Date posted:  06-10-09

Man's Evolution

" Hello Everyone,

One important word sums up man's evolution  actually and that word being "Progression" so in other words
stepping forward which naturally is a step in the right direction, stepping backwards being usually anyway
recognised as defeatist. Over the centuries man has indeed developed in both his natural intelligence as well as of
course fundamentally with his understanding of by example technology which of course is far advanced of his
ancestors perceptions of it. My site on the net is also playing a great part in progression as it is educating people that
there is indeed an after - life and that we in it are able to communicate. Now of course for years there have existed "
Spiritual Churches " and for even longer a duration "Mediums" so the concept of after - life communication has not
been an alien commodity to all but my site in particular is serving to open door to a wider spectrum of influence for
it to be recognised and accepted or at the least questioned and therefore perhaps calling for the debate ... " Diana
Speaks .. Real or Fake ? " Certainly though something that cannot and as seen by the sheer number of visitations to
it, something that is not being dismissed out of hand so a proof of progression.

Likewise of course a lot more media coverage is given to these areas and with less cynicism than ever before, many
television programmes cover in depth various topics of this nature and prove to be popular viewing proving
therefore that there is a need for man's understanding and evolution to explore these things, so too there is plenty
of information about things of this nature, esoteric, mystic subjects on the net. Naturally there will be the
constituency of people who are firmly determined that things of this nature are just impossible and are not
happening and for those people therefore this statement I made a long time ago is applicable " For those who
believe no proof is necessary and for those who don't no proof is possible! " I am not back to convince anyone of
anything , man has always had "Free - Will", I also will not waste my time and energy on this as clearly personally
evolving is likewise governed by the individuals "Free - Will" so something I as others have no right no justification
and more personally no desire to interfere with or in any way influence, it being something personal each individual
to decide for themselves.

As can be heard here I am conducting a series of interviews with Rose Campbell through my voice - channel Andrew
and he can be heard speaking to Rose on some of them himself and deliberately so making immediately apparent
the difference between our vocal tones, as well as our vocabulary usage but not solely this but the energetic
impulses given out from our individual voices are quite different because of course they are individual and
exclusive to ourselves, he is not me, I am not him but my energy resonates within him when I am channelled
through him. Now of course he is not female so there will be a difference between my channelled voice and that of
my earth - bound one which is why  actual interviews of mine in life can also be heard and to be compared. My
knowing how naturally sceptical human nature is and were it to be fake of course not something that therefore
would be drawn attention to so prominently !

I think that the majority of people who do listen to them or indeed to my book which is also spoken here would
agree anyway that the essence of the vocalisation remains much the same and as I say Andrew is not female
deliberately as if he was he could find himself accused of trying to be a parody of me. That and the fact for sheer
shock value, he opening his mouth and my voice coming out a lot more surprising than for a female counter - part
to do so but of course I have advised him that various experimentation's will be carried out as part of the course
when things have progressed to a certain extent,so meaning of course when he is channelling my messages to  
audiences globally which is naturally the intention of the exercise of course.

In my life I was a way - shower, perhaps the reason why candles were lit and are associated with me because by
tradition so before man progressed to discover electricity and it became something common place, they of course
being used to light his darkness. I by example having done my homework shook hands publicly with someone
suffering from A.I.D.S. at a time, so back in the 80's when due to man's ignorance, mis - conceptions about the
disease  powerfully fuelled by the powerful medium, the media, needed publicity to determine fact not fiction being
swallowed by the masses. There was great confusion as to how it was contracted and thought to be easily
contractible, such rumours were rife and his lack of understanding and subsequent ignorance had meant those
people suffering A.I.D.S and H.I.V. were extricated from society even from and by their own families and loved
ones! It was also of course thought to be a malady only affecting homosexuals which meant they consequently
suffered more prejudice from people than was already the case. When the truth was fully realised many
heterosexuals who were promiscuous and had practiced unsafe sex had contracted the illness but it being primarily
an illness affecting the blood  haemophiliacs were also at particular risk, anyone who received blood actually was at
that time dicing with death quite literally.

By that simple action I exposed the ignorance which up until then had only served to increase the unhappiness and
feelings of isolation being experienced by those suffering the conditions already. Labelled "Victims", they were but
not of the conditions but of the ignorance surrounding them..Now of course people with the diseases live pretty
regular lives albeit on medication naturally so man's progression in learning about the disease has led to his
discovery of a means to keep it under control and therefore you'd not know sufferers of  the illnesses.

My meaning mentioning this fact being that once again I am here to show that age old perceptions about death and
the New - Life really do need a re - think so naturally religious doctrines will likewise need revising. I am here to
show that life after death is the reality and not something of people's wild imaginations or wishful thinking! " Faith "
is necessary of course and is not easy for all to have ! It necessitates believing in something that often there is no
tangible proof of and Andrew being human of course found just the other day he himself questioning his faith and
he was told, not by me but by someone with the most profound knowledge of all ..

"You have faith that you communicate with your lady and she with you ..why do you find yourself in the position of
not having the same faith in he who ordains the communication to be possible ? "

As an example I will draw to attention the fact that places of worship are filled with believers but do they have
tangible proof of what they believe, did they themselves witness miracles, receive visitations or is it pure and
simply the fact that they have " Faith "and this being sufficient for them to attend those places of worship
religiously. Andrew gave great thought to the message imparted to him and he does not know why he has the
realisation that he and I communicate, it isn't something he can put into words as explanation for having, it is just a
deep and profound knowing without any proof so it is absolute blind faith because he doesn't even question it, much
less ordinarily anyway doubt it, which is why of course over the last eleven years it has developed and grown
stronger, it has progressed and is set to continue to do so obviously.  By my site being on the net people's minds and
concepts are broadening which is so encouraging to see and leads the way for other doors to open in the future
which have been closed waiting for the appropriate moment for man to be progressed enough in his lateral thinking
to give credence to their reality but things of this nature must happen at the right time in order to be successful in
achieving their aim. Had Andrew claimed his channelling me at the wrong time, in one era he'd have been burnt at
the stake and in another likely to find himself having been forcibly sectioned in a mental hospital but instead he is
doing so for all to see and recognise in blatant fashion on the Internet and on radio, publicly in front of live
audiences and on video so no doubt sooner or later  televised. Never the less he has provided adequate fodder for
some to mock and otherwise insult him but who is he representing and did I let those who opposed me, daunt me,
discourage me or in any way allow me to entertain in any form a defeatist attitude ... not at all no and of course they
tried, so likewise he is as equally determined as I was in matters of concern to me, to progress with this channelling
regardless of the opposition made apparent to him of it by those people. Ironically enough on the net anyway most
often by moderators of "Diana Tribute" sites.

Andrew himself recently made a very touching comment, he said that as honoured and humbled as he feels he is to
be chosen to channel me, he wished he hadn't been as to do so necessitates my having to be in the after - life and
he'd rather I was still with my boys and they with me but .....I had to die! It was my destiny in order that I can be a
candle in the darkness of man's perception and understanding of "Spiritual Matters" and be able to explain them to
people so that they be more readily understood which is why of course I have been chosen myself to carry out this
work because as seen by my personal site, and even still making the headlines, people are still interested in me, still
moved and touched by my memory, so I'm obviously a good bet to be heard, my imparted messages listened to and
absorbed on both conscious as well as of course unconscious levels leading to an even greater depth of man's
understanding of things of this nature and his ability to be readily acceptable of them during the course of his
continual progression and therefore in keeping with maintaining man's evolution".

Thank you for listening to me,
With love from,   Diana.

Date posted: 06-10-09

Death is not an is a beginning!

"Hello Everyone,

My boys William and Harry who in spite of their prominent regal positions have thankfully not lost sight of
themselves as individuals but remain pretty grounded individuals albeit being young acting foolishly sometimes
which the media are quick to pick up on naturally but they have not become immersed in the world of protocol and
tradition which is greatly due to their fathers encouragement for them to live pretty normal lives in comparison to
the educational training he received during his formative years as royal and direct heir to the throne and for this I
thank him personally so very much as I am quite sure it is something he has had to insist upon but he is their father !

"I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way " the opening line to a beautiful
song " The Greatest Love of All ", one with quite dynamic lyrics and a profound message. I speak of the importance
of children being guided correctly because it is so important that they are as they are quite literally tomorrows
world and a world that is and will be dependent on them to continue and evolve. Everyone knows I had a real
affinity with children and they likewise with me, it isn't a gift everyone shares in but Harry particularly I see has
inherited this trait from me which is a marvellous realisation for me to have and one I naturally encourage him to
embrace and pursue. I always felt he'd continue with my charity work and channeled a message to Andrew about
this fact just weeks before he opened the orphanage he is joint Patron of with Prince Seesio in Lesotho, Africa and
how wonderful that the children at"Sentebale", which means "Forget - Me - Not",  benefit from this very real display
of humanitarianism. The orphanage catering particularly for children affected by A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. named after
me and Prince Sessio's mother. Most recently Harry visiting the U.S.A. and being so personally welcomed there and
as seen clearly following in his Mummy's footsteps in by example his visiting Ground Zero remembering those who
lost their lives there on September 11th 2001.

William likewise being involved with "Centrepoint" as in life I was which caters for the young and homeless in
London, those whose home otherwise is the streets and there being prey to all kinds of abuse and manner of
degradation as well as themselves being vulnerable to being drawn into the destructive worlds of drugs, prostitution
and crime in order to survive! Both charities ultimately receiving financial benefit from their former birthday
present to me, the  "Concert for Diana" given in 2007, of course. William also now involved with children who like
him lost a parent ( S ) so he personally able to fully relate to the personal devastation and trauma this challenges
them with and he will I am sure prove to be a marvellous inspiration for them. Nothing speaks louder than the voice
of experience !

When will people wake up to a reality they are so privileged to witness in their life - time, a proof albeit through
Andrew being my " Voice - Channel " of the reality of the existence of life after death.? A realisation which if taken
seriously by people will dramatically help to alleviate so much fear of the unknown, the profound knowledge
believed by people that when you die, your soul and so the essence of your being lives on which is of course why I
am returning and granted the blessed dispensation to make a return through Andrew. People have been asleep for
far too long and the time of their awakening is now on the horizon! With all the best will in the world I cannot instill
belief in someone stubbornly intent on disbelief, I cannot give sight to those refusing to see, choosing to be blind to
a truth staring them in the face and I cannot give the gift of wisdom to those determined to be ignorant but I was in
my life and will serve to be again a way - shower for those who are willing to tread the path with me ... the lady with
the lamp to guide people safely out of their tunnels of darkness as illustrated by their resilience to recognising truth
and embracing deception or perhaps a candle in the wind with an eternal flame impossible to be blown out no
matter how powerfully outside elements might determine all their efforts into achieving this happening ...
remember my words, please, "She Won't Go Quietly !

I was born so that through my marriage into the British Monarchy I was afforded the opportunity to open doors
and enter rooms that otherwise would have been closed to me so indeed serving invaluable purposes and not ones
to be underestimated or indeed regretted by me at all! Many of these doors opening allowing me the means through
my influence to constructively help to make a difference which was the positive result of course of my work and a
special thank you to everyone involved in inviting me, involving me and helping me in every capacity for your
assistance and dedication to these worthy causes. Causes which otherwise might easily have found themselves as
they had been before being given a direct focus and attention upon them albeit through the media because of my
personal involvement  ( I sold papers ! ) in them,ignored or rejected, it's something very much acknowledged and
appreciated by me and I'm really most grateful to you all for !

Everything in life happens for a reason and ultimately for good as incredible as this might seem but our most
valuable lessons are taught through our personal trials and tribulations, it's these experiences that engage our
wisdom and strengthen us, as it's said "No pain, No gain!" Often sacrifices need to be made in order that the most
valuable lessons be taught and learnt and death being the greatest sacrifice of all but death is as I say not the end but
just the beginning ! "

Thank you for listening to me.
With love from, Diana.