"  Hello Everyone,

        As I have made Christian and others aware I am taking a momentary hiatus from my personal site and the reason
for this is a very simple one. Until circumstances change, attitudes alter; there is no purpose to continue and this is
something dictated by the "D Notices" that are spoken of in detail in a precis deliberately posted to draw people's
attention to them. (See previous Current Message)  This something done for two main reasons and these being to
inform those who have been approached in the Media to investigate and explore  the phenomena of my channeling
directly through Christian and for those who have not, I understand why not and likewise to make those who are
responsible for the implementation of them, that I am aware of the powerful influence exerted by them. I wasn't
fearful in life, I am not now!

Until someone, somewhere, of influence has the confidence to be of support to me so albeit to Christian as well as of
course Rose; there is no viable reason for me to maintain a regular communication. Christian has channeled me
directly to people who knew me personally in life but who have personal reputations to protect so choose to remain in
the background for the moment anyway. I dare say I will be able to count upon their support when it is something that
is proven real and so therefore globally successful. Equally others contacted whilst having not stepped forward
themselves to saying so; know who they are and I am grateful have not alternatively therefore ridiculed or even
questioned the authenticity of my communications with them; although of course I have ensured that things spoken
about by me to them only they'd know about!

   It can clearly be seen as well as heard on my site that I have spoken about things which have then happened but to
realise them all will mean doing a lot of homework as by example during just one of the many After - Life Interviews
with Rose I might draw attention to something mid - conversation and then move on to discussing another topic
totally. I am also as subtle now in my influences as I prided myself in being in life so by example when drawing
attention to speaking about Catherine and William being at the time thought to be preparing to announce their formal
engagement, choosing to highlight my comments an image of Catherine as a bride! Have people noticed in the image
her bridal bouquet  is a copy of mine? Note too that  upon Will's engagement announcement, happening just days
later, that he had presented his lady with my engagement ring and the selected venue for his wedding to be where my
funeral was conducted. I have said it before and I do so again now; my boys are my boys and the royals might have
tried their hardest to white - wash me from their history in many ways but my boys I know I can count upon to never
allow their Mother's memory to be forgotten by anyone, anyone at all!

       I appreciate their positions and their indoctrinated respect for them which naturally demands that they abide by
the roles that protocol demands them to uphold but I applaud the fact that neither of them are "Yes Men" and
enormously grateful to their father's influence in allowing them to be true to themselves in a manner in which he as a
Prince of the Realm was forbidden to be. This even extending to the fact that he was not initially anyway able to
marry the woman he loved.

     It is wonderful that Wills and Harry can both relax safely in the knowledge that they will alternatively be
encouraged by him to marry women they do sincerely and honestly love and securing personal happiness in
togetherness with them and in due course supporting families of their own.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this work and please listen to this song of Inspiration for you all in 2011 ! "

                                                                      With love from,
                                                                                             Diana xx
Diana's Inspirational  Video Choice for 2011
New Year 2011                                                                                                                         Posted 1/1/11
( Rose's note: Many may not know that Andrew/Christian has been undergoing some physical health issues
most recently. In one of those cosmic "co-inky-dinks", as I like to call those things that are more than mere
coincidences, Christian ended up being put into a wing of a hospital that was opened in March 2007 by Dr.
Reverend Desmond Tutu. This was less than 5 weeks after Diana chose this video where Barbara Streisand
mentions the quote from that very same wise man. It does make us speculate if Diana had foreknowledge of a
sort of what was to come for her and Christian, for where Christian goes so does Diana! Let us not forget that
Diana often gets 'advanced' knowledge of things which later prove to pan out. Having worked with her via
Christian for over 5 years now I realize that she herself does not always realize when something will prove to be
a prophetic statement, but that is again often the nature of being a prophet...just ask those who predicted the
downfall of Jeruslem/Babylon/Medo-Persian Empires. Just wanted to mention this latest apparent "co-inky-dink"!)