My Personal Letter to You...


  Now before I begin this letter to you, nothing can be proven to support it other than people taking my word for it or
listening to those who know Andrew personally but what I find quite incredible about my site and what is the greatest
proof of all that this channeling is very real being the fact, by example, I am I would imagine by my Higher
- Self or even Source.. to take a topic and in this case the French Doctor who first attended me and make some pretty
barbed suggestions about him.  

 After all he is viewed by many as having been a good Samaritan figure in the early hours of that morning but then to
discover on the net that he has been the subject of questioning by others as the factual addendum is seen to prove.  
(Seen in Factual Precis on Thoughts on Paris page 3, above Rose's comments.)   How amazing and fortunate for me
otherwise it might look as if I was just being very unkind and thoughtless and worse questioning someone's credibility
whilst not being able to offer any kind of information, evidence to support my claims! People now might believe I am as
shrewd now as I was in life !

  It is time now for me to take a much harder line on things which means re- examining things I have previously said
and whilst not changing or denying them, certainly elaborating on them and proving the very real need of people to
read between the lines with me. This begun by me in a recent message in the Current Messages Area of my site.

  Some people of course might prefer to imagine,  it being more comfortable for one thing of course, that Andrew finds
a factual precis about the Doctor in question, in this example, and then fuels it by donning his tiara, heels and Catherine
Walker gown and Diana speaking her bit!  Sorry, drag doesn't suit him and the man has morals and honours them,
especially having complete compassion for my boys whom he'd never emotionally hurt or harm in this way which is
why in 2000 he was inspired to write to Wills to tell him about the channeling; so five years before my original site was
even thought of.  A site that was created within the same week it was something given serious thought to doing to show -
case my book!

     Andrew is not someone who sits on things, an impulsive Sagittarian. He actually finds this impossible to do if it is
something within his personal control which of course global recognition and a personal promotion of my site isn't ... he
didn't know me personally in he waits as I do for someone who did and with the balls actually to stand up and
say so appreciating the need for them first to be interested enough to do their own personal homework about it ;
something easily accomplished by communicating with him incognito. He's hardly going to try to sell the story is he;
knowing doing so he'd almost certainly lose the support and promotion gained naturally!

    For those who might wonder is he doing this for the money? Well I'd not be speaking through him at all were he so
mercenary, enough of that kind of experience suffered by me in life, thank you. Personal betrayal isn't something
written in Andrew's copy book and I trust him with secrets, something I ordinarily learnt the hard way not to do with
people in life, finding myself in a hornets nest most of the time in one way or another!  Also of course those who knew
me will know it's me just by instinct actually, so not needing words of explanation even if not believing in something
like this being possible; being unable to deny it...the little things I say, the inferences I make which as I say those who
knew me will recognise so therefore the person and not the public persona.

   Also Andrew comes from wealth, he had the chauffeur when aged 4 years old to drive him to birthday parties when
his father worked for the British Establishment in K.L. ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) and most recently in 2005
celebrated that years birthday on board the Q.M. 2 for her Winter Caribbean cruise, so money does not serve to
impress or entice him.

    He inherited from his parent, no siblings, and shared this inheritance with someone he wanted to give the
opportunity of a new life to and with no strings attached as Andrew is openly Gay but corrupting people, taking
advantage of them in this manner,  not something on his personal agenda as this person will one day verify themselves.
Andrew's generosity alternatively being something taken advantage of by them as witnesses to the fact can likewise
verify; but for now a need to take my word for it as it is not the time or place for a karma to be healed. Karma used to
infer like everything in life being for us; an unavoidable part of our destiny.

       Andrew of course pledging to fund three hospices in my memory with the funds raised by the Diana Work; so when
it is known, albeit through Andrew, that I do have a voice and Diana Speaks as after all once proven there will be a
global audience waiting to hear from me...that's guaranteed...and my agenda, albeit necessitating it to be in my head at
the moment, is full as people would expect, I'd imagine ! "
               With love from,
                                Diana xx

 "Now listen to me read my book or read my channeled messages again and I am sure some of those secrets shared with
Andrew already will be seen or  felt, to be much more apparent as otherwise this is all a waste of my time and his, as well
as of course Rose's and anyone else who has been involved in the work, and people likewise having justification
therefore to question everything; so hardly the most sensible an exercise to have been embarked upon in the first place
as if so to achieve what exactly ?

   Andrew to be seen as a nut job and wind up being the most hated person in the world for being so sick; mentally ill to
dream up such an appalling travesty as to pretending to have a connection with primarily my boys adoring Mother and
the audacity and cruelty to then have personally ensured that they be made aware of fact that he does ! It's pretty
apparent with his appearance on the YOU TUBE he isn't in hiding and with so little reaction from those who have the
authority to assist him and to help me therefore to prove " She didn't go quietly ",  someone faking this would have no
doubt given up the ghost by now !"

A Candid Viewpoint From Diana.

" Hello Everyone,

                   I think the vast majority of people worldwide actually are in agreement that the events happening in Paris are
rather suspect. Andrew being a traveller has of course friends from all over the world so therefore a statement made by
me with authority. In life I always did my homework on any subject I tackled as part of the course and to ensure that
my actions carried weight. Part of the problem actually, had I been less informed and ignorant I might well still be alive.
Knowledge is power as I have said and power more often than not threatening and so consequently frightening.

                      In 1995 when I shocked even people in the Media with my candid revelations exposed openly and so
publicly of course during the Panorama Interview could be seen by some to have been treason, in centuries past a
crime punishable by death ironically enough' given by me in 1995, I was dead in 1997! Therefore allowing for there to
be an official Royal Separation followed by divorce and the subsequent loss of Official title and security protection for

                         It is a view that I decided myself to dispense with the latter and in answer to this I will say in keeping
security with me I knew meant my retaining spies in the camp as it were so something initially agreed upon by me so
with subtle pressure but alternatively I was shrewd enough to realise that without any protection at all, I was an open
and vulnerable target so consequently not something I invited being so ultimately no; but my attempts to regain it
proving to be unsuccessful !

                           Once divorced from the Prince of Wales I was left in no doubt at all  just where I stood in their eyes, that I
was considered an unofficial royal and losing the title ostensibly meant that I would on paper anyway have to curtsey in
the presence of lesser royals than I had been and the thought of this personal humiliation of me I am sure brought a wry
smile to certain faces in officialdom. Needless to say that it is not something that happened of course ever, rarely in fact
did I make a point of associating with them !

                             My boys were very much the exception to my rule naturally and as people would expect this hands on
Mummy to insist they were and indeed remained. In this their father supported me which is something I remain most
grateful for his doing as it was powerful support afforded me by him naturally !

                              I have said previously on my site in 1995 I signed my own death warrant in giving the televised interview
to Martin Bashir but I refute those who say it was of the most stupid and foolhardy things I could have done.
Alternatively it was something necessary to do, to be open and honest about things which have since proven
themselves being the reality! Charles married now to the third person in our marriage making it rather crowded at the
time I spoke about it and other things known by the Media but they gagged to go public with them and therefore
protecting those most personally affected by them; so meaning Charles and I perhaps ?

                                No, not at all actually! Charles  I am sure appreciative of the honesty coming from me, it lessened the
guilt he'd been given to feel for one thing hearing me saying how I'd adored James, Major James Hewitt of course as
he'd been similarly candid himself during his interview with James Dimbleby; people might remember during it came
his open confession of his adultery with Camilla! The protection of who then you might be wondering ?

                                 Well, those who are seen publicly to run the show of course, as with any production albeit behind the
scenes, the actors and actresses directed and produced to speak their lines of script and give life to their role - plays,
doing their best to convince their audience that the characters being portrayed by them in film and on stage are real ! In
our individual interviews both Charles and I determined ourselves to be seen as being so, honest I mean. Royal
interviews alternatively being something rarely given at all except by my boys of course which explains in itself why
this is so, they being our sons ! "        

                                   Harry himself having said publicly that he is personally unsure if exactly what happened in Paris on
August 31st 1997 will ever be known, so he then indicating that he has not swallowed the official verdict which is
marvellous to know as it means he will be less shocked at revelations yet to be exposed which is something as his
Mummy I naturally worry about as both my boys having suffered enough in losing me.

                                    However, it is vital that truths are exposed just as they were by me regarding A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. and
of course through my personal intervention in the land mine issue. My boys would personally expect nothing less from
me so consequently I am obliged to not disappoint them which is reason enough for me to publicly draw attention to
them at the appropriate time although of course much has been said intentionally by me already on this site.

                                     The back door approach, so contacting the Media my brother and friends of mine in life has not
proved in being successful at all, so the only alternative for me is to therefore be upfront and direct about things and
openly express them and naturally my personal site on the net being no better place than for me to be so.

                                       My personal site being one that houses Informative precis in the Factual Area by example that no
longer are found to be existing on the net. In the event of it's suddenly being shut down the content of my site is all
recorded and protected  and Andrew deliberately having let himself be seen publicly so on the You Tube and known to
channel me in the event of something happening to him which he is consequently already aware could happen. A hit and
run incident making him another road casualty victim, something said as an example and not as a suggestion!
                                     Clearly the truth will have tremendous and powerful repercussions altering people's lives and
perspectives on things which explains why it is not timely yet that they be told. I have it on very good authority, so
meaning from a number of sources actually that a deliberate block has been put on things as they being seen to be far
too incriminating to be exposed publicly! This is fear again playing its part in this but soon time to face the fear I'm
afraid but of course in confronting a fear initially serves to primarily systematically dis-empower it and consequently
ultimately destroy it; so objectively something important and necessary to do. The fact that it is seen to be too sensitive
an issue even now to be examined serves to determine it involving hidden elements which speaks loudly enough in itself
does it not?

                                         I am quite sure as there is indeed a story here, so financially proving to being cost effective, I
always sold papers, so that journalists and editors at one level or another must be cursing at the fact they dare not go
anywhere near it; instructed not to do so of course by those who control them and consequently fearful therefore of in
doing so inciting litigation being brought against themselves as well as the publication they represent and losing their
jobs! The same equally true for those involved in radio and television as they too facing a quite similar dilemma I am
sure. Integrity being proved questionable for one thing !  

                                          As an example of this indeed being the reality, I have experienced myself; having personally
approached a certain publication offering what could be determined to being somewhat powerful assistance to them in
promoting a subject matter they adhere to exploring, the concept of the reality of the existence of the " After - Life
"resulting in my being ignored ! How ironic is that ?

                                            On the one hand I am appreciative that this attitude serves to determine that it might be
something at least considered to smack of authenticity as opposed to being ridiculed but on the other disappointed that
people are consistently proving to me how gutless they are!  In this example even denying their own personal beliefs or
those they'd have their readers believe they uphold, to maintain the status quo of things but questioning their loyalty to
those very beliefs they promote themselves as to having!

                                          " Talk is Cheap... Actions Speak Louder Than Words... Practice what you preach " being things
alternatively they perhaps ought to seriously consider remembering ! After all once everything is all exposed in the
light of day, I will likewise be exposing their identities, so consequently enhancing the reputations of some whilst
calling into question that of others as I am after all Diana !

                                             Diana, Princess of Wales