" Hello Rose,
Something inspired me to find this informative and educational precis written in text easy to understand upon
examination and extremely enlightening and I would therefore request please that it be posted to my site as it really
illustrates the differences between the Higher and Lower Diana by example but also illustrates so clearly how
Christian's guide "Cheng" is definitely representative of the Higher Concepts, for reasons you have always said

I am personally amazed actually how Christian, who so clearly often allows his lower - self to guide him, is blessed
with "Cheng" and hopefully he will now begin to alternatively embrace the quality of the Higher - Self than indulge
in the mediocrity of the Lower - Self! "
                                 With love from,
                                                     Diana xx


Channeled messages from Ascended Master Christ Maitreya


I was asked recently how one can tell what is the Lower Self and what is the Higher Self? This is not a difficult
answer to give; the Lower Self creates illusion. It will have you believing the most preposterous things. It will have
you believing you are not the guilty one when you are, and it will reason with you to try and get you to see its point
of view. It will even argue with your Higher Self, and if you are not at a higher rate of vibration, your Higher Self will
not be able to retaliate with truth.

The Lower Self never thinks of anything but itself. All it can see is its own pain, suffering, difficulty, how hard done
by it is, how it is being punished and how people are hurting and creating problems for it. It can see all of the faults
of others, but never its own faults! The Lower Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own
truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation! The list is endless of what the Lower Self will do to
reign supreme.

And what of the Higher Self, what does that do? It does nothing! Absolutely nothing! It does not have to justify
itself because it knows God knows its own truth is correct. It can stand in front of God and know it is telling the
truth. It will point out your own faults, but will never point out the faults of others. It sees the suffering one goes
through and the difficulties as lessons, which one can learn from. It always has a positive outcome for every
situation. It never judges, it sits quietly and lets the world pass by while it deals with issues, which need to be dealt
with for its own higher good.

The Lower Self will feed the ego: the Higher Self has no ego. When one gets to the stage of having no ego, of not
believing the Lower Self's publicity machine, one has then raised one's vibration to a higher level. It is then one
can see through the illusion, see the reason as to why things are happening to one. When one has no emotional
response to what is happening - for the Lower Self is all emotional response, drama, taking offence etc, then one
has truly raised the vibration and one is truly in the Higher Self. At this level, direct communication with the
Masters on a higher level becomes possible and also the beginning of communication with God. One is then truly
on a higher vibration.

To enable the Higher Self to come in, one needs to do the work necessary to remove the Lower Self, which is to
be true and honest to oneself and not to let the Lower Self control through fear, doubt, insecurity, and the
emotional body. This is the only way to do it.


The purpose of your life on this Earth plane is to help yourself. This does not mean one should be selfish or
egotistical, but that one should look at one's own problems before sorting out those of others. Your Higher Self
knows what you are here to do, what problems and fears you have to face, and if left alone, will point you into the
direction to learn whatever it is you have to learn.

The Lower Self is crafty though, it does not want you to look at yourself, so it creates diversions for you to help
other people or to do things which take away from your own goals. Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at
yourself and work through the issues, which are still outstanding in your Akashic record. You can find this from
your astrological natal chart. [See: Your Soul Life Blueprint]

It is a blueprint of who you are, and what you have left to work out. With this information and by fighting your fear,
you can if you work hard, create the situation of not returning to the Earth plane again. The Lower Self does not
want you to do this. It has fear about this happening, because it has no life if you are not incarnating again on the
Earth plane. The Lower Self (Ego) cannot survive in spirit, only in the illusion of the Earth plane.


You often cry out in your pain and suffering "God why is this happening to me. I am a good person, why am I
suffering?" The reason for this is Karma. It is the repayment of debts and the receiving of debts. From the minute
of Earth time that you are born you begin the path of repaying your karma, receiving karma, and to clearing your
Akashic record. If you can do it in this incarnation, then you free yourself from the Wheel of Life.

Look at a mouse in a cage pushing the wheel! That is you on your wheel of life. Constantly pushing, moving
forward, but never getting there. Occasionally you may get off and have a rest, and then get back on again, but
until you can clear your Akashic, and control all of the subtle bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,
then you are in the cage on the continual wheel, incarnation after incarnation. There are many spiritual people
today, who have beautiful spiritual gifts and are wonderful healers or light workers for us in the spiritual world, but
they still have not controlled one or more of the subtle bodies. Until they do this they cannot move forward to the
higher level.

How do you control the subtle bodies? Let us start at the beginning with the physical body, the desires of the
physical must be controlled, for balance must be attained in all the subtle bodies. Desires for food, excessive
compulsions, any desires of the flesh must be controlled if one is to control the physical body. For each subtle
body has a Lower Self and a Higher Self and one must attain the Higher Self in everything. In the mental body,
one must learn to control ones thoughts, all thoughts. If one has a negative thought about anything, then one
cannot be in control of the mental body. Remember that it is thought that creates, what you think you will create as
you raise your vibration higher, so control of the mental body is most important.

Controlling the emotional body is the next step, not allowing your emotional body to be out of control. Many of you
on this Earth plane take what is said to you in a personal manner, and get upset over trivial matters. This creates
a blockage in the heart chakra and an imbalance in the emotional body. Finally there is control of the spiritual
body. Learning to use this body wisely, using the sixth sense, the psychic, and the universal energy in a right and
proper manner. When you have done this, then you can communicate with the Higher Source and know the peace
that passes all understanding.

The path to controlling the Lower Self in each subtle body is a long and arduous task. It will not happen overnight
and at the least will take ten to fifteen years of Earth time from when you start your path of learning. All kinds of
tests are thrown your way. The purpose of all incarnations is to free you of the limitations you have placed in your
subtle bodies, however, once you reach the Earth plane and take incarnation, the Lower Self takes control again
and the battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self begins. Many incarnations go by before the control of
the subtle bodies is achieved. Sometimes souls plead for help in freeing themselves of their limitations and ask the
Lords of Karma for assistance, and then a teacher or a healer is found to help them, and arrangements made to
work with them in an incarnation.

For many souls on the Earth plane at this Earth time, opportunities await for them to learn to free themselves of
the subtle body limitations. As there is the power of light, there is also the power of darkness. The darkness is the
Lower Self of all your subtle bodies. It does not want to let go. It will create fear, illusion, doubt, insecurity, and lack
of confidence. It will hold you back because it does not want to let go. Why should it, it has had free reign for many
thousands of incarnations. Illusion is the worst thing that the Lower Self will create. It can create a situation that
has you believing something that is totally untrue. The Higher Self though, knows the truth. It has no negative
thoughts and feelings. It just IS. It is the "I AM" of all. When union with this Higher Self is achieved then total peace
is assured.

There are many who think they have achieved the controlling of the subtle bodies, who feel that they have
everything in control, but only by their actions will you know if this is so. If they criticize another, if they doubt, have
fear, judge another, allow anything negative in their life then they have not done this. Even one small criticism of
another is enough to stop this. For those who have learned to control the subtle bodies and have passed the
tests placed in front of them, the light shines from their bodies. They are in control of all that they do, the love for
their fellow humans shines forth from their Heart chakra and they are truly of man and God, or the Ultimate Force.
When this is done, then can the Earth plane be left behind once and for all.


Each soul chooses the time when they will work towards spiritual development and raise their vibration. For some
it happens in their childhood and youth. Others choose the thirties, and forties. Some souls choose to start the
process in the later years, and many a soul has started to experience it in their seventies and eighties. There is
no set time. Often a soul will say before incarnating, "I will attempt to start the path on my own, but if by the set
time I have allotted, I have not completed this, then you will force me to make the changes. You are given the
opportunity to do it yourself, but then, we assist you to make the changes.

There are many who think that spiritual development is a very beautiful and easy path. There is nothing more
untrue. When you open the door to your spiritual work, first of all you need to be found worthy. We cannot work
with you if you are full of Lower Self, do not listen to your intuition, and are full of fear. We assist in placing you in
situations where you may experience karmic situations. Situations are also created to see how intuitive you are,
and how much attention you will pay to this.

One of the most common and most prolific situations is that as you start to bring in the higher energy of spirit into
your body to assist you with your development, then this energy will force anything you have buried deep within
your Etheric body, whether that be pain, emotion, fear, doubt, insecurity, or anything else, to come to the surface.
You will get no warning about this. At this time on the Earth plane, there are many souls experiencing this
phenomena, for there are so many souls who have started their spiritual path. Far more than have ever done so.

For every 1000 souls who start the path to spiritual development, only 6 of them will make it. The Lower Self will
place obstacle after obstacle in the way to stop you. It will not give in easy. There is actually a battle between the
Lower Self and the Higher Self. Often the Lower Self will win because the soul does not usually know how to deal
with the Lower Self. Over a number of Earth years you are tested, tried, and you do this to yourself. You have set
yourself a plan and with your Guardian Spirit, you then act out the play of your plan; those around you become
the actors on the stage of your plan. Everyone in your life becomes a teacher, or a mirror, to assist you in learning
your lessons and setting you free from the Earth plane. However, many never finish the first act. The struggle
becomes too much. They often cannot face the struggle, which ensues. If you are one of those souls mentioned
above who is struggling with your spiritual development, know that we in the world of spirit are with you all of the
time. We never leave you. Ask for our assistance and it will be there.

Remember that the higher you raise your vibration, the more intuitive and spiritual you will become. Know also that
until you can release past life residue, then we cannot work with you. The purpose of spiritual development is to
bring this to the surface. In your play, you are the actor, director, producer and the board of examiners. We the
Masters and your fellow souls in spirit are only there to assist you when it is needed, you have made this request
and we can do nothing without your permission. The end result is a place of peace, plus the ability to manifest all
that you desire. Truly Heaven on Earth. It is worth the struggle if you can see beyond the illusion that the Earth
plane creates!


How many times have you criticized someone in the last month? How many times have you reacted to the way
someone does things in a negative way? If you can answer yes to this, or can account for the number of times this
has happened, then you are a conditioned being. Were you not a conditioned being, then it would not bother you.
Often, the one you criticize or complain about is there to show you where you are being conservative or
conditioned! Often what you yourself make comment on is what you need to look at in your own life, yet very often
you cannot see this for yourself. Even when it is mirrored for you, this very often is not recognized either.

It results in you becoming very critical of another, or in becoming negative about their actions. The Lower Self
becomes indignant - after all, it has been challenged, so it will come out fighting all of the way. The spiritual path is
not an easy one; many fall by the wayside because the Lower Self fights for its right to stay in the comfort zone. It
will do anything that it can NOT to move forward. It will bring everything to the surface it can, fear, anger, lack of
confidence, doubt, to force you to go back into that comfort zone. People who have been friends for years can
become enemies with the Lower Self in control, it is so determined that it will not move on . The Higher Self cannot
be bothered with such trivialities. When the Higher Self is allowed to be in control, everything runs smoothly and
there is no discord, there is no fear, doubt, lack of confidence, there is just peace.

The battle between the Lower Self and Higher Self CAN be overcome. It takes patience, determination, and
knowledge that it will not happen immediately. Change takes time on the Earth plane. However, when one starts to
make the climb uphill to a higher vibration, one can then move forward in enlightenment. Where is your Lower Self
stopping your spiritual development, what is it stopping you from achieving? We of the Brotherhood, the Masters
know of these things because the same conditions that face you in your spiritual development, in your pursuit of a
higher vibration, also faced us before we ascended. That is why we teach you, we have walked the path you now
walk. We have faced the Lower Self, and we have finally won. We want to assist you to face your Lower Self also.
Once the battle is won, and the Higher Self is in control, then and only then will you know the peace that cannot be
explained. IT CAN BE DONE! You can win the battle!


The most important point to be aware of when one is on the spiritual path is the way of the subconscious mind and
the Lower Self which resides there, work. How it can play games with yourself and those around you. So much
damage can be done in the name of these games. You can ask "Master what do you mean by that?" Well I will tell
you. Consciously you may feel that everything is fine in your world, however, in the subconscious mind much
mischief is being played out. If one has insecurities of any kind, one can create all sorts of games, which will affect
those around you. From making them jealous, to creating anger and frustration.

The Lower Self does not like moving from the comfort zone, yet it creates so many situations where it Self
sabotages itself, and leaves the soul bereft at what has happened, when the damage has been done. I will give
you an example of a student who desperately loved a man. She loved him so much that her Lower Self became
frantic over the attention he was giving to his children. Her Lower Self wanted him all to herself, and although she
tried very hard to communicate and find peace with them, her Lower Self finally created a situation where the man
could no longer cope. He informed her that he no longer wished to be with her. To begin with, she thought this
was in order, but, as time passed she realized that she missed him terribly. Her Higher Self started to show her
what she had done. She was devastated. However, the damage was done and she was left with nobody. The man
moved on, found another partner, found happiness, but she could not move on, all she could think about was
what she had once had and what she had lost. This was a case where the Lower Self, well and truly, self
sabotaged her.

Humanity does it all the time. It does not think before it speaks. It creates situations, which can cause pain and
suffering to others, all in the name of playing games. Playing games to tease another, or to create an emotional
ploy. Either way, it is the Lower Self that does this because the Higher Self would never do that. The emotional
body is something that all humanity have. It is a very sensitive instrument and in many people it is out of control.
The Lower Self uses this in so many ways. It sabotages and plays games. However, when this stops and the
Higher Self moves in, without game playing, emotional blackmail and with complete honesty and truth, only then
can life be lived for the Higher Good. Everything else is an illusion.

Before you speak, think of your words, think of how your words may upset others, yes, one is supposed to have
control and not get upset, but even so, on the Earth plane one is exposed to all of the feelings of humanity. Even
with control of the emotional body, it can be painful to others when games are played emotionally. If only you knew
how sometimes your words can cut and cause hurt, you would think twice about what you say and how you say it,
for sometimes it is not WHAT is said, but HOW it is said. The Higher Self only has the highest regard and respect
for life. Know this and think in the future before you speak and hurt another. When one raises the vibration, and
only then, can one by-pass this barrier and finally be free of this.