Oct. 30 2013



"I having read 'Bodyguard's Story', albeit through Andrew's eyes, have decided to illustrate some of the points the book
makes  as they serve to validate things that I have said. Now of course some people might immediately think
Andrew read the book and  then falsified a channeling of me to pretend my messages were authentic...they might but for
the fact of the dates of the messages,  as my site being one documented in chronological order therefore disproving this
logical theory immediately. Andrew has not been allowed to read books about me until recently as it was not wanted
that he be influenced in anyway at all but now this permission granted as I say books like this one penned by the only
survivor of the incident of August 31st 1997 in Paris; Trevor Rees-Jones, authenticate the messages channeled to him
through me so read on and be pretty amazed!"
       Diana, Princess of Wales


"Trevor Rees-Jones had initially served in the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland and in 1995 he
applied to work for Mohamed al-Fayed as a part of his personal security team which he likens to being in the army but
with the difference that you never challenged the Boss even if thinking professional procedures were being
compromised, you learned the art of diplomacy! Trevor says the idea of bodyguards in suits and shades taking the bullet
for those they are protecting being pure Hollywood, common sense and planning are the weapons necessary to do the job

It was during the primary holiday in 1997 that I,with my boys, spent with Mohamed and his family  at their home estate
of 'Castel Ste-Therese' in St. Tropez, the south of France that Trevor first met me as he was our minder there. He says of
my boys "Cracking lads" and all called each other by name though Trevor addressed me as Ma'am.

He says how Dodi was unpredictable and he sensed that he and his father were close in their way but Dodi had to answer
to his father and I have said this reminded me of Charles who answers to his mother. Dodi, like Charles, never free of
parental controlling. Trevor mentions Dodi's girlfriend at the time Kelly Fisher being there but kept off limits but says he
never came into contact with her and she soon vanished from the al-Fayed scene but weeks later claiming to being
engaged to Dodi and set to marrying him on August 9th 1997. When the media had reported that I had throughly enjoyed
myself being with a normal family he had laughed as in his opinion normal families don't holiday with royals, own villa
estates in St. Tropez and own luxury yachts. He is right of course but I did enjoy the real sense of family that Heini and
Mohamed display, and of course Dodi, the son of Mohamed's first wife. Heini and Mohamed having four children.

Now Trevor confirms I had two further secret trips to Sardinia with Dodi following the St. Tropez holiday as this was the
last time my boys and I were together as on our return to London they travelled to Balmoral to spend the remainder of
their summer holiday with Charles and his parents and family members. On Friday July 25th 1997 he went with me by
helicopter to Paris for a dinner date with Dodi, staying overnight at the Ritz hotel, confirming what I have said of having
a meeting with Dodi the paparazzi never got hold of in the French capital city and six days later Dodi and I flew back from
London to the Mediterranean for a weeks trip alone on the Jonikal. Trevor saying he was so touched by a note from me
thanking him for looking after me and my boys in St. Tropez and Wills and Harry having added their personal messages
to him in the thank you note. He was looking forward to seeing me again as he thought I was lovely and, yes, cracking!

He tells of my having spent an evening with Dodi at his London apartment 55-60 Park Lane adjacent to the 'Dorchester
Hotel' that he accompanied me being driven back to K.P. --not in a chauffeur driven limousine but in a white Toyota van
so games of subterfuge were already being played out as it was now becoming known that Dodi and I were dating each
other. Trevor saying how to avoid detection as we approached the apartment he'd tell me to duck down and laughing at
the conspiracy of it all, I'd be on the floor of usually the white van taking me there undetected. He says Dodi and I both
addicts of our mobile 'phones and yet expected to believe according to the media no 'phones found at the scene of the
incident in Paris or amongst our belongings! I have of course said this being a load of B/S!

He saying how clear it was how smitten Dodi was with me that we each had satellite phones to keep in touch with each
other when on August 8th I flew to Bosnia to protest against land mines used there. He also confirms that when on the
Jonikal together one of us, and I have since said it was me, tipped the photographer Mario Brenna who was my murdered
friend Gianni Versace's personal photographer of our movements so snaps like the famous 'Kiss' photo could be taken! A
snap, worth $ 1 million, on August 10th 1997 the front cover of the 'Sunday Mirror' newspaper!

Trevor tells of Rene Delorm Dodi's butler flying into London from Paris to make sure, as it was clear Dodi and I would be
spending time together, that the background atmosphere was romantic and perfect in every detail so not something a
friend would do for a friend but adding perfection to a serious love affair! We spent time together at the al-Fayed home
estate of 'Barrow Green Court'in Oxted, Surrey which in the grounds of the Elizabethan mansion and its 500 acres of
exquisite gardens, today is Dodi's tomb.

On August 15th I flew to Greece for a cruise with Rosa Monckton and Dodi to Los Angeles to see Kelly Fisher who the day
before gave the press conference speaking about the 9th August planned wedding. Later under oath to the French court
Kelly admitting their relationship lasted until August 7th 1997. On August 21st Dodi and I were back on the Jonikal
together for what would be our final Mediterranean cruise.

The problem Trevor says was the need of secrecy with the al-Fayed's so the Captain of the Jonikal having an itinerary of
where he was sailing to and when but with them never any cruise plan details making security a nightmare as last minute
decisions taken or already thought about privately being made known to those responsible and accountable for them
being carried out successfully. Trevor with Alexander Wingfield being responsible for our security. He recalls a shadow
of press boats relentlessly pursued us but saying they too had a job to do and the best way to handle them was to not
make enemies of them but co-operate as far as was possible. He says I was laughing and joking all the time appearing in
one bathing suit and then seeing photographers disappearing below deck to change into another and looking stunning in
all of them which is appreciated by me and no mention of a tell tale bump which he would have seen!

Dodi however, he says, was not so relaxed being angered by the paparazzi pursuing us all the time, unlike me
accustomed to courting their attention and capturing it of course. As he says Dodi might decide one itinerary for the trip
in the morning but during the day alter it completely so the unexpected walkabout in Monte Carlo, Monaco happened.
Dodi and I, Rene, Trevor and Alexander, he remembers, all went for the stroll and how we ended up lost
with a signpost to France being ahead of us. How I was giggling at the absurdity of the situation that the most
famous woman in the world accompanied by her boyfriend, his butler and two security men was trying to find out where
she was in Monte Carlo at a bloody bus stop, trying to read the map in the evening twilight and loved the adventure of
Dodi's navigational skills leading to this happening! He says he does sadly realise how these rare moments of unplanned
freedom from keeping to an itinerary were something I relished in indulging in and he says
all closest to us often witnessed us kissing and that true romance was certainly apparent and let's face it on board the
Jonikal with us these people would know best, wouldn't they?

On August 29th it had been thought we'd be flying back to London from Sardinia where the yacht was moored at 'Cala di
Volpe' but in true Dodi fashion it was then decided by him we'd fly to Paris the next day and of course news to Trevor and
Alexander both were thoroughly annoyed as no on-the-ground planning had been made but Dodi had decided and so that
was that!

I will draw to people's attention that he says on this excursion into Monte Carlo at no time did we visit the
'Repossi jewellers' so calls into question the ring but says we did visit it on August 5th! Dodi insisted on
secrecy and he did not fully trust the Jonikal crew members, he already having dismissed the yacht manager for
allegedly leaking the news of our top-secret cruise to Sardinia in early August. Alexander Wingfield, though
thought the crew were thoroughly professional, did not trust them either. I will say this being so something so intimate
would not be something Dodi would advertise, it was a highly sensitive issue as I have said nothing like the
announcement of an official engagement would have been considered being made by us without my first informing my
boys about the intention of it! They having accepted Camilla's making Papa happy; I was pretty confident would equally
support Mummy's happiness! Also although Dodi made instant decisions, so by example our suddenly going to Paris en
route to London,  I had a say in things naturally and had I been desperate to be in London we would have been but the
boys were not going to be reunited with me until ironically August 31st and there was indeed the ring to collect from the
shop there!

We flew into Paris August 30th with no Sigma signal given to the airport, this alerts them that it is a state or V.I.P. flight
landing and I had not advised the British Embassy of my presence in France but the paparazzi were waiting for us and
tipped off we guessed by either their colleagues or members of the al-Fayed staff? Now it seems it might well have been
the fact we were being anonymously scrutinised by the security services the entire duration of the cruise and our
movements known. Trevor saying though we had made no requests for police security in the capital that he saw
motorcycle police standing by airport police, adding he guessing they were! From the airport Dodi and I with Trevor
driven by Mercedes by Dodi's regular chauffeur Philippe Dourneau and Henri Paul in the back up vehicle, a Range Rover
driving Alexander, Rene and our luggage. Immediately we were surrounded by motorcycles and sometimes two on a bike
so that the photographer could focus a zoom lens on us and he saw the escort of police outriders fall back at the
boundary of the airport. From here we went to the former home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor 'The Villa Windsor'
now leased by Mohamed and we were there about 30 or 40 minutes.

Then we went to the 'Imperial Suite' in the Ritz Hotel'. Trevor saying I had my hair done in the hotel's beauty salon as
Dodi drove with Trevor the few hundred yards to the 'Repossi' shop in the Place de Vendome, he deciding to drive
because he felt threatened by the paparazzi. Dodi did not tell Trevor what he did inside the shop, that he went in
alone, but he thinks arranging for the ring to be delivered to the hotel. He says again this was not, to his knowledge,
chosen and ordered in Monte Carlo on our most recent trip there. He recalls Dodi leaving with  a small 'Repossi' bag
though it having been reported the ring was delivered later. I actually having said I had my hair done as Dodi
went to collect the ring. It is a bit ridiculous to think he would visit there to only arrange for the ring to be delivered as
something like that much easier arranged by telephone! Alexander also already reporting that outside the Ritz were the
paparazzi, several scooters, several motorcycles and tourists gathering.

Trevor was then told that we would be returning to Dodi's Paris apartment in the Rue Arsene-Houssaye close to the
Champs-Elysee to dress for dinner and we travelled there in the Mercedes with Philippe at the wheel and he and
Alexander were driven by Henri Paul in the back-up Range Rover to afford us privacy. The security men asking the
paparazzi following us not to take photos at traffic lights and junctions and they did as requested. At the apartment the
paparazzi gathered there were aggressive but Trevor knew they had a job to do so seeing me shaken and Dodi angry he
told them to take their photos but not to stop us and hassle us. Now in the apartment Rene laid out Dodi's clothes
for the evening; a casual brown suede jacket, blue jeans, a fine-checked grey shirt and western styled boots and he says
confided his plan to propose to me to Rene and showed his trusted butler the ring--.a massive emerald surrounded by
clusters of diamonds set on a yellow and white gold band-- so for him to have the champagne on ice waiting. I changed
into skinny white jeans, high-heeled black Versace sling back pumps and a sleeveless top under a beautifully cut black
blazer, gold earrings and a pearl bracelet; a gift from Dodi. Trevor asked Rene where we were going but no information
from Dodi and eventually we left in the cars but Trevor and Alexander still not knowing the
destination as the reservation of a table at 9.45pm a at the 'Chez Benoit' restaurant made by the acting manager of the
Ritz Hotel Claude Roulet. Inside the car that plan aborted as being too public a venue and the decision to return to the

The mob waiting on their arrival and cameras everywhere and we engulfed by paparazzi as we ran for the door. Dodi then
he says let rip at Alexander having not secured us from this fiasco happening and he told him how could we organise
security when we are never told until the last minute where we are going to be! We found we were not able to eat in the
Ritz restaurant as diners were staring at us and so we went to the 'Imperial Suite' and he says he saw me crying thinking a
combination of being pursued by the paparazzi and being stared at in the hotel restaurant but what I will say is realising
that truly I was not able to live my life without the consistent intrusion of outsiders who would then report on this, that
and the other about me and what they did not know they'd fictionalise as stories about me guaranteed to make headlines
and sell well! What Trevor recalls about seeing Henri Paul briefly at the hotel bar, when he reportedly became drunk, is
that he was speaking English and his speech was not slurred! Waiting outside the suite for further instructions Trevor
and Alexander seeing Henri Paul very engrossed in conversation with
hotel staff so not inebriated and crashed out on a sofa in the hotel foyer then! Dodi called the hotel manager and arranged
for a third car to take us to his apartment, the cars used all day by us would be outside the front of the Ritz so we'd be
assumed to be using those!

Henri Paul told by Dodi of the change of plan from us remaining in the hotel overnight due to the paparazzi presence
outside it and that Dodi wanting him to drive us and we'd leave discreetly from the back of the hotel, the two other cars
leave from the front.  Dodi not wanting a bodyguard for us and this request Trevor refused to grant which might well
explain Dodi being agitated, well angry in the car as his authority was in this instance overridden by a staff member but
Trevor needing to do his best to protect Diana, Princess of Wales. As I have said I was in agreement with Mohamed who
had wanted us to stay in the hotel and leave the next morning but he was in England and we were in France! Though
Trevor was told Mohamed had agreed to us travelling without a bodyguard he did not believe it to be true and it wasn't as
I say. Dodi's plan had backfired even before we left from the back door, the staff entrance of the hotel on the Rue
Cambon as a handful of paparazzi lay in wait there and Trevor recalls Dodi and I, as seen on C.C.TV. cameras, smiling
and embraced waiting with Dodi having his arm around my waist as we're chatting with Henri Paul. He saying as a
security man if he had sensed any impairment with Henri Paul he would have stopped him driving anyone anywhere!

Flashbulbs popped as we walked to the back of the car, a standard Mercedes Benz S280 with registration number 688
LTV 75, and having no darkened windows or being bullet proof and in fact second hand bought for 114.666 francs by
Etoile the limousine company serving the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1994. The decoy car out front, containingg Alexander
Wingfield, left from the front of the Ritz, hoping to draw attention from us leaving by the staff entrance. Trevor confirms
what I have said that neither Dodi or I wore seat belts. The car left the hotel and was halted at the Avenue de Rivoli where
it then turned right and proceeded the short distance to Place de la Concorde. As Henri Paul prepared to turn left there
was stopped by traffic lights.  As we left the Ritz Hotel just after midnight on August 31st this is the point that Trevor says
he has no more memory and relies on witnesses like M. Bronin's evidence to tell more.

Witness M. Bonin says he saw at the lights a big black motorcycle with two people on it and the pillion passenger carrying
a camera and they were literally taking photographs continuously with a flashlight into the car. Interestingly to date no
photographic images from this rare photo opportunity were found on any of the film confiscated from the paparzzi
members who were arrested initially and held accountable for the incident, until this changed  later to blaming Henri
Paul. M Bronin then says he noticed there was a black car in front of the Mercedes which did not start blocking our car
from moving. Eventually we entering the tunnel under the two bridges the Pont Alexandre III and Pont des Invalides and
then heading for the tunnel under Place de  L'Alma and here Henri Paul intending to take the last exit before the tunnel to
get on to the Avenue George V which led straight to Dodi's apartment. Here it is a matter of conjecture what happened
but it is possible the exit was blocked by motorcyclists which forced Henri Paul to drive into the tunnel  but what Trevor
does say is that if he had thought Henri Paul was driving recklessly and dangerously fast he would have said something
and stopped him!


NOVEMBER 3rd 2013        DAILY STAR

                     FURY OVER DIANA S.A.S.'HIT' PROBE

The father of Diana's boyfriend Dodi Fayed who died in Paris with her;Mohamed al-Fayed has lodged an official
complaint about the police's probe into the claims that the S.A.S. were directly involved in his eldest son and Diana's
murders in the French capital city. One being investigated by the 'Professional Standards Department' of the
Metropolitan Police.

Mohamed is disturbed and upset by the fact that they have not kept him informed of the progress of their 'Scoping'
exercise into the truth of what exactly happened on August 31st 1997. The claims sparked off a new inquiry and led to
a full-scale investigation across the security services by new Scotland Yard.

The police did not tell Mr. al-Fayed that they were going to conduct the 'scoping' until it was publicly announced which
he feels to be unprofessional and unsatisfactory behaviour.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police saying " The M.P.S. is scoping the recently received information, looking for
new evidence that is credible and relevant. It is not appropriate to give a running commentary either on the progress of
an investigation assessment or a communication between the M.P.S. and the families of the deceased.

'Soldier N's former wife who submitted the claims regarding the S.A.S. involvement has herself gone into hiding in fear
of her life.

Nov. 5, 2013   Daily Star


It is newly claimed that British Spooks formed a top secret 'Hit Squad' to plot Diana, Princess of Wales's
assassination in the French capital Paris. The team known by the code-name 'U.K./ N. are alleged to have kept
tracking Diana's movements in the weeks leading up to the incident in France on August 31st 1997.

The existence of the hush-hush group carrying out 'discreet surveillance' was something revealed by Michael
Mansfield Q.C. at the original inquest set to determine the reasons behind the incident happening the early
hours of that morning but this evidence presented by him was never disclosed and has now been exposed in
documents detailing its content.

The squad were in Paris and included photographers, drivers, ex-servicemen and S.A.S. men. One member of the
paparazzi that followed Diana, Princess of Wales was a member of the 'U.K./ N.' which comprised of a small corps
of part-time M.I.6. agents who provide miscellaneous services to M.I.6. so by example 'surveillance'

The Pont de L' Alma tunnel selected as the perfect location because being an underpass less witnesses, involving
a crash it's concrete pillar ensuring serious injury or death. Had Diana survived her injuries very likely to have
resulted in her being severely brain damaged! The inquest rejected these claims of the squad's existence ruling that
Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed died as the result of the actions of their stand-in chauffeur Henri Paul who
was also killed in the 'Unlawful Killing'

Now 16 years later Bosses at the S.A.S. H.Q in Hereford are opening their confidential files and exposing to
police the hidden facts within them so detailing how many people of their operatives were in Paris at the time
of the incident happening?

Diana's Comment:

"I think it very interesting that though on the front page of a British newspaper the articles are not headlines
but are being recorded and I of course am not missing them, any of them! I am grateful to see that bit by bit
more and more is being exposed knowing of course there must be more not being reported which is even more
satisfying to me. There is never any smoke without fire so clearly something is happening with regards to the
exposure of what really happened in Paris, needless to say any killing is unlawful but Henri Paul clearly not
being at fault or no such new examination would be happening at all!

People needed someone to blame when the paparazzi accusations could not stick as there existed too much evidential
proof to exemplify them from any involvement at all but Henri Paul himself dead was the prefect choice as unable
to defend himself or be successfully defended. At the time Trevor Rees- Jones the only survivor himself gravely
injured and unable to speak and later to remember and in truth now fully recovered, much better for his health
that he doesn't and I am appreciative of this fact. Those responsible therefore saw to it that the cause of the
incident was conveniently switched from one scape goat to another and one that would serve to prove viable not
being able to provide evidential proof to counteract the claims made against him, so in this case Henri Paul!

The fact a video taken at the Ritz Hotel and other film footage as well as sworn statements by the two bodyguards
who witnessed him at the Ritz bar that night, Trevor Rees - Jones and Alexander Wingfield, saying in their company
he certainly was not drunk has been whitewashed but this would be expected! We are dealing with professionals who'
are proficient at covering their tracks and this including paying people off for their silence and bumping them
off if they step out of line! In one of my earliest messages I said "The incident made to look like an accident
was not as professional as it might have been!"

It is very telling that the secret files kept by the S.A.S. in relation to Paris are being shown to police, some
of them anyway, I would not imagine all and the fact that it has taken this new 'Scoping Exercise' to determine
this happening is questionable in itself as so too being the fact that they exist isn't it! Logically it would be
assumed any such incriminating and documented evidence would have been presented at the original inquiry and
particularly as that took so long to eventually be conducted!

So am I confident that the truth of Paris is about to be fully exposed and the answer to that being at this juncture
I would have to say no, not at all! There are still too many stones left unturned but clearly substantial efforts
are being made to turn them, so rather like the grass movement that Rose Campbell has always insisted will prove to
be the case and now I am inclined to agree; not that I want to of course! I want to see and indeed most desire
seeing those responsible for three people's deaths, innocent deaths and incurring the emotional loss upon their
families and friends pay the price for that and so not go to their own graves without having first been exposed
and suffering the consequences of their actions. Something I am adamant about, realising some might already be dead
and having therefore escaped the hand of justice being one laid upon them!                                                                         

With regards to the question then will this truth ever be exposed and in answer to this I would have to reiterate
what I have always maintained, so "Yes" but would still determine this being after the death of the current Monarch
when many things will alter as they need to if there is any hope at all of the Monarchy's continuance. My death
has played a significant role in these changes happening exemplified by my boys William and Harry; so something
therefore not escaping my attention; with neither of them personally liking, choosing and much less being insistent
upon being used; their official H.R.H. titles!"

                                    Diana, Princess of Wales
Trevor trying to shield his eyes and Henri Paul looking
startled and note how illuminated the interior of the car is!
Trevor Rees-Jones
There is no beginning
or end.

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a gift.