Date Posted: May 6th 2011

London Bombing Inquest Results

4 days after the death of Osma - Bib - Laden, whose ideology inspired the London Suicide Bombers---
Islamic Fanatics Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanween, Habib Hussain and Jermaine Lindsay had implement happening
the worst ever single act of terrorism to date on British soil. After an extensive enquiry lasting five months the official
verdict of "Unlawful Killing" has been reached at the Royal Court of Justice by the Coroner; Lady Justice Hallet,
regarding the London Bombings of July 7th 2005.

The incidents happening six years ago in England's capital city resulted in 52 city commuters losing their lives and a
further 700 and more injured victims. The attacks happening the day after London secured holding the Olympic
Games for 2012! The verdict reached by the coroner having examined all the evidence presented to her including
over 300 eye - witness accounts of the events taking place.

It having come to light during the investigations that following a previous Underground tragedy happening, a fire at
London's Kings Cross station in November 1987 in which 31 people died, that it was established that emergency
communications imperative for immediate assistance were severely hampered by the fact that the radio transmitters
available and being used were found to be inoperative below ground level. Recommendations made that they be
immediately replaced with more suitable communication equipment used by the emergency services. These
recommendations were duly ignored, resulting in the fact that consequently 18 years later in an environment known
as being one more dangerously prominent with home - grown terrorists; this having been a highly relevant issue and
one in need of addressing but with radio problems persisting; history repeating itself on a much larger and more
dramatic scale!

Emergency service personnel present at 7/7/2005 speaking out themselves, one telling how he personally had to
return to ground level 5 consecutive times to relay to those above ground what the situation below ground truly was.
Due to communication problems the wrong number of emergency services were dispatched to the crisis locations
resulting evidently in insufficient help being made readily available to the victims. It has also been exposed that of
three people present in the Control Room of the Emergency Services H/Q in the capital, only one was trained to deal
with a crisis situation. This leading to the subsequent delay in the dispatching of the emergency ambulance crews and
fire services to assist in the incidents and reduced numbers were sent as it was feared another attack might be
following those already known about.

The coroner ruling the deaths of all those killed was inevitable and whilst not blaming the emergency services making
recommendations for emergency service communication systems to be immediately reviewed, for more stretchers and
general first aid equipment to b readily available at stations and in emergency vehicles.

Disturbingly it also being revealed that M.I.5. were aware of a video made by terrorist ring - leader Sidique Khan and
all of the terrorists being on M.I.5.'s radar screen a year prior to the attacks happening and they placed under
surveillance. M.I.5. said to having received sensitive information about them all but retaining secrecy in regards to its
content for matters of security. Photographs of the terrorists taken whilst under surveillance by them of being too poor
quality for informants shown them to positively identify them. This information begging the questions ...

1 ... What did M.I.5. know ?
2..... Why did they not act upon that knowledge ?
3 ...  Why was the terrorist known to them; Sadique Khan, not interviewed by them to erase any suspicions of threat
they might have had ?

The coroner supported by the Home - Secretary in her judgements ruling out M.I.5. being accountable for the deaths
of some victims and the injuries of others but advising strongly that their procedures being something immediately
reviewed. M.I.5. needing to have better record keeping. Arguably though it needs to be pointed out that too much time
spent in taking notes and making decisions means the less time available to securing the safety of the United
Kingdom from future events of this nature happening. Lady Justice Hallet concluding that there will be no public
enquiry; something wanted by families and friends of the victims but that important lessons have been learnt!

"My immediate reaction upon hearing the verdict being shock, horror and frustration. My initial intention being to
write to Daily Express newspaper Editor Andrew Spedding, whom Christian channeled my message to about the London
Bombings going to take place in four days advance of their happening. Conversely to them being seriously listened to
Christian instead found himself mocked by Mr. Spedding expressing expletives of a derogatory nature betraying his
personal ignorance of the richness of the English language in needing to resort to using them to express himself!
Introducing himself as the Newspaper's Resident Psychiatrist! It is for this reason that I have decided against doing so.
It would serve no purpose, seen as the rantings and ravings of a lunatic, though I am quite sure anyway that the call is
one Mr. Spedding finds difficult to forget.

In fairness to him I do appreciate that editorial staff will, I am sure, receive crank calls but those made of this nature as
Christian's evidently proves it might be more beneficial to give a serious consideration to as opposed to dismissing them
out of hand given the serious implications of their content . Christian's call was not one made anonymously, he giving
his full name of Andrew Russell - Davis prior to the channeled message and from where he was calling which at that time
was Sweden, Scandinavia. I'm sure for security reasons the call of July 3rd 2005 will have been recorded. My point
being his personal identity not being something kept from them.

I'm not sure actually what could or indeed might have been done but given the resources the media have immediate
access to, surely something constructive and instrumental as opposed to being ignored! Consequently whilst not being
directly responsible for the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 himself naturally, Mr. Spedding is I feel accountable for
doing nothing to warn of them possibly happening, to alert anybody at all which therefore resulted in 52 innocent
London commuters being killed and a further 700 or more being injured, people from twenty - five differing

I personally find the verdict itself; one of "Unlawful Killing", being a little ironic---it's being the same one reached at the
conclusion of the Official Inquest into the events happening in Paris, France of August 31st 1997  and directly
implicated for their involvement in the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 being M.I.5! Whilst appreciating that this
inquiry with some questions asked and answered brings closure in one respect, it does not lessen the sadness and
heartache of those mourning loved ones and friends dying and others permanently crippled as a result of this happening
and something, had Christian and the channeled message been listened to, which might not have happened at all!"

Diana, the movie star??


   As appearing in the "I" newspaper in London, England:

Keith Allan is taking his Princess Diana Documentary to the 2011 Film Festival in Cannes, France. "Unlawful Killing"
features analysis of Diana's medical treatment and recorded  phone calls from the late royal and judging from the clip
released is set to whip up the Conspiracy Theorist crowd!

    " I'm enormously excited at the prospect of this happening as, provided that the scene isn't cut from it, I will be seen
and heard channeling through Christian at the London Zoo in Regents Park on a carousel and not caged! My opening
remark to the interviewer's initial question to me being extremely poignant. When asked if I had anything to say about
the accident in Paris, my response immediately to this being " What accident? "

       Some people will be aware, having previously been mentioned on my site amongst the reams of information
available about this, that and the other,  that this is not the first time that this film will have been presented there. Let's
therefore hope that it strikes lucky the second time around. There will be those naturally who will ridicule and insult the
film, nothing critics enjoy more and especially for a fee but even negative publicity is preferable to none at all and so
neither Christian or myself are daunted at the prospect of this happening. On the other hand if it proves to being
successful than history will indeed be in the making which is bound to be controversial as it is recognised finally that
" Diana Speaks ! "
                                   With love from,
                                                Diana xx

Date Posted: May 9, 2011

"Hello Everyone,

                Is it me or isn't it ? I'm tempted at this point to say "change the tape" but this remains a question that seriously
needs addressing. It is somewhat convenient to imagine Christian being a nut - job, I suppose, gaining some sort of
bizarre satisfaction in promoting the fact that he channels me. The media will naturally buy into this idea which is why
when contacted a journalist friend of mine in life did precisely that-- but let me remind people about the powerful
influence " D " notices have which is something drawn attention to elsewhere on my site. For many in the know,
actually, something quite fearful to begin to consider being real, after all likely to mean trouble with a capital " T ".
Therefore not something to draw a focus of attention to naturally and something to alternatively avoid happening at all
costs; so including perhaps hiding the truth of them but alternatively not something that anyone who has been
contacted has condemned publicly as being false which says rather a lot !

                The content of the messages themselves, the usage of vocabulary, the turns of phrase and expressions perhaps
conclusively I'd imagine anyway proving to them, albeit privately of course, that it is me speaking ! It's actually all
becoming rather tiresome, my continuously banging my head seemingly so anyway against a brick wall, tougher than
Berlin's, endeavouring to illustrate to people that it's fact not fiction but not something I am intent on giving up on
doing, being as stubborn and determined now as I was in life, unfortunately for some ! I've therefore decided to expose
secrets to assist me in trying to convince people of this fact or at the very least to give serious consideration to it!

               A magazine with the I.P.C. Group was given the direct opportunity to access a channeled interview with me but
this necessitated their legal department being approached. Fearing immediate litigation from it happening something
that was denied, which is rather odd since it is a magazine that extensively explores and examines controversial issues
like " Life after death" so who would have predicted their reaction?!

              Someone powerfully instrumental in my life was contacted and having tested the authenticity of the channeling
out for themselves they personally met Christian and do believe " Diana Speaks " but they have a personal as well as
professional reputation to maintain so cannot step forward and say so publicly as can neither of my boys, other
members of the Royal Family, my brother, Mohamed al - Fayed and others of influence who have been contacted; at
least not yet!

            A few years ago now a film company secretly filmed Christian channeling me, having paid his travel expenses
which included return air fares and his hotel bill for an as yet unreleased film, controversial in content, and one with no
expense spared.  I'd not consequently imagine this being something shelved indefinitely, perhaps awaiting the most
appropriate moment to have the greatest impact but not clearly something that would have been undertaken by the film
company was there any question in their mind about Christian's credibility!

              I have made certain on my site that it is known that prior warnings of the London Bombings of 2005 were given
to a leading British Newspaper but, due to them being channeled I suppose, consequently ridiculed which ultimately
resulted in the deaths of 52 innocent people in the capital city and others maimed for life. Had this not happened things
might have been so different! Security measures tightened, emergency services prepared or on stand - by and most
especially it's now having come to light that the bombers were on M.I.5's intelligence radar screen. If only I had I
spoken to someone a little more open - minded and not so personally judgemental. I hope he is not undergoing therapy
with a psychiatrist as many survivors of the bombings traumatised by the events happening 7th July 2005 still are.

           Do you see Christian on television, promoting books, appearing in halls for a fee? No, you don't, and this might
well be the reason of course that he is not believed, a " Freebie " often questionable  and especially in the sceptical and
financially driven world of today. In the future these circumstances might alter but I feel knowing the character that
substantial fees will be donated to charities and causes I supported. After all, as a man alone, Christian's personal needs
not necessitating being excessively costly to determine his survival comfortably.  Christian is a person believing that
having been afforded a gift " Freely " that he has no right or justification for charging for using it and this is his personal
free - choice to decide upon!

         The world of today is still one not ready to wholeheartedly openly acknowledge, believe in and trust people like
Christian but this time is approaching. All he and others like him involved in the new age phenomena in whatever
capacity are set to doing in their individual missions is to assist man in his progression of evolution, his growth and
understanding, his natural progression so accepting by example that the higher consciousness has a greater say and
effect upon things than man does...and so for him and for me and others, as I say like us;,the work continues! "

                                           Thank you for listening to me,
                                                                                         Diana XX

Christian's Note:

Diana was a deeply Spiritual person who strongly believed in realms beyond the physical presence. For inspiration
and personal guidance she contacting acclaimed Astrologer Penny Thornton, Psychic Medium Rita Rogers and
Healer Simmone Simmons. Diana believed that the journey of the soul was more fundamental than the journey of the
body, merely the soul's shell. Diana was a keen believer in the higher consciousness and that death meant new life -
a new beginning- and here is a favourite quotation of hers from the book "The Little Prince" by French author Antoine
de Saint Exupery, which now seems strangely prophetic!

   "At night you will look up at the stars...and you will see in one of those stars I shall be living. I have to go to the
stars...and one day when you look at the stars you will remember me."