Previous CIn Trafalgar Square, London yesterday a rally was held and leaflets  were handed out detailing events
happening in Haiti following the recent earthquake there. Apparently a third of the population has been affected by it. If
the leaflets are to be believed U.S. military are obstructing rescue efforts. Caribbean and Latin American governments
and Doctors Without Borders/Medecines Sans Frontier have complained that the U.S. is preventing humanitarian aid
from landing. Since January 12th survivors have been desperately calling for humanitarian relief which is not getting to
them. The people apparently are calling for their President Aristide, exiled to South Africa by former US President Bush,
to return to them at this time. In 2004 a U.S. military coup removed democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand
Aristide from Haiti. The U.S. was backed by Canada and France.  U.N. forces have occupied Haiti ever since. Haitians
have been campaigning for his return and an end to the occupation, electing him with a mandate of 60% in 1991 and one
of 91.8% in 2000. In 2009 they boycotted elections which banned Aristide’s party Fanmi Lavalais from standing—97%of
people did not vote. When interviewed recently in light of what has happened in Haiti he is quoted as saying  “If one
suffers we all suffer. Togetherness is strength. Courage. Hold on , hold on.”  He is willing to return if permitted to be with
his people. These leaflets seem to be pretty informative and so if they are to be believed  corruption would seem to be
apparent and exposed.  

                                   There seem to be mixed viewpoints regarding U.S. President Barack Obama who I pay personal
tribute to here on my site but many feel he is a front man figure for the anonymous organising and responsible for the
installation of a One World Government or New World Order which is threatened happening and is a very real concept
and not something of people's wild imaginations!

                                     This provides and indeed is the perfect opportunity for him personally to do something constructive
in destroying the thoughts of those who see him as an implanted puppet by directly involving himself in seeing, by
example, the Haitian President reinstated in Haiti with his people, negating his exile imposed by former President Bush.
He, of course, has much to answer to for having to a great extent destroyed his nations respect worldwide which it will
take quite a time for it to recover from; something the current President has himself said and pledged publicly to  
personally assist in happening. This damage includes evidence pointing to the fact 911 might well have been a U.S.
controlled event resulting in making the invasion of Iraq a justifiable one as of course it being a nation rich in oil reserves
and do remember the weapons of mass destruction reported to have existed were never discovered resulting in Prime
Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom being non-elected back to his former position.

                                        I am insistent that people do their own homework in this regard on everything spoken about here.
Homework is knowledge, knowledge is power.  

                                       My point being that corruption as I said on this years Christmas Message is nothing new but
systematic exposure of it and people's becoming, indeed being made aware of it something likewise happening which will
continue and which is a good thing as there are none so blind as those who will not see and the Media are adept, expert, at
keeping the ignorant blindfolded!

                                         This indeed needs to change, speaking as someone who was a victim herself of corruption
of course at the highest level which she is intent on exposing naturally and something which cannot be stopped from
happening.  The seeds having already been planted a long time ago and germinating exactly as they are meant to!  
Assisted by exposures like this one being made public knowledge to displace people's ignorance about things which
will ultimately affect them in numerous ways as the Haitian people are now it seems, if the information on these
leaflets is accurate, are discovering.

                                            Hopefully a man, who I believe  walks in the light, now illuminates himself for all to see and
views this as the perfect opportunity for him to uphold his pledge to regain the global credibility of his nation
systematically destroyed by his predecessor in any way he can!

If as a direct result of his doing so he meets with a fatal accident and in turn becomes a martyr as a result of this, it
wouldn't be the first time something like this happens but it would smack of corruption which is why I have deliberately
here drawn attention to this fact. This is not something I have any desire to see happening at all, a loving and devoted
father to his two girls and his lovely wife Michele! Quite to the contrary in fact I would hope that he is protected in ways
others were not so fortunate in being themselves when they stood up against and upset the status quo!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Diana .

(Rose's Note:
This is the website of the group who published the leaflets and the information that Diana refers to:


My own research at this time does not support the claims of this leaflet as concerning the U.S. occupation of Haiti for
anything less than humanitarian reasons.)