Date posted: 10/3/11

Diana, Princess of Wales Had a Profound Belief in Psychics and the Occult

The Princess of Wales had a fascination with the occult and paranormal and had patronized various psychics,
astrologers, and fortune tellers since her teens, among them, Penny Thornton, introduced to Diana in 1986 by her
sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson.

Though Thornton was the princesses' personal astrologer for 6 years, Diana also consulted with astrologer Betty
Palco for several years into the early 1990s and was replaced by astrologer Debbie Frank. Diana's astrological charts
were replete with concerns about untrustworthy people around her, lies, and her husband's adultery.

There was also Simone Simmons, a psychic healer and one of Princess Diana's closest friends and confidantes,
psychic Rita Rogers, and another healer, Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo, an Irish nurse who was also an acupuncturist and
treated both Diana and Prince William.

The Princess of Wales believed her deceased paternal grandmother, Countess Spencer, watched over her from
beyond the grave. The late Countess had been a lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and Diana believed
it was this ghostly influence that often helped her survive life as a member of the Royal Family. She called her "my

Diana was receptive and curious about the whole gamut of so-called 'New Age' beliefs. She believed in the special
powers emitted by crystals and often wore one. She dabbled with feng shui and t'ai chi. In that spring and early
summer of 1997, her curiosity about the much-publicized 'Bible Code' found her reading as much information on the
phenomenon as she could.

"Here now below is part of an article about another Psychic Sally Morgan claiming to have been my personal astrologer
for six years .. odd then no mention of her name in the factual precis above that mentions Penny and Debbie amongst
others I did consult and Sally laying claim to something like this has meant personal fame for her... but Sally herself
knows the truth and so lives with that !"

During her first visit to Kensington Palace, summoned on the recommendation of one of Diana’s friends, she was
taken to the grace-and-favour cottage of Diana’s personal assistant.

“I admired the milk bottle because it was quite unusual, like the thick, greenish glass bottles I remembered from when I
was a child in the Fifties, and Diana said to her assistant that perhaps I would like to have it. Her assistant gave it to
me. I have treasured it ever since,” Sally told a writer who was at the time helping her to put her life story together.

The writer says: “Sally always spoke of Diana with awe bordering on the religious. She was deeply impressed by the
fact that Diana always paid her in cash, as though she half-imagined that the Princess popped to the cash-point on
the Bayswater Road herself just before Sally came round.”.

Date posted: 10/3/11

                                                           Sally Morgan-- Psychic to Diana?

20th September 2011

Sally Morgan on her own personal website describes herself as being  "Britain's best-loved psychic". Sally is certainly
a very successful psychic – she has just released her third book and is currently filming the third series of Psychic
Sally on the Road for Sky LIVING. However an incident that took place a few days ago may cause a few of her fans to
wonder whether Sally is deserving of their adoration. Could it be that, like so many self-professed psychic superstars
in the past, Sally is nothing more than a self-serving con artist?
Let me describe what happened so that you can make up your own mind. On Monday 12 September, a caller named
Sue phoned the Liveline show on RTÉ Radio 1 an Irish radio station. Sue said that she had attended Sally's show the
previous night at the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin and had been impressed by the accuracy of the readings she
made in the first half of the show.

Something odd then happened. Sue was sitting in the back row on the fourth level of the theatre and there was a
small room behind her ("like a projection room") with a window open. Sue and her companions became aware of a
man's voice and "everything that the man was saying, the psychic was saying it 10 seconds later."

Sue believes, not unreasonably, that the man was feeding information to Sally through an earpiece attached to her
microphone. For example, the voice would say something like "David, pain in the back, passed quickly" and a few
seconds later Sally would claim to have the spirit of a "David" on stage who – you'll never guess – suffered from back
pain and passed quickly.

A member of staff realised that several people near the back of the theatre were aware of the mystery voice and the
window was gently closed. The voice was not heard again.

Sue speculated, again not unreasonably given the history of psychic frauds, that the man was feeding Sally
information that had been gathered by engaging members of the audience in conversation in the foyer before the
show began. This is a technique widely used by psychic fraudsters, as audience members will naturally discuss with
each other who they are hoping to hear from "on the other side", how their loved one died, and so on.

Subsequent callers to the radio programme supported Sue's account.

The theatre's general manager, Stephen Faloon, claimed that the voice heard by the audience was actually the
voices of two members of staff working for the theatre, not someone supplying information to Sally. Sally Morgan
Enterprises also denied that the medium was being fed information during the show. It is important to realise that
many self-professed psychics, possibly the majority, are sincere in their beliefs that they possess a "Gift". Such
practitioners are probably unintentionally using some of the same techniques used by so-called cold readers to
convince themselves and their sitters that they are tapping into some paranormal source of information because the
cold reading technique is not being exploited deliberately and systematically, such readings are usually unimpressive
to anyone except hardcore believers.

Con artists can use cold reading to convince complete strangers that they know all about them. It relies on the clever
use of language, careful observation, intelligent guesswork, and the production of vague and ambiguous statements
that the sitter interprets (and remembers) as being more specific than they actually were. In a skilled practitioner, cold
reading can produce much more impressive results than the rather amateurish readings produced by most psychics.
Even cold reading has its limits though. If a psychic reading is full of very specific and accurate details, produced on
the basis of very limited interaction with the sitter, it is more likely to be the result of "hot reading" – information
collected prior to the start of the reading.

While the activities of some performers deliberately and knowingly exploit their vulnerable followers and are motivated
by nothing more than personal greed, would be condemned as immoral by most reasonable people, the moral issues
are not quite so cut-and-dried when it comes to deluded but sincere psychics who may not even charge for their
services. The fact is that many bereaved people are comforted to receive "evidence" that their loved ones are waiting
for them "on the other side". Some may feel that even if  Sally is deliberately conning her audience with fraudulent
techniques, this is outweighed by the comfort that she brings. However, given that tickets for her sell-out Dublin show
cost £40 each and there were reportedly brisk sales for her books and DVDs, this appears not to be her only

Phone-in caller Sue, who believed that Sally Morgan had psychic powers before her experience at the theatre,
described herself as being "totally disappointed" and insisted that she would not be attending such shows again.
Maybe some of her friends and others sitting near her that evening will follow suit. Sadly, however, history suggests
that most of Sally's followers will continue to adore her and pay the high prices demanded to see her in action.

Date posted: 10/5/11

" Here is an article written by someone who clearly knew me extremely well . I will always be most grateful to Debbie
Frank as well as of course to Penny Thornton for consulting the stars for me and guiding me as best they could
appreciating that at times this must have proved extremely exhausting and frustrating as I was extremely willful and did
not therefore always listen to the advice that was given to me by them ! "

Diana --by Debbie Frank her personal Astrologer and closest confidante

Diana first contacted Debbie Frank in February 1989 – three years before the
separation and seven years before the divorce – there were already severe cracks
in the Royal Marriage. That was the main reason for her wanting Debbie's help.
For eight years the phone calls came. Once, twice, three times a day. And at night.

The conversations always began the same way...

"Hi Debbie, it's me," Princess Diana would say. "Just checking in."

Sunday Mirror astrologer Debbie Frank was among Diana's closest confidantes - and one of the last of her friends to
speak to her before her death.

For the best part of a decade, Diana poured her heart out over long lunches and on the phone to the woman she saw
as her "crutch".

Diana's devastating divorce, self-destructive affairs, fears of being murdered by the royals and even the whirlwind
fling that led to her death - Debbie lived through them all.

But one call, on August 12, 1997, stands out. Diana was phoning from Kensington Palace. She'd met Mohammed al
Fayed's son Dodi on a trip to the South of France a month earlier. It was to be Debbie's last conversation with her. "I
will never forget that morning," she recalls. "I picked up the phone at 9.15am - it was Diana 'checking in'.

"She couldn't wait to blurt it out. 'It's Dodi,' she said, squealing with excitement. 'I'm in love and it's bliss. But I need to
know if it's the real thing. Can you read his chart for me?'"

Debbie, privy to Diana's most closely-guarded secrets, has kept largely silent for 18 years.

But she has, at last, decided to speak out as the long-awaited inquest gets under way.

"I haven't been called as a witness," she says, "but I know, perhaps better than anyone, what Diana thought and felt
just before she died.

"She told me of her fears that Charles wanted her dead - she firmly believed there was a plot to kill her in a car crash.
I just want the real story to be told."

As she does with all her clients, Debbie kept handwritten notes of the key conversations with Diana. She has them
under lock and key at her South London home.

Close to tears, she reads the August 12 entry for the first time in 10 years. "I rang her back at 2pm and she
impatiently picked up the phone after just one ring. 'Is that you, Debbie?' she said.

"She had already told me that Dodi was an Aries with a Taurean Ascendant. But for a chart you need a time of birth.
She'd said, 'I keep asking him, but you know what it's like when you're in love. I just look into his eyes and I can't take
in a word he's saying'.

"She'd narrowed it down to April 15. That was enough, so I was able to talk her through his chart over the phone.

"We spoke for 20 minutes and she listened, rapt. The stars were so indicative of what was happening. Dodi, the
impulsive ram, was pushing the pace and Diana, the emotional Cancerian, was seduced by the love he was giving
her. I warned her she might get swept off her feet. I said, 'Be careful'. Two weeks later she was dead." It had been a
turbulent summer for the lonely princess, tormented by Prince Charles' flourishing relationship with Camilla and still
heartbroken at the end of her affair with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, the man she called "the love of her life". Just two
weeks before, on July 31, Diana had poured her heart out to Debbie - who she met in February 1989 through a
mutual friend - over an emotional lunch at Kensington Palace.

"I remember it so well," says Debbie. There were fresh wild berries and ginger tea made by her butler Paul Burrell.

"It was all exquisite. But Diana barely touched a thing. She wanted to talk about her life. I don't know whether she
perhaps had a premonition of her own death, but she seemed to feel it was important that I knew her life story.

"She had often spoken to me before about how she believed there was a plot to have her murdered in a faked car
crash. She didn't tell me who had told her, but I suspect it was sources in MI5. She was convinced it was so Charles
could marry Camilla. And she may have been right. Stranger things have happened.

"She was still upset by the pomp of the 50th birthday party which Charles had thrown for Camilla at Highgrove, his
Gloucestershire retreat, on July 18.

"He'd never gone to anywhere near that much trouble for her, the mother of his children. Yet nothing was too much, it
seemed, for his mistress.

"Diana felt it was very much a public show of Charles' commitment to Camilla - and that she herself was being
increasingly sidelined. The world and his wife seemed to have been invited - even Camilla's ex-husband Andrew.
Diana wouldn't have wanted to have gone, obviously, even had she been invited. But she felt left out in the cold. That
is why she was so desperate to get away."

But, says Debbie, Diana was remarkably sanguine that day as she gave her a "resume" of her life.

"The odd thing at our lunch on July 31st was that, although she wasn't blase, she had no fear of death. She even told
me, 'I can do more from up there than down here'. Diana believed in the afterlife and so do I. Love survives. I am sure
she's still around to look after her sons. She would have been especially thrilled about William's girlfriend Catherine
Middleton. ( Since April 29th 2011 his wife and the Duchess of Cambridge ) The fact that she's not an aristocrat would
have delighted her. And she seemed genuinely happy that day, though she was still torn between Hasnat and Dodi,
who she had only just met.

"I remember there were huge arrangements of flowers everywhere and candles surrounding her pictures of William
and Harry. Paul Burrell took me upstairs and, as ever, Diana came bounding into the room. She was always running
or skipping - she never walked.

"She threw her arms out and I said, 'What about all these stories about you and Dodi?' She replied, with a laugh, 'Oh,
he's just a flash-in-the-pan. He's got another woman anyway, the model Kelly Fisher'.

"Diana still hadn't got over Hasnat. In fact, one of the last things she did before she died was to send Hasnat a
birthday card which I understand he received on the same day as the invitation to her funeral. It was terribly tragic."

She adds: "Yes, Diana was passionately in love with Dodi that summer. And she told me so. But it would never have
lasted. If she had lived, she would have gone back to Hasnat. That was who she yearned for.

"She needed to have more in her life than Dodi could offer. He was kind, caring and surprisingly unspoilt. But,
although she was independent, Diana craved - and feared - intimacy. Because his job as a doctor, Hasnat was an
anchor - he could respond to that contradiction. He was a man of substance, not a playboy like Dodi."

That, sadly, was the irony. "Because of his job as a surgeon, Hasnat couldn't commit," says Debbie. And so, despite
the smiles and happy flush of early love, Diana was troubled. "She was very intuitive - she had a sense that all was
not well.

"She told me she felt increasingly overwhelmed by Charles' relationship with Camilla. She said, 'Debbie, I can feel grief
coming back into my life'. And that's what triggered her fling with Dodi. She needed to get away. When Mohammed,
who was a friend of her father's, invited her to St Tropez, she told me, 'It's perfect. I can go with my boys and he's got
protection, 20 policemen. We'll be safe - he's a family man. She loved the whole idea of Mohammed because that was
always her dream, to be part of a family. And then Dodi turned up on the evening of July 14. There was an immediate

Debbie adds: "Diana told me there was a huge connection between them. They both knew what it was like to live
within powerful families. Dodi was dominated by his father and Diana had been married to a man dominated by his
mother. And she was mischievous - she knew her connection to the Fayeds would annoy the Royal Family. She loved

But Debbie warned Diana to be extra careful because she had spotted a worrying blip on her astral chart.

"I had found an eclipse coming up at 11.52pm on September 1 - what was to be the day after her death. I assumed it
represented a psychological death and rebirth. I told Diana so and she just said, 'That's the day I get to see my boys'.
Little did we know what it really meant."

The speed at which Diana's relationship with Dodi moved took Debbie by surprise. "It did seem very soon after
Hasnat. And, in many ways, she had never wholly got over Charles. After all that had happened, she still yearned for
him emotionally in a way he never could for her. She told me, 'Wouldn't it be wonderful if he, just once, asked me for

But she realised, early on, that Charles had a mother complex. She grew to realise that men who never break free of
the shadow of their mothers can never really give themselves fully to a relationship.

"She believed Charles was looking for a replacement mother. That's why he wanted Camilla. And, although Diana was
a great mother, she never stood a chance with Charles. All his needs were met by Camilla. And that realisation pained

Diana even asked Debbie to read Camilla's chart. "She asked me at our last lunch. It was the first time she'd
mentioned it. I told Diana that Saturn, the planet of tough times, featured in Camilla's chart as it had, previously, in
Diana's own.

"Camilla is a Cancerian, like Diana and she was intrigued by that and the fact that Charles, as a Scorpio, is a
maelstrom of inner emotion and angst. But she was upbeat as she walked me to my car after lunch. 'I'm ready to start
over, Debbie,' she said."

Diana yearned to have a daughter. "She used to beg Charles to sleep with her but he made it clear he didn't want any
more children with her'.

"But I don't believe she was pregnant when she died. She would have told me straight away - she would have been
ecstatic, especially if it had been a girl. She adored her sons, but it wasn't always easy. She was so proud of her
'good-looking' William but he could be demanding and petulant, particularly as a teenager. She had a much more
relaxed relationship with Harry. He's less complicated - that's why he gets into trouble."

But Diana, says Debbie, was haunted - and driven - by the fact that her mother walked out when she was just five
years old.

"We talked a lot about her various lovers. She had diverse tastes. Will Carling, Oliver Hoare and James Hewitt are,
after all, very different men. But she was just searching for love.

"She had felt unloved ever since her mother abandoned her. She told me again that day how she used to sit on the
front steps for months, waiting for her to come back.

I think that is why she did make mistakes like her affair with Hewitt. She attributed everything to her mother's leaving."

“Diana told me she believed the 1987 motorbike crash death of her police bodyguard Barry Mannakee was not an
accident. Robert Maxwell too. Who’s to say she was wrong?

“All too often there’s this underlying suggestion that she was unstable. A mad woman, even. And that is just not true.
The Diana I knew remained remarkably sane in the face of enormous pressure.

“Not many brides on honeymoon have to endure photographs of their husband’s lover falling out of his diary. Or find
out, repeatedly, he is away for the weekend with his mistress.”

She adds: “The saddest thing is that, though Diana was forever searching in vain for love and the perfect union, her
most successful relationship was with the public.”

‘Despite betrayals Charles had a special place in Diana’s heart’

‘She searched in vain for a love only public could give’

Date posted: 10/7/11

31st August 2010  

"Diana, Princess of Wales" has come to the conclusion her death in 1997 was the result of a "well-planned accident",
according to top Hollywood psychic Kenny Kingston. The famous spirit seeker contacted the Duchess of Windsor, (
Wallis Simpson ) a former client when she was alive, during a seance at his Studio City, Los Angeles home last week -
and she introduced Kingston to Diana. Kingston says "The Duchess of Windsor originally greeted Diana on the other
side because she felt a kinship to her, as both had been stripped of their royal titles. The Duchess looked immaculate
in a white gown and she soon brought in Diana, looking radiant in a royal blue gown. "Diana told me she continues to
watch over her 'boys,' as she still refers to them. She thinks Prince William will be the next monarch, with or without a
wife and she is very proud of Prince Harry and the training he's received and feels there are great plans for him." It
was the revelations about her death that fascinated Kingston: "Diana has come to the conclusion that the tragedy in
the Alma Tunnel was no mistake. She said, 'It may have been an accident, but it was a well-planned one.' This is
contrary to what Diana's spirit had conveyed to me during a previous seance many years ago. It has taken her this
period of time, she says, to gain her strength and to be able to see the truth."  Kingston reveals it was his eerie
prediction in a British newspaper that put her on alert during her final weeks. The psychic adds, "Diana told me that
when she told her butler, Paul Burrell, that she feared for her safety and sensed a danger period around a car, she
was referring to my aura reading, which I revealed in the Daily Star newspaper. The aura reading had warned her of a
danger period from July to November around fast-moving cars, and Diana took it to heart." The seance ended on a
chilling note - Diana reported that a prominent member of the Royal Family will die before the end of 2011.

" Hello Everyone,
                                This is very interesting and now of course brings with it the question .. " What came first the chicken or
the egg ? " because I have indeed said the things related here and I would believe before the date of this article being
written, certainly I have spoken of Paris being a well - planned accident in one of the After - Life interviews with Rose !
Interestingly enough when I first channeled to Christian I also was given to believe that I had died in a road traffic
accident, no sinister involvements at all and thank goodness Tracy a friend of Christian's can later verify this fact as
they argued about it as Tracy instictively knew the reality and hearing the news of it's happening said " That's going to
make someone happy ! " As Tracy has said to Christian this was quite simply her immediate, natural reaction to the
event and not something said in cold, callousness !
                                 Now there are two possibilities of course regarding this revelation by Mr. Kenny Kingston. One being
these messages were imparted to him by me genuinely or that he was given to discover them on my site and has claimed
them to have been given to him by me. If it is however the former example then clearly here is someone who might well
align with Christian in the future, his having personal involvement in the Diana Work. It is interesting given the amazing
fact that both of them received the exact same information that they have not connected with each other already but I
am not going to email Mr. Kingston or encourage Christian to write to him but leave things in fates hands  to determine
and to expose the truth of things! "
                                                 With love from,
                                                                       Diana xx