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Date posted: 06-23-09

" Hello Everyone,
                       By now many of you may be aware from the article in the British Newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" that a
public poll conducted has determined that the 2nd person people most wanted to connect with, speak to and hear
from after Jesus Christ is me.

                        I am overwhelmed by this fact personally of course and greatly humbled by it and it is the most amazing
news regarding encouragement for the Diana Work to be able to continue. It seems apparent that with the necessary
validation it will do so unhindered and in fact welcomed by the majority of the world populace. Naturally there will be
a few non - believers for balance to be maintained but largely their opinions will be negated by the majority, which is
what's important of course.

                          Recently for those who have heard it for themselves it is very apparent my energy rests firmly now, and
comfortably I have to say, within Andrew.  Rose and he considering at this moment when a new pod cast illustrating
this fact will be recorded but he is having to pinch himself pretty hard as he realises that everything is now becoming
all too real and let's face it he didn't personally ask for this responsibility to be placed upon his shoulders, he had no
choice. It was something decided for him and I would assume in life when we met outside K.P. in London in 1991 ( Eye
contact, no words, my having nearly knocked him down in my car as ironic as this indeed is ! ) but something made
very apparent to him in Gran Canaria on September 7th 1997 so the day after my funeral in London when whilst
endeavouring to channel his main Guide, instead I spoke !

                             Andrew over the years since has needed to be initiated, so meaning personally prepared, for the
momentous task ahead of him and he has been told recently that the preparations have been completed, he is ready!
He has needed to become a calmer personality, experience solitude which has included for necessary purification
celibacy, he has needed to experience losing all family members to free him of any emotional ties which would have
kept him bound, he has needed to be a Free - Spirit quite literally. Like me he has needed to experience personal
rejection and betrayal from those he genuinely loved and cared for and certain people, friends for years in his life
have recently had to leave it for their sake as well as his own as becoming a public figure which he is set to be
naturally, no stone will be left unturned in his life so likewise those whose company he keeps will find themselves
looked at. Everyone therefore ought to prepare themselves for this inevitability and it is hoped by me that their
loyalty to us both will determine that they do not tell tales out of school which the press, by example, will be anxious
for them to do. This would not be at all fair as I am sure you all realise.

                                   A pretty upfront character in his own right, he will not be inclined or intent upon hiding the Truth
from people as were he to do so and later for this to become exposed this would quite probably jeopardise the work in
hand ... integrity being a key element to its proving successful! He speaks with "Source" which has been a personal
development recently and was today told that having lived a life, which he has needed to have done to gain
experience, he has personally retained an innocence which was something that might easily have been lost along the
way were he himself not a stronger character in his own right.  Details about the life - path he has lead will be exposed
in due time so no need for detailing them now. Andrew was also told that he will be 3 times bigger than I was in life and
this recent poll seems to illustrate this point pretty vividly! There will be those who believe interested in him to
connect with me, those who don't who will be fixated on him daring to assume we have this connection, the religious
sector who will be intent on disproving the fact of it's being real and proving there exists in reality life after death as
well as the scientists who will be fascinated and eager to conduct experimentation's to determine it's being real or not ?
None that will in any way harm Andrew, naturally. Then of course my family, most notably my boys but also other
members as well as friends of mine in life will be equally anxious to determine its being real so Andrew has an
incredibly responsible road ahead of him so consequently has needed to become personally grounded enough to cope
with the pressures from all sides this will bring. Finally, and because it is me he channels,  he is also aware of the
dangers it naturally presents as through him I prove She didn't go quietly! As I have said before it is one thing to have
been advised of these things and quite another to witness them beginning to happen.

                                          I therefore personally request people to appreciate the moment he currently experiences as he is
given to realise that his life is one that will very shortly never be the same again in a manner that until it actually
happens he cannot begin to realise and so therefore not be able to imagine how it will be personally handled by him
but his life must of course pretty much mirror mine so one day I was living pretty anonymously in Colherne Court, my
employers not knowing my true identity as Lady Diana Spencer and within a week or so in the spotlight as then seen to
be future Queen of the country through my engagement to the Prince of Wales!  I have said enough for people to
ponder upon and consider but I felt it necessary to make people stop and think as soon globally it will become
amazingly apparent "Diana Speaks".

Thank you all for your love and support to us both over the years.  I speak for us both, so meaning Andrew of course,
when I say how very grateful we are as equally he realises personally how certain people have been and continue to be
there for him, offering their advice and guidance, being a compassionate ear and assisting him in his personal
transition and preparation for the road mapped out for him since his birth in December 1959, which therefore
included our paths crossing in London in 1991."  

With love to you all from,
                                      Diana xx

The pod cast made by Diana concerning this topic:

Diana's letter sent to the Daily Telegraph and other British media (concerning the poll alluded to

" Dear Madam, Sir,
           I fully realise you can't touch any of this having been friends with Richard and others in the Media but in view of
the fact that this poll that you chose to publicise as having been done with regards to people wanting to connect with
me again, I really would suggest that as journalists you at least investigate the fact I am back by seriously considering
my personal website   You only have to look at the date of a very recent precis called DEATH
IS JUST THE BEGINNING in the current messages section to see that it was one spoken by me ahead of the poll being
taken and so on topic...amazing ! There are other examples of such miracles being the reality for someone with both
the time and inclination to study the precis on my site.

             I don't think Andrew would have written to Wills in 2000 and told him he channeled me if he didn't, do you?
Also to have a letter back from his personal secretary with regards to its content? Of course I am appreciative of the
fact that if were you seen to be openly promoting my return, the establishment who pretty much run things, might not
be at all impressed and shut you down. The I.P.C. Group by example whilst aware of my site and its content cannot do
anything about it for fear of encouraging litigation against them.

              Never the less eventually the truth will come out regarding the fact I am back as I will continue as I have done
to say things that only I would know as well as those closest to me, of course.  Diana being very different from the
largely media based and created persona of HRH, which some of you are privy to knowing, but you would also
remember what a stubborn and determined character and strategist I was, invariably successful in, by example,
exposing global corruption, something recently of course duly being exposed as a reality happening within the British
Establishment itself! My paying for my part in doing so, with as an example of this witnessing the genocide in
connection with the land mine issue and being fully intent on publicising the knowledge gained by me first hand in its
regard, with my life ultimately!

                The exposure of the truth about the events happening in Paris, so not the official one to date naturally, is not
though solely the  reason for my return. This is actually being to prove the reality of there indeed being life after death
which will have enormous repercussions everywhere doesn't take another character wanted back from
the dead, Einstein, to work that one out!  So consequently quite soon anyway I would imagine the people, by example
who were interviewed for this poll, will be pretty shocked to realise "she didn't go quietly"! The timing of everything
quite amazing, so thank you for drawing the fact of it's having been conducted to people's attention, I am really most
grateful ! Now is this me or isn't it ? I'll leave you to work that one out ! "
                    Yours sincerely,
                                            Diana .

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