Date Posted 06-18-09

"Hello Everyone,
                  The time grows increasingly closer now for me to make my global return which will shock people, many
I fully realise in a lovely way, alternatively others in a less welcoming manner but never the less a reality that
cannot, indeed will not be prevented from happening.
                    Tonight I have been thinking about things and there are certain points I very much wish to draw
people's attention to.   People have often remarked how
stunning  I looked when wearing  the black Stambolian dress
whilst attending the "Vanity Fair" dinner organised by
Lord Palumbo at the Serpentine Gallery, the same night
my husband was publicly admitting his adultery during
the Dimbleby Interview. The dress often known as
"The Revenge Dress" or simply "That Dress"! It was of course
black which is the colour traditionally only worn by those in
the Royal House for funerals so there was a subtle message
from me immediately, I often used colour of the apparel I
wore to determine my mood of the moment, so I was saying
our marriage was indeed dead ! If you will remember I chose
a very colourful outfit to wear when seated alone in front of the
Taj Mahal to deliberately draw attention to the fact in our
marriage I was indeed very much alone, consequently this
image becoming a well known one, it might not have done had
I worn more subtle colours !

                                                                 Returning If I may to the night at the Serpentine, I personally never again
                                                           felt so personally empowered as that evening, it was the night I personally
                                                           decided that from now I was going to be me and people could either accept this
                                                           or do the other thing. I remember even people there being shocked at attitude
                                                           displayed that particular evening, an inner - strength openly displayed so quite
                                                           contrary to the character I had been publicly promoted as being, someone shy,
                                                           someone with an eating disorder, someone demented, someone needing
                                                            serious help ! The proverbial worm had turned for all present to witness
                                                            happening for themselves. The dress actually having been a last minute
                                                            thought as details of the original one due to having been worn; leaked to the
                                                            press and the invitation to attend one accepted by me long before it
                                                            determined itself being the same night Charles would be speaking to 15 million
                                                             viewers, I not being one of them, for me it was business as usual being Patron
                                                             of the Serpentine Gallery of course.

                          My greatest concern of my husbands honesty which I said publicly I admired was for the boys of
course, how it might affect them but then neither of our behaviours in our personal lives had borne the boys
much consideration, both of us having been equally selfish in this respect. Though young the boys themselves
quite aware things were not right with Mummy and Papa naturally but this admittance by Charles was proof
positive to them and likewise to everyone that our show of unity publicly for so long had been a sham and we'd
worn out our acting abilities pretty much so part of me being grateful everything was at last out in the open
though at the time still married, I'd become increasingly estranged from that family and something I was not
entirely sorry for being, the word "Relief" springs to mind though with the sadness that fate had determined this
being so and particularly for the boys who were already the innocent victims of a broken home though this not
being officially so until August 1996. I'd always fought to stay legally married fearing something might happen to
me upon allowing for the divorce, remaining married affording me a kind of protection I'd lose upon its
happening and ironically a year later the events in Paris taking place. I always did have a pretty keen intuition
about things ! "

Thank you for listening to me,

Date Posted: 07-13-09

" Hello,
    Here is my latest current message, not yet posted on my site. I know about the latest romance for Chelsy but
she still apparently holds the torch for her Prince Charming and I have always said I feel she is perfect for Harry,
so fingers crossed they do get back together.  However, we must wait and see !

  Age Of Equality

In this the Age of Equality women do not appreciate being played fast and loose with as some men still seem so
intent on doing and expecting us to put up with it. This a point made by the girlfriend of my youngest son who for
all his endearing qualities, which I am so proud of him for showing publicly,  seems alternatively to display this
male chauvinist attitude, which given that he ought to remember he himself being a victim of the consequences of
such behaviour it is somewhat ironic and something which can only ever result in eventual heartbreak for those
involved if emotions, real emotions are involved ! If they are not then the couple involved ought never to have
united and if having done so consequently should part as quickly as possible for each other's sakes before any
real damage is done. A serious heart to heart often is so instrumental, so something to be given serious
consideration in doing!

I remember when William and Catherine parted company for a short while and Catherine showed that she, pretty
much like me when I escaped,  was not going to let the grass grow under her feet and I encouraged William, albeit
on my site, to not lose her and so was very happy to see them united for my boy's present to me in 2007; the "
Concert for Diana".  I'd even suggested the Group " Take That " performing their hit "Back for Good" which as
can be seen at my site they did! Amazing how I say things which then happen.  On this not, how ironic that
recently Charles attended a Memorial Service to the people killed in the London bombings of 2005 that I warned
a leading British Newspaper about four days prior to them exploding! I told the editor who ignored me and in fact
who was so personally insulting that he'd soon have innocent blood on his hands as he might remember !

In past eras Men have been seen to be the Boss and treated women appallingly in all manner of ways and in past
eras has got away with doing so, women of certain generations accepting the fact their husbands are philanderers,
and whilst not encouraging such behaviours themselves, doing little or nothing to stop them which is why
Mistresses were so common to find and particularly in the Gentry and Middle - classes; certainly in the U.K. any
way. Remember my husband told me " I am not going to be the first Prince of Wales without a mistress", and he
wasn't, but his own personal reputation consequently tarnished by his embracing this cavalier attitude!  Andrew's
father working for the Establishment at Whitehall had a mistress who he ultimately left Andrew's Mother to be
with for a while until he outstayed his welcome with her and Ann, the loyal sort, eventually had him back some
years later; as they were companions for one another until his death from cancer in 1995. Brian was lucky to not
be left out in the cold, but not all women are as strong as Ann was or indeed as forgiving. Ann and Brian never
divorced, Ann herself dying in 2003.

I personally have it on very good authority that Harry is not as accommodating of H.R.H. The Duchess of
Cornwall as William has shown himself as being and I am not shocked by this.  Harry is the baby and
consequently will most remember being in Mummy's arms!  He, I have always said, is much more Spencer than
Windsor which given my brother Charles's antics regarding relationships perhaps is an explanation for this
behaviour of his regarding his relationship but I would ask him to think carefully about seeing he maintains it as
much as he can personally as girls like Chelsy do not come along everyday.

Both Catherine and Chelsy take on a lot more than just my boys
in these relationships, they take on the baggage that comes with them.
From personal experience, as the outsider going in like they find themselves
being, this is not easy! Catherine herself a victim of a very intrusive camera
lens and press interest; which hats off to her, she coped marvellously with and consequently something which
seems to have lessened to a substantial degree. I would imagine that Wills and she make sure their relationship is
one conducted as privately and secretly as possible these days but it can be seen both my boys are shy of
marriage and wary of commitment. I cannot help but feel personally partly responsible for this myself, which is a
sad but truthful thing for me to realise.

       I always suggested to William a long engagement to Catherine as they being much easier to break than a
marriage and less of a casualty factor but to date anyway this hasn't even happened, though I realise both boys
are involved in their military duties at this time, so perhaps not the appropriate time for an engagement
announcement but certainly therefore a time when consideration to the women they have chosen to be with, and
who have likewise chosen to support them in their choices, ought to be shown a real sense of personal loyalty and
respect by them and indeed they themselves to demand this from them or alternatively to think very carefully
about their respective relationships!

         I have rather personalised this message with good reason naturally, a Mother's prerogative to say her bit,
but it is also a message to all women. The man you are dating is very unlikely to change when you marry him and
if you succeed in changing him to be as you would prefer him to be then you will very likely soon become bored
with him as it is the character he is that has attracted you for good or for ill and so the attributes you found
attractive in him will no longer exist and so your feelings for him will more than likely diminish. By example if
you are the type attracted to the "Bad Boy", if he then becomes the "Angel" for you, the image you had of him will
no longer be the reality so consequently your interest in him more than likely diminish and the relationship
crumble ! People might remember I knew about Camilla and Charles before marrying Charles but a girl barely
out of her teens I assured myself that providing him with children he would grow to love me in the way I wanted
him to. We had two children and a very public divorce, so I am speaking from personal experience.

           Baroness Thatcher and Hilary Clinton, to name but two women, clearly illustrate though that we women are
strong and in this era particularly our personal values are somewhat different to our ancestors, so do not imagine
us weak and able to be monopolised and manipulated by you as easily as we once were.  The days of the woman
being there to serve you as her King are gone I'm afraid, it is as I say the age of equality and imagining this to be
so would be making a big mistake and one that you will more than likely pay for doing; in nursing a bruised male
ego as a direct result of doing so ! "

           Thank you for listening to me,


(A few snippets from an article concerning the relationship of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy. )

"She still holds a torch for Harry and until she can resolve issues with him, she’s not seriously interested in
anyone else. "

"Chelsy plans to return home to South Africa for the rest of the summer."

"She wants to have a long, hard think about her future, especially about Harry. "

"They are in constant touch and are friends on Facebook. Chelsy has even told Harry he’s welcome to come to
South Africa for a holiday."