"During an after life interview with Rose Campbell I distinctly say I was the victim and Dodi the target and I feel the time
has now come when I must justify this statement.

I was a problem to many people and the institutions alive. I had shown that, I’d proved it and I was a problem that wasn’
t going to go away, not of my own accord anyway! A suitable solution needs to be found to deal with this and
subsequently was of course.

To the royals themselves I was a menace stealing their thunder at every turn and in any way that I could; though there
were times of course when stealing the headlines from them was not a personal intention of mine to do at all. Trying a
new hairstyle and the cameras being on me at an official opening of parliament, being one such instance I vividly
remember but generally the focus was very much on me most of the time. The reason initially for my husband then to
become resentful of me, but it added another iron to the fire in the early days of our marriage and as time went on grew
in intensity causing all the more problems for us and eventually making it impossible for us to carry out our duties as a
couple so thus each of us doing what was expected of us separately. Then of course there was problem to the hidden
faces within the firm who pretty much controlled things from the sidelines to arrange things like royal visits and who did
not appreciate their plans interfered with or moderated - something I was proficient in doing. They learnt quickly it was
my way or no way as I proved in taking Wills with us to Australia. A new mother, this one anyway, would not be
separated from her baby so this sort of behaviour on my part didn’t gain me popularity at all and luckily I have to say it
rather amazed me to be deliberately difficult when I knew things that I exposed publicly would cause problems for them.

 The establishment had its own very real concerns about me as I had been rather let down in something I personally
wanted to do and knew that I would have been more than appropriate for, needs must I could be diplomatic and
everyone knows the tremendous rapport I had with people and they had with me. I had been blocked from being a
people’s ambassador to the country which hurt and angered me and I lost a lot of respect for the government as a result
of this deliberate snub and in honesty I retracted the loyalty I once had. For me it was yet another rejection but this one
not just of me personally but at the role I had played for so long which they had been happy to support me in when I was
within the royal family but having been ostracised from it which is what happened actually I was of no further use to

  My involvement in the land mine campaign I knew meant exposure of corruption at the highest level so I was treading
on dangerous territory, stepping quite literally into a minefield, and knew the odds were that ultimately one would blow
up in my face. Nevertheless for humanitarian reasons something I gained a sense of great personal satisfaction in being
involved with so consequently, as I saw it anyway, a risk worth taking. I had already taken a precaution of letting
trusted people know what the outcome of this involvement might prove to be and I had no reason to doubt it. But
stubborn as ever something I was determined to do my bit however big, however small, that was.

At this point I would also like to clarify a note written by me which I know has proved somewhat controversial with me
there often being a need to read between the lines. This one of those instances. I knew divorced Charles could marry
again but realised were I not around something less devastating to happen.  As it is this having done so has consequently
resulted in his loosing a lot of confidence the public has in him which is why many people would like to see William
becoming King instead of him.

 Had this marriage though taken place with me alive the consequences I am quite sure proving even more devastating.
More senior royal members in a public outcry being widely criticised for allowing it. But in them perhaps forbidding it
he even abdicating his position for the woman he loved, something done before after all naturally but with no children
involved including an heir to the throne, so easier to exile the devoted couple. The boys making things even more
complicated for numerous reasons and giving me powerful ammunition to demanding sole custody of them. Meaning
quite possibly therefore William’s birthright to the throne something I’d had more power of controlling and therefore
something to avoid from happening at all costs I would imagine anyway. In both cases ultimately provoking a
constitutional crisis within an uncertain outcome but meaning serious problems for the monarchy. On a more personal
note endless comparisons of his new wife and I making her acceptance an even more unlikely prospect that initially
anyway it proved in being. I have spoken about their marriage on my site and I have said enough.

In the land mine campaign I worked alongside a group of wonderful people who continuously risked their lives for a
cause they believed in. It was very humbling for me to have been invited to join them and one I willingly and without
any hesitation at all accepted. In my doing so though my becoming a marked woman as I was involving myself directly
in a highly controversial and political issue and ultimately one that failed to succeed in its intention helped by my
intervention in it which meant its becoming high profile in its global exposure and so of course therefore something  
being able to remain hidden. One of those times when the press assisted me as I so often assisted them, a win-win

Within just weeks of my being in Bosnia to help draw public attention to the issue as I had been seen to have done
already in Angola, I was dead. Dodi being the victim of my meddling in things which was thought I shouldn’t and his
being the eldest son of British establishments enemy #1 didn’t exactly help the situation either. But my romantic
impulsiveness meant my throwing caution to the wind enjoying our time together in what turned out to be our last

Diana, true to her Cancerian sign,was a creature of moods and someone who liked to have her opinions confirmed as
opposed to the truth being given to her. Diana was someone who found secrets difficult to keep and fell out with
people for the most trivial of reasons. A person inclined to telling small lies but as a Royal finding herself surrounded
by people she couldn't talk openly with, relate to and be true to self. Friendship often means confiding in someone,
sharing personal thoughts and feelings but as H.R.H. Princess of Wales too many were impressed by the persona to
see the person behind it. Diana knew the slightest indiscretion on her part could lead to all kinds of problems and this
was proven once she spoke out in the Panorama Interview in 1995. Diana subsequently losing the support of Margo,
as she knew H.R.H. Princess Margaret. Diana being made aware how superficial the friendship had been as the
Queen's younger sister supported the Royals and not Diana. Diana came to realise that the royals don't make
friendships, they make allies and mix on equal terms with their own relatives.

For this reason Diana chose her closest friends as people coming from outside the "Firm", Diana liking to being real
with those she was closest to and most enjoying to converse with people she sensed would listen to her and respond
with understanding and voices of experience. Any confidentiality broken though and Diana would immediately
ostracise the person involved. Her most valued friends being Lady Annabel Goldsmith, someone knowing Diana since
she was a little girl and so someone Diana trusted implicitly. Another wonderful friend who was wise in the ways of the
world being Elsa Bowker who assumed a Grandmotherly role in Diana's life as another friend Lucia Flecha de Lima
was, in Diana's opinion, the Mother that she wished she'd have had. It was through Lucia that Diana met Rosa
Monckton who Diana drew close to in spite of the fact the Monckton's had close connections with the British
Establishment. Rosa's brother Anthony a senior officer in the British Secret Intelligence Services and her husband
Denis Lawson, a newspaper editor.

Annoyingly though to her friends Diana was in the habit of seeking out their advice and then ignoring it and doing her
own thing. Something understandable if only for the fact that as a member of Royalty through her marriage having
lived a life of rules and regulations, do's and don'ts! Freed from this she wanting to do things her way, celebrating her
freedom from constraint. Someone who helped her with professional advice was Royal Correspondent for the Daily
Mail, Richard Kay, though Diana and he also argued and most usually because of something he'd written about her or
more often because of something he hadn't but she thought he ought to have covered in his column. Diana gave
Richard many exclusives and used him as her spokesperson, her mouthpiece in print and through him giving her
account of things in response to how they might have been illustrated as being in other newspaper articles. Richard
being the last person Diana spoke to from the Ritz Hotel in Paris on August 30th 1997 so just hours before her death
in the early hours of the following morning in the French capital city.

Paul Burrell, Diana's butler, had been someone Diana confided in and though before her death her trust in him had
waned and she no longer took him into her confidence so readily, he had accumulated information and knew a lot of
Diana's secrets which exposed would have proved damaging to the Royals. A reason speculated upon as to why the
Queen herself  personally intervened in a court case which meant its collapsing dramatically as Mr. Burrell was about
to be called to give evidence in his defence against the accusation aimed against him of having stolen a number of
the deceased Diana's personal possessions. Even now in spite of having written two books about his friendship with,
as he calls her, "the Princess", he has vowed to take many of her secrets with him to his grave.

Regarding the Panorama Interview

  People may wonder what fuelled Diana into giving the tell all Panorama Interview of 1995 which shocked the nation
and even the media with its enormous revelations. Even knowing some, if not most of them unofficially, never imagined
they'd become officially recognised and least of all exposed by one of the people directly concerned. This
consequently resulted in Diana losing her official royal status of her H.R.H. title and the Queen requesting Charles
and Diana divorce. Ironically Prince Philip suggesting Diana's title following her divorce might be Duchess of Cornwall,
one now awarded to her successor; the former Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles, now 2nd wife of H.R.H. Prince of Wales.
 In the same year and just months before Ken Stronach, a personal valet to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales for 15 years,
exposed to a tabloid newspaper " News of the World" that Charles moved out of the royal marital bed soon after
Prince Harry's conception. On nights Diana was not at Highgrove and security alarms were switched off; Camilla
moved in. Ken described changing the bed linen to fool household staff ( A strategy that failed!) that Charles had
slept single and on nights he spent at Camilla's house; leaving a marked - up T.V. magazine by his chair to mislead
Diana into thinking he'd spent an innocent evening watching television alone. The worst thing though for Diana was to
see that this article included a picture of Camilla taken at Birkhall (Prince Charles's Scottish home in Scotland formerly
his grandmother's; the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. So too is his London residence of Clarence House,
London; both inherited by her favourite grandson upon her death March 30th 2002 aged 101 years ) on the Balmoral
estate  with a young Prince William in the background. This really angered Diana and the woman scorned was ready
to strike back!

 In June 1994 Charles had spoken to author and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, a long documentary called
"The Private Man and the Public Role " which attracted 14 million viewers and is most remembered for Charles
admitting to his maritial infidelity with Camilla happening once his marriage to Diana had irretrievably broken down.
A book followed serialised in the "Sunday Times" newspaper and running for 620 pages. Charles making every source
available, his personal letters, diaries, journals, interviews from relatives and friends and archives at his original
London home of St. James Palace and Windsor Castle. (Diana remaining in their marital home of Apartments 8 & 9 in
Kensington Palace; up until her death in 1997) Some details were withdrawn by the author so have consequently
never been printed.

Failed Fence Mending     

The cruise aboard the Alexander belonging to Greek Tycoon John Latsis was organised and hoped would limit the
damage done by the publication of the Andrew Morton book, a kind of 2nd honeymoon for the royal mis - match and
was to last ten days, from August 6 th 1992 - 16 August 1992. It was a disaster, the couple having separate cabins
and Diana spending most of the time amusing herself in the company of her beloved boys and her husband calling his
mistress the then Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles so consequently the bad blood between the couple worsened during the
ten day cruise.

In the 90's Charles met Camilla as often as his schedule allowed, meetings at Highgrove and Balmoral with nights
spent when they could be at discreet friend's houses. The illicit couple even snatching escape holidays together in
Turkey on the back of a state visit by Charles to Ankara and in Tuscany, Italy. The couple travelling separately to joint
destinations to avoid public exposure and embarrassing interceptions. On publication of the Andrew Morton book,
there was no hiding place for Charles and Camilla, caught in the headlights after Diana speaking about the true
nightmare of the fairytale marriage in her Panorama interview. The television interview attracting 23 million viewers
and remains the most watched television programme in the history of British broadcasting. When Diana spoke to
Martin Bashir public opinion polls showed public support for Diana at around 85 % and globally around 200 million
people watched Diana tell her story. No book or programme with royal connections had before, has since to date,
generated such powerful impact and been so directly candid, so open, so public and so effective! Damage done to
the Monarchy that it is unlikely will ever fully repair.

Ironically Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles flew from London's Stansted airport to Spain to stay with friends on August 22nd
1997 for a summer break and twelve hous earlier from the same airport that Diana, Princess of Wales, flew to Nice,
France to join Dodi Fayed.
"Oh, what a
tangled web..."
Date Posted:  5-31-2011