Date posted: 03-04-10

" Hello Everyone,

                  A week ago Andrew wrote to the official Royal Site of " Clarence House " so the official London residence of
"H.R.H. The Prince of Wales" and the boys. An email informing them about the existence of this my personal site on
the net. Inspired to do so of course by me as I felt, though my being aware of the fact it was something previously
known about naturally,  it necessitated being brought to their attention.  Not being something given to have escaped
their personal awareness of it existing on the net I am quite sure as I am equally sure being the case with the
"Buckingham Palace Offices" so the official London residence of "Her Majesty". In informing them about it, showing
them that no cloak and dagger tactics are being practiced by us and told to them now upon its completion. From time
to time messages of importance like this one by example being added but in the main it stands completed.

                     Prior to this happening a number of emails forwarded to Mohamed al Fayed via his P. A . at Harrods to
likewise ensure upon they're being received and so too written to the attention of  my brother's P. A. at Althorp.   I
even spoke an answer - phone message for them deliberately; so they have evidence of my contact and also
something if inclined they can use to determine authenticity with by way of comparing voice - prints by example.

                       What I find even more odd though is a contact made more recently still to a journalist advising him of the
site. This done privately to his personal email as opposed to via a tabloid which will find themselves duly instructed to
ignore correspondence from me as being too sensitive an issue. I am appreciative of the fact that acknowledging it
they might consider far too awkward to do. One reason being that in replying they could be determined to be seen
believing it which could then lead to all sorts of repercussions and the other that in doing so inviting upon themselves
litigation from those who control them. So as I say this journalist was contacted privately and by example had there
been a response, I would not be drawing attention to this fact here now but there has been no response at all and what
makes this all the more strange is the fact Andrew gave this journalist his personal telephone number, information
likewise also forwarded to both Althorp and Harrods so for Mohamed al Fayed's attention.

                         So what do I personally deduce from this lack of a response ? Only one thing actually, it is more than
probably believed to be real or else I am quite sure Andrew would have been contacted by one or all those connected
with indirectly by email or personally and directly by telephone. Tony, a loyal "Diana Disciple" a term meant
affectionately, having previously said of course that were it not something being given credibility, it surely would
have been ridiculed or slandered somewhere publicly which it hasn't been unless the Royals themselves as well as
tabloid editors and journalists glean the Diana Tribute sites on the net of course where they will find pretty ironically
enough, my having been banned from them !

                             I have to say I find it incredibly sad that even having imparted such invaluable personal information to
use to  determine or at the least to investigate things since as by nature journalists are investigative; that they or in
this case this man fails to do so or indeed invite any colleague to have done so!  I imagine after all he will have spoken
about having received the email as it isn't everyday emails are personally received from "Diana, Princess of Wales" or
even come to that someone suffering from such severe delusions of grandeur to imagine themselves channeling her.  
Anyone seriously looking at my site would immediately come to realise, overwhelming evidence becoming apparent
to them consequently having done so of course, to substantiate this not being the case ! So then I am left to wonder
why the lack of response and to ask is it fear or ignorance ?

                                       With love from,
                                                          Diana xx

Date posted:  09-04-10

" Hello,

       When interviewed for the "Panorama" programme and asked what I saw my future as being following the official
separation, making my public role uncertain, I answered saying ... " People's agendas changed overnight. I was now
the separated wife of the Prince of Wales, I was a problem, I was a liability. How are we going to deal with
her ? This hasn't happened before."

      I was still welcomed by the Media of course as I sold well, so was lucrative fodder material for them but by the
Palace I found myself very much viewed upon and treated as a second - class royal, being rarely invited to official
royal functions which was so disappointing for me.  ( I say this smiling ! ) Finding them a stuffy lot for the most part
and totally out of touch with the real world that I personally made it my business to involve myself with in a hands on
approach which was quite alien to them. Rarely was I seen wearing gloves in public!
         My tickets for travel though, by example, downgraded to business class. It's known of course Her Majesty
resenting the fact an aircraft of her flight being used by Prince Charles to bring me home from Paris to bury me.
When I travelled abroad the National Anthem never being played on my arrival at any destination but having heard it
a million times somewhat of a relief to me on the one hand but a powerful snub as intended of course on the other. I
was, closer to home,  deprived of staff which is why as a lady - in - waiting my eldest sister Sarah, and girlfriend of the
Prince of Wales before me, was often a stand-in for them which I really appreciated her doing. Also, from royal
souvenir shops at "Balmoral", "Windsor Castle" and of course "Buckingham Palace" all Diana Memorabilia duly
dispensed with. Undermining me in any way they could was the name of the game and particularly from speaking out
but undaunted by this doing so on the "Panorama Interview" and why I did not tell anyone about it in advance, it
would have been stopped as I know is deliberately happening now with my words. It isn't because it is not thought to
be me speaking, albeit channeled through Andrew of course, much more likely it being due to the fact it is seriously
wondered if it just might be...there being then a very real fear as to what my agenda might be in doing so?

               The royals themselves do consult Mediums so have an avid but discreet interest in the paranormal. It was
through Sarah and Prince Andrew, so the former Duchess of York and her husband the Duke of York, that I was
introduced to my primary astrologer Penny Thornton ( someone who proved so instrumental in helping me
personally heal ! ) as an immediate example of this. So I am sure a source they rely upon will have been consulted to
determine if indeed it is me speaking or not and easy for them to do of course with my website on the net, my
speaking to Rose in a series of "After - Life" interviews as well as candid things spoken about by me throughout it;
including my book in which I tell of how I saw things as only I could, things others have written about ! So therefore I
sense history repeating!

                   I fought back against those who tried to silence me powerfully in entertaining U.S. talk show hosts of
acclaim, so people like Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters at K.P.,  and deliberately attending functions sponsored
by Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harpers knowing this meant intense media coverage, photographs which speak so much
for themselves as well as they're writing about me so keeping me in the headlines which I knew would rile certain
people and that made me all the more determined to do so. Having a naughty giggle imagining their faces as mine
stared out at them again at the breakfast table, immaculately turned out and sporting a cheshire cat grin, attending
some function or another. Equally a reason why although my humanitarian instincts drove me to involve myself in
my charity work and particularly most latterly of course highlighting the Land Mine Issue, this also as well as bringing
worldwide attention to the genocide taking place in Angola and Bosnia, alternatively meant personally guaranteeing
me gaining global press attention so standing centre stage leaving the royals in my shadow somewhere in the wings...
which appealed to me to do tremendously, naturally!"

                     Thank you for listening to me,

                              With love from,
                                                        Diana xx

Date posted: 09-04-10

" Hello Everyone,

                   I have always said that the truth about things will not be made apparent until after the death of Her Majesty
but I think upon reflection they might become somewhat more revealing after that of the Duke of Edinburgh who I
sense will die before her, though not quite yet! I've made no secret of the fact and it is very well documented how he
and eldest son Prince Charles can't stand one another.   Earl Mountbatten ( Uncle Dickie ) was surrogate father to
Charles, whom he greater understood. Philip, in contrast to his eldest son, is a male chauvinist who consequently
lacks sensitivity and this something he makes quite apparent in his openly racial slurs not caring who he offends in
making them; to British students in China by example saying "If you stay here much longer, you'll get slitty eyes!" .  
He called Dodi "An oily bed-hopper" to dinner guests at a private function; so clearly was not in favour of any
relationship developing between us, which of course the events happening on August 31st 1997 in Paris saw that  it
didn't!  It is also worth noting that all the Royal Private secretaries are publicly educated, so by example from Eton
where of course the boys attended school, and those who are not still members of the "Old boy's network" so none
being black or asian.

                      Prince Philip is born of the generation in which men were expected to be men so it has not been easy for
him to walk in the footsteps of, and as protocol deems it actually being officially seen to do so two paces behind his
wife; Her Majesty coupled with the fact their children having taken her surname and not his. He had been happy in
pursuing his Naval career with ideals of becoming an admiral when her ascension to the throne necessitated him
losing this and never having held a meaningful job since being ostensibly subjugated to a woman all of which has left
him pretty bitter naturally.

                       A character publicised not to keep his political views to himself in spite of his being married to someone
who takes key decisions about her Kingdom's government. By example after the "Dunblane Massacre"  ....
( On March 13, 1996, Thomas Hamilton, 43, left his home in Dunblane, Scotland, with only one thing in mind --
murder. At about 9:30 a.m., he drove to the Dunblane Primary School with four handguns and more than 700 rounds
of ammunition. Hamilton burst into the assembly hall, where a class of 5- and 6-year-old children was having gym
lessons and opened fire. He first shot at several of the teachers. Hamilton then turned his guns on the frightened
children and shot at them as they tried to scramble to safety under chairs and inside closets. Hamilton momentarily
stepped outside the gym into a hallway where there were other classrooms and open fired again. Several more people
were struck down before Hamilton returned to the gym and began shooting again. He then put the gun into his mouth
and pulled the trigger. He died instantaneously, leaving behind a ghastly trail of death and devastation. The brutal
rampage left 17 people murdered, including one teacher and 16 children. )
 Prince Philip publicly opposed
government policy to massively reducing the number of guns in private hands saying " If a cricketer for instance
suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat which he could do very
easily, I mean are you going to ban cricket bats ?" Several parents of the children murdered said they found his
comment deeply upsetting! This example clearly illustrative of the mercenary character he is!  It being somewhat
ironic considering that the Duke of Edinburgh is "President of the World Wildlife Fund" that he caused uproar in the
1960's having shot a tiger, a crocodile and a rhinoceros!

                             Contrary to what might be believed, and indeed has been reported, there being no love lost between us,
would I honestly be expected to have nursed a healthy relationship with someone so directly opposed to my husband,
even after our official separation and divorce? I am also very aware of the influence he has had upon our eldest son
Prince William. I again urge people to see the film "Queen" which gained actress Dame Helen Mirren an Oscar as it is
one that is extremely telling! I will also say that, albeit my being channeled through Andrew in a documentary film as
yet unreleased, when posed with the question " Do you have anything to say regarding the accident in Paris Princess
Diana?"  my answer being " What accident ? "  An interesting interview following so no wonder then this film having
been shelved at the moment; certainly I would imagine until after his death as he does have powerful connections as
well as influence in a number of strategic areas !

                                            Diana .