Date Posted: 6/30/11

Harry Marches Into War

In 2008 Prince Harry was removed from what was determined to being a secret tour of the Helm and Province in
Afghanistan. His position serving on the front lines was seriously compromised following an Australian media source
revealing his being there. Harry has since made no secret of the fact of his personal disappointment at this
happening or his determination to return to the military forces operating there. Harry always having said, as has his
brother William, about himself that neither wanting preferential treatment but wanting to be treated as "Just one of the
lads!" It is highly unlikely that William, now " H.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge " will ever see active service in such
volatile locations given his being direct heir to the throne after his father " H.R H The Prince of Wales " but Harry will
be returning as soon as he completes his current military training at the end of 2011. Captain Harry Wales who
gained his wings earlier this year is training to be pilot of an Apache Attack Helicopter. Once he is assigned to a
squadron, to fly potentially perilous battle field missions providing necessary cover for ground troops and hunting
down insurgents. Harry himself would be a "High Value Target" for them in the event of his capture. His grandmother
"H.M.The Queen", his father Prince Charles and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy are all anxious about his decision but at
the same time accepting of the fact that this is what he wants to do with his life and supporting his decision.

"I've always said Harry is the "Action Man" and his willful determination to returning to where the action is in
Afghanistan illustrates this point perfectly. Even as a child Harry particularly loved playing soldiers so I'm hardly
surprised that now as an adult he gains such an immense sense of personal satisfaction in his involvement within the
Military Forces. Personally I am concerned for his safety naturally, what parent wouldn't be and indeed for those
parents who have daughters and sons serving their country in dangerous areas of the world isn't? However I firmly feel
that the primary duty of any parent is to support, even if not to encourage them always, the personal choices their
children make in their lives and indeed for their lives! Provided of course that these choices are not initially anyway
detrimental to them mentally, emotionally and physically or affecting others similarly. I therefore as an humanitarian
and so therefore not encouraging of either of my boys in establishing military careers, never the less support Harry's
decision so commend him for his bravery, applaud his deep sense of camaraderie, wish him the best of luck and pray
he, like Wills, will always be safe and protected . I also appreciate how difficult this must be for Chelsy to face but
encourage her to support her man in his endeavours respecting they being of such enormous personal value to him ...
he'll be much easier to live with if she does !"

                                    With love from,
                                                          Diana xx


The explosive and controversial film by British Director Keith Allen claiming Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered
in Paris, France following direct orders from the British Establishment has been banned in the U.K. prompting
immediate allegations of a deliberate cover - up !  Unless the makers of the documentary film agreed to no less than
87 scenes being cut from the hard hitting film "Unlawful Killing" it will not be shown legally in the U.K. Consequently it
will now be shown in its entirety which lasts 90 minutes on July 6th in Galway, Ireland which lies outside Britain's legal
jurisdiction! Mr. Allen saying that "This has never happened before, a British made film not being able to be shown in
Britain but as with much about Princess Diana, the rule book has been rewritten!"

The film began being made in October 2007 at the beginning of the six - month inquest in London into Diana,
Princess of Wales death on August 31st 1997 and the film financed by Mohamed al - Fayed, the father of Dodi
Fayed, Diana's companion who also lost his life together with their chauffeur of the evening Henri - Paul in the same
incident. Mr. Allen insisting that Mr. al-Fayed having no other personal involvement in its production. Mr Allen met
barrister Michael Mansfield who later represented Mr. al-Fayed at the official inquest and he convinced Mr. Allen that
there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash in the French capital city with signs of there having been
a cover - up operation.

Mr. Allen adding "My film is supposedly in contempt of court. I openly question the impartiality of a coroner Lord
Justice Scott Baker who had sworn an oath of allegiance to the Queen yet was sitting in the Royal Courts of Justice
presiding over a case which involved the Monarchy. I would also ask why he repeatedly refused to call members of
the Royal Family to the inquest? Diana did write a note alleging that H.R.H. The Prince of Wales was planning an
accident in her car, yet that note was not revealed by the Metropolitan Police to the public and press or the French
police who first investigated the crash - for six years !"

The inquest jury returned a verdict of "Unlawful Killing". Mr. Allen concluding poignantly " It is my contention that the
inquest was a shameless Establishment cover - up. These are happening all the time. Important case files are put on
hold for 50 years or more. We are obsessed with secrecy in Britain!"

The film has already been bought by the  U.S. , U.S.S.R. , JAPAN, and SPAIN with more global deals being tied up
this month. The Director Keith Allen is at present seeking the rights for it to be shown complete in Britain allowing the
public to decide for themselves the real truth. Keith Allen also saying " I still feel there is a cover - up going on but as
Diana says in the film "I won't go quietly!" - that's the problem, my film is not going to go quietly either!" The film was
origimally to have been a small television documentary but was subsequently boosted by a £3 Million investment from
Mr. Mohamed al - Fayed so it was able to gain major movie quality. The film questions the wherabouts of Diana's
brother - in - law and the Queen's Private secretary, Sir Robert Fellowes who claims he was on holiday before and
after the crash but diaries exposed in the film of Alistair Campbell, former press secretary to Prime Minister Tony Blair
suggest that he was alternatively overseeing the funeral arrangements for Diana, Princess of Wales. It has also
come to light that many of the Brirish pressmen who wrote about the film shown at 2011 Cannes Film Festival did so
without having seen it themselves and seemed to be working under orders so were hostile to it immediately!!
Alternatively the reaction to it from the internationalaudience being an extremely positive one. They left the screening
knowing all was not as it had been reported as having been regarding the incident in Paris in August 1997!
    Why the banning of the film ?   If there isn't a cover - up, what are the British Establishment afraid of ?

Video Interview about Unlawful Killing

Another report:

" Hello Everyone,

 I'm very excited to see that the film "Unlawful Killing" has made todays front headlines in a leading British Newspaper
which is so encouraging of the fact that the film is indeed not going to go quietly ! It's Director Keith Allen, a
controversial figure himself, is clearly one more than qualified to represent me on celluloid. It also seems apparent
that Christian's channeling of me is included in the final cut which if so, as this waits to be seen of course, will be
especially powerful but so recently his being told that the work begins here in England, my being England's Rose.

  If proving successful in Ireland there will be no way of preventing it's being shown here in England as already the
banning of it has only served to illustrate something is being hidden, not the most sensible of strategies to adopt but I
have said as much in an interview with Rose as well as in a current message on my site. My site will be the next thing to
be exposed and thoroughly examined -- Keith Allen of course and the film crew as well as Mohamed all being aware of
it. I do sense it being time now to say "Watch this space!"

   I have no doubt at all that the headlines will be ones unnerving a lot of people and the day after what would have been
my 50th birthday just to compound their feeling of uneasiness, everything happening in divine timing! Her Majesty is
of course in Scotland at the moment and Wills and Catherine in Canada but news travels so all will be keenly aware of
these current developments. I am actually grateful that William is away as he'd not have found yesterday easy at all
were he not being kept busy, though of course with Catherine emotionally supporting him somewhat easier to cope
with too.

 Sooner or later the truth about the events happening in Paris will be publicly exposed. You can run from the truth but
you cannot hide, as I have always said, but it does now seem remarkable developments are currently taking place
which can only be a positive thing so something encouraged by me happening naturally as after all Christian deserves
rewarding for his continual loyalty and devotion to me over the years!

Thank you all for your continual love and support which has been and is so very much appreciated by us both ! "
                                                                               With love from,
                                                                                      Diana xx