Murders of teenagers in London this year

Jan 13: Isschan Nicholls, 18, stabbed when youths clashed in Bow, East London
Feb 19: Olukorede Fajinmi, 17, stabbed outside cinema in Beckton, East London
Mar 4: Jessie Wright, 16, strangled in Islington, North London
Mar 25: Sofyen Belamouadden, 15, stabbed in gang fight at Victoria station, SW1
Mar 27: Godwin Lawson, 17, talented footballer, stabbed as he walked home in Hackney
April 3: Aliza Mirza, 18, stabbed in neck in Manor Park, East London
April 14: Agnes Sina-Inakoju, 16, shot in takeaway in Hackney, East London
April 18: Wesley Sterling, 16, stabbed at birthday party in Croydon, South London
April 23: Charlie Wright, 17, shot in face in Greenwich, South London
May 5: Nick Pearton, 16, chased and stabbed by gang in Sydenham, South London
Zac Olumegbon, 15, ambushed by four young men at Park Campus School West Norwood.

" Hello Everyone,

Last year in London 29 teenagers lost their lives in senseless youth killings and most ostensibly "Knife Crime", meaning
29 reported cases gaining the Media's attention, and goodness knows how many more went unreported. Above a list of
those reported as having been victims of Youth Crime already this year 2010 ! Those apprehended by the police and
currently being held on suspicion of being responsible for Nick Pearton's death numbering six and the youngest being
but 14 years old, so a year older than Harry was when he attended his Mummy's funeral in 1997.

Naturally I am aware these statistics and more will be seen elsewhere in the world, London not being alone in it's being a
violent city, not at all no, but I am using it to illustrate just how destructive man is becoming and shockingly at such
young ages.

Gang warfare is on the increase and that's fact and things likely to escalate rapidly as by example the Sydenham gang to
whom Nick belonged will seek revenge on members of the neighbouring Brockley gang responsible for murdering him.
This goes without saying so hopefully the police are alert and vigilant. On this note as I, albeit through Andrew, tried to
warn a tabloid of the London bombings of 2005 and found myself ignored and ridiculed, likewise a friend of Andrew's,
Adrian, tried to tell police last year that violence would be increasing and was also ignored in spite of having excellent
intuition and so I am sure able to assist in determining just where that violence would be stemming from.

Adrian ignored as I say; with Nick from south - east London the latest victim of the violence warned about. Being a gang
member himself of course, it might as easily have been him involved in the murder of a rival gang member, this feasibly
cannot be ruled out naturally, but it wasn't! Who suffers now...his family members naturally, he lying fatally wounded
in his Mummy's arms before dying shortly after having been taken to hospital. An experience that woman will never

I have said it before and I now say it again: National Service which operates in most of Europe ought to be re - instated
in the U.K. and sooner as opposed to later. Hopefully something the newly elected government might look into
happening as whilst it will not solve the problem completely, it will certainly assist in lessening youth crime anyway. As
opposed to war as I was and so still remain I see it as the only alternative as clearly these young boys thrill to violence,
so let them fight as men and see then how they fare, those who are not killed themselves in action of course, but even
dying engaged in fighting for their nation is preferable to being victim of a trophy killing by a rival gang. I am quite sure
as cold-blooded as this sounds, there have been no tears shed by the Brockley gang members, that's the reality. Quite
the opposite in fact, alternatively I'd imagine anyway it's having been a cause for celebration and that is how sickening
this world is becoming! For those proven to oppose war, which clearly gang members would not be seen doing, a years
working for the social services being equally made compulsory so that immediately gives those youngsters frustrated at
not being able to secure employment and finding themselves drawing state benefits would alternatively be occupied and
feel useful as opposed to useless. As I say this system works on the continent so as part of the E.U. why ought the U.K.
to remain the exception to the rule with the devastating consequences I have spoken about resulting most directly from
this fact?

The excuse for it's having not been re - introduced including being the expenditure involved is easily solved if, by
example, the expenditure on the Royals themselves was lessened considerably. Selling off a palace or two perhaps, as
after all how many can be lived in at any one time and yet all maintained in their absence which is quite ridiculous and of
tremendous cost to the tax payer. Has the family suffered so much in losing the royal yacht, by example? It sounds
radical and extreme and I fully realise this but it would be a means of being seen to support the people they, by tradition
anyway, are set to rule. As people know I am personally in favour of the Monarchy being dismantled completely after
the death of Her Majesty knowing personally how destructive a system it is for those confined by tradition into
upholding it, a mapped out destiny I certainly am not  welcoming of William following!

Personally knowing my boys would much rather embrace a feeling of normality into their lives. They will always gain
global press attention being "Diana's Boys" naturally so why ought they to be held personally responsible for the
continuance of something clearly archaic and which no longer commands the respect it once held or indeed the
attention it once gained? Times have changed, people's agendas different and their personal perspectives dramatically

 Addressing now an issue which needs commenting upon:  Why are the U.K. Police not themselves armed? A truncheon
and handcuffs hardly a deterrent to knife wielding, base - ball bat holding gangs of youths/ thugs as well as those with
firearms! The excuse of being that in they're being armed, what message does this therefore carry to the populace, one
of condoning gun crime perhaps? No, not at all! As the criminals themselves are more often than not armed, this
alternatively making things more balanced and the knowledge of a policeman having a handgun on his person somewhat
more of a powerful deterrent. Certainly therefore something to seriously consider doing I would have thought. Again
something on the continent already implemented within the other Police forces. Naturally there will be the occasional
trigger - happy cop, there is the exception to the rule in everything, but statistics abroad show this is indeed a very rare
happening so not therefore a viable excuse to add to the argument against arming the British Police force.  

Something clearly needs to be done seriously to lessen youth criminality for as clearly as things stand the system is
failing. William, in his speech about his being involved in the Military, said how it inspired a feeling of comradeship and
instilled discipline. An improvement therefore on the undisciplined comradeship displayed by gang members out just
for the fun of it to revel in the sickening glory of having been victorious in making a killing! Perhaps actually capital
punishment being brought back might also be something worthy of great consideration in doing, certainly though
something at the very least surely up for serious debate ! "

Thank you for listening to me,
                                                             Diana .

Another Sad note:

Marcin Bilaszewski,19, was stabbed to death after trying to protect his girlfriend from a drug-crazed stranger as she
celebrated her 18th birthday. Marcin a Polish construction worker who has been living in Britain for five years was
travelling on a bus with about 25 friends when they started being pestered by the man. His girlfriend, Anna Betlinska,
asked the attacker to leave them alone - but he became angry and started to hit her as the group got off the number
254 bus, Marcin tried to intervene as they alighted at Finsbury Park train station in North London this last Saturday
night ( 10.05.2010 ) but drug crazed attacker, black and thought to be in his 30s, pulled out a knife and stabbed him.
The teenager collapsed in a pool of blood as his friends were preparing to take a tube train into the centre of London
for a night out. He was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. Mr Bilaszewski is the 11th teenager to
be murdered in the capital this year and the eighth in less than seven weeks.In the aftermath of the killing, Scotland
Yard chiefs are expected to hold urgent talks about how best to deal with London's resurgent knife culture.