Date Posted 07/01/2011

"Hello Everyone,

People seem to be wondering what I might be doing were I still around in
person and I thought I might therefore involve myself in this guessing game!
Well naturally I'd have attended William's wedding to Catherine alone as not
wishing to invite it's becoming controversial with Dodi's presence and he'd have
appreciated and understood this and been supportive of me in this decision;
it being Catherine and William's day after all. I'd have had great fun in choosing
an outfit to compliment both my boys military uniforms and red being the prominent
colour and one, as they would know, I wore when I was happy. More than likely to
have been a Catherine Walker creation!

I know I'd have loved Catherine, William's wife and on my site have made it pretty
clear how much I admire her strength of character and her sense of personal style.
As H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall was seen to do, I likewise would have offered her any advice that she might have
needed before the big day and now would be encouraging of her to supporting charity work of her own as clearly she is
popular and has a natural affinity with people as well as proving to being a crowd puller. More than likely I'd have
involved her with causes I supported, so no doubt suggesting that she accompany me in visiting hospices, by example,
to gain a real sense of a hands on approach which is so important.

I'd have encouraged Harry's relationship with Chelsy as I do see them as being perfectly suited to each other though I
am reading now that they have parted company again, similarly though Catherine's sister Pippa being reported to have
left her beau Alex and seen next to him this week watching Wimbledon, so until Harry himself or indeed Chelsy say it's
over between them, not believing it! I'd be as I am respecting of the fact these two characters are natural rebels but I
would have been explaining to them the very real damage emotional game playing does, how it destroys trust by
example and in this I am sure I could have counted upon Charles's support. We'd have continued building on our
friendship and this something I believe would have been supported and encouraged happening by both of our sons
even if not by certain other family members! Dodi and I, as I have intimated, would be married, I'd not be living in sin
with him or indeed any man. When meeting Charles though my exercising diplomacy in doing so alone. Dodi's
apartment in Park Lane would have been our London base though more than probably our living in Paris; to be close to
my boys but not of any kind of an embarrassment to the Royals.

As for children, something given great consideration to but not wishing to again embarrass William and Harry and
perhaps even jeopardise their regal positions, adoption being an alternative measure given very serious thought to, in
which case I'd have the daughter I wished for but this a decision dependent upon my husband too naturally! Something
that would have needed serious discussion. After all knowing that one day hopefully my being blessed with a grand
daughter to dote, upon though a grandson equally as loved and adored by me. I was an damn good Mum, Elton John
has recently said about me, which is touching and I 'd be an equally damn good grandmother too! I would though have
been enormously supportive of Catherine's decision to let her become accustomed and comfortable to being a member
of the royals before welcoming Motherhood! As I say, a lady with a very sensible head on her shoulders.

For my Birthday Celebration I am sure I 'd have been invited to attend some function or another to honour it, though
not an age I'd have personally particularly relished celebrating but would have done so. However also ideally time to be
spent quietly and privately with Wills, Catherine and Harry. In the event of the Royal Tour to Canada taking priority,
as well it might have done, to have them join Dodi and I perhaps in Paris or in the South of France for a few days
enroute home to the U.K.  It is lovely seeing Catherine and William being so warmly welcomed by the Canadian people.
Today of course being Canada Day, she is 144 years old today!

On a more global scale I know I'd have found a great sense of rapport with America's First Lady; Michelle Obama, we'd
be sharing a real affinity with one another. Michelle is such a formidable and inspirational woman, I have enormous
admiration for her and tremendous respect for the work she does as recently illustrated in her visiting the black
township of Soweto in South Africa and proving to being so popular there. I respect her showing of invaluable genuine
concern in her involvement with the causes and work she supports. I am quite sure I'd have been invited to accompany
her to seeing her operate, my spending a lot of time in America anyway, a place Dodi and I both equally enjoyed! I'd
certainly have extended an invitation for Michelle to have joined me in meeting people involved and indeed assisted by
the charities and concerns I supported and I know something she'd have willingly accepted.

I'd have made a point of visiting Japan, Australia and New Zealand in the wake of the natural disasters happening in
these places and offering to be of any assistance I possibly could. I'd have been encouraging of troops being extricated
from Afghanistan and been seen applauding President Obama in this decision taken by him. I'd have visited the Middle
East in a humanitarian capacity, remaining politically neutral, and seen to be making this point very clear, necessary
my being an English woman with an Egyptian husband. I'd be promoting myself as a non - judgemental "Peace - Maker"
embracing of the fact that I was meeting "People" as a "People's Princess" would be expected to do and nothing more,
nothing less than that!

So there are just a few ideas of things that would have been on my agenda but I'd have been keeping busy and not just
High Street shopping but making headlines whatever I did. The first being a woman's prerogative to do and the second
an inevitability being, of course ,Diana! "

                                             With love from,
                                                                    Diana xx

Newsweek magazine's
idea of how Diana may
have looked on her
5oth birthday.

Still one amazingly
stunning woman!

"There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama & people who
create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad & focus on
the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't. Life is too
short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is


Remembering Diana on her 50th Birthday "July Ist 2011"

On July 1st 1961 a legend " Diana Spencer - Diana, Princess of Wales" was born,
On September 6th 1997 for her memory, the world's people were seen globally to mourn.
On July 1st 2011 her birthday celebrated with her face in a paper, on T.V and in a magazine.
For many in the world, Diana will always be the much missed, much loved and adored uncrowned Queen.

Though her life was one of great highs and lows, tremendous ups and downs
The magical memory of her giggling laughter and smiles outshines her tears and frowns.
Like it or not, there's one fact that must needs to be acknowledged and must ultimately be faced,
Love her or loathe her, Diana will never ever be replaced or her memory from history erased!

Her photographs in  books, film footage or documentaries on T.V. of  Diana will regularly be shown,
As is happening this very week honouring her 50th birthday and the14 years since her Spirit having flown.
The magical quality of a legend being that it never ever dies,
no matter and regardless of how quickly the time around us flies.
Forever and always a legend is here with us to stay,
remaining timeless in it's essence in a quite unique and powerfully profound
                                                                                    Christian   1st July, 2011
July 1st is also Canada Day.
Happy Birthday, Canada!