Date Posted: 06/02/10

" Hello,

  I fully realise that to believe that I am speaking, albeit channeled through Andrew of course, is extremely hard for
many people to imagine possible whilst for others an impossibility. To which I would ask people to think of the "S.S.
Titanic" believed to be unsinkable until  her maiden voyage proved this assumption so tragically wrong !

 Naturally the Media will be sceptical and cynical, they are paid to be so. By example my journalist friend and now
Royal Correspondent for the Daily Mail, Richard Kay, when sent by Andrew a sample of my channeled book read by
me on my site sent an email back saying he didn't believe a word of it! Richard himself having been one of the last
people to speak to me in Paris that weekend wrote about that conversation and then retracted what he'd said. On my
site, amongst the information documented here, the original document can be read as it would be expected to be found
on my personal site on the net. Did his attitude regarding my book disappoint me ?  Yes, of course it did,but did it
surprise me? No not at all, quite to the contrary in fact; exactly what I would expect it to have been from someone
involved in the Media and particularly of course a Royal Correspondent. Treason would not look good on his future
job applications after all, now would it?

   I have already said that publications serving to prove the reality of life after death even compromising the very
ideologies they promote in refusing to even hear what I might have to say in regards to this which is pretty ironic, is it
not? Perhaps an Editor or publicist will offer them personal feedback when they receive their own one-way ticket or
do return if that is part of their destiny to complete?

     The mainstream Media on both sides of the Atlantic tackled but all ignoring the communications but even in
responding seen to be communicating with an ex - dead princess so perhaps the most appropriate strategy for them to
adopt?  Thus in the U.K.  BBC ... ITV ... Channels 4 and 5 having been contacted and specific programmes like
"Richard and Judy".  In the U.S.A.  C.N.N. and N.B.C., as well as programmes "Oprah" and "Montel" amongst others.   
Likewise radio stations have been approached and, as I say, having ignored us; not to mention various tabloids, serious
newspapers and magazines in both nations doing the same! A lot of red faces then in the future and I do hope full of
sincere apologies to me, as well as of course to Andrew and Rose, as they will be owed !

     On a more personal level my boys, my brother, and Mohamed al - fayed personally contacted, so not really
something Andrew would have entertained in doing were it not all incredibly real and he knowing this; being confident
enough to pitch himself upfront in such a predominant way whilst recognising the dangers involved in doing so. Again
real not imaginary ones; as anyone seen to have the power to upset the status quo of things often discovers being the
case for themselves albeit a little too late naturally!

    I personally though commend his bravery as he has already found himself ridiculed and insulted on many websites
and ironically enough on ones dedicated to preserving my memory!  This systematic character assassination hasn't
daunted him from continuing with the work he is obligated to do which is quite something but a coward would not have
been chosen to carry such a responsibility on their shoulders! People close to him already know the sacrifices it has
cost him and I do not infer financially, though he has also funded a trip to Ohio, U.S.A. for a series of seminars held
there which drew nothing like the crowd I personally would have most hoped for. However the audience in attendance
there seemingly convinced they had indeed been in my presence which was somewhat gratifying to know and shown
when afterwards shaking Andrew's  hand saying "Hi Andy " and still whilst holding his hand saying " Hi Diana".  None
of them released on away day outing from local mental institutions, to my knowledge anyway!

    A film shown at Cannes Film Festival being extremely telling; one already banned in the U.K. prior to its public
release which is pretty telling in itself. They called for Andrew, consequently flight and hotel accommodation in a
secret location paid for him by them. Film companies are not known for spending out on hoaxers and fakes to feature
in a serious project undertaken by them and particularly those specifically aimed at removing people's blindfolds and
seeing the reality as opposed to fantasy and fact as opposed to fiction !

      Read my site cover to cover; every section. Listen to all the pod cast interviews with Rose Campbell as well as my
book and then, and only then, may you be the judge and hopefully a non - corrupt one. Enough said I think ! "

   Thank you for listening to me,
                                                Diana, Princess of Wales.

(Another response letter, below, to the above precis:)  

Hello All,

The many interviews on Diana's site, conducted with Rose Campbell through her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis,
were very numerous a few years ago, and covered a lot of subjects. So much ground was covered, including Paris in
1997, that it is quite natural that the interviews should become less frequent now or else they would become
repetitious, covering the same ground over and over again.

Voice messages from Diana are still posted on the site at Christmas and also in reaction to certain world-shattering
events, or when things change in the immediate circle of her friends, acquaintances and family here on Earth.

As regards the latter category, the greatest proof that this is real and it is indeed Diana speaking through Andrew is that
none of those people who knew her in life, many of whom Diana has contacted personally through Andrew, has
publicly declared him to be a hoaxer, to demand the messages and personal contacts stop, or to try to get the site
closed down. This is very significant, especially in regard to her boys and the Spencer family. Would they seriously
remain silent whilst someone on the Net was impersonating Diana and insinuating all sorts of things, such as that she
was assassinated? On the contrary, William and Harry seem to respond to their own Mother; Diana's messages on the
site (the Diana birthday party, their relationships with their girlfriends, etc.) and indeed Andrew received a warm letter
of thanks from William's Private Secretary for a message he sent. Someone who knew Diana in life actually advised
Andrew to put Diana's posthumous book on her site, so that too is proof they believe it is Diana communicating. Even
Earl Spencer has not come out and said: 'someone is ringing Althorp pretending to be my dead sister' and he was
always a skeptic about the afterlife.

I would imagine litigation would be taken against Rose and Andrew if these people who knew Diana in life thought it
was just an impersonation by a hoaxer or someone who was deluded into thinking they were in contact with Diana's

So their silence speaks a thousand words. Short of publicly saying Diana is to be heard on her posthumous Internet site
speaking through Andrew, they could not have better confirmed that it is indeed her speaking and communicating in
this way.

As to why the media haven't latched on to Diana's site even to denounce it as a 'hoax', well I would imagine they have
been sent a government 'D' notice on the subject. These notices are issued to the Press, TV and radio news
departments to tell them to censor news about things the government of the day doesn't want broadcast. If attention
were drawn to her site, even as a 'hoax', millions of people would start listening to the podcast interviews, and this is
the last thing the Establishment wants. Imagine the uproar which might ensue just about Paris with people demanding a
proper independent investigation after hearing and reading all the podcasts and precis on her personal site. Then there
are the comments about the future of the Monarchy which the Establishment would not want millions to be aware of.
The two put together would be quite explosive since the message would be quite clear: the People's Princess was
assassinated because she was damaging the institution of Monarchy with her campaigns and her private life.

Millions might then start thinking about this archaic institution, and how it makes political puppets of the Royal
Family, complete prisoners of the Establishment which seeks to control their every move and utterance. Step out of
line and they are swiftly dealt with. This doesn't just apply to Diana, Princess of Wales but every other royal personage
who has been an embarrassment or stepped out of line. Though not necessarily murdered, they have been effectively
shunted aside and ignored. The Duke of Windsor and Princess Alice being cases in point.

Love and best wishes,


" Hello again Tony,

       Thank you so much for writing such an invaluable letter which draws prominent attention to so many points
worthy of serious consideration albeit controversial naturally, as would be perhaps expected proving myself of course
being in my supporting and being a public voice for causes which once exposed, shocked an ignorant public rather
upsetting the status quo of things in explosive fashion as, of course, intended !

       As I said during an interview with Rose I was a problem and what do you with a problem ? You get rid of it
eventually one way or another and the only way to shut me up was to bump me off, simple as, but as my site serves to
prove I'm still around. So I suppose I still am a problem which must be dreadfully frustrating for some people but I
also said in life that I saw myself as a " Messenger " so I am obligated to continue with my work until everyone gets the
message and this being  ... " She Won't Go Quietly ! "

         With love from,
                       Diana xx
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