A Letter From Christian Concerning William

Hi there Rose,
Today I bought the commemorative edition by O.K. magazine of the Royal Engagement between William and
Catherine and it includes an interview with William speaking about the personal loss of his Mother and what this
has meant for him and it's affect upon him. I have to say I am amazed at the candour of his answer which is so
encouraging to believing that he is aware of Diana's Personal website. It being remembered he was only fifteen
years old when his Mother died and also that I wrote to him personally in 2000 to inform him I channeled her,
enclosing a personal letter inspired from her to him with my own letter to him and only in 2005 went public with the
fact having had Diana's book channeled to me and not wishing to exploit her with publication of it yet recognising
it needing to be something read by people; resulting in her site being created in order for it to be showcased.
Here then is the aspect of the interview which instinctively told me of William's having seen the site and his
believing in it's authenticity. With Tony's help my own personal instinct has been confirmed by the "Cheng
Reading" received as confirmation of the fact. " Cheng" being my original guide and questions given to her being
asked in silence by the questioner so that there can be no human influence to the answers given in response.
The question posed to "Cheng" is also recorded here for people to see.

Aspect of interview with Prince William in O.K. magazine Issue No. 753 / November 30 2010

  William says it is his faith and spirituality which has seen him through many of his darkest days since losing his
Mother " For those who have lost the one they love, rest assured they will be watching over you " he added
poignantly. William says when talking about life without his Mother ... " Life is altered as you know it. However,
over time it is possible to retain or rediscover cherished memories."

                                 Cheng Question:

Q. Was what William said in the magazine interview a strong clue or hint that he’d looked at the site?
A. The book has been opened, it has been examined, it has been tested and has then been determined.

My own interpretation being upon being informed of the site and seeing  it involving Andrew Russell - Davis /
Christian who wrote to him in 2000 and was replied to  William then needed to study it, so really needed to read
and absorb messages there both written and spoken. After this he had to check certain details and information
out so perhaps asked his Father certain things he was either too young to remember or did not know about if
involving his parents marriage which Diana, the person, speaks about openly on the site as opposed to Diana the
persona " Princess of Wales ". The knowledge gained and perhaps not known publicly as Diana, always a shrewd
character, tells people time and time again to "Read between the lines" has consequently become convinced and
comforted that it is his Mummy speaking. If so then our objective is achieved as primarily Diana wanting her site,
one dedicated to her boys, to be a lasting legacy for them both and where they can rediscover cherished
memories written of and spoken about by her!
  On her site she advised William to wake up and win Catherine back to him when they initially split - up, saying at
the time that it was not going to be a lasting break - up and suggesting at the " Concert for Diana " that the group
Take That might perform one of their hit songs "Back for good" which they consequently did do. Catherine seen
in attendance at the concert, though not with William, but then being seen and photographed later that night
sharing a private, intimate meal with him promoting the fact the couple were reunited and this  a couple Diana has
always said on her site are perfect compliments for each other.
                              God bless you with love,


The marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will take place at Westminster Abbey on
Friday 29th April 2011.

The Royal Family will pay for the wedding, following the precedents set by the marriages of The Prince
and Princess of Wales in 1981 and Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947.

(Update: The wedding will be at 11:00 a.m. at Westminster Abbey, the same time and venue of Diana's
funeral. It is noted too that the engagement ring, formerly Diana's, was a perfect fit and needed no
Momma Knows Best!

(Diana has said here on her site several times that William does not/will not want to be King. It is however his
familial lineage duty should things transpire to make it so. This article seems to validate what Diana has said
for years that Wills is not eager to be placed in that position!)

Heavy Is the Crown
William seems to be a reluctant monarch. During his gap year in Patagonia, before starting college
at St. Andrews, he sat around the campfire listening to his fellow travelers talk about what they
planned to do when they returned home. "You're all so lucky," he said. "I don't have much choice
about my future. One day I will be king, and to be honest I'm not much interested in that at all at the

Shadow King?
For the last few years speculation has persisted that William's increasing royal duties and
appearances on behalf of his grandmother mean that Charles may be skipped over in succession.
According to reports, "He was also upset by the suggestion that he might in some way be trying to
leapfrog his father. William couldn't think of anything worse." With his engagement to Catherine now
official, it's likely that his royal duties will only expand, though he remains set on becoming a
"Search-and-Rescue" pilot."