Date posted:  07/12/11

Olympic Sized Security Measures

In September 1972 members of the Israeli Olympic team were held hostage and lost their lives in an attack by the
Palestinian terrorist group "Black September at the games held in Munich, Germany. As a consequence of this, and
the national threat level of terrorist attacks in the U.K. being severe, to safeguard both the international competitors
and spectators personal safety, the scale of  the Security measures currently being tested is the largest Peace - Time
Police Security Operation ever undertaken in the U.K. The Security is estimated to be costing in the region of £ 600
million and will utilise 21,000 members of the British Police as well as Military and Emergency Services personnel.

" I have already warned that the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London will be a prime target for a terrorist attack, it
being admitted today by the Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner that the current threat of acts of terrorism in the
United Kingdom is pretty high and rather poignantly adding that this is something that citizens have grown accustomed
to sadly as a society! This comment one recently illustrated with, on albeit a some what lesser scale, the fact that an
increasingly violent society is prevalent in the U.K.  A 16 year old schoolboy being knifed in south - east London on the
afternoon of Friday July 1st 2011 as he got off the bus taking him home to a family he'd never see again and his attackers
subsequently arrested being a 15 year old boy and a 14 year old boy; incredibly shocking!

I do hope that in the event of a direct threat from a terrorist group or even one from an indirect source being made that
when received,  it will not be ignored but acted upon with immediacy so as not to repeat the mistakes made ignoring
warnings of the London Bombings, which  resulted consequently and tragically in the loss of lives in them. Let's see if
indeed lessons have been learnt! "

The New Faces of Royalty in Canada and United States

"As these photographs so delightfully illustrates-- a couple " In Love".  My eldest son William and his lovely wife
Catherine being so warmly received and welcomed everywhere they went on their recent tour of Canada and whistle -
stop trip to California on the West Coast of the U.S.A. They herald being the new face of the British Monarchy, more
natural, more human!
All eyes on Catherine, which I know will have made William enormously proud, and yet with all that focus of attention
upon her, it is so clear for everyone to see that her focus of attention is firmly upon her husband William. I am so happy
that he has found the perfect wife for him in every way and that they both so openly express their love and devotion to
each other for the world to see."
                                    With love from,
                                                           Diana xx

Date posted: 07/23/11

" Hello Everyone,

 I am greatly admiring of Catherine's personal conduct as my eldest son's wife. It is highly commendable that she has not
allowed her popularity to supersede his and this something that might have already happened were she not someone of
stronger mettle and "In Love" with him. This marriage is no fairy tale, it having taken Wills ten years to propose. He had
to make sure that the woman he chose is the woman he loves and as they both spoke of happening they did separate
during their courtship and I would imagine due to Will's nervousness. He fully knew the responsibility upon his
shoulders. The pressure upon him to not make a mistake in choosing his wife was an enormous one not wishing to repeat
history  of being of further embarrassment to the Monarchy but also inflicting emotional hurt upon he and Catherine
witnessing how destructive his parents marriage was and he and Harry suffering emotionally themselves as a direct
result of this happening.

Comparisons will be drawn between Catherine and I and this is to be expected but actually off the mark somewhat as we
are two very different people and Catherine has no need to become a "People's Princess" as she is "William's Princess"
albeit officially his "Duchess".  My point being I realised very early on and certainly by the second day of our
honeymoon that being a Princess was not all that it was cracked up to be.   Charles and I a mis - match, we barely knew
each other and had we have had the time to do so, and he not had the added pressure of finding a suitable wife to provide
him with an heir as time was marching on, would not have married!  Charles and I doubly blessed so I have two very
special reasons for not regretting our marriage though; my boys of course!

Catherine is well aware of the enormous bond still existing between my boys and I and Wills making this very clear to her
in presenting her with my engagement ring and my Spirit loomed large on their wedding day at Westminster Abbey
where my official funeral service was conducted 14 years earlier in September 1997. The opening hymn for their
wedding, "Guide Me 0  Thou Great Redeemer", being the last one played at my funeral  and one also played at The
Guards Chapel at the service to mark the 10th anniversary of my death. The bridal procession march and three other
pieces of music at their wedding also heard at the 1981 wedding of H.R.H. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, as up
until our marriage I having been. William and Harry have been quoted as saying that they will think of their mother
every single day and cherish and honour her memory until the day they die and William certainly therefore proving this
on April 29th 2011 his wedding day to the woman he loves and who undeniably loves him.

I know from personal experience that it is not easy at all for an outsider to enter into "The Family". It is, shall we say, a
pretty unique set up for all sorts of reasons-- many of which have been spoken about by me to Rose during the many
After - Life Interviews. Incidentally there will be more interviews but when communications are made possible; a
telephone line for Christian would prove helpful in this respect but not possible at this time. I have also written about
many of them in my channeled messages, touched on some in my book and reading between the lines many can be
imagined in reading some of the factual precis.  However Catherine is clearly seen to have enormous support from her
husband who knows the ropes so will not see her hang herself or indeed be hung, well aware of course I was not given the
same security of personal protection. I alternatively therefore needing to appeal to the people for support and a sense of
approval I was denied within the family I was married into. Things might have been so different of course had I been
seen and respected as being a great asset for them due to my easily gaining people popularity with the greatest of ease,
indeed sometimes admittedly not even trying, but instead of which they're seeing me as a threat, a liability as I later
intentionally proved to be of course when I saw no reason for any kind of loyalty from me to them having been so
damaged by them and their treatment of me. All except my boys, of course! I always did all I could as a married member
of the family or as after the separation and subsequent divorce a persona non grata to always protect my children! I was
misunderstood by the Windsors, it's as simple as that.  I likewise found it difficult to understand or relate to them!

Powerful lessons learnt from this I am quite sure Catherine will not find herself judged in quite the same way and I am
fully confident that William will certainly not allow this to happen. I can see that the couple are doing their bit to
enhancing the popularity of the Royals, this is without question, and that were they to become so would be an extremely
people popular King and Queen but of course next in line officially being H.R.H. Prince of Wales and H.R.H. Duchess of
Cornwall. This will clearly be somewhat a more tricky manoeuvre to accomplish success in achieving, if indeed ever
possible at all, but I have said and still say being King is not the regimented mapped out destiny I personally wish upon
William or indeed Harry. It is not a life, it is a duty, an obligation and most ostensibly maintained for the sake of
tradition. I would welcome both my boys being freed from fulfilling such a destiny. I have always said that Her Majesty
will be the last of the "Regal Monarchs" and I stand firmly behind my words.

Catherine, I will not call her Kate, has my full support and personal gratitude which is immense for bringing emotional
happiness into William's life. It is wonderful for his Mummy to see her son smiling from his heart and the greatest gift I
could wish to personally witness happening and likewise that he is so clearly intent on returning that same happiness and
feeling of emotional security to his wife. I said in life that Charles and I made a good team; well Catherine and William are
a winning team ! "
                                                     With love from,
                                                                           Diana xx

Date posted: 7/24/11

"Hello Everyone,

I have read recently, this last weekend in fact that behind the scenes H.R.H. The Prince of Wales is somewhat jealous of
the people popularity of our eldest son, now H.R.H. Duke of Cambridge, and his wife commenting on there perhaps
being one too many photo calls of the couple on their recent trips to Canada and the U.S.A.

Whilst not everything read ought to be believed, I personally feel that this news might well be credible knowing the
character; he also is a Scorpio after all so Astrologically a sign prone to experiencing jealousy anyway but quite apart
from that he has already had his popularity eclipsed by me as both his wife and of course following our separation and
divorce! He never made any secret of the fact that he was not best pleased by this happening even in public speeches he
made when we were an official team.

I have no doubt at all if this is to be of any consolation to him that if the Monarchy exists after the death of Her Majesty
that he will indeed be the next King, having as I say no wish particularly for either of my boys to having to resign
themselves to living such a mapped out destiny. The traditional line of succession being followed means Charles will
automatically inherit the throne from his Mother but there is something that he ought to realise.

People popularity is not something dependent upon tradition or position in line but enormously influenced by how you
are seen to behave in the public eye and clearly therefore that it is his personal conduct in his private life which has been
responsible for his losing out in the people popularity poll. He always said that his friendship with the then Mrs. Camilla
Parker - Bowles was nonnegotiable and he proved this to the people in April 2005 by marrying her. She as his wife
becoming H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall. However, whether he likes this or not, it would be fair to say that this
relationship has cost him dearly and he has said that he is determined that as King she will be made his Queen. I am sure,
as with their marriage happening, the rules will be bent a little.  He as King being Head of The Church of England which
officially anyway does not recognise divorce but he divorced himself and married to a divorcee as an example of what I
am saying but I would suggest that even as King and Queen they will never find themselves popular with the people in the
manner that Her Majesty is and certainly Wills and Catherine are-- but they have all behaved themselves.  How you are
seen to behave privately determines how publicly you will find yourself supported by the people!"

                                                          With love from,
                                                                                Diana xx