his broken heart.

Diana giving her future daughter-in-law marriage guidance direction surviving the pressures of a public life, something
Diana would clearly be an authority on.


Diana Secret Tapes

 It has come to light that Diana, Princess of Wales recorded a number of messages on a series of tapes for her sons
William and Harry and William's future wife. A personal friend of Diana who wishes to remain anonymous has said
they are not sure how many tapes Diana made up until her death but had the idea to do so after having a chilling
premonition that she was going to die young. Diana had the idea whilst taping a series of revelations and memoirs for
author/journalist Andrew Morton's book 'Diana - Her True Story' . Diana taped them for her sons as her own marriage
was heading for divorce and was for when she'd not be around to guide them. The friend is not sure who was fully
entrusted with delivering their messages to William and Harry. Diana was very attuned to the world of Spirit and
psychic events and it amused her and she loved the idea of being a nagging mum from beyond the grave!

    Diana wanted the tapes to be played to her boys at key points in their lives as this way she'd continue to be part of
their lives. The friend had arrived at K.P. for a private visit to see Diana who had just finished recording one such
message on their arrival and played a part of it to them. This one concerning eldest son William's future as 13yrs/14yrs
he was just discovering girls and it fascinated Diana that one day he would be married and a father with children of his
own. Diana convinced that he'd be a wonderful husband and warm and caring father.

       On this taped message Diana was personally addressing his future wife and it is believed Catherine has heard the
personally taped message and is privy as William and Harry are to all the messages. Catherine frequently speaking  
privately and publicly of her special bond with her husband's late mother and that Diana, Princess of Wales remains a
constant source of inspiration in their lives. The children of the Duke and Duchess of York will truly be Diana's legacy
of love.

The taped message to William's future wife .."Catherine":

"Hello, it's William's mum here!

 Welcome to the family business. I rather suspect that got your attention. Anyway brace yousrelf for a one-way chat.
Obviously we have not met though I want you to know I certainly wish we had. I know I'd adore you and we'd be fast
friends. You have to be someone truly special, if you weren't you wouldn't be my William's wife.

   Marriage is never easy and being the future Queen only makes it harder. For your marriage to survive the public's
glare and the private pressures of royal life it will take patience, compromise, understanding, trust, loyalty and of
course love. You must both work at it on a daily basis. I'm sure you're aware of my failings and those of William's
father. Learn from these mistakes and build a relationship that endures, you deserve it and so do your children.

     My fondest dream is for you and William to have a life filled with love and joy; that your children are happy,
healthy and free of the dark shadow divorce casts on those it touches. Family is the most important thing in life.
Cherish your children for me. They carry my heart. Let them know I love them and will always watch over them!"

Diana's comment:

I would like to thank Annette for calling Andrew to make him aware of this current revelation written in a woman's
magazine as likely without her intervention he'd not therefore have been aware of it as magazines of this nature not his
usual reading material.

       Andrew knows he cannot visit K.P., Highgrove, or Althorp as my memory banks will return naturally  but too
soon!  The empirical proof of our connection is set to be when memories will flood back to me in the company of
people who would know them to be true and much like the proof given to Penny; likewise know that there would be no
way of Andrew knowing the information being imparted to them. Similarly therefore I have not named the friend
exposing the existence of these tapes -- the fact clearly they wishing to remain anonymous and my respecting this.

          I do hope people note this friend saying I was very attuned to the Spirit World, a rather telling comment. I
immediately sought the article and noticed rather amazingly that whilst the regular script is in a similar colour ink to
that seen on my personal site, that the messages from me illustrated in the article are in the lilac colour ink I use for
mine on my personal site! As if this synchronicity was not enough; as I was reading it albeit through Andrew's eyes of
course on his C.D.system track 5 of an Elkie Brooks C.D. was playing and the song 'Lilac Wine' so I called to tell
Annette this and Annette told me she was drinking a glass of wine out of a bottle with a lilac label and top!

              Everyone will see of course on my site prior to their marriage I was extremely fond of Catherine. When she and
William parted company for the short time that they did I said, in an After - Life message with Rose, that they'd not be
parted long and was completely supportive of Catherine not letting the grass grow under her feet if William could not
commit himself to her. Within the week, and ironically at 'Concert for Diana' organised in my memory by he
and Harry, they were back together again which made me overjoyed as I have always said Catherine is the perfect
compliment for William and clearly I see children for them so yes I would imagine a sister for baby George and names
... well I like Alexandra Diana Carole or Alexandra Carole Diana but that's up to the parents naturally to decide upon.
Right now with a new baby to nurture and care for it is early days to think of a baby sister or brother for him naturally!"

                   With love from,

                                       Diana xx             
In photos from his Angola trip, Prince Harry is seen talking with             
members of a de-mining team, surrounding a Russian TM-57 anti-tank mine.