Date Posted: 10-11-11

" Hello Everyone,

  I would like to say how enormously grateful I am to Christian and Rose for all the tremendous hard work they have
both done over the years in creating this my personal site on the net. It is one I am personally extremely proud of and
one that is indeed a remarkable encyclopedia of me and my life. It differs from many hopefully anyway by the fact that it
clearly illustrates Diana the person and not " Diana, Princess of Wales " a media based and created persona!

  I do appreciate that the latter figure might in many ways prove much more appealing than the former, and indeed she
was created to do so and was to a great extent successful in achieving the desired results she set out to do, but she was
not altogether real, how anyone at all can even begin to imagine that she might have been I find pretty amazing! Prior to
my death though it was reported that I re - invented myself, I didn't not at all, I just had the self - confidence to allow the
real Diana to show herself publicly. There is an interview given by Marilyn Monroe when she was in London filming "
The Prince and the Showgirl " when dressed conservatively she is asked "is this a new Marilyn?" and her response being
" No, I'm the same person, it's just a different suit!"

   I appreciate the fact that is extremely hard as many people in television and film, so including Marilyn, to not find
themselves being type - cast as people get accustomed to seeing that person playing that kind of particular role and find
it extremely difficult to imagine them playing any other part and I would imagine this is why some people have found it
extremely hard to believe Christian channels me because of the things I say and even by the manner in which I express
them! Alternatively though those who knew me in life, so knew the person behind the persona, who he has channeled me
to have immediately recognised it is me which is complete authenticity of it's being so as these people would
immediately spot a fake as after all they knew me, the real Diana!

 I understand that at the moment they cannot step forward and endorse this channeling publicly, for some it would be
dangerous for them to do,  controversially and detrimentally affecting a system in operation for centuries, even bringing
it's continuation into question. For others they have their own personal interests and professional reputations to protect
as this is still a highly sensitive subject matter because I am globally the most famous woman of the 21st Century and
whether people like that or not, it is fact, not fiction, and not something I personally asked to become but something
people have made me become in being known as "The People's Princess".

I would especially like to thank those who have proved to being loyal supporters of me, Christian, Rose and the work,
those who I call the " Diana Disciples" and they know who they are so I will not embarrass them by naming them, and
they are all personally aware of just how extremely grateful we are to them for that continuous support as well as their
genuine love and inspiration in speaking their truths about things, expressing their opinions, offering their advice so
proving themselves to being truly invaluable and respected powerful assets!

I can assure everyone similarly Christian did not personally request for such an immense responsibility of channeling
me to be placed upon his shoulders. Rose having been told even before he that this would be so, given the message
shortly after  August 31st 1997 that a man would lead the Diana Work continuing. It took Rose a further eight years to
find Christian but it did happen.  Christian, though channeling me since September 7th 1997,  had no idea then that he
would meet people who knew me, have my channeled book dictated to him by me, the one only at present to be heard on
my site, or indeed be responsible for creating my personal website on the net. The original website designed by Lucas in
Sweden and the current one, since the original was mysteriously destroyed, by Rose in the U.S.A.

                                                      With love from,
                                                                             Diana xx

Historical Scandals and Secrets of the Royals!
                                                          By Andrew Russell - Davis  

I would like to begin this precis with this family secret ..

The Royal family call the Queen "Miss Piggyface" when she looks bored or displeased and making fun of herself in the
same way too; she will often say if seeing herself on television "Philip come here and look. I've got my Miss Piggyface

Now to indulge in revealing others ...

The dynasty of the House of Windsor was one created on July 17th, 1917 when the Monarch George V, the current
Monarch's grandfather, officially renounced his German name and all German titles for himself and all other
descendants of Queen Victoria to hide the Royals Germanic roots. Until this time the rulers; Kings and Queens had
only spoken German as for nearly 200 years from 1714 until the 20th century a long line of Germans ruled the British
Empire. England finally having a Monarch George v in 1915 who spoke English without a German accent although he
was German from the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line that had ruled England for 80 years. During the 1st world war, as well
as battles fought in the trenches, in Great Britain people with German names were stoned, people who owned
dachshund dogs had their homes burned and symphony conductors shunned composers Beethoven and Mozart. The
King's cousin Prince Louis of Battenberg was forced to change his name to the more acceptable Mountbatten having
to renounce his natural Germanic ancestry. Having been First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy and serving for 46 years,
he being forced to resign from his position when war between the two nations broke out. A cleansing process began
and all traces of Mecklenberg-Strelitz, Hesse and Wettins from the Royal lineage were eradicated. For the first time in
history members of the Royals being allowed to marry commoners which began with his second son Albert marrying
Elizabeth Bowes-.Lyon in 1923. Albert, later becoming King George VI,  following his elder brother David's abdication.
David,  who was offically known as King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne for the woman he loved, North American
divorcee Wallis Simpson. George VI and Elizabeth had two daughters, the current Monarch Queen Elizabeth II and her
younger sister the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret Rose.

The youngest brother of both David and Albert, Prince John,  was considered a source of shame being mentally
challenged and an epileptic. Systematically and discreetly removed from the family he lived on a farm on the
Sandringham estate where he died in 1919 aged 13 years old. Such attitudes towards both physical and mental illness
were prevalent in the 1920's era when nieces of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon were born. Both sisters Katherine and Nerissa
were born mentally challenged and secretly locked away in a psychiatric hospital in Redhill, Surrey where they lived
forgotten by their family members for decades with both women officially recorded as being dead in 1941 in "Burke's
Peerage"- the bible of British nobility. A recent television documentary telling their tragic story with detailing by nurses
caring for them how whenever the Royals appeared on television they would curtsy or if the National Anthem was
played would automatically stand up; so clearly knowing and recognising their personal heritage. Elizabeth
Bowes-Lyon, known as Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother, was a keeper of secrets amongst them being her late
husbands alcoholism and his brother Prince George's homosexuality. He eventually marrying and becoming the Duke
of Kent. Also that her own husband being unable to impregnate her naturally meant both her daughters were born as
the result of artificial insemination and she herself following intestinal surgery wearing a colostomy bag concealed by
her famous flouncy dresses in pastel shades. A strong woman in World War II Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler
describing her as the "Most dangerous woman in Europe" such was her ability to boost British people's confidence and
morale. Although the British public were conned into believing that the Royals were subject to wartime food rations in
fact they were deprived of nothing as told by their French chef from 1937 - 1946 Rene Roussin who prepared their
meals served on gold plates and a favourite often-- Roast Beef accompanied by champagne !

The current Monarch was trained to demand her royal entitlements which was apparent when aged 13 years old
American Theatrical producer Jack Wilson visited the Royals for tea. Princess Elizabeth was playing and being friendly
and informal he said to her "Well hello there cutie pie. How're you doing today?"

In response she raised her arm and pointed to the floor saying to the 40 year old man, "Bow boy, bow"

Jack telling people he bowed his arse off because she scared the living bejabbers out of him.

The Lord Chamberlain (Head of the Royal Household) having a similar experience with the imperious princess when he
said to her

"Good Morning little lady"

Her response then being "I'm not a little lady, I'm Princess Elizabeth"

Her grandmother, Queen Mary, incensed by her eldest granddaughter's attitude took her to the Lord Chamberlain's
office an hour later and said poignantly "This is Princess Elizabeth who hopes one day to be a lady! "

Soon after her father's coronation he began educating his eldest daughter in the ceremonial duties of being a
Monarch and she was made to study on her feet to become accustomed to standing in long robes for hours having her
portrait painted, having to keep a daily diary, how to review troops and take a salute and sharing with her the red
boxes of secret papers delivered to him everyday so that by 1939 she was already prefacing her sentences with
"When I become Queen ..."

The Queen Mother was greatly responsible for the ostracism of Wallis Simpson, who in her marriage to David who
became H.R.H. Duke of Windsor became his Duchess. Following her husband King George VI coronation on May 12
1937 she wanting the couple banished and stripped of all status and both were exiled to live in Paris, France. Ironically
this was in the Bois de Boulogne house leased by Mohamed al- Fayed and visited by his eldest son Dodi and Diana on
August 30th 1997 with a view to its being a prospective home for them.They both dying the next day in the French
capital city.

The Queen's husband H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh was born on the Greek island of Corfu to a German/Danish father
Prince Andrew of the Hellenes and of the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and a German mother
Princess Alice the daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg, later renamed Mountbatten. Princess Alice deaf since aged
4 years old meant her son Prince Philip learning sign language to communicate with her as he also was educated in
English, German and French but never in Greek. All his sisters by 1940 and who had been educated in Germany had
married German noblemen, one being an S.S. Colonel on Heinrich Himmler's personal staff and others Princes who
supported the Nazis during the war. Princess Alice having been abandoned by her husband who lived with his mistress
in Monte Carlo, Monaco; throughout the war sheltered Jewish families in Greece resulting in her being posthumously
honoured for heroism by Israel.

Philip's marriage to Elizabeth  was an arranged one orchestrated by his uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten. In spite of it's
being planned, Philip had three years before had fallen deeply in love with the most photographed girl in the world at
that time and with her working under contract with 20th Century fox film studios "Cobina Wright Jnr." Ignoring his
planned marriage to Elizabeth he proposed to the North American beauty being desperate to marry her but Cobina
herself though dating him was never besotted by him and instead married the man she fell in love with; Palmer
Beaudette in 1941. Princess Elizabeth had her sights firmly fixed on Philip since first meeting him at age 13yrs old with
Phillip being then aged 18yrs old. Elizabeth's father was initially disapproving of the relationship so not in favour of
approving their marriage but Elizabeth intimating that did he not give it, she would follow in the footsteps of her Uncle
the Duke of Windsor who had abdicated his throne for the person he loved.

The Royal Wedding was eventually set for November 20th 1947 and ironically Philip presented his bride to be with an
engagement ring of platinum with 3 carat diamonds that had belonged to his mother as his eldest grandson William
would do 64 years later on his engagement to Catherine Middleton in presenting her with Diana's famous stunning
sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by his wife with pride. Elizabeth and Philip marrying in Westminster
Abbey, as did the newly appointed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on April 29th 2011. Unlike his grandson though
Phillip, married to Elizabeth and remaining married to her, conducted many discreet affairs which serves as an
explanation maybe as to why both he and the Queen expected Diana and Charles to remain married themselves failing
to recognise or appreciate this manner of behaviour was in keeping with their era and not the one of their eldest son
and daughter-in-law. Such an expression of attitude though would also give credence to the advice he gave Charles to
return to the arms of his mistress after five years of marriage by which time an heir ought to have been born. It is well
documented how Charles and his father have always had a somewhat volatile relationship. Charles blaming his father
Philip for having been insistent he be educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland following in his father's footsteps but
where he found himself bullied mercilessly by the other lads wanting to beat up a future King. It was an establishment
of cold showers and canings but Philip did not want his son educated by private tutoring in Buckingham Palace as he
was unhappy with so many homosexuals employed there--- expressing himself it was "Nothing but nannies, nurses and
pooofs!". He cheered the footman who was caught cavorting with a housemaid and dismissed saying that alternatively
he ought to have been awarded a gold medal!

Finally to end with a giggle at Royal expense as this precis began ... It was said that the Monarch's only daughter
H.R.H. Princess Anne, now titled H.R.H. The Princess Royal ( The Highest Honour a Sovereign can bestow on a female
in the Royal family ) and Diana were amicable with one another. In fact, truth told, her eldest brother's wife and she
loathed each other as these examples illustrate. When Prince William was born H.R.H. The Princess Royal was on a
goodwill tour of the U.S.A. and resented the press enquiries responding to them as reported ...

"Your Royal Highness, any word about Princess Diana?"

"I don't know," she snapped. "You tell me"

"Your reaction to her having a son?"

Shrugging shoulders. "I didn't know she had one."

"This morning."

"Oh good," she said sarcastically."Isn't that nice."

"Ma'am, how does it feel to be an aunt?"

"That's my business, thank you."

H.R.H.The Princess Royal thought Diana was vain, dim-witted, neurotic and in her words "Too gooey about children!"
An interesting comment made by someone who would emerge as one of the most respected women in Great Britain for
her charity work for "Save the Children Fund".

Diana though, as would be expected while fully respecting the charity work tirelessly undertaken by H.R.H. The
Princess Royal, similarly dismissing her sister-in-law as a male impersonator with comments like "I think she shaves"
and "She's Philip in drag!"