( An older precis which has been copied with the current comments of Diana, denoted by different ink color.)

Date Posted: 07-03-2005

"The establishment had done all it could to discredit me at every turn, wanting to be a "People's Ambassador" for the
country though thought of as a good idea and worthy of consideration by the "Prime Minister" was ultimately rejected. I
was called a "loose-cannon" when highlighting a worldwide problem, the result of which was successful and land mines
banned but this did not make me popular in certain powerful areas, sticking my nose in where it wasn't wanted,
something I was good at! I had a voice and being seen as non-political, one that was listened to, one that was heard and I
was not daunted to speak out about issues I strongly believed in and did so making me a problem! The most convenient
blame to attach to me though being one with no obvious establishment connection.I was involved with an Arab, it was
the absolutely perfect camouflage to set other actions in motion and albeit innocently I was of great assistance to them
in this area!

My behaviour as an unofficial Ambassador for the country clearly indicating I was anything but a " Loose - Cannon. My
polished qualities of being approachable, friendly and genuinely interested in their nations and the problems affecting
them affording me great success in forging strong and powerful ties with my hosts and hostesses abroad, by whom I was
consequently respected!

I was alternatively, as noted by my former Private Secretary Patrick Jephson who knew his Boss, the person as well as
the public persona, a clever and scheming woman who by example manipulated the press earning their respect as being
proficient as my own spin - doctor when it suited me or a situation called for it; hardly the actions of a "Loose - Cannon"
which implies that I didn't know what I was doing!

Quite to the contrary I was a strategist and my greatest strategy was to confuse the enemy and  so like a crab, true to my
Cancerian nature, I moved sideways and attacked in a similar vein,rarely was I upfront which is why I always say to
people that with me invariably there is a need to read between the lines and therefore was aware certain actions and
involvements of mine would indeed ruffle powerful feathers, which of course they did !

In "Paris" Dodi and I had been trailed by the paparazzi all day even whilst viewing the house that we were considering as
a possible home for us and at his apartment had decided to eat out at my favourite restaurant in town but due to their
presence this had to be changed as we knew that they'd ruin the meal for us and so we again returned to the "Ritz"  and
an intrusive and un-welcomed photo-call eventually escaping into the hotel foyer. Foolishly thinking things would be
comparatively quieter there, we went to eat in the hotel's main restaurant but all eyes of the other diners on us as we
entered, we left deciding  to eat upstairs in the suite.

Outside the hotel the pack had gathered, we having been made to feel like hunted animals, not pleasant at all, making a
public nuisance of themselves and clearly not going to go away,  threatening the security of the hotel. I was flying home
to the boys in the morning with lots to tell them so was anxious about the situation outside but Dodi wanting us to return
to his apartment for our last night in the city. I did not want to go and his father also had advised us to stay put and safe
but Dodi insistent, plans were made for our departure, the atmosphere tense, I would say bordering on panic.

Henri-Paul called in on his night off to drive us because of his expertise and knowledge of the capital which we knew was
necessary in the event of our being followed by the pack eager to pounce on us. At this point I will say that I as basically
a non-drinker being therefore extra sensitive to alcohol would have smelt it on a driver and not got into a car, much less
be driven anywhere by a drunk one and Dodi and I as well as bodyguards paid for our safety have noticed him unsteady
on his feet had this been the case, which it wasn't! Very easy to plant an agent in with the paparazzi, in the night in black
leathers and helmets don't all motorcyclists look the same?

Following the incident one of them or a member of the rescue team called to the scene was to be seen to be reaching
inside the car to check on Dodi's pulse or perhaps a trained assassin proceeding to immediately break his neck; after all
he'd  be trained so know how to do this in a second, wouldn't he? How convenient also that a regular French Doctor just
happened to be driving in the opposite direction just after the incident and apparently injected me in the car before I
was taken from it to the ambulance...injected me with what I wonder ? Out for the evening with a friend, so I assume a
stand - in for him on call, I am quite amazed he having his medical equipment with him at all but have been told in truth
that this is common practice among some involved in the medical profession.

He also, reported as apparently assuming that I was going to make it yet, hasn't to my knowledge anyway made too
much of a song and dance about the fact I didn't! In his position something I'd alternatively have most certainly done as
it directly calls into question an immediate opinion; a verbalised medical diagnosis being questionable which could
therefore jeopardise any subsequent diagnosis made by him, could it not, something I'd have imagined as a Doctor he'd
have personally been determined to stop from happening for the sake of his professional credence and reputation if
nothing else!

Dodi and I got into the car and in the rush did not put seat belts on, strange for me as usually whether passenger or
driver, it was the first thing I did but my mind was elsewhere, focused on getting to the apartment as safely and quickly
as possible as well as the excitement of seeing the boys again next day.

In the car there was tension, Dodi clearly agitated as I was and we were followed by a motorcyclist  in spite of decoy cars
in front of the hotel, obviously someone had been tipped off we'd be leaving via the back entrance. I remember a car
hitting the back of us as we entered the tunnel causing us to swerve violently and then overtaking us and further on
sudden brake-lights and Henri-Paul seeing that if he didn't brake, we'd go straight into the back of the braking car,  
slammed our cars brakes on and then a motorcyclist, I presume the one we'd lost on the way sped past us but shining the
most intense bright white light into the back of the car and then the front directly at Henri-Paul which of course
momentarily must have blinded him!

I had faced enough cameras to realise this wasn't an ordinary flashbulb! So as well as our car swerving, its brakes
jammed on causing us to skid, our driver was blinded and so not in control...we were going to crash and did! My final
thought, a simple one "They had got me!"

I personally having been shown official military equipment including a strobe light which fired a beam of equal
intensity, the other effects from it being discussed in another precis but making it a pretty lethal weapon when handled
professionally. I have also researched information on the Mercedes Benz car itself including consulting with a reputable
Mercedes dealer in Germany who assured me ( Meaning Andrew of course as this was not the findings from a seance
connection embarked upon ! ) that the car was fitted with the special braking system and would logically have faired
much better against even a Fiat Uno Turbo model. It is interesting to see the photo on my site of a car speeding past the
newly wrecked Mercedes so clearly before it was removed from the tunnel and it's driver therefore seeming to be totally
oblivious to the crashed vehicle he passes. The fact no people are seen present in the photo so rescue teams,
ambulances, police cars etc would seem to suggest therefore the incident having just happened, since the car wreck was
transported away from the scene directly its occupants were removed from it so that the tunnel could be professionally
cleaned and disinfected to be open for the same morning's rush hour traffic just hours later as opposed to its being
sealed off for thorough examination as might have been expected to happen !

Finally for someone who carried at least one, and usually more actually, mobile ' phones in her bag, so at least one with
her at all times so my boys could contact me primarily of course, not one reported found on me and neither on Dodi,
Trevor or Henri - Paul...very odd and especially when it's reported that Sarah ex-Duchess of York having heard the
initial reports of my being alive though seriously injured, was frantically calling me that same night to be there for her
friend "Duch" !

Date Posted: 06/02/10

"Hello Everyone,
                          I am as people are beginning now to realise a strategist who plays to win and capable of holding my cards
close to my chest when it is appropriate I do so, exercising diplomacy when its given to prove necessary and
alternatively of course giving invaluable information and insight therefore on a needs to know basis.

                           Charles first spoke of his adultery with Camilla  two years prior to my admitting my affair with Major
James Hewitt and yet it was my  November 1995  Panorama Interview that provoked Her Majesty to insist on our
divorce a month later; having for years lived separate lives, ours being a marriage only in name! So then why did her
eldest son's open confession two years prior to mine not provoke the same response from her?

                             The answer a simple one: infidelity being no stranger visiting the House of Windsor.  Heads not rolling as
a consequence of this happening, as in centuries past, with all Monarchs deemed being above the law as by their  
position recipients of all-encompassing legal immunity. After all, a bit awkward to put them to trial in their own court
and I have always said that the truth about things will be exposed after the death of Her Majesty. Nevertheless I
subsequently  facing the executioners block myself following the interview being given by me!   I was after all the
outsider married into the family and always remaining so naturally, so never consequently finding myself being fully
embraced or accepted by them and very aware of this fact. (Something both of my boy's ladies best realise although of
course both William and Harry will I am sure do all they can to protect them.  I would hope so anyway.) Nevertheless I
was proving myself to being a force to be reckoned with and something had to be done to stop me, but what exactly?
What measures could be taken to shut me up?

                                  It was an action promoted by Her Majesty to take as it was, albeit conveniently assumed anyway,
because I had been seen to have  publicly questioned my then estranged husband's ability to rule, which served as the
perfect excuse to begin the process therefore of getting rid of me. People might recall at this point that Charles and I, as
his parents, attended William's confirmation in 1997, our last time seen publicly together as a family in fact. They can
surely then therefore deduce from this fact that whatever differences Charles and I might have had in the past that we
were friendly and cordial with each other and not therefore then being something indulged in by us purely for the boys
sakes. In fact on an engagement he'd often pop in on an impromptu visit to K.P. to use the loo (Lavatory for the U.S.
visitors to my site) and the boys more often than not being at school.

                                        Had he two years before believed I had been publicly questioning his being capable of carrying out
his mapped-out destiny I am quite sure as a Scorpio, particularly so with a proverbial sting in his tail, would indeed not
have been so personally accommodating of me! ( Read about the character traits of this star sign.)  He also, remember,
argued with his own immediate family members in regards to collecting me and bringing me home to our sons from Paris
being personally determined to do so; honouring his ex wife and the Mother of our children as well as overseeing the
organisation of my subsequent funeral!

                                           At the time of the interview nothing had been decided regarding formal divorce though naturally it
having been something given serious consideration by us both. In my saying I saw the role bringing serious limitations
to him and not being sure he could cope with that I was  intonating the fact that as King he might have to consider, in
order to maintain his people's respect as well as that of the constitution of the Monarchy, retain his Queen privately as
well as officially ( If I'd been given title upon his coronation ) and the Mother of his direct heirs a and getting rid of his
mistress to avoid a scandal similiar to the Wallis - Simpson scandal of his Uncle, which haunts the royal family to this
day and necessitated a royal abdication, changing the course of history in its directly affecting it to the extent of which
that Her Majesty is in fact Queen !

                                          As I said during that interview I was a problem and when suggested I be packed off quietly
somewhere by the interviwer Martin Bashir, telling him " She Won't Go Quietly " which is exactly why it is indeed the
perfect title for my channeled book.  As here on my site of course my endeavouring still to prove the reality of this
statement, so too publicly determining its accuracy.

                                            I will also say at this point the interview itself being one I organised secretly; so Her Majesty only
being made aware of it too late to prevent its happening, having not even shared its doing so with my immediate staff
like my Private Secretary Patrick Jephson and therefore resulting in his formal resignation. I as well giving the rest of
the staff the evening off to avoid snoops.  Indeed even all efforts made to prevent its being aired miserably failing,
proving fruitless to their great consternation and embarrassment I'm sure and again determining to them the power and
influence I had!
                                                The reason for the divorce being called for as a direct result from the interview was, I'd imagine,
in an effort to lessen the people's focus of attention upon me, perhaps not initially of course as scandal sells and a Royal
Divorce hard to top as scandalous but in the eventuality that given time and space I'd be forgotten about ( as hoped to be
anyway).  As absurd and out of touch this opinion might seem to have been,  one very clearly illustrated in its having
been equally imagined that the people would have been content with my funeral being a quiet family affair !

                                                 On the one hand whilst being fully aware of course of my public popularity, the Royals reading
the newspapers, watching television, listening to the radio as well as personally being subject to advisors keeping them
updated on things  on the other hand choosing to remain blind to its reality. After all I was succeeding in upstaging them
most of the time with relative ease which placed them all in a pretty uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing position
and particularly my being the non - royal, the outsider as I say !

                                                  Coupled with the fact I was associating myself with causes and concerns which though as keenly
aware of them as I was, they alternatively having personally chosen or alternatively perhaps advised to ignore.
Although I have to say that the Princess Royal's work for the "Save the Children Fund" being tremendous and something
gaining great respect from me, our personal differences aside. We didn't like one another, hardly surprising really being
so very different in character! I even joking to friends that she might be Philip in drag. Goodness knows what she said
about me but I wouldn't imagine its being anything more savoury !

                                                      In my supporting these causes though I was becoming political and exposing things that had,
until my personal intervention in them, remained hidden. Once exposed raising a lot of questions to be asked and
inciting a lot of red faces to be seen within even Her Majesty's government.  I am quite sure it was realised therefore in
this I would continue so making me a powerful and dangerous enemy as I might easily determine public opinion and
ultimately succeed in dismantling the Monarchy; so a very real fear!

                                                           In giving the interview, my pretty much determining for those who knew me and so
consequently of course knowing to read between the lines with whatever I said that I was up to my tricks. In my
blatantly  drawing attention to something, so a topic I wanted mentioned, but then in a prime example of my game - play
denying having had any personal association with it, in this case my public denial that I had indeed played an
instrumental role in the Andrew Morton book. The contents of which I knew would evidently prove being extremely
damaging to the Monarchy and still to this day repercussions from it being something keenly felt. My brother in his
eulogy to me saying that one of my greatest gifts was my intuition, which I used wisely!

                                                    The Monarchy subsequently having lost a lot of the respect that it once held being seen to
have treated me so appallingly. Camilla, in spite of now being married to Charles, not proving to be liked and even
acceptable to a great many people in the Kingdom that he with her by his side is set to rule which is extremely
unfortunate for them both naturally! Frustratingly though those most personally affected by the books revelations
being unable to prove my having had any personal association with it at all, something they would have determined my
having had as illustrated by much of its accuracy but in full knowledge of the fact, as I was of course,  that convincing
the people who imagined the persona "Diana, Princess of Wales" being real being something impossible for her to do.  In
the people's eyes, Camilla known about since his open confession of adultery, my husband being publicly seen as an
unfaithful cad who never loved me and alternatively their "Fairy Tale Princess"  never entertaining doing something like
this...being far too saintly and angelic! ( Seen as  )  

                              With love from,
                                                      Diana xx