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Royal Life as experienced by Diana, Princess of Wales-- written by Christian.‏

Hi there!

     Recently I got a book "The New Royal Court" by Brian Hoey and written in 1990 with the cooperation of The Prince
and Princess of Wales. It is amazing in its candour about life in the Royal House, the kind of stuff Diana had to
contend with and I sure hope that Catherine is seen by William to not have to follow such a formal and regimented life
- style which would be killing, I'd imagine! Here then are some insights gained and are fact not fiction! Right, for must address them as Sir or Ma'am ( To rhyme with Jam not Farm! ) No one outside his own family
addresses H.R.H. The Prince of Wales by his Christian name, former girlfriends having to call him "Sir", including

     H.R.H. Prince Charles knows that if his Mother, H.M. The Queen, were to abdicate in his favour that this act would
serve to weaken the Monarchy and if it were a system adopted by him, it could well lead to the abolition of the system
of hereditary Monarchy so he will be King before William gets a look in and I reckon William is glad of that!

K.P. (Kensington Palace where William and Catherine will live) built by Sir Christopher Wren and the birthplace of
Queen Victoria is in fact comprising of the State Apartments now open to the public but around it and cordoned off
being the private courtyard housing a number of apartments where Royal Residents live. The Queen is the royal
"Landlady" though nobody pays any rental for them but do pay lighting, heating and part of the rates for them. The
"Grace and Favour" apartments are allocated to people, usually retired popular employees by her specific wish and
must be vacated if she decides it. Though not visiting the tenants herself, spies keeping her updated and informed of
the full picture in the various households. When all the Royals who lived at the palace attended an Offiicial Royal
Function at, by example "Buckingham Palace " the Official London residence of the current Monarch, a strict order of
precedence was observed. The Prince and Princess of Wales leaving first followed by H.R.H. The Princess Margaret,
then the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke and Duchess of Kent brought up in the rear Prince and Princess
Michael of Kent, the set order never changing and everyone knowing their correct position.

       When her sister the late Princess Margaret Rose wanted to move from Apartment No 10 to Number 1a needing to
present a case why to the Queen and the reason given being that No.10 was "Too Small as she entertained on a
grand scale". It comprised of ten principal rooms on three floors and included other rooms totalling more than thirty in
all! The "Family Wales's London base"  Apartments 8 & 9 the London residence within Kensington Palace had twenty -
five principal rooms on three floors and a splendid roof garden complete with barbecue, sun terrace and greenhouse.
( Prince Charles calls home his Georgian nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, four reception rooms and a swimming pool
Country House "Highgrove", with 350 acres of land surrounding it in Glouchestershire.)

      At the beginning of every week Diana, like the other Royal ladies, would be given a list of meals to be prepared by
the Royal Chef and would choose what would be eaten by she and her family on each day of that week so on Monday
would know what meal would be eaten on Thursday evening by them all. Eating habits changed for Prince Charles
who became a vegetarian with red meat rarely served to him at table and Diana always preferring food without meat
with fish being a favourite of them both. The vegetables consumed all home grown at "Highgrove" and steamed or
boiled. Nothing fried leaving the royal kitchens so it was a treat for Diana to take her boys to eat hamburgers in the
local McDonalds!

      Dinner parties hosted by the Royal couple fitted into two lists,--one for family and close friends and the other for
people they needed; leading politicians and business people who invited would then return the favour donating to their
charities or offering practical advice or simply using their influence within their own special field to assist the "Royal
We" but amounting the same thing.  "Those extended the invitation to dine, singing for their supper!" and the evening
meal served promptly at 8.30pm and the wine served white and usually German. Diana rarely drinking and Prince
Charles not drinking red wine only drinking white to be sociable but like the Princess Royal another non - drinker the
preference being Mineral water.

           Everything consumed organically grown where possible and environmental products used, aerosols banned
and recycling of items insisted upon and cars used by Diana and Charles using lead - free fuel with the exception of
Charles's prize Aston Martin using four star fuel being too expensive to convert and driven by William on his wedding
day this year as a special treat. Even the vehicles used on the farm next to Highgrove and bought by Prince Charles
using lead free fuel and on this farm he combines traditional farming practices with revolutionary farming ideas and
has educated sons William and Harry to appreciate country life. (Interestingly on the subject of Royal vehicles a radio
tracking device attached to each car monitors exactly where the car is at any given moment and radio contact
maintained with Special Branch so how the Royal Rolls Royce carrying the Principal Heir to the throne and second wife
H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall came to be driven into the student demonstration in the capital a complete mystery?)  
Security at Kenisngton Palace tight, armed police with specially trained guard dogs patrolling 24 hours a day, laser
beams criss- cross the approaches to all Royal apartments and heat - sensitive devices similar to those in use at the
White House in Washington D.C. the official residence of the President of the United Sates giving advance warning of
any unauthorised person attempting to scale any of the surrounding walls.

           Diana when asked "What is it like being continuously in the spotlight saying, "Imagine having to  go to a
wedding every day of your life as the bride. Well that's a bit what it's like!"  Diana and Charles had very busy
schedules which were worked out at twice - yearly programme meetings held in their offices at another royal residence
in London, St. James Palace. Here decided where and when visits by them would be made, invitations rarely turned
down unless attendance meant being in the same part of the country as already having been visited to avoid going to
the same area too often, a geographical spread necessary. Diana making her own decision as to where she would
visit and having a couple of rules determining her decision in declining or accepting an invitation and these being ..
" Why do they want me? Have I been there before? If I go, can I do any good? " Diana did not like being exploited
unless it was for one of her many charitable causes; not needing the publicity Diana would determine whether a
hidden agenda was involved in the extended invitation using her intuition which, as her brother Earl Spencer said in
his eulogy to her at her funeral September 6th 1997, "was a Gift you used wisely"

Diana aware of the fact a restaurant visited by her, a shop she used, a film premiere she attended would guarantee its
becoming popular and fashionable and in the case of a film  seen by her, guaranteeing box office receipts! A visit
decided upon then a full scale operation mounted upon, a well - rehearsed plan with a trusted member of staff visiting
the venue with police officers to inspect it, the police checking doorways and windows for security and the royal
representative going over every detail of the proposed visit in precise detail needing to know who will be presented
and the reason why and if a gift is to be given exactly what it is and the price of it to avoid royal embarrassment! Even
if food is to be consumed, what it will be and shell - fish banned to avoid stomach upsets affecting the remainder of the
Royal Programme. The Media also catered for, so the best locations for news and cameramen and presenters. All this
done, the information relayed back and a draft programme drawn up and submitted for Royal Approval.

             Diana's wardrobe comprised initially of many British Designers creations as she played an invaluable role in
the British Fashion Industry and slipping into outfits while her personal detective / bodyguard waited outside the
changing room would appear asking his opinion asking  tongue in cheek "Is it too tight?" and a slight hesitation on his
part indicating "Yes" but not wanting to offend in saying so would result in Diana saying with a grin "Great, then I'll
have it!"  Diana never paying for her clothes, her detective presenting an American Express card in the name of the
"Duchy of Cornwall" signing on her behalf. The receipt then presented to her private secretary and passed to the
Duchy's accountancy department for payment. The Emmanuels wedding dress for Diana costing £3.000 but the
benefit to the designer couple extending to hundreds of thousands of pounds as overnight they becoming the most
sought after designers in the world and the cost of their garments soaring accordingly. The most influential person
regarding Diana's style could well have been Anna Harvey, the fashion director of Vogue Magazine who introduced
Diana to the Emmanuels, Bruce Oldfield, Victor Edelstein and a firm favourite the late Catherine Walker. Mondi the
German company based in Munich were favoured by Diana for her sports apparel. After the Royal divorce and until
her death Diana seen to favour a lot of dresses by the murdered Italian designer-extraordinaire Gianni Versace who
called her his favourite model, they being personal friends too. Diana attending his memorial service in Milan, Italy on
July 24th 1997 and dying herself weeks later in Paris, the capital of France also known as the "City of Lights" on
August 31st 1997.

                I personally hope that William takes Catherine to Paris, my favourite city and one so romantic where he can
emotionally heal as I have done in visiting my mother's apartment in Beckenham, Kent in the U.K.. Not an easy vigil to
make since not having been there since 2003 when she died there but an invaluable one made by me.


(Nottingham Nott Cottage,
as it is known, is a
comfortable two-bedroom
cottage with a pair of
banquet rooms and a small
courtyard within the compound
where William and Catherine
now live when in London.
It is part of the KP royal
housing units.)



 Princess Diana still the Nation's Favourite Royal!

                                                                Tuesday August 30,2011 By Sanchez Manning

                                                               DIANA was dubbed the Queen of Hearts for her ability to connect with    
                                                                ordinary  people and those less fortunate than herself.

Now on the eve of the 14th ­anniversary of her death, a survey shows Diana is still the nation’s favourite Royal.

She was named as the one we would most like to have a natter with if she were alive today, ahead of Prince William
and the Queen.

Kate languished in seventh place with just four per cent of the vote in the poll. Above her came Henry VIII, Queen
Victoria and Prince Harry while Camilla was bottom of the list.

Diana was also the only woman in the overall Top 10 list of celebrities with whom we’d like to talk.

" Hello Everyone,

                  It would seem therefore there is hope yet that when Diana Speaks she will be listened  to and her messages
heard! Naturally, albeit through Christian channeling me of course, but nevertheless this piece in todays Daily Express
is somewhat encouraging because of course, like people who knew me in life have experienced themselves personally,
my energy is very apparent in the channeling through Christian! It is also very touching to see this being so as this
survey was taken on  the 14th eve of my death in 1997! "

                  I so look forward to the time when I am able to speak to a global audience that is willing to begin to try to
understand the reality of  "Life after Death" as in doing so death will not be as frightening a prospect as it is for many,
fearing the unknown. It  alternatively will hopefully anyway serve to be of some profound comfort to people to know
that death is in fact the birth of a new beginning and I'm still around to prove that! "

                                     With love from,

                                                                Diana xx