Posted: 11/16/10

Prince William and Catherine Middleton's engagement
was officially announced today at 11.07 am by
Clarence House and will dominate the front pages
of the newspapers tomorrow.

The Official Statement

"The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.

"The wedding will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will
be announced in due course.

"Prince William and Miss Middleton became engaged in October during a private holiday in Kenya. Prince William has
informed The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince William has also sought the permission of Miss
Middleton's father.

"Following the marriage, the couple will live in north Wales, where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal
Air Force."

"Hello Everyone,

Firstly I want to say a warm Congratulations to the couple. I am so happy for them both as I have always felt Catherine
was the lady for Wills and have said so on pod casts here on my site and most recently have been playing the role of P.A.
for her in precis in the Current Written Messages area; as well as of course on the most recent pod cast recorded
yesterday so the day prior to this wonderful news being announced closing it with a wish for their happiness in
togetherness! They are perfect for one another; Catherine has to be pretty special to have gained and kept William's
attention for eight years. It being rumoured he became smitten with her when she
wore the racy dress in the photo walking the catwalk at a fashion show at St. Andrew's
University where they both studied and subsequently met back in 2001.  
William has given Catherine Middleton my sapphire and diamond engagement ring
and I hope that she enjoys wearing it as much as I did.

There was a brief spell spent apart by them but I in this instance understood that whilst William was not then ready for
commitment he should not expect his lady to wait around for him and so was pleased to see that as hard as it might have
been for her she refused to allow the grass to grow under her feet and continued her social life. Thankfully, as I advised
my eldest to do here on my site, he saw sense and wooed her back...successfully. I really for this, and a number of other
reasons, firmly  believe he and Harry both know about my personal site, take notice of it, and most importantly of
things I have said, and sense therefore that it is Mummy speaking.  Incidentally the Royals themselves do consult
psychics and so I am quite sure will have been assured this channeling of me is authentic and unique to
Christian in the
manner in which it happens. I have told him that I made no provisions for a back - up knowing he is fully capable of
handling the job that needs to be done and to date he hasn't let me down proving his having total and complete loyalty
to me.

 A little background I feel being necessary so my eldest son's future wife Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born 9th
January 1982 in Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading. Catherine is the eldest daughter of Carole  a former air hostess and
Michael Middleton a former flight dispatcher for British Airways and eldest sister to Pippa and brother James. The
Middleton's have their own highly successful children’s party ware business begun in 1987 and appropriately called
"Partypieces". Catherine  was raised in Bucklebury, Berkshire and attended St. Andrew's School in Pangbourne,
Berkshire followed by Marlborough College in Wiltshire before attending St. Andrew's University, Fife in Scotland
where destiny led her to meet her Prince!  

There have been negative press speculations and reports made about the longstanding relationship engaged upon by
Wills and Catherine and questioning particularly her personal background.  St. James Palace unable to intervene and
offer any kind of  assistance and support to her and upon her families behalf; The Middleton's themselves remaining
diplomatically quiet but I firmly agree with this statement added below. (The statement made by a friend of the family.)

  I am quite sure neither Wills or Harry would marry anyone royal, titled or not, that they didn't truly love given the
personal experience both of them were subjected to as children, eventually culminating in they're coming from a
broken home and both of them knowing what love is!

            With love from,
                                    Diana xx

“Carole and Michael are a couple whose only crime has been to start their own business and do well for themselves and
their children,” said one long-standing friend. “The fact that they raised a daughter who won the heart of Prince William
should be to their credit, but I’m afraid that a lot of people are still obsessed by class in this country, and some of them
will never forgive the Middletons for being middle-class.”

Prince William revealed tonight that he proposed using the engagement ring of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales,
to make sure she 'didn't miss out on the excitement'. The 28-year-old Prince used the dazzling oval blue 18-carat
sapphire and diamond ring when he popped the question while they were on holiday in Kenya last month.

Diana, who died in 1997, chose the elegant cluster ring after becoming engaged to Charles in 1981 and William
handing it on to his wife-to-be will undoubtedly have been hugely emotional.

At the time it cost £28,000 and was from a selection presented to her by jewellers Garrard, because it was not made
for her specially, it was open to the public to buy.

As they posed for pictures at St James' Palace tonight, William said giving Kate the ring was his way of ensuring his
late mother could be part of the occasion.

In front of the world's press, he said: 'As you may have recognised, it's my mother's engagement ring, so of course it's
very special to me and Kate's very special to me now as well, and it's only right the two are put together.

'It was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today, and the excitement and the fact that we're going to
spend the rest of our lives together.'

" I am deeply touched that Wills has bestowed the diamond and sapphire engagement ring upon his lady as this
gesture in itself illustrates perfectly to me just how much he loves her given it's history, originally being his Mummy's! "

" I wish you both Catherine and William lasting happiness in togetherness "

" William, Mummy is still very much around as her personal site proves and amazed how often you and Harry take her
advice on things which includes of course successfully wooing the lady back who is now soon to be your wife! "

(Rose's note: The former precis was put up a week ago and Diana was adamant that it go on ASAP. She said time
was of the essence. Did she know the engagement was to be announced imminently? She didn't say light of
the news this week and a few other things I would think she did, at least on some level of her being!

1. Her closing remark on the latest pod cast posted just this past Monday- 11-15-10- wishing them happiness and
saying, "Catherine, take care of William for me".

2. Diana sending me the photo of them at the top of that earlier precis showing them together with Catherine in a
wedding gown, carrying Diana's bouquet.

3. Diana's being in London at the time of this special announcement!

Often we all know things subconsciously that we can't know will be played out soon in real time but yet our
actions/statements are affected by this. I believe Diana, in her state of being, knew that the engagement was already
a done deal...not mere speculation!)  

Diana's note to Catherine:

"Hello Catherine,
        " I thought that I'd offer you, Catherine, some advice as I would were I earth - bound as I really want you to make a
success of things in your own right where I had failed. Though of course you do have the genuine love and support of
your  fiancee  as William is fiercely protective of you, which is encouraging to see and no doubt of tremendous personal
comfort to you.

          I watched the interview of a couple clearly very much in love with each other and totally relaxed in each other's
company which people will remember was very different from that of Charles and I which alternatively illustrates very
clearly two people who at the time barely knew one another at all, 13 meetings up until he proposed to me and clearly
now known to be something he was rather commandeered into doing given his position. This highlighted by when
assumed by the interviewer that he supposed we were in love my saying "Of course" and Charles responding to the
rhetorical question with "Whatever in love means.! " He did of course know what it meant as even then he was in love
with Camilla but, married herself, she was not an option for him to then choose. So he might well have wondered what it
meant knowing he was alternatively marrying me out of duty to the crown and therefore not honouring his heart. My
eyes determined my own personal apprehension at the prospect of it all as days before I'd considered calling it off but
told by my sisters " Too late Duch, your face is on the tea towels! ". However,  had I done so, I'd have missed out on the
blessing of my boys!

           William is not personally being faced with such formidable pressures being 2nd in line to the throne.  I think it
very sensible the two of you having lived together unofficially the saying goes "You don't know someone until
you live with them" and Charles and I both certainly found this to be true of course. Also society today is much more
open to and accepting of civil partnerships, less costly in the divorce courts, but also generally less prudish in attitude
and so will not be and have not been judgemental of this mutual arrangement. Saying this though had you not have been
determined by William as his Number 1 contender for wife it is something I very much doubt he'd have entertained in
doing and therefore inviting there to have been "Tell - Tale" stoires to the press, who people know he's not especially
fond of anyway, so consequently would do nothing to invite unwanted intrusions from them. Sensibly Catherine you
have appointed your own lawyer to assist protecting your best interests in the light of the treatment in their hands that
you  might otherwise be seen to receive, which is an extremely daunting prospect for anyone to imagine happening and
I bore personal witness to experiencing that following my engagement, but never the less life will greatly alter for you.

               Catherine, you will now have a protective officer with you at all times and so will lose a sense of personal
freedom you have been accustomed to and so by example not be freely able to go out shopping with your Mother and
sister and associate with all of your friends as freely as before. Your movements will be watched and scrutinised by the
press who will now be a constant feature in your life, remarking on your clothes, your hairstyles etc. Catherine you will
become, in their eyes anyway, public property. This fact shown already as you have been snapped visiting Westminster
Abbey; it now being strongly tipped as the Wedding Venue. It was where Her Majesty married Prince Philip and other
Monarchs have married, where my own Mummy and Daddy married and where most recently my funeral service was
conducted. This I think might be possibly the greatest reason as to why it might be Will's choice given that he has said
that your being given  my engagement ring was to keep me close to you both.  The name Catherine will, I feel, have
necessity of  being your public name even though during the interview it appears to be apparent Wills calls you Kate.
Memorabilia celebrating you,the betrothed couple, already being sold and emblazoned with the initials W.C. but
perhaps C.W. seems a little more savoury?

                 William will, as you have indicated,  be your teacher and already has been so I wouldn't imagine you will go
wrong under his guiding hand and although some people are feeling you are very like me, there are significant
differences. You are five months older than William, I was twelve years younger than Charles. You have a degree in the
"History of Art" to your credit and are a lot more worldly wise than I was as a naive nineteen year old with no
qualifications at all. Faux pas made by me initially included my wearing black, the colour worn by Royals in mourning
for my 1st public appearance with Charles and showing a little too much cleavage for the press to feed upon which
naturally they did resulting in me, the outsider, stealing the headlines. You, Catherine, in public always appearing smart
and elegant which will be easy for you to do being a stunner with a lovely figure; though the more garish, racy and
casual outfits perhaps better reserved for private times enjoyed by you with Wills and your friends and family.  For
example... jeans are not worn by either of my boys in Her Majesty's presence

                I would encourage you involving yourself in supporting select charities that you personally feel
drawn to and will gain tremendous personal satisfaction in doing so in a constructive and productive way. Also of
course this will assist in filling up your calendar and provide relief whilst William continues in his military training. On
this note I encourage him personally to pursue his ambition that he has mentioned having: being actively involved
within a capacity in the U.N.  I feel he will be a tremendous asset to them as well as of course it being somewhat a less
dangerous a vocation for him to consider, one tragedy enough for the Wales family to sustain. Likewise Harry being
seriously advised as to what extent his involvement in the Military extends to recognising, as I have said, that whilst
wanting to be on the front lines and receiving no preferential treatment is a commendable thing that his being in such a
strategic and vulnerable position might well increase the potential of danger for the other recruits in his battalion and
he would be a trophy prize for the enemy if captured, as a recent television documentary which is highlighted in another
precis in this area of my site covers in depth.

                    To conclude on a positive note I have always seen you Catherine as being the perfect compliment to my
eldest son and giggled when I read that when it was mentioned to you that you were lucky William was going out with
you that you responded that he was lucky to be going out with a lady who is not shy to exert authority over her
man if need be! I'm fully confident therefore Catherine that you will learn the ropes pretty quickly so will not find
yourself being strangled by them as I often found myself being. I think a lot of invaluable lessons have been learnt from
the Diana Years and the rules of protocol and duty being a little more lenient, especially to the outsiders coming in and
so not accustomed to the significance of them.

                 I, albeit from a distance, support you all the way and thank you personally for bringing true love and happiness
into William's life.  He, like Harry, is very, very special to me, I adore them with all my heart and so likewise warmly
welcome the ladies they choose to stand by their boys always being the jewels in my crown.  Welcome to my
                With lots of love from,                                                                                                  
                                     Diana xx

Lovely video of the couple with a wedding song HERE:

Lives caught on Film: Arthur Edwards on the engagement-- HERE:
(Commentary from former Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards who is now Royal Correspondent for the Sun
Newspaper. Arthur is not only someone Diana considered a friend but also who was personally asked to photograph
the newly engaged couple's significant ring. His hope now is to be there photographing the coming wedding and
perhaps even the first child the couple might have.)

Rose's note:    It was today (11-19-2010) reported that security around Catherine is very tight, likened to being a
"Ring of Steel". Her immediate security entourage includes two experienced female bodyguards, a good move
knowing those protecting her will be doing so 24 /7 so female rapport beneficial to her. Catherine's most immediate
security being her own personal detective who will shadow her at all times as Diana speaks about happening in her
letter above to Catherine.
Around the Middleton family home police are armed with semi - automatic machine guns and sniffer dogs are now on
constant patrol as prior to the royal wedding Catherine will be living with her family in Buckleberry, Berkshire. William,
her fiancé, an R.A.F. Search-and-Rescue helicopter pilot is already back on duty at R.A.F.Valley in Anglesey, North
Michael and Carole Middleton outside
their Berkshire home.
Here are the two official engagement photographs of William and Catherine. Both were taken by the chosen photographer Mario
Testino who took the last official photographs of "Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997". As can be seen his style of photography a lot less
formal and stilted than others and so perfect for a very natural couple. Mario says himself,  "I am very happy to have been asked to cover
this historic moment that the whole world was waiting for. They are in their prime and brimming with happiness. I have never felt so
much joy as when I see them together."

Catherine opting to do her own make - up for both photographs. The more formal of the two was taken in the Council Chamber linked to
Clarence House, the official residence of William's father Prince Charles. William seen wearing a Turnbull and Asser suit and Catherine
wears a white Reiss dress. The more casual photo taken in the Cornwall Room of St. James Palace.  William sporting a Turnball and
Asser shirt and Brunello Cucinelli sweater and Catherine a Whistles blouse.

" In the 2nd photograph, with tears in my eyes, I see two destined soul - mates united and the joy of this photograph is
because it is so natural. One could almost forget this is a photograph of a Prince and his future Princess instead seeing
clearly the illustration of a couple so very much in love! "
How anyone could have ever imagined any other woman for William is quite beyond me.
With all my love to you both for lasting love and happiness in togetherness! "
                                                                        Mummy / Diana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx