Date posted: 7/29/11

" My thoughts are very much with the family members and friends of the victims killed in Oslo, the capital of Norway
and the island of Utoya 50 miles from the city and where 93 of up to 700 15 - 25 year olds were there attending a
political youth club for a meeting of the ruling Labour party and who were indiscriminately gunned down on the island
owned by Norway's political youth party "The Worker's Youth League".

The horror beginning in the capital city with a car bomb exploding outside the Government offices in what is being
called the worst single act of violence since the second world war. Involved in both incidents seems to be Norwegian
Anders Behring who had links with right wing extremists.

These events happening illustrate very clearly that global terrorism is something incredibly real and that people must
remain personally vigilant and aware at all times of its realism. I have of course spoken of an attack happening at the
2012 Olympic Games to be held in London** which if it happens will prove itself being catastrophic as intended by its
perpetrators naturally. The horrors happening in this Scandinavian country serve to show that nowhere in the world is
safe ! "
                                            Diana                                                                             ** See previous Current Message #41.

Using advanced computer age-progression technology, this image shows Diana a few years into middle age.

The remarkable image was created by forensic computer expert Jovey Mae Hayes, using techniques she has
employed in scores of kidnapping and missing persons cases for police forces across America.

Jovey and a team at Michigan-based company Age Progression spent a week examining Diana’s physical
characteristics as well as studying what we know of her medical history and researching her “gene pool”.

Jovey Mae explains: “I have presented Diana as I believe she would look today without having undergone any kind of
cosmetic surgery, something we’d have to guess she wouldn’t have wanted.”



Diana - The Non Starter!

  This was a label given to Diana within the Firm / The Royals as said by her in her informative Panorama Interview.
Stepping into Buckingham Palace means stepping into a Time Warp. The ceremonious atmosphere of the palace
exerts itself, strict protocol adhered to. Diana having grown up around the Royal Family, born on the Sandringham
Estate, knew how ordered and disciplined their life was but knowledge and experience are two different things. Their
uniformed formality challenged her natural informality and impulsiveness. Emotions always controlled regimentally
directly opposed emotional and loving Diana, someone who needed to give love and display emotion.

 Diana involved in a programme of duties and obligations and shadowed by bodyguards, her days strictly time-tabled
really needed escape. This explaining her going out in her car alone causing security to panic numerous times but
Diana needed to breathe and to experience being " Normal " again which explains perhaps why she called herself
"Prisoner of Wales"!  The Royals are basically Country people enjoying fishing, hunting, shooting and horse - riding.
Diana though born a country girl was more of a " Townie " enjoying shopping, going to pop - concerts and dancing. A
strong - minded rebel at heart loving sunshine holidays in the Caribbean as opposed to the chilly climes of Balmoral
in Scotland. Diana's hands - on approach to people totally adverse to usual monitored royal behaviour and her style
refreshing to see and leading to " Diana - Mania " worldwide and something proven lasting until her death in 1997 and
so proving to being not as hoped initially a passing phase! There was something unique about Diana...her ability to
mix with every sort of person; rich, poor, old, young, healthy,sick and dying, with all Faiths and Races with a complete
lack of affectation. It is really of no surprise her death in Paris, France on August 31st 1997 resulted in an outpouring
of grief and sorrow never before and never to date since witnessed happening globally. It was quite extraordinary but
Diana was so many people in one; the loving Mother, the Compassionate Campaigner, the Stylish Beauty, the
Wronged wife and the Queen that never was. Diana--- an extraordinary woman, an extraordinary royal and an
extraordinary life.

The current Monarch still remembered for her remaining in Balmoral, Scotland when Diana died and the people of
London, England were mourning the passing of " England's Rose ". Newspapers bearing headlines like " Your people
are suffering, speak to us Ma' am " / " Show us you care " / " Where is our Queen ? ". Eventually the Queen speaking
to the people on Friday 5th September 1997, the day before the funeral of "The People's Princess" was conducted at
Westminster Abbey.

Normally Royal Wills are never made public but Diana's, written in June 1993, was published in March 1998 and
revealed that £13 million after the £8 million inheritance tax being paid would be held in trust for William and Harry to
come of age and be shared equally and that Charles consult her mother Frances regarding their upbringing,
education and welfare. If Charles were to die before either of them that her mother and her brother Earl Spencer
become their legal guardians, so by inference excluding members of Royalty having any influence at all!