Date Posted: 04/29/11

Diana’s message re Catherine and William

“I am impressed by Catherine’s dignity throughout her courtship with William and something Wills would appreciate her
for maintaining, even upon their parting company for a short while.

In fact no doubt a quality shown by her amongst others missed by him and drawing him back to her side, determined to
not make the mistake of losing her again.

Catherine has made very apparent that she is a woman of great strength and tenacity as well as being very
determined, which again would be traits impressing him. Wills himself being pretty stubborn having made clear that he
will not be adhering to or following ‘in-house rules’ imposed by background figures set upon imposing them...even
determining to enforce them.

I am most grateful to know that both he and of course Harry have inherited a certain rebelliousness I am known as
having had and acted with, which saved me numerous times as it will them. I’m proud of my eldest son’s determination
that his mummy’s memory will not be forgotten and most especially by those who would be most likely to choose for it
to be!

I have complete confidence in Catherine and William as a team; theirs an equal partnership and one based upon a
deep sense of friendship and companionship; experienced by them before officially becoming man and wife.

They know each other which is so important in any relationship but particularly in one of marriage; so with the person
you are intent on spending the rest of your life with. A couple clearly providing each other with the emotional stability
and security necessary to a mutually respected union proving itself being long lasting in duration which I strongly feel
theirs will be."

The Wedding Eve Diana’s message

‘I do hope that as Wills spoke about in their engagement interview that Catherine is seen to carve out her own destiny
and not to be in any way pressured to be following in my footsteps. I have noted already the media are being inclined
to compare her to me in, by example, her style of fashion so detracting from being seen to adopting her own style of
dress sense. Then articles concerned about her weight loss which is not fair on her at all and hopefully not something
she allows to influence her. Catherine, I am quite sure, will have William’s full support which will therefore empower her
with a profound sense of self confidence making us immediately very different and she will also be the first royal bride
with a university degree and the first to have lived with her husband before marriage. Catherine and William will be
headliners naturally but it is my wish not to the extent as I certainly experienced so that it denies them complete
privacy. Hopefully powerful lessons have been learnt about how damaging continual press intrusion is, how difficult it is
to cope with when it is consistent and particularly the papparrazi abroad for which it is an open market. I would
encourage Wills to implement certain boundary lines making clear that he will not appreciate them being crossed and
having been set by him that they will be respected. This allowing him and Catherine, as well as accepting and
maintaining their public roles determined being their future, being allowed to enjoy a private life together away form the
glare of a camera lens and a script of a journalist."

So what does a Royal Groom-to-be do the eve before his wedding?

The Wedding Day Diana’s message

"One of the most beautiful wedding dresses ever created was that worn by North American film actress Grace Kelly
when she entered European High Society becoming La Princesse Grace de Monaco marrying Prince Rainier of the
Principality on the French Riviera.

Catherine Middleton today in marriage to HRH Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) becoming HRH Duchess of
Cambridge wearing a creation of such similar styling. A fabulous dress, elegant and feminine, with Catherine looking
amazing, a symbol of serenity and grace and the perfect complement to William in his military regalia...very much an
officer and a gentleman. I personally am so touched to have been remembered so profoundly by my eldest boy Wills
and my daughter-in-law Catherine on their wedding day and it was wonderful to see the people’s public support of
them and I am sure an added thrill on the special day for a couple so clearly happy and genuinely in love."



Grace Kelly -- April 19, 1956