Oct. 17,2013

"Hello Everyone

  As people know I was romantically involved with James Hewitt for five years and I have thought hard before writing
this but my personal site is somewhere therefore that I feel comfortable to do so. I feel that since the relationships with
Dodi and Hasnat are addressed so should the one with James be.

   I have read "Princess in Love" the book by Anna Pasternak in which his side of it is told and I have to say in it he has
not been scathing about me at all and it is honest and direct. In Panorama I said "He let me down" and what
I did not say was I let him down too.

     We met in 1986 so William was 4 yrs old and Harry 2 yrs old to keep things in persepective. I had a fall riding at Park
House where we lived as a family before Daddy inheriting his title and Althorp. James offered me riding lessons and an
accomplished horseman I jumped at the chance. I also was attracted to him and he to me and my marriage was over in
all but name, a loveless match maintained for the sake of duty though I did not want the boys coming from a broken
home as they did ultimately of course.  Even on honeymoon I could not sexually satisfy my husband and for good
reason, Charles already was in love with another woman but she was married, Mrs. Camiila Parker Bowles now H.R.H.
Duchess of Cornwall and his second wife.  Camilla adored Charles but never outshone him but encouraged and
supported him.

         I had been aware of her strong influence over him before we married but was lost in the public euphoria of wanting
the fairy tale wedding and I convinced myself that I would make him love me. Initially making myself appear more
beautiful which got me even more attention than I initially courted but not from him but from the public. This aroused
jealousy in him as he was used to being centre stage and no longer was, the media attention on me was overwhelming
and quite ridiculous at times. It had been from the start but became ever more intrusive in time.

        When this strategy had not worked and Charles remained dismissive of me I began to involve myself in my Charity
work knowing how performing one's duty is important to him, wanting to show him that I respected this fact. So I took
my duties seriously and hoped to impress him taking this route but it made no difference at all, other than due to my
even more extended popularity distancing us even more.

         I hated the game of charades being played out but was powerless to prevent it happening. With his family it
was likewise very difficult for me to communicate excepting initially anyway with H.R.H. Princess Margaret who
empathised with me having, thanks to protocol, had her heart broken forbidden to marry Peter Townsend, a divorced
man and father of two children. Subsequently she married  photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, then becoming
Lord Snowdon

          James was my knight in shining armour quite literally being a horseman and in the Household Cavalry a man in
uniform! More than this though he was an ear of understanding and he listened to me and was interested in what I
had to say and he was aware of the papers being right saying my marriage was a sham. It was and had been before James
and I met. Charles and I lived separate lives but showing a united front for official events and functions and royal tours
of course needing a double act to perform in the line of duty. That's what it was, we were compelled to perform a show
of solidarity and togetherness when actually we couldn't bear each other's company. So yes separate bedrooms for a
long time, often on tours; so in hotels abroad separate rooms and opposite sides of the  same corridor I remember in
one instance!

           With James I was desired, I felt like a woman in every way but I was emotionally demanding and James in the
book says he was not sure that he could supply in equal measure the love that he knew I needed. We spent time together
in Devon with his mother Shirley and on these trysts along came Ken Wharfe my personal bodyguard at that time, He
and James got a long famously but to suggest my husband being unaware of the affair going on being quite ridiculous
with me and my bodyguard disappearing for weekends out of London and the boys at school

            Such idyllic times, romantic and passionate ones!.James also gave me what I most needed, self confidence and a
real sense of inner worth so much so in fact I was able to confront Camilla at a party given to celebrate
her younger
s Annabel  40th at Lady Annabel Goldsmiths house near Richmond, Surrey. I accompanied Charles
there which surprised him as he knew Camilla would be there and we usually socialised separately but he had no notion
of my needing to attend to undertake my mission! Tthere was no shouting match, I delivered the icy truth that I knew
of her complicity in the breakdown of my marriage and since I did not want my husband she was welcome to him. I had
needed to tell her what I thought of her! What an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders having said all of this as
the once intolerable situation no longer affected or had any power or control over me having been one at last directly
confronted by me.

              It was because I was loved that I had the confidence to do this and the support of James behind me. James did
spend time at Highgrove so met the boys, they loved asking him about his military life as both dreamed of being
soldiers themselves and whilst he was close to them both, never was he overly familiar,  respectful of the fact Papa was
Charles and not therefore overstepping the mark. He was, I suppose, like a favourite Uncle. Are we supposed to believe
they would not speak to Papa about him and they both thrilled to see Mummy happy again? Charles I am sure felt less
guilty entertaining his mistress as a result. James was though in the Military and was posted to Germany for two years
and I immediately felt my worse fear --rejection-- and dealt with this blanking him, not answering his calls before his
posting there and being too busy to see him. It was my way of coping with the emotional devastation I felt losing him.

           In Germany he tells of how hurt he was at my sudden coldness and dismissivness of him and he concentrated on
his duty with his comrades to try to forget me during the day but would be missing me when alone at night, that's
when the memories haunted him and he remembered the way we were! On his arrival back in the U.K. two years later
we did reunite and it was a union of mind, body and spirit, so something neither of us could deny happening. He had
dated other women and I had enjoyed male companionships but there was something special about us and James says in
the book that the absence from me had made him realise nobody would replace me in his heart. I had also grown up a
lot so was not the Diana who had felt lost and abandoned by him initially. I now am pretty sure his posting was a
deliberate ploy to separate us as we were seen to becoming too seriously involved. Camilla married was a safer bet than
a dashing and single military man! Our affair much more likely to upset the status quo of things if encouraged to
progress further. Who knows, divorce might have arrived sooner than it did! Charles and I divorcing August 28th 1996
and I dead the following August 31st 1997.

              Later the Gulf war came and James was called up to serve and I wrote to him everyday missing him terribly but,
as he says, I was so proud that he was willing to fight for our country and risk his life doing so. In K.P. I became known
unofficially as the war correspondent keeping up to date with everything going on out there in detail so doing my
homework of course but with a personal reason for doing so. I wanted and indeed needed to know James was safe and
knew all about tanks, sand missiles and military strategies and techniques. There having been no heavy emotional
scenes and communication cuts from me to him this time around when he had been called to service.

             I had matured by then and knew the Army was his life and respected this fact knowing how dedicated and
devoted he was to it. It had been difficult for him too conducting a secret affair with the Princess of Wales, wife of his
future King. He had experienced many sleepless nights as a result of our personal involvement dreading it being
exposed which he knew would have been more than likely publicly known to have resulted in his immediate dismissal
from the career he so adored and dedicated his life to. I empathised with the wives and girlfriends of soldiers serving
out there personally knowing exactly how they felt and was comforted somewhat with this sense of identification.

               James could not confide in anyone how he felt about me and I had to be cautious but could speak to Ken Wharfe
and Carolyn Bartholomew. She was my former flatmate who also spoke to Andrew Morton on my behalf for the
controversial book that blew the lid off things and opened Pandora's box exposing the reality of the private nightmare
of the public fairy tale! James says in his book that our love was always a "Once upon a time with no happy ever after".
He knew that we would never marry as perhaps initially certainly we might most have wanted to do but the idea of it
was crazy given to who we were. He also makes a point that I had grown and having found my inner strength had
changed, my circle of friends was different and the company I kept now would not have seen the advantages for me in
courting a man who was neither rich or intellectual and would not have seen or been interested in the kind and loyal
man assisting me in mending my broken life and who had therefore been instrumental and constructive in helping me
develop into becoming the woman I now was in their company; someone they admired!

              Reading this now I see so much of it being true, it was so easy in Panorama to make the comments that I did .. "I
adored him, yes, I was in love with him but he let me down!" such glib statements made by me but which served a
purpose. Martin Bashir did not pursue the subject further but in actual fact I let James down too in not being able to be
the woman he wanted and needed as all kinds of circumstances prevented this from being a possible role for me to fulfill
for him and not without enormous regret on my part for having to face this fact!"

Diana, Princess of  Wales  October 17th 2013



Princess Diana was convinced of a plot to kill her in  a car crash; she told a pal "Someone's tampered with my
brakes .. they are trying to bump me off" Diana was convinced there was a plot by spooks to kill her this way after the
brakes mysteriously failed on her Audi soft-top.

Diana was sure the hushed-up incident in West London was a warning from her powerful enemies whom she dubbed
'The men in grey suits'. Diana outlined her fears in notes and telephone calls to her lawyers and friends in the months
leading up to her eventual death alongside her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in the car crash in central Paris, France.

Diana who had been stripped of her H.R.H. title and status by H.M The Queen predicted ' This particular phase of my
life is the most dangerous'. Two factors -the enforced expulsion from the Royal Family and her move to become the
public face of the anti-landmine campaign - were destined to have far reaching consequences the following year.
There is one factor that is consistent with Diana's fears, her concern that there would be a serious car accident.

The brake failure incident was hushed up after her death but the fact remains Diana was convinced it was no accident
and the question remains, was it a warning or the first assassination bid? The brake failure came as she drove
back to Kensington Palace from an appointment in Marylebone in her green Audi in November 1995. Diana was sure
that a saboteur had tampered with the breaks of her sporty convertible. As Diana had approached some traffic
lights she had put her foot down on the brake but nothing happened and the car kept coasting forward. When it
eventually came to a halt she leapt out and abandoned it and returned to Kensington Palace by taxi.

Diana also warned her friends that if anything happened to her, M.I.5.or M.I.6. would be accountable.

"I think it's pretty amazing that telling news articles about me are suddenly consistently making headlines or featured
on the front pages of tabloid newspapers 16 years after the incident in Paris happening as I have always said the truth
about things will come out and of course are doing so in a multitude of areas so therefore the mystery of what happened
in Paris will soon also be one solved as the house of cards of secrets and cover - ups continues to fall.

I see that William held his first investiture yesterday representing Her Majesty and so seen as a step closer to his
becoming King though a constitutional Monarchy his father is determined to inherit the throne before him which I am
so grateful for. Whilst I am strongly aware William would be a popular Monarch both nationally and internationally, it
is not a destiny I wish to see him confined to, condemned to fulfilling and who can blame me? I saw how Harry was
thrilled to be playing rugby and coaching teams yesterday so no trace of being a prince standing on ceremony, just a lad
being a lad with other lads, all following his recent whistle-stop excursion to Australia where he impressed everyone
with his natural charisma and good looks and easily won female attention. He arrived back to the UK as of yesterday,  
William has said he loves being in Africa and especially in the bush as villagers in those remote areas have no idea of his
identity and he loves feeling so relaxed and able to just be William.  Would I, as their Mother, wish for such freedom to
be stolen from them and all in the name of tradition and protocol? Neither of them would thank me for it if I did.

William and Harry will always be popular, as I have said before, they known as Diana's boys all over the world and
because of the fact that whilst I might not be everyone's favourite even my enemies know that being Mummy was the
title I most cherished of all and my boys were always and will remain my world as a Mother's love for her children never

                 Diana, Princess of  Wales

Daily Express, Saturday October 19, 2013


The soldier who claims that the SAS assassinated Princess Diana kept a secret cache of weapons at his home it was
alleged last night.

The unauthorised armoury has now been seized by police and military officers.

Soldier N, who has boasted how members of the elite regiment "arranged" the deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed in
1997, kept an Army-issue sniper rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and two 9mm semi-automatic pistols at the
house he shared with his wife and children.

The existence of the firearms - which will raise suspicions of a rogue unit working within the SAS - was revealed after
Scotland Yard detectives probing the murder allegations interviewed Soldier N's father-in-law.

The witness is understood to have told them his son-in-law mentioned the death of Diana at the hands of the SAS on
several occasions. The father-in-law also told officers about the weapons the SAS sniper kept at his home......

The father-in-law's statement to police confirms Solder N made allegations about the SAS being involved in the
deaths of Diana and Dodi.

The emergence of the illegal weapons cache will fuel suspicions that a rogue element was operating within the SAS
and acting beyond the law....

Scotland Yard is assessing the claims as part of a "scoping exercise". Officers have spoken to three witnesses who
confirm that Soldier N boasted of the involvement of the regiment in the deaths of Diana, 36, Dodi, 42, and chauffeur
Henri Paul, 41, in Paris in August 1997.

The sniper allegedly told his wife several times how the Mercedes smashed into a pillar in the Pont de L'Alma
underpass when an intense beam of light blinded Mr Paul and that members of his regiment were involved. She was
interviewed last month and apparently told detectives she firmly believed he was telling the truth.

The allegations were first made in a letter her mother sent to Soldier N's commanding officer in September 2011. The
woman said Soldier N told her daughter "that it was the SAS who arranged Princess Diana's death and that has been
covered up".

Soldier N, who is thought to be in the UK, is understood to have denied ever making the claims.....

Last week, a lawyer representing Dodi's grieving father Mohammed Al Fayed urged detectives to launch a full-scale
investigation into the allegations.

Solicitor Simon McKay said detectives should abandon the "scoping exercise" for a proper criminal inquiry which will
allow them to discover who was serving in the SAS at the time of the death crash.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said yesterday the "scoping exercise" had not yet been completed.

Dec. 6, 2013

Daily Express December 2nd 2013

Princess Diana ‘cover-up stops sons finding the truth’

PRINCES William and Harry will never discover the truth about how their mother really died because of a concerted
establishment “cover-up”, it was claimed last night.

The brothers will be told within weeks the findings of a Scotland Yard probe into new claims Diana was “murdered” by
a crack SAS hit squad.

The allegation surfaced after a former special forces sniper, known as Soldier N, told his wife that his colleagues had
flashed a blinding light into the car chauffeuring the Princess of Wales and her Muslim lover Dodi Fayed.

Officially, the investigation into her death in 1997 was never reopened – but last night a Metropolitan Police
spokesman confirmed detectives had finished a “scoping exercise” in the wake of the claims.

Alan Power’s book The Princess Diana Conspiracy, The Evidence Of Murder, was published days after it was
revealed the Met Police had launched inquiries into claims the SAS was behind the tragedy. He said: “My firm belief is
that the consequences of justice being done would be truly shocking, which is why this ‘scoping exercise’ will be
another cover-up.

“There was always a chance something would emerge – and that is exactly what happened with the statement made
by Soldier N that Diana was murdered in a special forces hit.

“Either way, the establishment will do everything to neutralise the truth and withhold it as part of another whitewash.
The people need for Soldier N to make a TV appearance and be questioned by those who know what to ask of him.”

In the summer, under pressure following the incredible claim that SAS assassins acted on direct orders from MI6, Met
Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe approved an examination of the allegations.
The Met crime and operations command “scoping exercise” was led by French speaker Detective Chief Inspector Phil
Easton. Up to 30 SAS veterans were reportedly interviewed.
Scotland Yard last night said: “The Metropolitan Police Service has scoped the information and will be communicated
to the families and interested parties first, before any further comment can be made.”

16 December 2013 Daily Star

Latest investigation rejects SAS involvement in Princess Diana's death

Scotland Yard said it had concluded its latest investigation but would make no formal statement before tomorrow.

Sky News said it had seen a letter from a senior officer which said there was "no credible evidence" the SAS was

It emerged in August that the police were looking at claims that the couple were murdered by a member of the British

Scotland Yard said it was ''scoping'' the information and ''assessing its relevance and credibility''.

It was understood the allegation was made by the former parents-in-law of a former soldier based on information that
the ex-soldier talked about in the past, according to a military source

It is believed the information was passed to the Metropolitan Police through the Royal Military Police.

Scotland Yard said in a statement tonight: "The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) received material on 16 August
2013 in relation to the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi  Fayed.

"The MPS undertook a scoping exercise to assess the relevance and credibility of that information. That scoping
exercise is now complete.

"Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley wrote to all parties and provided them with a summary report of the scoping

"In that letter AC Rowley made an undertaking that in order for them to consider the report, the MPS would not make
a formal statement until Tuesday, December17."

Sky News reported that the Metropolitan Police had said there was "no credible evidence" the SAS was involved.

The network said it had obtained a letter written by AC Rowley which said: "Whilst there is a possibility that the alleged
comments in relation to the SAS's involvement in the death may have been made, there is no credible or relevant
evidence to support a theory that such claims had any basis in fact.

"Having reviewed the exercise and its findings, I am satisfied that there is no evidential basis upon which therefore to
reopen any criminal homicide investigation or refer the matter back to the coroner.

"In light of this information, I have today also written to the Royal House and Lord Justice Baker informing them of the
above and providing a copy of the concluding summary."

"Hello Everyone

              I am quite sure people following my site will be some of the least surprised at this result as disappointing as it is
naturally; not as I say unexpected and least of all of course by me. The extent of the cover - up is enormous and this
result serves to prominently illustrate this fact!"

                                 Diana, Princess of  Wales
Diana arriving in
Paris, August 1997
Dodi Fayed who
accompanied Diana
to Paris.