Rebellious Royals


Diana's eldest son inherited his late Mother's rebellious streak. William at his preparatory school of Ludgrove gained
the permission of both his Headmaster, and more importantly his father, to be known as William and he to this day
resents being called Prince. It is well known he does not use his official H.R.H. title as similarly neither does younger
sibling Harry. William whilst being educated at Eton, the school his younger brother also later attended, told his
father H.R.H. The Prince Charles of Wales that he wasn't comfortable remaining an heir to the throne, he wanted out
of this responsibility. The Prince of Wales asked William to consider the repercussions this would mean to the
institution of the British Monarchy. The Queen and Prince Philip were shocked to learn of William's personal
reticence in following his mapped out destiny which is exactly what the Queen told Prince Charles to impress upon
his eldest son. It was not something he had a personal say in and Prince Philip blaming his eldest son Charles for his
weakness as a father nurturing such an irresponsible attitude to the traditional role in his eldest son William.

William is quoted as saying " A lot of people think I'm hugely stubborn because I want control over my life. If I wasn't
stubborn I could so easily be pulled in one direction or another because I have so many people telling me what I
should and should not do. If I don't have any say in my destiny then I end up losing complete control of my life. I don't
actually like the idea of that. I could actually lose my identity."

William really enjoyed the personal freedom he gained in attending St. Andrews University in Scotland where he also
met Catherine Middleton, now his official girlfriend for many years. During his time spent attending university he lived
anonymously, able to shop locally and operate casually unhindered by an intrusive press and curious public. William
grew to resent the press, and most particularly the paparazzi, being witness to seeing his Mother in tears often as a
direct result of them hounding her and reporting on her every movement. Too young to realise that with the press
Diana played a cat n' mouse game, courting their attention and inviting it personally one moment and cursing it in
the next.  An image of Diana angry or tearful face easily earning them £ 30,000 when it was sold and reproduced in
newspapers and magazines globally. Two books specifically detail the relationship indulged in by the princess and
paparazzi "Dicing with Di" and "Diana and the Paparazzi" produced by two paparazzi members who regularly stalked
her:  Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders. Another book detailing the relationship indulged in by Diana and the Media
and worth reading being  "The Princess & The Package" by Michael Levine. Initially following his mother's death
William was in the company of others blaming the paparazzi!

William's father understands the tedium of the role William is so set against continuing: the pageant and ceremony,
the fawning advisers and courtiers and never ending stream of people, staff, politicians, Heads of State, members of
other Royal Houses that he must always show concern and goodwill towards and a keen interest in. He also being
aware that todays era is one where the Royal Family itself is not as revered and respected by the people as it once
was. Many in the current economic climate seeing it as being costly and unnecessary and appreciates how it dictates
the lives of the people it most immediately affects often to their personal detriment as by example robbing them of
enjoying a private life.

William following in the tradition of Royal males is now involved in the military and a shrewd move to be so on his part
as this means that for many years he will not be able to honour performing official Royal duties and obligations.
William has apparently also noted how members of other European Royal Houses conduct themselves less formally
so consequently are more directly involved with the people they officially rule. It is likely therefore that William as
King would do all in his power to drag the British Monarchy into the 21st century feeling at this time it's being archaic
and little changed since the times of Queen Victoria.


His elder brother being a future King, Harry was as a small boy often ignored by people and his Mother Diana
recognised this fact and having experienced rejection herself as a little girl from her two elder sisters knew how this
felt and did all she could to ensure that in her eyes her boys were equally loved. In fact Diana made sure Harry got a
lot of personal affection, kisses and cuddles from her. To gain attention from people Harry misbehaved and was
rebellious, feeling ignored, and wanting and needing to be the centre of attention. Both parents wanted their children
to grow up leading as normal a life as possible so not having private tutors but attending schools, mixing with other
children, visiting their homes and having them visit the boys and competing in games and sports and all the school's
activities. With 2 years between them William, aged nine,already behaving in very adult fashion and Harry enjoying
being naughty. Diana once saying William might look like her but he has the "Windsor" blood running through his
veins while alternatively Harry is a definite Spencer, even with the red hair as seen with Diana's eldest sister Sarah.

Aged fifteen, so two years after his Mother's death, Harry was smoking cannabis and drinking and deliberately mixing
his drinks. His father became concerned and gave him a pep - talk and Harry was grateful his father didn't read him
the riot act or make him feel foolish by indulging in these harmful addictions. Charles had alternatively pointed out
the dangers of them to Harry and the fact openly caught could lead to his being expelled from Eton. A heroin clinic
was contacted and father and son visited it speaking with addicts whose lives had been ruined by their drug
addictions. This had a deep personal impact on Harry who realised taking drugs was a fool's game. However the
media got hold of the story and printed in the "News of the World" newspaper that Harry indulged in drugs and drink.
He wrote a letter apologising for his antics bringing disgrace upon the family to his grandmother; the Queen, and
sincerely apologised to his father. Harry still enjoys a drink or two but not to excess and in the same inspiration
perhaps saying he might still privately enjoy a spliff sometimes.

In September of 2002 in an interview Harry spoke about his personal mission in life and this being to keep alive the
work conducted by his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales. Harry was tremendously proud of her achievements
and said "She had more guts than anybody!" He posed for a photo session with Mario Testino a few days prior to his
18th birthday, the same photographer who took the very last official photographs of Diana, captured in a book that
became a best seller. Harry admitted he was no scholar and so with no university education being an option for him
the alternative being a career in the military, something in which he has subsequently excelled. Initially leaving Eton
and going to Australia, there enjoying being far away from home, authority, the Monarchy, thus royal restrictions,
and the British newspapers. In Australia one of his friends there told him he was the 'Rebel of the Royals' and Harry
was chuffed at this believing that his mother would be proud of him having the courage to stand up against and
refusing to accept the dull and boring life that the Buckingham Palace flunkies wanted him to lead. His memories of
his mother including hearing her tell an official courtier comments like "Fat chance" when having been informed that
the Queen expected her to do this, that or the other thing, resenting the interference in her life.! Harry believes he
has inherited his strong aversion to authority from her and enjoys personally embracing it. He also remembers
Camilla, H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall's, his father's 2nd wife's personal complicity in the destruction of his
parent's marriage. Therefore he is personally less accommodating of her than his elder brother and is consequently
distant from her, often referring to her as being the "Bitch". The fact that she and his father are now reported to be
living separate lives, and having been doing so for a few years already, inspires no show of sympathy from him but
alternatively a cheeky smirk!

In Lesotho, South Africa Harry founded a charity "Sentebale" meaning " Forget - me -Not " witnessing poverty first
hand as his mother had done and building up personal relationships with orphans infected with H.I.V. playing football
with the younger ones, and privately as his mother used to do, crying genuine tears knowing the personal plight they
faced. He knowing many would not see adulthood. Harry has a personal affinity with Africa and has said were he not
Royal he would be more than content being a Safari Guide. His regular girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, being a native of

This is a relationship that has been on and off, even reported last month to being off again. The British tabloid "News
of the World" reported that Chelsy, 24 yrs, dumped the 25-year-old Prince, a second lieutenant in the Blues and
Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry and is returning to her family in Zimbabwe to start a legal career. "They
have not split up -- News of the World jumped the gun," a source told a U.S. Magazine. Harry having known for some
time that Chelsy would be moving back to Zimbabwe. There is no getting around that  fact right now. What the
newspaper failed to point out being that Harry who has already served in Afghanistan begins an Apache Attack
Helicopter conversion course next month and that continues for eight months and then there is a further eight
months at the RAF Wattisham base [in Suffolk, England]. They would not have been together much even if Chelsy
had been staying in the UK. Though their time apart could cause some strain on the relationship, "They'll try to make
it work because they are committed to each other still," the source reported. "Both have careers to think about, and
it would be crazy for either to make sacrifices at this age." "We do not comment on Prince Harry's private life." has
been the official Royal comment released in regards to this.

In keeping with his rebellious nature it infamously known that to a fancy - dress party Harry chose to wear a German
desert rat uniform, (General Rommel's Africa Corps) which might have passed without incident had it not had added
to it by him the Nazi S.S. Swastika insignia badge which caused immediate controversy. A ferocious outcry worldwide
with politicians, pressure groups and religious leaders all queued up to criticise him and his unfortunate choice of
personal apparel and newspapers insulting him with headlines like crass, stupid, insulting, appalling, shameful and
insensitive. ( Andrew's Note: On a personal note I live in Germany but I am not seen as the Englander by all my
friends here who are German. I experience no sense of personal prejudice at all, quite to the contrary. In the 3 years
to date I have lived here feeling welcomed and embraced by the community. However I was shocked to see how still
prejudiced the British Media are, even drawing attention to the fact the National German Football Team is comprised
of members of mixed races, one parent only being a German National and saying how in Nazi times, during the Third
Reich this would not have been allowed. Yet the British Football Team including black and mixed raced players with
no such comments made here in the Zeitungs! German schoolchildren here taken to Dachau and other
concentration camp sites to witness the atrocities committed there, to view films and to discuss that dark page in
German history as opposed to as I was taken to on school trips... the London Zoo.  Harry made a public apology in
regards to his choice of fancy dress costume declaring their being no intent on his part to insult, ridicule or demean
those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis, or to the families who survived. The Nazi's were a political party that
not all Germans themselves supported and those who openly voiced they didn't as likely to find themselves and their
families shot!)

The Royal Family have learned to accept Harry as a keen sportsman, being an excellent polo player and a
professional and confident on the ski slopes, as well as a born rebel who finds himself in scrapes and courting
controversy but who wants to live his life rebelling against the restrictions placed upon him simply because he is a
member of the British Royal Family. Clearly he is his mother's son and so very proud of it which is something he
ought not to be criticised for.