September 29th  2013   Sunday People


The former S.A.S. sniper at the centre of the Princess Diana murder - plot riddle has returned to the U.K. to face the
music. 'Soldier N' will be grilled by detectives after flying back from his hideout in the Middle East where he fled days
before he was due to be quizzed over his claim Diana was killed by S.A.S. hitmen. He is due to be interrogated days
from now by Scotland Yard detectives. The police also want to question the 38 yr old ex sergeant about claims he
smuggled thousands of pounds of stolen money into the U.K. after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is now believed he fled to the United Arab Emirates where there is a large British ex-Military community and claims
he travelled to Thailand in South East Asia are false. He being aware that the police wanted to question him in regards
to the Paris crash on August 31st 1997; running away wasn't the most sensible option.

News of his return to the U.K. follows claims by an ex-MI6 agent that many secret service officers believe the U.K.
government ordered Di's murder. The former spy said MI6's view in 1997 was that Diana had become an
embarrassment and her relationship with Dodi Fayed threatened the Monarchy. He said the question often asked by
his bosses being "What are we going to do about Diana?"

The man recalled going to work the day after the crash and he had just sat down when a colleague leaned over to him
and whispered "I can't believe we killed her!". Initially confused the man asked "Who?" and the colleague added
"Diana!" The spy at first thought he was joking but then realised he was deadly serious. The spy who had served in
Moscow and Eastern Europe during his career said the atmosphere at their London H.Q. after Diana's death was very
subdued. He added many people who worked for M.I.6. at the time thought the organisation played some sort of role
in Diana's death.

Diana's comment:

" The plot thickens and will take time to unravel but the truth will be exposed and from this will come many changes in a
number of significant and influential areas affecting people's lives and constituting an inevitable shake up of
their positions perhaps?"
                 Diana, Princess of Wales



Royal author Brian Watson was about to go public regarding his suspicions Princess Diana was killed using a remote
control device. The biographer says he was about to make his theory public when he got a phone call telling him: “Drop
the idea if you value your family’s life.”

Mr Watson had planned to release a documentary film after his research convinced him that killers used a remote
control device to take over the steering of Diana’s Mercedes and deliberately crashed it into a Paris tunnel pillar.

After sending film studios the script for his movie "Who Killed The Queen Of Hearts? the writer received the deadly
threat, he claims. Now Mr. Watson fears his admissions to the Daily Star could endanger his life again revealing he
wonders if he has got too close to the truth?

Mr Watson believes assassins were following the Mercedes in a white Fiat Uno, which was seen by several witnesses but
has never been found. He says the killers tampered with the Mercedes Benz's computer to gain control, then followed
her last journey across Paris before using the remote to smash the car, killing Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed and
Henri Paul in August 1997.

Mr Watson researched how such a system could be installed. He said prior to the crash, the computer system was stolen
from the Mercedes Benz, which was off the road for two weeks.

“So I phoned up my local Mercedes dealership and asked how long it would take to put a new one in. They said about
half an hour or so. Then I asked if you could perhaps control the car with the right computer. He said: ‘Yes, you could.’
When I told him why I was asking him he went cold.”

Mr Watson’s claims come after a probe into the Princess’s death was sparked by an SAS sniper’s claims she was
murdered by the security forces.



A key member of the Diana Assassination Team was murdered after threatening to tell the
truth it emerged last night. Photographer James Andanson was found shot in the head
in a burned out car in a forest outside Paris. He had been intent on writing a book but Andanson,
who had links with the Secret Service, died mysteriously after meeting author Frederic Dard to
discuss the book which would have "Blown the lid off the conspiracy".

James Andanson's death was considered to be suicide even though he had two bullet holes in his head, his car was
burned out and locked from the outside! In an even more bizarre turn of events Frederic Dard died within weeks of
meeting James Andanson.

Last night John Morgan a top investigative writer and a friend of Mohamed al-Fayed urged police to reopen the
investigation into Andanson's death in 2000. Mr. Morgan believes beyond doubt that the photographer was
deliberately silenced.

Representing Dodi Fayed's father a close friend said " We have always believed this man was part of the the team
that was behind the assassination and he was killed to shut him up!"

Andanson who was 54 yrs old when he was found dead drove a distinctive white Fiat Uno and he had trailed Diana
and Dodi around France in the final two weeks of their lives in 1997. Before his death he boasted he was the driver of
the white Fiat Uno that hit the back of the Mercedes Benz and he told Frederic Dard that he had taken 'Explosive'
unpublished photographs of the incident!

Scotland Yard is already currently taking a fresh look at claims by an ex - S.A.S. sergeant that Diana, Princess of
Wales was murdered with Dodi and Henri Paul.



S.A.S. men on motorcycles swarmed around Princess Diana's already crashed car to finish her off it was claimed
yesterday. The squad disguised as paparazzi allegedly made sure Diana did not survive!

John Morgan the author of nine books about Diana said that the men all rode high powered ' heavy duty' motorcycles
as opposed to the light scooters favoured by the paparazzi! Mr. Morgan has spent the past 16 years researching
Diana's mysterious death and wants his claims to be a part of Scotland Yard's new probe into the events happening in
Paris on August 31st 1997. An inquiry being carried out following revelations from an ex S.A.S. sergeant that the elite
military unit were involved directly in the hit job!

John Morgan tells of there being witnesses to seeing the group of motorcyclists between Place de la Concorde and
the Alma tunnel. It has been proven the riders could not have been paparazzi members as they have all been
accounted for and were far behind because of they're being on scooters, not capable of fast speeds!

It is more than possible that M.I.6. employed S.A.S. personnel to ride the motorbikes. The author convinced that the
S.A.S. were on hand to ensure Diana's injuries were non-survivable as they proved being. Mr. Morgan also believes
that three senior M.I.6. officers moved to Paris shortly before the smash to co-ordinate the operation and that the
recent revelation from the former S.A.S. member is a significant breakthrough in solving the riddle!

Diana's Comment

"On my site I mention the exact same location in the city and make other equally telling comments and I can because
Andrew is protected by being seen as a nut job as after all dead ex-princesses can't speak can they?

As told to Andrew it is when people start listening there will be the cause for concern which isn't happening but much
information has been given and has already been read and so likewise of course is known by the significant people who
needed to read my messages, those I personally most wanted to reach and have done before all these subsequent
revelations began to come to light publicly! I was always ahead of the game and that is what caused the fear in certain
people, never quite sure what I might do next and a strategist I enjoyed keeping people guessing and I haven't changed;
I am still me!"