Date posted: 08/08/11

" Hello Everyone,

At least 2 years ago I said in another channeled message here on my site that there would be problems in her Kingdom
the likes of which Her Majesty would not have witnessed before as reigning Monarch anyway because, of course, she
was a young girl during World War ll. Now riots in London are escalating beyond Police control which is extremely
frightening and tonight happening right now just about 20 minutes from where I am, albeit with Christian, so riots now
prevalent in North, East and South - East London.

Hundreds of youths are literally behaving out of control setting alight buildings and shops mostly and if not burning
them, smashing their windows and looting them and as cameras are showing on television many not bothering to cover
their faces. Anarchy in the U.K. is fast taking hold and at a time when expenditure cuts have even been made to the
Police Force itself which is quite bizarre. There is currently no Chief of Police as very recently, last week in fact, the
Commissioner resigned his position in regards to the telephone hacking scandal which has also shocked people and
even resulted in the most popular Sunday tabloid " The News of the World " ceasing publication.

The problem is one I have spoken about and this being the fact that at the moment and actually for quite some time now
there has been nothing for the youth culture of the country; their wants and needs ignored or not catered for. Even a
University Education now being something that many are unable to afford and those graduating finding having done so
that employment opportunities to utilise their talents scarce and quite often non - existent resulting in they're taking
they're expertise abroad.

The violence now apparent and increasing is a very real illustration of the frustration and anger being experienced by
them and, though not something commendable at all naturally, pretty understandable given the circumstances in which
they find themselves. London is a melting pot of a multitude of cultures but now it is becoming a boiling melting pot and
quite clearly a viable and workable solution needs to be found but this is going to take time!

Hopefully though now as these kind of things are happening it will no longer be something able to be neatly swept under
the carpet. This, as I have also said,  is a time of global exposure of things and now something happening at an ever
increasing rate and something that will continue inevitably so until it is brought under firm control with the
implementation  of new and different strategies! Therefore on a broad scale something needing to happen so attention
is drawn to the fact that clearly those strategies currently in place and which have been relied upon to assist in
maintaining the status quo of things are clearly not!

I am writing this hearing emergency service sirens all around me and I would imagine it might even necessitate getting
the Army involved to help in restoring some kind of order though as yet this has not been felt to have been necessary.  I
have also suggested that as with the rest of Europe a year in the Military service ought to be made compulsory again
and one of the arguments against this happening being expenditure.  Yet £ Millions can be spent on holding a world
sports day which is basically what the Olympics is, though some people might not take kindly to the description, my
point is this money could be so much better spent and who is to say that before the event happening there in 2012 that
Wembley Stadium, the venue itself,  is not victim of an arson attack and especially so now in the light of current events
happening in London?"
                                              Thank you for listening to me,

Date poted: 08-11-11

" Hello Everyone,

 Whilst I do not obviously condone the behaviour of those responsible for the riots and looting in London and other
cities I do see many reasons why they have resulted and particularly as they involve the youth culture of this country.
A culture which to a great extent is ignored and is afforded very little growth opportunities. This even extending to the
fact, as seen with the clashes involving University students, the astronomically increased fees meaning less students
can progress with their education attending them-- those that do having an enormous debt owed for the grant affording
them their education. Worse still for those who do graduate there are not always the job opportunities available in
which to utilise their skills, exercise their learning, so being alternatively left with no other viable option to consider  
but to taking their expertise and knowledge abroad !

    Youth centres all over the country, like libraries, are closing due to economic cuts. Thus two venues  (one where
youths can mix and mingle and perhaps indulge in sports together working as a team, learning about compromising with
people, accepting people of varying ages and cultural backgrounds and the other where they are offered a quiet place to
study if their home isn't an ideal environment for this ... noisy brothers and sisters by example...but also somewhere
where if so inclined they can further their education)  being got rid of and with nothing to replace them. So where is
there for these youths to go, what exactly is there for them to do?  They also, remember, are in an environment more
often than not where they will be hearing the curses and complaints of their parents, even elder siblings perhaps,
complaining about the recession problems in the country meaning people's lives are being stretched economically to
full capacity with the rising cost of expenditure necessary just to survive. All this culminating in frustration and anger
which then transposes to violence naturally and an outlet necessary therefore for the internal aggression felt.

  I have said for a long time that as with the rest of Europe, and this country is supposedly a part of the European Union
but when it suits apparently, that National Service ought to be reinstated and for those who are pacifists; alternatively a
year serving the community in assisting the social services so learning people skills by example! So why isn't this
happening? Too costly to the government who would rather subsidise happening an extended sports day in 2012
helping to put the U.K. on the map. There is not so much that is great about Great Britain, certainly not at the moment
anyway, to globally advertise! The economic cuts affecting this country have also meant that there have been
redundancies amongst the Police Forces as well as of course the very recent resignation of the Commissioner of the
London Metropolitan Police over his corrupt involvement in the telephone hacking which also resulted for similar
corruption allegations being currently investigated in a leading tabloid ceasing publication.  ( The positive thing about
this being as I have always said that the corruption involved in covering - up my deliberate assassination in Paris in
1997 will likewise be exposed and now with these happenings much more likely therefore to be believed but still not
time for this to happen just yet! )

      The recent London riots which have seen youth culture run wild in their hundreds inn the streets of London and
other cities has proven the police have lost control.  Anarchy in the U.K. is something happening. There having been
arson attacks and systematic looting of stores as well as people dying in these clashes and whilst they were beginning
both the Prime Minister and Lord Mayor of London out of the country on their holidays. Prime Minister Cameron has
since arrived back in the emergency and has issued a statement saying that rubber bullets may be deployed by Police
on the scenes and that if those responsible are old enough to behave in such a manner, they are old enough to accept the
punishment for doing so.  Those already caught and being held accountable for their involvement can expect lengthy
prison sentences imposed upon them naturally!

     I also though wonder if what is shown on T.V./ Video Games / D.V.D.'s of latest released films might also not share a
great deal of the responsibility and so lets look at things seriously in this light a moment. When I was growing up films
like " Chitty Chitty Bang Bang " were around so about the same era as " The Sound Of Music " and before this such films
as " My Fair Lady" , " South Pacific " and " Guy's n' Dolls" proving popular and latterly so in the late 70's " Grease " and
when shown on television these films like others like them still gaining audiences because they offer a momentary
escape into a fantasy, as films about flying cars and a magical island romance would tend to do. The exception being the
story of the Von Trapp family in Austria who escaped the Nazi occupation of Austria into Switzerland but even in the
" Sound of Music ".   ( The film does not indulge in the violence deployed by the Nazi regime, this can be read about in
the history books. )   Not, I'd imagine, those amongst the youth culture of today watching them who will prefer films
like " The Men in Black ", " Die Hard " and even more violent films which is my point! Whilst I might well be seen to
being prudish, violence and death.... even torture... seem to increasingly feature in latest released films which clearly
influence and indeed brainwash many of their audience and now of course with D.V.D.'s readily available who is to say
what age group is watching the content of the films? I appreciate the special effects being amazing and indeed enticing
to see in many of them but this does not detract from the story lines more often than not being violent in content and
planting the seeds of violence in the heads of those watching them. So often gang related films particularly involve a
direct battle between blacks and whites so helping to infuse further prejudice, as if there was not enough of this already
and the blacks themselves as guilty of this as the whites, the ratio pretty balanced between the two groups these days.
As seen with crimes recently often involving two white gangs fighting against each other with death resulting and
particularly in the ever increasing knife crime prevalent in this country with murderers proven to being as young as 14
years old, so children themselves which is simply horrific to realise but is never the less a fact and their futures tainted
and in some cases ruined!
     I am not sure what strategies can be adopted to cope with this ever increasing problem but clearly those in place
currently have not worked so something needs to be done like National Service being made compulsory, perhaps the
death penalty reinstated; serious measures taken to cope with an issue which is clearly growing out of hand and might
even culminate in civil war. London is a melting pot of multi - cultural societies but increasingly becoming even more of
a boiling pot with the consequential results that its streets are nowhere as safe as they once were! Even in the 60's there
was violence, the infamous Kray Brothers Ronnie and Reggie certainly controlling the underworld in London's East End
and likewise the Moors Murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady as reviled today for their horrific crimes involving
children as they were then but violence was not as widespread as it is today; nothing like and did not involve anything
like the same number of individuals!

   Music is also something of powerful influence to people and this has so changed over the years in the message they
relay to the listener lyrically as well as the rhythm of the songs themselves. It is not surprising that those listening to
them do so often out night clubbing so high on all manner of drugs as certainly needing to create an artificial high
listening to what can often only be described as a continuous noisy beat infused with the performer expressing violence
and aggression in the lyrics of the song. Songs like " Congratulations " by Cliff Richard would be lost on today's youthful
audiences they being unable to relate to the innocence of them in an increasingly aggressive, corrupt and dangerous
society which is spinning out of control more and more."

                                                                  Thank you for listening to me,

Date Posted: 08-12-11

" Hello Everyone,
  Now believe it or not, and hopefully you will as I would have no reason at all to make this up, tonight on the 10pm
news here in the U.K. two of the rioters / looters were interviewed. Both I'd guess 16 - 17 yrs at most and these boys
happened to be black. Both of them were interviewed outside presumably one of their family homes; council housing!
It was impossible to identify them as both wore scarves over their faces, hoodies and dark sunglasses but what they said
amazed me. It was as if they had read my message regarding the Youth Culture suffering here in the U.K. and now
rebelling against this happening.

 Both boys said how there were no Youth Centres around anymore where they could mix with friends so the alternative
was the street and this leading to street gangs being formed. They were asked if they thought vandalising and looting
shops was wrong and they agreed that it was but they said the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and life
is so expensive to survive, they felt there was no alternative. Asked if they thought their parents would approve of their
anti-social behaviour both said,  " Of course not, they'd be very upset! " but then said how they witnessed in their homes
the arguments a lack of money was causing between their parents and that it was a similar story with all their friends
living in, as I have said, the social housing bracket. Yes the class system as prevalent in the U.K. today as it has always
been, rightly or wrongly, but certainly the difference between the two is very apparent! For these boys to be seen
sporting the latest fashions, this means stealing, they were very upfront about this to the interviewer and whilst I do not
condone their actions and behaviour obviously, I do appreciate their honesty and the fact that they drew attention to a
number of points that I have in my latest message. Encouraging for me to see as the two boys comments clearly
illustrated, that when Diana Speaks; I am not talking " Psychobabble! "

 The Prime Minister speaking out had this to say... but it has now emerged that Mark Duggan, 29 yrs old and father of
four who was shot dead by police in Tottenham, London and his death triggering the riots beginning in the capital, did
not fire at police in the moments before he was killed by an unidentified policeman's bullet!

'These are sickening scenes - scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police
officers and even attacking fire crews as they're trying to put out fires. This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to
be confronted and defeated. 'I feel huge sympathy for the families who've suffered, innocent people who've been
burned out of their houses and to businesses who have seen their premises smashed, their products looted and their
livelihoods potentially ruined.

'I also feel for all those who live in fear because of these appalling scenes that we've seen on the streets of our country.
People should be in no doubt that we are on the side of the law-abiding people who are appalled by what has happened
in their own communities.

'I am determined, the Government is determined that justice will be done and these people will see the consequences of
their actions.

'And I have this very clear message to those people who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality: you will
feel the full force of the law and if you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the
                                                                                                                David Cameron ... The British Prime Minister

The crackdown in London came as it emerged that:

A man was critically ill in hospital after being beaten when he remonstrated with looters outside his home in Ealing,
West London;
Children as young as 11 were among 768 people arrested, and 111 police officers have been injured;
25,000 emergency calls were made to the Metropolitan Police on Monday night;
Police issued photographs of looters and troublemakers, appealing to the public to help identify them;
A 26-year-old man found shot in a car at the height of the riots in Croydon died in hospital;


Date Posted: 08-13-11

" The Prime Minister has criticised the Police for their delayed actions in response to the rioting happening and this has
antagonised Tim Godwin, Acting as Police Commissioner,  who makes a point of saying how massively grateful the
public have been to the police for their intervention in the riots and that both the Prime Minister and the Home
Secretary ought to hang their heads in shame criticising them and trying to deflect responsibility, this being a scandal!
When riots first began the Prime Minister on holiday in Tuscany, Italy and making an emergency return now clearly
the police finding themselves having a lack of support from Ministers!

There have been sixteen hundred arrests made and 800 culprits have already been charged but some unable to serve
prison sentences being in the age bracket of 13 and 14 years old. One 14 year old girl attending court facing charges of
theft from looted stores alone; leading to her Mother being summoned to the court to escort her home again and so
questions arise  Where are the parents of most of these children? Why are they not seemingly anyway taking a role of
parental responsibility with their children? "

                                                                                          With love from,
                                                                                                 Diana xx
Mark Duggan -- 29 yrs. old
death sparked the London riots.