Date posted: 12/29/11

Diana's Predictions:

"2012 is going to be a very up and down year, tremendous highs, equally immense lows. It seems
likely there will be revelations concerning the British Monarchy which will not bode well for the
popularity of the current Monarch. The public support that once might have been counted upon will
not present itself, bringing into serious question the future of the Monarchial system. Serious
questioning of its value and necessity in continuing being costly to do so, consequently becoming an
issue under great review.

A very real threat of continued violence and rioting as rebelliousness will be resulting as a
consequence of imbalance and corruptions being exposed within the world's current governments
and dictatorships and especially those within the Middle East.

Economically a serious financial recession will prove being unavoidable which will be something felt
globally affecting everyone's lives in one way or another. World spending necessitating a
tremendous re-think with unemployment figures rising-- promoting greater unrest amongst the
world's populations. Global economy likely to be finding itself being extensively stretched over the
following 12 months, momentous changes proving to be necessary especially in regards to the
continuance of the European Union.

As difficult as it might be to understand financial reforms are necessary to assist in balancing global
expenditure which is somewhat out of control with the richer becoming richer and the poorer more
impoverished which if allowed to continue will more than likely result in widespread
demonstrations culminating in violence and rioting, with the very real prospect of anarchy as
people's dissatisfaction and anger are openly fully expressed."

Date posted: 12/29/11

Diana and Charles ... The Royal Mis-Match !

I have recently been drawn to read the novel by North American authoress Kitty Kellley "The Royals". Ms. Kelley
known for her biographies of Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Onassis, former U.S. First Lady Jackie Kennedy among
others; in this book exposes interesting revelations regarding the Royal separation and subsequent divorce of Diana
and Charles which on Diana's personal site are worthy of documenting.

Firstly to illustrate falseness and corruption let us consider the public announcement by the then Prime Minister Mr.
John Major on December 9th 1992  who publicly was given to say that following their official separation, they having
no plans to divorce and that their constitutional positions would remain unchanged and furthermore that the Queen
and Duke of Edinburgh though saddened, understood and sympathised with the difficulties leading to the Royal
couples decision. It was in fact a speech crafted by the Queen's lawyers and quite to the contrary of truth--the Queen
and her husband were not saddened but incensed and did not understand or sympathise, they believing that the
marriage should continue, no matter how miserable, for the sake of the Monarchy.

A wedge of giant proportion had been driven between Diana and Charles throughout their marriage and beginning
from the start of it by the fact that, though the outsider and the non royal, Diana's public popularity far exceeded his--
he was jealous!  He did not understand his wife's people appeal, expecting his intelligence to have been prized over
her beauty and he resented the adulation she stirred in crowds; Diana was naturally warm and magnetic and he dull
by comparison. Diana became a natural focus for the masses and an object of mass hysteria possessing the
incandescence of a film star with people wanting to touch her and feeling blessed if they were smiled at by her  and
so euphoric if she spoke to them. Interesting to note here that a film star who became a Princess impressed Diana.
Grace Kelly becoming Her Serene Highness La Princesse Grace de Monaco when she married Prince Ranier of the
tiny Principality on the French Riviera met Diana just once but Diana a firm believer in astrology, numerology,
Mediumship and New Age matters later telling Grace's eldest daughter Princess Caroline that she and Grace were
psychically connected sensing they were born under the same star and shared mystical qualities. Several years after
making this remark a biography called "Grace" by Robert Lacey was published that exposed Grace's excessive
drinking, her fraying marriage and her extramarital affairs and Diana saying it served to substantiate her psychic
intuitions. Diana and Grace shared the facts they both came from dysfunctional families, both were third children,
both had married Royal Princes, both became more famous globally than their husbands and both died ultimately as
a result of road incidents and both their deaths with an air of mystery about them. Diana's first solo appearance
representing the Queen was to attend the funeral of Princess Grace in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 1982.

Charles was relieved to offload Diana and at Highgrove immediately began refurbishing the rooms there that Diana
had vacated. He had any items she had not taken with her burnt and the Queen Mother blamed Diana entirely for the
marriage failing having dared to expose to the world the misery of her marriage, she seeing Diana as a traitor.
Following the announcement of the official separation, as unofficially Diana and Charles were already conducting
separate lives, Lord Wyatt stepped forward to comment upon the conduct of Diana but it was clear whose sentiments
he was expressing. Lord Wyatt being a close friend and confidante of the Queen Mother who like the Queen never
herself granted personal interviews. Lord Wyatt said "Princess Diana could never have won a university place but she
won a Prince and failed to keep him. Diana is addicted to the limelight her marriage bought. It's like a drug; to feed
her craving she will do anything, even if it meant destroying the throne she solemnly swore to uphold".

Now the wife of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales-- but then his Mistress-- Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles when descended
upon by the press feigned ignorance of the Royal Marriage failing telling how she only knew what she had heard on
television. Likewise her husband at the time Andrew, who though married to her nineteen years quietly lived
separated from her, denied his estranged wife's involvement in the break up! The Camillagate tape made on
December 18th 1989 and exposed publicly on January 12th 1992 made a mockery of this denial causing profound
embarrassment to the Royals as well as the Parker - Bowles couple themselves.

Following the Royal separation Diana and Charles publicly competed against each other for people popularity
globally, something Diana won hands down. The Palace machine behind the scenes though openly seen to be
supporting her charity work were directly responsible for sabotaging Diana, keeping her from becoming President of
the British Red Cross who she later worked alongside in the land mine campaign and refusing to recommend her as
head of U.N.I.C.E.F.   Diana was granted to make a few public speeches but they did not encourage or appreciate her
speaking on serious world issues like H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. Diana telling an A.I.D.S. conferance "It is doubly difficult to
deal with an issue like A.I.D.S. in a country like Britain, where there is still an understandable reluctance to have frank
and open discussions on emotional issues. We need to learn how to break through this barrier of inhibition."
When Diana was asked to deliver the prestigious Richard Dimbleby Lecture on the B.B.C. to discuss her views on A.I.
D.S.  the courtiers finally took action and the invitation extended to her was subsequently withdrawn.

Charles himself wanted Diana removed from public life, no personal access to the Queen's flight, the Royal train, the
Royal yacht or any other means of official Royal transport, no more high-level courtiers or official ladies-in-waiting.
Diana's airline seating arrangements were downgraded from 1st class to Business class and she was no longer
invited to appear with the Royals at public celebrations like Trooping the Colour or Royal Ascot. Eventually feeling
ostracised by the Royals and having been continuously and intrusively hounded upon by the press on December 3rd
1993 Diana decided to withdraw from public life making a speech of her decision at a luncheon she was attending for
the "Headway National Head Injuries Association".

The following year in June 1994 Charles admitted on television his adultery with Camilla to Jonathan Dimbleby and
later more revelations featured in his biography of Charles in which Charles described the Queen as being a cold and
uncaring Mother, he growing up emotionally estranged and craving affection that she was unable or unwillingly
unable to offer. His father described as an acid - tongued martinet and his ex-wife as a neurotic who was mentally
unhinged, twisted with jealousy and temperamentally volatile, hysterical and obsessive. A woman prone to violent
mood swings, black phases and bouts of gloom. He describing how he was forced into marriage by his family making
it clear Diana was nothing more than a hired womb. The T.V. documentary and book both angering and offending his
family as would be expected.

Diana herself telling her side of the story the year after that in a B.B.C. T.V. Panorama Interview televised on
November 20th 1995 in which she admitted her affair with James Hewitt. Following her shockingly candid interview, a
conducted poll illustrating her receiving 85% of the publics support. On December 17th 1995 the Queen wrote to
Charles and Diana suggesting that for the sake of their children they resolve their differences "Amicably and with
Civility". Asking them to agree to a divorce and to let her know of their decision as soon as possible. Charles agreed
promptly to it promising he would not remarry but official divorce was not something Diana personally wanted.

However following a meeting with her estranged husband in his office at St. James Palace on February 28th 1996
Diana agreed to their divorce. Diana initially fighting to keep her H.R.H. title having been offered to becoming
"Duchess of Cornwall" ironically the official title of Charles's current wife and former mistress Camilla! Diana giving up
this battle having asked her eldest son William if he would not mind her not being titled "Her Royal Highness" .  
William's response being "I don't mind what you're called, you're Mummy! "The Royal Divorce was granted August
28th 1996 and that day the British Monarchy lost its brightest star!

Date posted: 12/29/11

How about Harry?

October 4th 2011

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy discussed getting back together during dinner and a quiet night in at her flat –
before he went off to California for more helicopter training. Harry will be away for two months, but a reunion
could be on the menu for the couple when he returns after Chelsy invited the 27-year-old Prince over to her
Belgravia home.  According to one of the couple’s friends, Chelsy, 26, cooked for Harry and they fondly
discussed old times while Harry told Chelsy he wanted them to get back together.

‘Harry is desperate to rekindle their romance,’ the chum said. ‘He says Chelsy is "One of a kind " and
although he’s dated other girls, he still loves her. Chelsy invited him over to her flat for a Friday night dinner
and he stayed until the early hours. Chelsy still has feelings for him and is thinking giving it another go.’

Harry is single after enjoying a summer fling with lingerie model Florence ‘Flee’ Brudenell-Bruce, while
Chelsy’s brief romance with property developer Taylor McWilliams has also fizzled out.

However, Chelsy has made it clear that she has reservations about trying yet again with the love affair that
has been on and off for six years.

Friends say that the Royal Wedding, which Chelsy went to as Harry’s date, was a ‘wake-up call’ for her –
and she has told Harry she’s not keen on being a Royal girlfriend.

‘Harry was Chelsy’s first love, but she doesn’t want to be a princess,’ one friend said. ‘She is very much her
own woman and wants to make her own career.’

Chelsy and Harry split shortly after the wedding and have barely seen each other this summer.

Chelsy is working five days a week at law firm Allen & Overy, training as a solicitor.

21st December 2011

Harry let slip at the Military Awards Gala held at the British War Museum last night in London to honour U.K.
Forces heroes that along with his elder brother William and his wife Catherine he attended that now having
completed his extensive Apache Helicopter pilot training he is due to return to Aghanistan to serve Queen
and country. Four years ago he served as an air controller in the war zone and says "I can't wait to get out
there". Amongst the awards presented one was awarded to the maimed servicemen he joined in an
expedition to the North Pole as on Saturday April 16th 2011 they became the first team of unsupported war-
wounded amputees to reach the Geographical North Pole. The Walking with the Wounded Team comprised
of 8 people. Two expedition leaders; Ed Parker and Simon Daglish. One polar guide, Inge Solheim and four
wounded servicemen, of which two are amputees: Captain Guy Disney (Wounded Amputee), Sergeant
Steve Young (Wounded), Private Jaco Van Gass (Wounded Amputee), Captain Martin Hewitt (Wounded).
They were also joined for four days by HRH Prince Harry, the Expedition Patron. It took the expedition team
a remarkably quick thirteen days to reach The North Pole, after battling temperatures of minus 38c and
winds bringing the temperature down yet further, the Walking with the Wounded team have covered this
unsupported expedition far quicker than many able-bodied teams.  The team covered a distance in the
region of 160 miles across the frozen polar ice-cap.


22nd December 2011

Harry was seen looking dazed and confused as he was leaving the home of former girlfriend Chelsy Davy
late at night. The Royal Prince sneaked out of the flat in London where his ex is living while she trains as a
lawyer. This happening might well continue the rumours that the couple who spilt - up 18 months ago are
back together again. Earlier this month Harry, 27, and Zimbabwean Chelsy, 26 being seen hugging at the
exclusive Brompton Club in South Kensington, west London. Harry intends to meet up with his old flame at a
shooting session during the Christmas break though both have dated other people since amicably parting in
May 2010


  I have always said that I see Chelsy as being the perfect compliment to Harry as Catherine is proving
herself in being for Wills. I know just how much Chelsy means to him and a Mother's instinct isn't wrong.
I also do appreciate Chelsy finding the prospect of being a royal wife somewhat of a daunting one but
here she will do well to listen to the guidance and encouragement that I feel confident Catherine will offer
her. Catherine seems to be handling the role marvellously well, far better than I ever did. I am sure Wills
is immensely proud of her.

Also in Catherine, as I did initially with Sarah the Ex-Duchess of York, Chelsy will find that she has a
friend in the ranks and this will make all the difference in the world and Harry will undoubtedly support
and guide her as William has Catherine and they being such inseparable brothers that Chelsy and
Catherine would meet regularly. It seems clear to me anyway that there is a real spark to the flame
between Chelsy and Harry and my wish being to see that it is one that remains eternally lit for them both
resulting in their marriage ! "

                                                            With love from,
                                                                               Diana xx

Date posted: 1/2/12
                                           Harry-- Secure In His Paternity
April 25th 2011

Contrary to reports, Prince Harry is not the son of James Hewitt, a former British Royal Army officer who
shared a five-year affair with Princess Diana.
After her divorce from Prince Charles in 1995 and before her death in August 1997, the 36-year-old
admitted that she and Hewitt had an affair while she was still married. Speculation that Hewitt was the real
father of Prince Harry stems from the timing of his affair with the late princess and the resemblance between
him and the prince.

“No I am not [Harry's real father.] I am not happy talking about it," Hewitt, who claims his affair with the
princess started after the birth of Prince Harry, said in an on-air interview with “Inside Edition.” “It's out of
respect for everyone.”

Hewitt, who now lives in Spain and runs the Polo House restaurant, says he left England five years ago
because of the constant media attention he received surrounding the rumors and admits he even
considered committing suicide.

"I got in my car and loaded a few things up to get on the ferry to go to France -- to shoot myself," Hewitt, 52,
said. "And then my mother insisted on coming with me. And, had she hadn't, I would have probably have
shot myself. So I owe [my mother] my life, really."

" Hello Everyone,

         I would hope that the above article helps to clarify the truth and stops any further speculation as it
is pretty blunt and concise and is the word of James himself and that ought to count for something; I
would have thought anyway. Such rumours are both harmful and distressing to those most affected by
them as he makes a point of illustrating. The fact Harry has never been reported anyway to have been
phased by them  is pretty powerful proof that he himself knows the truth and is fully confidant of who
Papa is and consequently emotionally secure in that knowledge!

          When a marriage is breaking down couples often resort to desperate measures to try to amend
things, to put the pieces back together and often this is something they endeavour to do in siring another
child, as we did but proven by us this is not the solution at all, though it does often serve to provide a
happy diversion away from the focus of being on that sad relationship.

          For this reason I am so happy that Charles and I were fortunate enough to be blessed with Harry
and in him William having an inseparable brother and particularly so in the light of what was to happen to
them both in 1997 when they really needed one another for mutual emotional support ! I am equally sure
that Charles is so happy that he has not one but two sons he can be enormously proud of and that all
three of them stand by one another in strength and solidarity in a relationship of deep love and respect
for each other, a real sense of camaraderie shared.

          The boys adore their father for which I'm enormously grateful as I am to him for steering them to
becoming such caring, compassionate and sensitive young men and not solely  living their lives immersed
in following the rules of protocol and duty but alternatively have been encouraged by him to being much
more free than he ever himself was allowed to be by his parents."

                                                   With love from,
                                                                         Diana xx