Posted: 11-9-10
                                                                              Catherine and William

                                                Kate Middleton appeared in public for the first time in more than three months
                                                yesterday as she and William attended his friend Harry Meade's wedding.

                                                Speculation that the Royal couple are about to announce their engagement
                                                 was fuelled when they walked through the porch of the church together.

                                                They usually arrive at such events separately to avoid being photographed
                                                side by side.
                                                 A source at St Peter and St Paul's church in Northleach, Gloucestershire, said:
'When they turned up together and went through the front where there were obviously photographers, no one could
believe it. It's very unusual and very significant.'

Yesterday was the first time that Kate, 28, had stepped out with William since July 10, when she watched him play
polo at the Beaufort club in Gloucestershire.

Sources say she has been kept in the background ahead of an engagement announcement. In recent months Kate
and William, also 28, have been living as man and wife on the island of Anglesey, in Wales, where he is training as a
search and rescue pilot.

Friends say they are 'road-testing' married life. Yesterday was the eleventh wedding of friends that Kate has
attended in the past five years – seven of them with William, her boyfriend of eight years.

Senior courtiers have expressed concerns that Kate, who has watched most of her girlfriends start families, could be
'the next Camilla'.

But friends insist an engagement announcement is imminent and say they are privately 'as good as engaged' - it is
just a case of making the announcement public.

William, though, is said to be reluctant to do so. Aides say his focus is on his military career and having 'as normal a
life as he can for as long as he can'.

Last week The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Royal Mint is making a commemorative coin in anticipation of a

The mould of the coin, featuring William and 'Catherine' is in the early stages of design. Several caterers and
events organisers are also known to be compiling plans ahead of an announcement.

When he does eventually marry, William wants to stay out of the limelight and is said to be keen to continue living on
Anglesey where he and Kate enjoy peace and quiet.

'No one bothers them in Anglesey. They are left to their own devices and they love the freedom and nature up
there,' said a friend.

'They plan to make Wales their home for the next couple of years.' St James's Palace said: 'Only Prince William and
Kate Middleton know what their plans are.'

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(Side note: Friends point out that she has never been called Kate in private by her family or people who are close to
her. They usually call her by her full name, Catherine. The name Kate was used by the media when Catherine
Elizabeth Middleton's relationship with Prince William became public in 2004.).


Another Article about Wills and Catherine

There's a sense this is the beginning, we may as well get used to seeing Kate in the royal arena,’ royal expert Ken
Wharfe, revealed. ‘As if this were a rehearsal.’

Now it’s thought an engagement announcement could come as soon as Christmas, although we won't be hearing
any wedding bells unless William has asked the Queen’s permission first.

In keeping with tradition, it’s thought the young royal will have to request a private audience with the Queen, and get
her blessing before a formal announcement can be made.

‘Even though Wills and Kate are unofficially engaged, asking the Queen's permission is an important traditional step
for William’ Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine told the Mirror.

‘It is unlikely he has done it already,’ she said, adding there 'probably won't be an announcement before Christmas,
but they’ll get married soon after.’

It’s thought the pair already have several dates in mind for the nuptials, which are expected to take place next

As SPECULATION grows over when Prince William and Kate Middleton will announce their engagement, I learn of a
series of meetings at Clarence House which have been taking place between royal advisers to discuss “wedding
strategy”. One of the sensitive subjects on the agenda of co-ordinator Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who is the prince’s
private secretary, is how fully he is able to brief the Spencers, the family members of William’s late mother, Diana.

I hear that it has now been decided to include William’s uncle, Earl Spencer, and his aunts, Lady Sarah
McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, in the discussions, which at this stage principally involve which dates are
available in the royal calendar

Chief topic on the agenda is not when an engagement will be announced – as well-informed speculation is that
William will seek the Queen’s permission over the Christmas holiday – but “possible windows in the diary” for a royal
wedding, which would usually take place within six months of an engagement.

Although 2012 has been tipped as a potential date, William has been advised it would be too busy for a royal
wedding because of the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June. However next year’s royal diary is less
congested, although it will be Prince Philip’s 90th birthday in June. Also, it would have been Diana’s 50th birthday
next July but that anniversary is not likely to affect any wedding plans.

Prince William’s aides have always refused to speculate on a wedding date, although privately they acknowledge
that systems are already in place for when Prince William tells them he is engaged. Protocol dictates that after the
Queen grants permission, her private secretary has to inform the Prime Minister; only then can the engagement be
announced by Clarence House.

A senior royal source explains that the reason why William’s staff have called the meeting to discuss the logistics of
a forthcoming wedding is that they “don’t want to be caught on the hop” when William decides he is ready to
announce his girlfriend (who will be 29 in two months) is, finally, to be his bride.

“We honestly don’t have a date, only William knows and, given the way he keeps things close to his chest we will be
kept guessing up to the wire (a pointed reference to the Prince leaving it to the last minute to tell courtiers of his
decision to join the RAF full-time).

Diana's Response:

" Hello Everyone,

                 This is of course speculation so whilst I cannot be as excited as I will be when it's officially announced never
the less it is giving me very good reason to smile because I am seeing, as well as sensing, my eldest boy is happy and
this means everything to me naturally!

                    I am aware not everyone feels Catherine, as she prefers to be known and has publicly said so but been
ignored, is suitable for him but I have felt she is perfect  for him from the start! I think as his Mummy I'd know better
than by example Royal Correspondent James Whittaker who even suggested it might be good to see him embraced by
a " Sheila " during his recent solo tour of Australia. This didn't happen as William behaves rather differently to other
members of Royalty which is extremely refreshing !

                       Here on my site I personally advised the couple to take time to really get to know one another but
alternatively when they split I was also encouraging of Catherine not allowing the grass to grow under her feet waiting
for a man who perhaps didn't love her as she'd easily find someone who would, this lady is a catch. Naturally being
overjoyed when they reunited !

                          A native Capricorn, earthy, determined,intelligent, independent and as we all can see very pretty,
Catherine must, I feel, also be extremely naturally nurturing as this quality I personally know would be one Wills
would most greatly cherish! I wish them both lasting happiness in togetherness ! "

             With love from,

                                Diana xx